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of the society shall be requested to sell been made as afford a prospect that the all they can for the benefit of its funds. interests of the two Churches will be

8th. The friends of the Church, in promoted, and the great cause of Chrisevery part of the state, are earnestly tianity advanced. requested to form societies auxiliary to In adverting to the means which, unthis. Such auxiliaries shall be entitled der God's good providence, have been to tracts and books at the society's instrumental in extending our Church, prices, to any extent not exceeding the and raising it to its present state of amount of their contributions.

prosperity, one of the most efficacious 9th. The annual meeting of this so has been the Missionary Society. It is ciety shall be held at the same place principally by the exertions of the miswith the Convention, and on the se sionáries employed the past year, that cond day of its session ; at which time, so many congregations have been adalso, officers shall be elected, and the deď to our Church. The importance annual subscription shall become dưe. of this society, and the duty of support

10th. No article of this constitution ing it by liberal contributions, appear shall be altered, except at the annual more clearly every year. meeting, and by the consent of two We observe with peculiar pleasure thirds of the members present.

the establishment of church libraries in The Standing Committee have also two of our parishes, Wilmington and granted to the Rev. Samuel S. Sit- Newbern, and would call the attention greaves, jun. the testimonials required of our other churches to the same subby the 31st Canon of the General Cou- ject, as a matter worthy of considera vention; and they have recommended tion. for Priests's orders the Rev. William We anticipate, also, great advantages Hooper, and the Rev. William M. from the prospect of an establishment at Green.

the present Convention, of a society for

the promotion of piety and Christian The Rev. Mr. Avery, as chairman knowledge; and we earnestly recomof the committee on the state of the mend it to the patronage and support Church, presented the following report, of the friends of religion, as a channel which was read and adopted : for the conveyance of sound principles

In comparing the parochial and mis- and correct inforination. sionary reports of the present Conven The above is respectfully submitted tion with those of the last, it appears to the Convention, on behalf of the that our members have been consider- committee on the state of the Church, ably increased, and that the prospects by

JOHN AVERY, of our Church, by the Divine Blessing,

Chairman of the Committee. are highly encouraging to our exertions, and animating to our zeal. Resolved, That the Standing Com

The number of the communicants at mittee for the time being shall be, and present are 370,* making an accession are hereby declared to be trustees for of 38 since the last Convention. The managing the fund for the Episcopate. baptisms have been more than double Resolved, That the next Convention the number reported the last year:

be held at Salisbury. Seven new congregations have been The following resolutions were, on admitted into union, making our whole motion, adopted :number 18. It appears, also, from the Whereas ministers, both settled and report of the committee, appointed at missionary, are greatly needed in our the last Convention to meet the Lu- Church, and many young men among theran synod, and by a communication other denominations of Christians have received from the president of that been educated for the ministry by the synod, that such arrangements have contributions of what are called cent

societies, the members of which contriThis is the number reported, but eertainly bute a small sum weekly; therefore, far less than the real number, as no report of communicants was recrised from halt the con

Resolved, That the Convention de gregations

heartily recommend to the different

congregations of our Church, and parti- menced. An assembly of nine indicularly to the female members of the viduals, impressed with a desire to raise same, to lend their aid to supply the the Church of their fathers from the wants of the Church, by the formation ruins in which it was involved, nobly of similar societies.

united in the attempt. With a zeal proResolved unanimously, That as the portioned to the difficulties with which Rev. Gregory T. Bedell is now about they had to struggle, a zeal which no to leave this diocess, the members of obstacles could arrest, they laid the this Convention do hereby express their foundation upon which, under the Diunfeigned regret at his departure, and vine Blessing, we have thus far raised their sincere and grateful acknowledge- the superstructure. If they, in a moments of his active and zealous services. ment so unpromising, conceived the

Resolved unanimously, That the hallowed design, how ought our minds thanks of this Convention be tendered to be encouraged with the animating to the pastors, trustees, and congrega- prospect before us. If three clergymen, tions of the Presbyterian and Metho- and six of the laity, trusting in the dist churches in this city, for their goodness of the Almighty, and looking kind offer of their respective churches up to him for assistance, took hold of for the use of this Convention.

the ark of the Lord, and bore it successResolved, That the interests of the fully upon their shoulders, how much Church in this diocess very much re may be expected from the joint efforts quire the residence and active services of a Convention, consisting of eleven of a Bishop.

ministers of the Gospel, and between Resolved, secondly, That as the twenty and thirty members of the concharge of two extensive diocesses ren- gregations. The presence of gentleder it impracticable for our present Bi men from such distant parts of the dioshop to give that portion of time to the cess, forms an evidence of zeal the care of this diocess which its circum- most encouraging, and may be consistances require; and as the measure has dered as the loudest expression of the been proposed by the Bishop, it is here- blessing of the living God upon our by recommended to the next Conven- labours. Our difficulties are daily dition to proceed to the election of a Bi- minishing. The path before us becomes shop for the diocess of North-Carolina. more and more luminous. Seven new

Resolved unanimously, That the congregations have been received into thanks of this Convention be, and they union with us during our present sesare hereby tendered to the Right Rev. sion. The daughter of Zion is laying Bishop Moore, for his pastoral care of aside her weeds, and putting on her the Church in this state, for his friendly beautiful garments. visitations, and for the disinterested zeal

In the performance of the duties of which he has uniformly manifested in the ministry, permit me, my-reverend its welfare.

brethren, to request you to insist upon The following address was delivered the peculiar doctrines of the Gospel of by the Bishop :

Christ Jesus. Ordained, as most of you

have been, by the imposition of my Brethren,

hands, I confide in your affection for a It has pleased Almighty God to per- dutiful compliance with my pastoral mit us again to assemble together, and, advice. Let the fall of man, with that as the Council of his Church, to unite depravity of nature which marks our our efforts in the advancement of the apostate race, enter into all your disGospel of his Grace. To observe the courses. Insist, at all times, on the work of the Lord to prosper in our necessity of conversion of heart, and of hands, should excite in our minds the the renewing infuences of the Holy most fervent gratitude to heaven, and Spirit. Honour the sacraments of the impel us to greater and more vigorous Church as the medium of Divine comexertions in his cause.

munication. Teach your people, that It is but a few years since the work without “holiness" of heart and life in which we are engaged was com “ no man shall see the Lord.” Hold

up the Saviour to their view, “ as the mington; thirty-one persons were conway, and the truth, and the life;" as the firmed, and the sacrament of the Lord's “ propitiation for the sins of the whole Supper administered. The Bishop world;" as the only door by which a preached twice in Wilmington. On fallen creature can enter into bliss. Pro- May 2d, thirty persons were confirmed claim the Lord Jesus Christ as the Son in Christ Church, Newbern. The Biof Godthe only begotten of the Fa- shop preached on the night of Wednesther--the express image of his person day, May 1st, and twice on the follow--as God manifest in the flesh-God ing day. over all blessed for evermore.

It a

tappears by a list of the parishes in In addition to a faithful exposition of this diocess, appended to the Journal, the truth, see that your lives are con that they are seventeen in number. formed to the principles you deliver. « Adorn the Gospel of God your Saviour in all things.” Be examples of Abstract of the Proceedings of the holiness to the congregations over

Thirty-eighth Convention of the Diowhich you are placed. “Let that mind cess of Pennsylvania, held in St. be in you which was in Christ Jesus.” Peter's Church, Philadelphia, on the

My brethren of the Laity, permit 7th, 8th, and 9th days of May, me to reco nend to your best atten

1822. tion, the pastors of your respective con The Convention was composed of gregations. Strengthen their hands, I the Right Rev. Bishop White, sevenbeseech you, in the discharge of their teen Presbyters, three Deacons, and important duties. Encourage them in forty-one Lay Delegates, representing delivering the truths of the everlasting twenty-three congregations. Gospel; defend them from the unkind The Rev. Manning B. Roche was attacks of unbelievers. Carry them in elected Secretary. the arms of prayer to the throne of Evidence having been given of the grace. Beseech the Almighty to endue due organization and incorporation of them with his Holy Spirit, and to sus St. Mark's Church, Mantua, the said tain them in their arduous work.

church was received into union with the My beloved brethren! I bid you an

Convention. affectionate adieu. I ask an interest in The Convention having organized, all your prayers. Pray for me, that I agreeably to its standing regulations, on may continue faithful unto death, that the first day, adjourned until the seGod may give me the crown of eternal cond, when Morning Prayer was conlife.

ducted by the Rev. Charles M. Dupuy, After prayer, by the Bishop, the Rector of St. Luke's Church, GermanConvention adjourned sine die.

town, and a sermon preached by the

Rev. James Montgomery, Rector of St. The following is appended to the Mark's Church, Mantua; after which, Journal of the above Convention : the Rev. William Thompson, Deacon,

As some information respecting the Minister of Trinity Church, Pittsburgh, Bishop's further progress through this was ordained to the holy order of Priests, diocess will no doubt be interesting to and Mr. Richard U. Morgan was adthe members of the Church, it is here mitted to the holy order of Deacons. subjoined.

Agreeably to the 45th Canon of the On Wednesday, April 24th, in St. General Convention of 1808, the Right John's Church, Fayetteville, the Rev. Rev. Bishop White delivered the folMr. Hooper, Rector of that church, was lowing address : admitted to the holy order of the Priesthood, and six persons were confirmed. Brethren, the Clergy, and Lay At night, the Bishop preached to a very

Deputies of this Convention, numerous assembly. On Sunday, April In pursuance of the requisition of the 28th, the Rev. Messrs. Green and 45th Canon I make the following comWright were admitted to the holy order munication : of Priests, in St. James's Church, Wil On Thursday, the 9th of August, I VOL. VI.


consecrated St. Mark's Church, in Man. ing in the church of Huntington, Adams tua, in the neighbourhood of this city, county. He had given the most proand preached on the occasion. mising expectations of future usefulness;

On Sunday, the 12th of the same and was high in the esteem of the peomonth, I preached and administered the ple among whom he ministered. They communion in the church in the borough have felt deep sorrow, under the disof Carlisle, and, of the next day, I pensation of Divine Providence, which preached and administered the rite of bas removed him from them. confirmation in the same church.

The plate of the Rev. Slator Clay On the 17th I preached and confirmed has been supplied by his worthy son, in the church in Huntington township, the Rev. Jehu C. Clay, who had settled Adams county.

in Maryland. On the 19th I preached twice, and The rectorship of St. Mark's, in confirmed in St. John's Church, in Mantua, has been filled by the Rev. York.

James Montgomery. And, on the 21st, I preached and The Rev. Benjamin Allen, formerly confirmed in St. James's Church, in the of Virginia, has been elected and settled city of Lancaster.

as rector of St. Paul's Church, in this On the 25th of September I preached city. and confirmed in Joha's Church, The Rev. William Thompson, forMorristown.

merly a Deacon in the diocess of New.. On the 26th of January I consecrated York, and this day, ordained to the Trinity Church, in the district of South- Priesthood, has taken the charge of the wark; and, on the 29th of March, I church in Pittsburgh. preached and confirmed in the said The Rev. William H. Delancey, forchurch. The Rev. Manning B. Roche merly of the diocess of New York, has has been chosen its rector.

been engaged for a limited time by the The number confirmed within the vestry of Christ Church, St. Peter's, present year are 190; including those and St. James's, in this city, to be esconfirmed in the churclies of which I pecially assistant to their rector, in the am the rector: the dates therein being pastoral duties of those churches. omitted, as in former years.

The Rev. Bird Wilson, D. D. has My ordinations are those of Joseph accepted of the Professorship of SysteJaquett, of Thomas H. Taylor; the matic Theology in the Theological Sefatter under letters demissory from Bi- minary of our Church, located in Newshop Bowen; and of Peter Vappelt, all York: and bis expected usefulness in to the order of Deacons. And, this that station is some éonsolation to me day, in your presence, I ordained Wil- under the loss of his talents, for a time liam Thompson to the order of Priests, at least, from this diocess. and Richard Umpstead Morgan to the The Rev. Peter Vanpelt, soun after order of Deacons.

his ordination, removed to South-Carow Samuel Bowman has been admitted lina. as a candidate for holy orders. There The Rev. Dr. Joseph Hutchins, my has been a transfer of Samuel Marks, a friend from our boyhood, after having candidate, to the diocess of New-York. been some years absent in bis native

In the course of the year, I have oc island of Barbadoes, has returned to recasion to lament the decease of three of side in this city. my reverend brethren-of the Rev. Jon The Rev. Moses P. Bennet has been seph Turner, whose exemplary life and employed by the Society for the Adconversation had so long endeared him vancement of Christianity in Pennsylto this diocess of the Rev. Slator vania, as a missionary in the western Clay, whose zeal in his holy vocation part of the state. must also have been known to most of With peculiar satisfaction I announce those now present, and of the Rev. to this Convention, that, at the General George Woodruff, whom I announced Convention,Jheld in this city, in the last to the last Convention as a young cler- autumn, there was organized a Theologyman settled in Carlisle, and officiat- gical Seminary, by a combining of two


institutions, which, in their separate and other necessary books; and in this existence, seemed likely to produce such work they are likely to be useful. a competition of interests, as might have It seems still a duty to hold up to the been productive of serious inconveni- clergy of the diocess, the too little adences in the concerns of our communion. vantage taken for the benefit of their It is to be hoped that there will be now families, of the fund of the society for an undivided wish and endeavour, to the widows and the children of desupport an institution begun under such ceased clergymen. It is the more refavourable prospects.

markable, that so few avail themselves During the same General Conven- of this opportunity of establishing tion, there was matured the plan of a claims in favour of their families; as, domestic and foreign missionary socie- besides annuities acquired by profitable ty: It had been proposed by the Con- purchase, the 11th article of the convention of 1820, but with defects, occa. stitution provides, that the corporation sioned by oversight, which prevented may apply a proportion of the overplus the co-operation of so great a propor- of revenue to the increase of annuities. tion of our communion, as discouraged That body, however charitably disany effective proceedings on the part of posed to families, other than those of the nominated trustees. The defects deceased contributors, cannot bestow have been supplied ; sundry important on them relief from this fund. improvements have been added; and Considering the difficulty, generally, the whole organization having beep ma- of raising incomes adequate to the suptured with care, and resolved on with port of the parochial clergy, it is also general consent, it is to be hoped, that difficult to say, to what extent, and with all the members of our communion will what degree of earnestness, there should take an interest in carrying the design be pressed the design of creating a fund into effect.

for the support of a future Bishop, so The Society for the Advancement of as to relieve him from the necessity of Christianity in Pennsylvania, although, having a parochial cure. But the prinas they think, not sustained with a zeal ciple on which the design was botproportioned to the importance of the tomed is so reasonable, and the success institution, has not been without a mea of it desirable, that your present

Bisure of usefulness : for which it will be shop will be held excusable in bringing sufficient to refer to their report. At- it annually into view: especially as he tached to this association, there is a Fe has felt, more than any other person, male Tract Society, which continue the need of such a provision. their exertions in publications, small in Although the Bible Society of this size, but eminently instructive. city is not peculiarly attached to our

The Prayer Book Society, in conse- communion, yet, as their object is not quence of gratuitous distributions to an only of supreme importance, but that in extent not warranted by their means, which all denominations of Christians have found themselves under the neces agree, and as it contributes its share to sity of suspending that part of their de- the great design of publishing the glad sign. In the other branch of it, the fur- tidings of salvation where they have nishing of the book at the least possi- been hitherto unknown, and of depositble price to subscribers, they are still ing the record of them in the hands of progressing; and under the hope, by the destitute of all countries nominally the means of this economy, to znake up Christian, it has been presented to the the defalcation from their funds. notice of the conventions for sundry

The Sunday School Society are pur- years past, and, under continuance of suing the object for which they were the impression, there is now declared a associated. It should be understood, deep conviction of the importance of that the object is distinct from that of the subject. any Sunday School Society formed for The trustees of the produots of the the giving of instruction. It is merely bequest of the late Mr. Doz, have re, for the cheaper supplying of societies of ceived, and there will be reported to the latter description, with elementary this body, 300 dollars, in addition to

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