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churches, and to solicit contributions York, met in St. Paul's Church, Troy, once, or more, in each year, for the be on Tuesday, October 15th, 1822, and nefit of the Protestant Episcopal Mis closed its session, after the despatch of sionary Society in this state; and that much interesting business, on Wednesthey be requested to perform similar day evening. Previous to the assemduties in the several vacant parishes in bling of the Convention, there were this state.

two ordinations by the Right Rev. BiThe Rev. Carlton Chase is appointed shop Hobart: Mr. Richard Bury, and to preach before the next Convention, Mr. William L. Johnson, were admitted to be holden at St. Albans,

to the holy order of Deacons. Sermon

by the Rev. William B. Lacey, Rector The following Canons were passed of St. Peter's Church, Albany. in 1821:

Several sound and eloquent discourses I. Of the mode of trying Clergymen were delivered by different members of

accused of misdemeanor. the clergy, on different days during the Whenever the standing committee week. shall have reason to suspect a clergy

On Thursday morning a sermon was man of this Church to be guilty of inti- delivered by the Rev. William Berrian, delity, heresy, vice, or irregularity of Assistant Minister of Trinity Church, any kind, it shall be their duty to inquire the Relief of

the Widows and Children

New-York, before the Corporation for into the circumstances of the case; and, if, upon investigation, they consider the of Clergymen of the Protestant Épise crime worthy of notice, they shall recopal Church in the State of New-York. port thereupon to the Bishop, who may A collection was also made for the be summon a council of his clergy, not less nefit of the society. than three; a copy of the charge, and

On the afternoon of Thursday, the due notice of the time and place of trial rite of confirmation was administered being likewise communicated to the by the Right Rev. Bishop of the dioparty accused; and, after a full and fair cess, and between 30 and 40 persons investigation of the subject, the Bishop then took upon themselves their bap

tismal vows. may pronounce sentence in the case. And if any minister, degraded agreeable

An abstract of the proceedings of this to this Canon, shall consider himself ag- Convention, including the address of grieved, he shall be allowed an appeal the Bishop, may be expected in our to the House of Bishops,

number for January. II. Of the mode of forming and

Episcopal Acte. organizing Churches.

AT an ordination, held in St. John's Whenever any number of persons in Chapel, New-York, on Friday, the 25th this state shall form themselves into a of October, 1822, by the Right Rev. regular society, of the persuasion of the Bishop Hobart, the Rev. Lawson Care Protestant Episcopal Church, in such a ter, Deacon, Rector elect of St. John's manner, as that they will become a body Church, Ogdensburgh, was admitted to corporate according to law, and their the holy order of Priests. Morning proceedings shall be sanctioned by the Prayer was conducted by the Rev.WilBishop of the diocess, or, in case of no liam Berrian, and an address, approBishop, by the standing committee of priate to the occasion, delivered by the the State Convention, they shall be ad- Rev. Benjamin T. Onderdonk, Assistmitted to all the rights and privileges ant Ministers of Trinity Church. And, of a regular". church; subject, how- on the fourth Sunday in Advent, Decemever, at all times, to the authority and ber 22d, the Right Rev. Bishop Hobart discipline of said Bishop, or, if there is held an ordination in St. Ann's Church, no Bishop, of said standing committee. Brooklyn, Long-Island, and admitted

the Rev. James P. F. Clarke, Deacon, Convention of New York, Minister of St. John's Church, Canan THE Convention of the Protestant daigua, Ontario county, New-York, to Episcopal Church in the state of New: the holy order of Priests.

On the 25th Sunday after Trinity, prove to them, and to those who may November 24,1822, in Trinity Church, hereafter become connected with them, New-York, Seth W. Beardsley was ad a faithful watchman upon the walls of mitted, by the Right Rev. Bishop Ho- their Zion. May the great Head of the bart, to the holy order of Deacons. Church bless them.

On Sunday, the 29th of September, It may not be amiss to state, that the 1822, at St. Paul's Church, Philadel venerable John Adams, late President phia, the Rev, Peter Van Pelt, Deacon, of the United States, has given to this Minister of St. Luke's parish, South- society the privilege of taking from his Carolina, in consequence of letters di- quarry a sufficient quantity of stone to missory from the Bishop of that dio erect a church, whenever they are discess, was admitted to the holy order of posed to avail themselves of the gift. Priests by the Right Rev. Bishop We were gratified to see him at the White. Morning Prayers were read church on the day of the ordination. by the Rev. Mr. Tschudy, and a ser An ordination was held in St. Paul's mon by the Bishop.

Church, Baltimore, on the 6th of SepAt an ordination, held in St. John's tember, 1822, by the Right Rev. BiChurch, Providence, Rhode Island, on shop Kemp, when the Rev. Joseph Friday, September 6th, 1822, Mr. Spencer was admitted to the holy order Alexander Jones, jun. and Mr. Charles of Priests. Morning prayer was read Henry Alden, were admitted to the by the Rev. Mr. Mason, of Newbern, boly order of Deacons by the Right North-Carolina, and an elegant and Rev. Bishop Griswold. Divine service appropriate sermon preached by the was performed by the Rev. Mr. Taft, Rev. Dr. Barry. Mr. Spencer leaves and the sermon by the Bishop. And, the diocess of Maryland immediately, on Thursday, September 19th, at in consequence of his being appointed Christ Church, Quincy, Massachusetts, Professor of languages in Carlisle Colthe Right Rev. Bishop Griswold ad- lege, and also Minister of the Protestmitted to the holy order of deacons Mr. ant Episcopal Church in that place. Benjamin Clarke Cutler, of Boston, a At an ordination, held in Trinity graduate of Brown University. Morn- Church, Newark, New-Jersey, on ing prayers by the Rev. Dr. Gardiner, Wednesday, the 16th of October, 1822, of Boston, and the sermon by the Bi- by the Right Rev. Bishop Croes, the shop, from the text, “We have this Rev. Henry P. Powers, Rector elect of treasure in earthen vessels, that the ex said church, was admitted to the holy cellency of the power may be of God, order of Priests. The Bishop was asand not of us," 2 Cor. iv. 7. The holy sisted, on this occasion, by the Rev. communion was then administered by James Chapman, and the Rev. John the Right Rev. Bishop, assisted by the Croes, jun. of that diocess, and the Rev. Dr. Gardiner.

Rev. Cave Jones, of the diocess of NewThe services on this occasion were York. On the niorning of the succeedvery interesting and impressive. Many ing day, the Bishop instituted the Rev. of the clergy, and a great number of Mr.Powers into the rectorship of Trinity the laity were present.

Church aforesaid; and, in the afternoon, This ordination is an event of pecu- administered the holy rite of confirmaliar interest to the Church at large, and tion to twenty persons. The discour particularly to the Society at Quincy. ses delivered on these occasions were For many years, that parish, having appropriate and impressive, and the been destitute of a Rector, has been in whole exercises solemn and interesting. a low and depressed state, though they. During the present year, confirmations have sometimes been supplied with lay have also been administered, by the readers, and have occasionally had the Right Rev. Bishop Croes, in Christ services of clergymen. We trust, how- Church, New-Brunswick, on the third ever, they are no longer to be depend- Sunday after Easter; in St. George's ent upon occasional assistance; but Church, Pennsneck, on Whit-Sunday; that the gentleman now admitted to or- and, in St. Andrew's Church, Mountders will long continue with them, and Holly, on Wednesday, the 5th of June.

On Wednesday, the 16th of October, little known, in most places, concerning 1822, St. Andrew's Church, Northford, the solemnity of our ritual on these oc: Connecticut, was consecrated to the casional services; there seems to be a service of Almighty God, by the Right peculiar propriety in holding the ordinaRey. Bishop Brownell.

tion of a Priest in the church where hc On Friday, the 1st of November, is appointed to minister. In the in. 1822, the festival of All Saints, the holy fancy of the Church, the apostles Paul rite of confirmation was administered and Barnabas, as they passed through by the Right Rev. Bishop Bowen, in the churches of Asia, ordained them St. Michael's Church, Charleston South- elders in every church," Acts xiv. 23. Carolina, to fifty persons, Morning prayer was read by the Rey. Dr. Dal

New Church. cho, and an appropriate sermon, from Proverbs iij. 17, delivered by the Rev. ber, 1822, the corner stone of a new

On Thursday, the 17th of DecemMr. Lance, of Georgetown. The ser- church, to be called St, Matthew's vices were impressive, and the whole Church, was laid by the Right Rev. scene was peculiarly interesting, It is Bishop White, at the junction of Schuylthe practice of the Bishop to adminis- kill 'North Fourth and George and ter this rite about once a year, or thir- Powell streets, in Francisville, near this teen months, in each of the city city. The order of the ceremony was churches, in order that the persons pre- as follows:-An address and prayer by senting themselves, on each occasion, the Bishop; the laying of the stone; a may not be inore in number than to ad

few verses of the 84th Psalm sung, and mit of the most satisfactory pastoral

an address delivered by the Rev. Mr. preparation of them. On Thursday the 19th of December, the whole concluded with the benedic

Allen, Rector of St. Paul's Church 1822, the Rey, Edward Rutledge, nii- tion of the Bishop. This church is the nister of St. Thomas's parish, Charles- result of the exertions of the Protest: ton, South-Carolina, was admitted to the holy order of Priests by the Right township, under the direction of the

ant Episcopal Association of Penn Rev. Bishop Bowen.

Rev. Norman Nash, employed by them At an ordination held, on Thursday,

as a missionary in that neighbourhood. the 28th day of November, 1822, in St.

- Church Record. Mary's Church, Newton, Lower Falls, Massachusetts, the Right Rev. the Bishop of the Eastern Diocess promoted

Literary Honours. the Rev. Alfred L. Baury to the holy At the commencement of Columbia order of Priests. Morning prayer was College, in August löst, the degree of read by the Rev. Isaac Boyle, Rector of D. D. was conferred on the Rev. ThoSt. Paul's, Dedham, and a sermou mas Lyell, Rector of Christ Church, in preached by the Right Rev. Bishop, this city; and on the Rev. John Reed, from Heb. y. 4, "No man taketh this Rector of Christ Church, Poughkeepsie honour unto himself but he that is called Dutchess county, New-York. of God, as was Aaron," Immediately after morning prayer, confirination was

Liberal Donations, administered to six persons. Mr. Daury A LADY in Connecticut has trans. has accepted the rectorship of the inter- ferred to the Domestic and Foreigh esting church at Newton, and, we un- Missionary Society of the Protestant derstand, is shortly to be instituted. It Episcopal Church, bonds expected to was a pleasing circumstance that he produce one thousand dollars. was ordained in the church where he A GENTLEMAN residing in the Northis appointed to serye.

Situated as we ern Neck of Virginia, has made to the are in this country, many of the mem- Theological Seminary of that diocess a bers of our Church having been educat- valuable donation in rare old books of ed dissenters; so little being thought the most splendid editions. They have by our dissenting brethren of the sacred been placed, for the present, in the nature of the ministerial office; and so hands of the Rev. Mş. M'Guire, si

Fredericksburgh, who will deposit them humble and faithful minister of the in the library of that institution as soon Gospel, universally beloved and reas a convenient opportunity is offered. spected by all who knew him, and

greatly regretied by those over whom First Bell in Washington City.

Providence had placed him in the pasThe first Bell erected in the city of toral charge. Scarcely had the grave Washington, and devoted to the pur closed over the remains of his aged and pose of calling together a Christian reverend father, ere he is also called to congregation for public worship, was give an account of his stewardship. A placed, on the 30th of November, 1822, wife and six children are left to mourn in the belfry of St. John's Church. It the loss of one of the best of husbands, is from the Boston foundry, is well and most affectionate of parents; but, toned; and weighis nearly one thousand having been taught, by precept and expounds.

ample, to say “thy will be done,” will,

we trust, through grace, be enabled to Sunday Scholar's Magazine, or

bear this ieavy affliction with becoming Monthly Reward Book. resignation, and to mourn, but “not as A publication under this title, i de. those without hope," having this convoted entirely to the interests of Sunday solation, that their loss is his eternal Schools,” was commenced in London gain. in January, 1821; and its republication

In Maryland, on Sunday, the 22d of has recently been undertaken in Bos- September last, the Rev. John BRADY, too, by Mr. Joseph H.Ingraham, ai the Rector of William and Mary, and St. moderate pride of one dollar a year, if Andrew's parishes, St. Mary's county, paid in advance. The first number is formerly minister of St. George's, Newbefore us. It is a neat pamphlet of 24

York. Mr. Brady was ordained Deapages, containing several articles very the Right Rev. Bishop Ilobart, on Tri

con in Trinity Church, New-York, by day school and other children, and not nity Sunday, in the year 1811, and uninteresting to adults. “ This work is Priest; in St. George's Church, Newattached to no particular communion, York, by the same Bishop, in 1813. and it is not even known to what deno

In Delaware, the Rev. JAMES J. mination the conductors belong. Its Bowden, and soon after his wife, Mrs. object is to promote the interests of

Bowden, and their child. Mr. B. Sunday schools generally; and it is

was the son of the late Professor Bow hoped that no matter will ever be found den, of Columbia College. He was orin its pages, which will be objectionable dained Deacon by the RightRev.Bishop to any denomination of Christians.”_ Hobart, in St. John's Chapel, NewPersons in the city or vicinity of New-York, on Sunday, the 15th of NovemYork, who may wish to patronize this ber,1818, and soon afterwards removed publication, will please to leave their

to Maryland, where it is believed he names at the office of the Christian received Priests' orders from the Right Journal.-Mr. Ingraham has also re- Rev. Bishop Kemp. His piety, talents, cently published a Manual for Episco- and sincere attachinent to the Church, pal Sunday Schools, highly recom

gave promise of an useful, and, froní mended by several of the clergy of the his age, a long continued ministry. The Protestant Episcopal Church, which is Divine Ilead of the Church has seen fit likewise to be had at the same place.

to cut it short. For his early loss to that Church, and for the bereavement thus

sustained by an amiable and excellent Obituary Notices.

family, strong consolation and support Dien, on Friday, the 13th of Seps are afforded by the humble trust of his tember, 1822, after a short illness, at being a partaker of the blessing prohis residence, in Cecil county, Mary- nounced on those who die in the Lord. land, the Rev. William NIND, Rector Lately, in Detroit, Michigan Terriof St. Stephen's parish. The deceased tory, the Rev. Alanson W. WELTON, was in the 45th year of his age-an forinerly of this diocess.

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The Church of England Pastor in the Of Life

and Immortality, and how Country.

Their Brother, as they hope, reposes now; But there are spots in which what little cost

Sorrow and mourning flee away, and pain, The Pastor's hand can proffer is not lost ;

And of their loss they think not, but his gain. Spots where not all the seed his care has thrown By steps like these the saintly Herbert trod, Isi trodden, choked, or withered as 'tis sown.

And to bis "Temple' led the Priest of God. WhereSabbath bells, with sweet and mellow fall, He from St. Paul the gifts of Grace display'd, The willing dwellers of the bamlet call;

Their power affirm'd, their differing parts arAnd Youth, and Age, and all who sojourn there,

ray'd : Bend as one family their hearts in prayer; How those who ruled, with diligence should sway, And in the appointed shepherd of their fold And those who served, with willingness obey; Each seems a common parent to behold. Give with simplicity, with mercy chide, There's not a heart within his little reign,

Love all, and honest things for all provide. But bears to him its pleasure or its pain : By steps like these in many a green abode His lips sweet counsel minister, and give

Still treads the village Priest his lioly road; Life to the Word by which alone we live;

Lalours for bliss above, and tastes below Touch every secret spring that moves the soul, Such sweets as Life's mixed goblet can bestov, Confirm, dissuade, soothe, animate controal; Turn from its bed the torrent rush of woes,

On the Epiphany. And gently stem the joy which overflows.

Guided by the wond'rous Star, On some bright morning, when the golden Sun

Wherefore come the Seers from far ! A three hours' course above the hills has run;

Wherefore from their spicy store And ope'd those eyes which dare not wish for

Present their offerings and adore? morn, And yet, not wishing, fain would have it dawn;

Haste, ye Gentiles, haste and bring The village Bride,her cheek with blushes spread, Oblations to your new-born King; Forth in reluctant willingness is led.

With the sage, in reverend awe,
Before her path her virgin fellows strew

Round the lowly Manger draw.
Fresh-gathered buds of many-meaning hue;
For Love the Rose; the Lily's spotless white

Though among the sons of earth,
For Innocence; the Goldeup for Delight;

Mean his parents, rude his birth, For Truth, the flower that bids us 'not forget;'

To his rising kings shall come, For maiden Modesty, the Violet.

Letter'd Greece and mighty Rome. Anon a jocund troop, in gallant trim,

In Him shall the nations rest; Merry at heart, and light, and lithe of limb,

In Him shall a world be blest; Comes dancing forward, to the measured sound

In Hiin mercy unconfined
Of pipe and tabor, footing its gay round;

Embrace the whole of human kind.
And one most joyous mid the brother bund,
With ribbons on his hat,and garlands in his hand.
Then to the solemn rite the Priest proceeds,

Hezekiah after Sickness. From Isaiah xxxrib. And feels a Father's pleasure while he reads ;

17, &c. Joins hand in hand, as heart is join'd in heart, Raise, my harp, the grateful lay ; And takes their mutual pledge, till Death doth

Pale Disease hath pass’d away; part.

God, omnipotent to save,
And as his lips the enamoured couple bless,

Calls me from the dreary grave.
Fain would his eyes the starting tears suppress; Not
Tears nol of sorrow, for the good man smited,

the silent dead

among And his heart whispered, 'Each is as my child.'

Are his lofty praises spread ;

'Tis the living, who inspire, Or when the lessening year declines away,

Warm with gratitude, the lyre.
Slow dawns the Sun, and early sinks the day;

From the confines of the tomb
When ihe dank gales of Autunin, subtle thief,
Pilfer the widowed branches, leaf by leaf;

Up to light ad life I come:
Which point the Poet's moral as they fly,

Children yet unborn shall sing Man in his generations so must die ;

Of thy mercies, heavenly King. Another rite, perhaps, demands his care,

I, thy hallow'd courts among, The last sad offices a friend can share ;

Oft will pour my morning song: Some grey-hair'd friend, whom, ripen’d for his

Ott my grateful heart shall rise

Al the evening sacrifice.
Time has not pluck’u, but gently shaken down.
Beneath the Church-yard's venerable shade,

For the Christian Journai.
Hard by the Yew, a recent grave is made;
And round the Patriarch's hearse, in mourning To the Memory of MARY MARTHA, infan?

Daughter of the Rev. George Upfold. Sons, and their sons, and kinsmen's kinsmen

Short was thy pilgrimage on earth, sland;

And transient was thy infant bloom; Next, many an old acquaintance; in the rear

For pain and sickness fiom thy birth
Idlers, and Gossips, not unmoved, appear;

Had mark'd thee for an early lomb,
E’en strangers p:use a moment as they pass,
And turn to moralize, ' All Aesh is grass! Could one sigh, dear babe, restore thee,
There Childhood comes to wonder at the show, E’en that sigh should be repress’d;
And Age to mark where soon itself must go. For sure thou art received in glory,
Till, as the Holy Man, with lifted eyes,

To our kind Redeemer's broast.
Tells how the dead incorruptible rise,

September 18.

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