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studies. The handsome stone building extent that places the success of our which is erecting for the use of the aca- schools beyond all hazard by the munidemy, in which also accommodations ficent bequest of the late Mr. Sherred. are to be afforded for the theological To benefactions of this description are school, is situated in the village of Ge- the nations of Europe in a great meaneva, immediately on the bank of the sure indebted for those literary and reSeneca lake, commanding a view of ligious institutions which constitute this extensive and beautiful sheet of their just pride, and from which pewater, of the cultivated shores that con- rennially flow the invaluable blessings fine it, and of the mountains that bound of science and of religion. It is the the distant prospect. It is considered obvious policy of our own country, in by all who have viewed it as one of the which institutions of this description - most interesting situations which are are obstructed in their usefulness by any where to be found.

their circumscribed resources a poIts relative advantages are not less licy, too, demanded by the freedom of important. Geneva is situated in the her governments, which lay as few remidst of a very populous, fertile, and straints as possible on individual rights highly cultivated country, having a wa- —to cherish that generous and liberal ter communication of a few miles with zeal by which private property is made the grand canal which passes through to minister to the public good, and to the state, and being thus of easy access perpetuate its bounties to the latest gefrom the extensive countries watered by nerations. The memory, then, of our the Western Lakes, and from those on beneficent benefactor, should be gratethe Atlantic border. And, indulging fully cherished, not more by the friends the reasonable expectation, that the of science and religion, than by the paacademy there will, at some future pe- triot, who regards the prosperity of his riod, be advanced to the privileges of a country as inseparably and vitally concollege, we must be forcibly struck nected with these highest objects of with the immense advantages of the human regard—and the prayers should contiguity of our theological school to be offered to him, with whom are the an institution of this description. The hearts of all men, that the spirit which principal school in the city of New- dictated this liberal benefaction may York, and the branch school at Gene- animate others to corresponding acts of va, both enjoying the advantages of benevolence. colleges, in which there will be no in The legacy of Mr. Sherred has, howfluence "unfriendly to the Church, will ever, given rise to measures which may be placed under as commanding cir- possibly lead to a collision between our cumstances as could well be expected. theological school and the general inConnecting with these views of the stitution. A special meeting

of the Ge subject the great respectability and im- neral Convention of our Church has portance of the state of New York, been called for the purpose of taking and the increasing number and re into consideration the last will and tessources of the Episcopalians in it, if I tament of Mr. Sherred, and of de know myself, it is not the unworthy termining whether any and what meaand selfish views of a partizan—it is sures should be taken for obtaining the not even the more excusable local zeal legacy bequeathed by him. What will of a Diocesan Bishop which impel me be the result of the deliberations of this to cherish, with augmented solicitude, Convention, it is impossible to ascerthe opinion, that a regard to the highest tain. It would seem, however, that interests of our Church at large re- they would resolve to relinquish the quires that we cherish and preserve in claim of the general seminary to the lethis diocess the unrivalled means and gacy-or to assert it, and for this puradvantages of theological instruction, pose to bring the general seminary into which, through the good Providence of this diocess-or that they would prefer God, we enjoy.

what may be styled a compromisera It is a cause of gratitude to him, that consolidation of the general theological these means have been enlarged to an seminary with our diocesan school, so as VOL. VI


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to make one general institution in this been--the possibility of its removal. state-or, finally, that they will relin- But to this the legacy of Mr. Sherred, quish the project of a general seminary. which would be forfeited if the seminary

That little dependence can be placed were removed from the state, presents on the validity of the claim of the ge one barrier, and others might be proneral seminary to the legacy of Mr. vided. Another objection to the general Sherred, would appear from what is institution seminary is, that as at preunderstood to be the fact, that no legal sent constituted, it might be entirely ungentleman consulted on behalf of that der the controul of a very small minoseminary, has given a decided opinion rity of the Church at large, and even of in favour of it. The eminently re- those who have not contributed, or in a spectable legal opinions which will be very small proportion, to its funds. In laid before you, will show the strength ease, however, of a union, such an orof the claim of the theological school ganization of the general seminary of this diocess, and will serve to re- might be made as to secure to every move all apprehension that it can be part of the Church a just influence in wrested from us by the general institu- its management. And the plan might tion. It would seem improbable, then, be formed of such a nature as to remove that the General Convention will re all the reasonable objections to a gesolve to assert their claim, and for this neral institution in this diocess, and to purpose establish in this diocess a ge secure all our important arrangements: neral seminary on independent ground with respect to our own institutions. They will, perhaps, conclude to relin Permit me to suggest whether it would quish the project of a general seminary, not be well to be prepared for such an in consequence of the difficulty of event. For this Convention, however, uniting the disconnected exertions of to settle the detail of this plan would on Episcopalians through this extensive many aecounts be inexpedient, inascountry in favour of a general institu much as subsequent consultation at the tion, and of the evidence of a disposi- General Convention might render other tion which I always supposed would be details advisable, and definitive armanifested to establish diocesan insti rangements on our part, appearing to tutions--one of this description having preclude consultation, might present a been organized by a society embracing barrier to any conciliatory project. the Episcopalians of Virginia and a Still it would seem necessary that someproportion of those of Maryland. If, thing definitive should now be done. . however, the sentiment in favour of a The plan of compromise or of union general institution should still prevail, would require an alteration of the conit is then probable that a union of the stitution of our Theological Education general seminary with our diocesan one Society. This must be the joint act of will be proposed. And this is a sub- the Trustees of the Society and of the ject which may merit our serious con Convention. The alterations necessary sideration.

in case of a union cannot be known unOn the one hand, it cannot be sup til after the meeting of the General posed that this Convention will relin Convention. To call special meetings quish the arrangements so unanimously of the Trustees of the Society and of settled at the last Convention, and any our State Convention, in order to dem essential provisions relative to our dio- termine on the propriety of the plan or cesan schools, so as to place our re the necessary alterations, would be, on sources entirely beyond our own con many accounts, inexpedient, and, pertroul. On the other, the consideration haps, in reference to our Convention, must be admitted to have weight, that almost impracticable, since it can be the dignity, order, and harmony of the hardly expected that the clergy and lay Church, as well as the respectability of delegates would so soon assemble from the general institution, may be ad- every part of this large state. To devanced by the proposed union. One lay definitive measures until the next objection to applying the resources of Convention would be also highly inexthe Church in this diocess has always pedient, inasmuch as this would still

further postpone active measures for ladelphia, from October 30th to No. the great objects of theological educa vember 3d, inclusive, A. D. 1821. tion, which, from various causes, have been too long delayed, and might op

The Convention was composed of pose new obstacles to the settlement of the following members::a question which every friend to the House of Bishops.-- The Right Rev. peace, order, and dignity of the Church, William White, D.D. of Pennsylvania, must wish to see as speedily as possi- Presiding Bishop; the Right Rev. ble put to rest.

John Henry Hobart, D.D. of New. Under these circumstances, it would York; tkc Right Rev. Alexander Viets appear advisable for this Convention Griswold, D.D. of the Eastern Dior to adopt such measures as may admit cess; the Right Rev. James Kemp, D. of a union between the two schools, on D. of Maryland; the Right Rev. John principles which will secure all the es- Croes, D. D. of New-Jersey; the Right sential arrangements with regard to our Rev. Thomas Church Brownell, D. D. theological schools, and the just influ- LL. D. of Connecticut. ence of those parts of the Church who House of Clerical and Lay Depumay contribute to the general institų- ties.-Clerical Deputies--Massachution in its concerns.

setts, the Rev. Samuel F. Jarvis, D.D.

the Rev. Thomas Carlile; RhodeAly Clerical and Lay Brethren, Island, the Rev. Salmon Wheaton, the

In all the views which I have stated, Rev. Nathan B. Crocker; ConnectiI have acted under that deep sense of cut, the Rev. Daniel Burhans, the Rev. duty to the Church which I should al- Ashbel Baldwin, the Rev. Birdsey G. ways cherish, and with that frankness Noble, the Rev. Harry Croswell; Newwhich becomes my station, and which York, the Rev. David Butler, the Rev. is most agreeable to my feelings, and Thomas Lyell, the Rev. Benjamin T. which, I trust, is not contrary to your Onderdonk, the Rev. Orin Clark; expectations. Should the General New Jersey, the Rev. Charles H. Convention choose to relinquish the Wharton, D.D. the Rev.John C. Rudd, project of a general seminary, and the Rev. John Croes, jun. the Rev. even persevere in it, and not locate the Abiel Carter; Pennsylvania, the Rev. school in this diocess, we can go on Frederic Beasley, D. D. the Rev. Bird with our diocesan institution. Should Wilson, D.D. the Rev. Jackson Kemthey contest our claim to the legacy in per, the Rev. George Boyd; Delaware, question, we shall, I presume, decorous- the Rev. Richard D. Hall, Maryland, ly, but firmly assert it. And should the Rev. William E. Wyatt, D. D. the they propose the course of compromise Rev. John P. K. Henshaw; Virginia, on correct principles, I trust we shall be the Rev. William H. Wilmer, D. D. prepared to meet it in the spirit of con the Rev. William Meade, the Rev. ciliation and candour, and with our fer Simon Wilmer; North Carolina, the vent prayers, that our Lord and Mas- Rev. Richard S. Mason, the Rev. Greter would direct and overrule all our gory T. Bedell;'South-Carolina, the consultations and plans for the goud of Rev. Christopher E. Gadsden, D.D. his Church and Kingdom.

the Rev. John J. Tschudy, the Rev. JOHN HENRY HOBART. Christian Hanckell, the Rev. Maurice New-York, October 17th, 1821. H. Lance. (To be continued.)

Lay Deputies-Rhode Island, Col. Alexander Jones, Stephen T. Northam, Esq. Jeremiah Lippitt, Esq.; Connec

ticut, the Honourable Samuel W. Abstract of the Proceedings of the Bin Johnson, Nathan Smith, Esq.; New

shops, Clergy, and Laity, of the York, Richard Harison, Esq. thelloProtestant Episcopal Church in the "nourable Morris S. Miller, John Wells, United States of America, in a Spe- Esq.; New Jersey, Peter Kean, Esq. cial General Convention, held in St. Joseph V. Clark, Esq. Daniel Garrit. Peter's Church, in the City of Phi- son, Esq.; Pennsylvania, Williarn Me

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redith, Esq. Thomas M'Euen, Esq. leaving by his will, dated the 28th of
Walter Kerr, Esq. Levi Pauling, Esq., January, 1820, to his executors, the
Delaware, George Read, Esq. John Rev. John Cornelison, George Arcu-
Cummins, Esq., Maryland, the Ho- larius, and Jacob Lorillard, the resi-
nourable John'c. Herbert, Tench duum of his estate, after the payment
Tilghman, Esq.; Virginia, Col. Wil- of certain legacies, in trust for purposes
liam Mayo, Philip Nelson, Esq. Ed- which will appear from the following
mund J. Lee, Esq.; North-Carolina, extract:-
Duncan Cameron, Esq. Josiah Collins, Item-I give and bequeath unto
Esq.; South-Carolina, William Hey- my sister Elizabeth, the sum of ten
vard, Esq. Lewis L. Gibbes, Esq. Col. thousand dollars of lawful money afore-
Lewis Morris.

said, and in case my sister Elizabeth On the first day the Convention or should not be living at my decease, ganized; the Right Rev. William then I give and bequeath the aforesaid White, D. D. as senior Bishop present, legacy or sum of ten thousand dollars to took the chair in the House of Bishops, the children or child of my said sister agreeably to the rules of the House, Elizabeth, living at my decease if any and the Rev. William A. Muhlenberg there shall be; to be equally divided was appointed Secretary of the same. among them, share and share alike, if In the House of Clerical and Lay De more than one, and if but one child of puties, the Rev. William H. Wilmer, my said sister Elizabeth shall be living D. D. was chosen President, the Rev. at my decease, then the whole of the Ashbel Baldwin,Secretary, and the Rev.' said legacy or sum of ten thousand dolJohn C. Rudd, Assistant Secretary. lars, to go to such child, to whom I

On the second day, the business was give and bequeath the same according. opened with Morning Prayer by the ly. But inasmuch as I am ignorant Rev. William E. Wyatt, D. D. of whether my said sister Elizabeth is now Maryland ; a Sermon by the Right living, and whether she hath, or hath Rev. James Kemp, D. D. of the same not, left any children or child now livdiocess; and the administration of the ing, not having heard from or of her in Holy Communion by the Presiding many years, and being ignorant of her Bishop, assisted by other Bishops pre- place of residence, my will is, that un

less the said legacy shall be claimed of The Presiding Bishop stated to the my said executors, by the said legatee House of Bishops that in consequence or legatees, within the period or space of the request of the major number of of five years from and next immethe Bishops, grounded on an applica- diately after my decease, the said letion made to them by the Trustees of gacy shall lapse, and I do hereby absothe Theological Seminary, herewith lutely revoke the same: and the said presented, and agreeably to authority sum of ten thousand dollars, together vested in him, he had called this special with any accumulation thereof as hereConvention. The Bishops who made inafter mentioned, shall be subject to the request were Bishops Griswold, the residuary beguest hereinafter by me Moore, Kemp, Bowen, and Brownell

. made. And I do hereby order and diThe statement was communicated to rect my said executors, as soon as conthe House of Clerical and Lay De- veniently may be after my decease, to puties.

place at interest in their own name The following documents accon upon real security, or invest in the panied the above :

purchase of six per cent. or other pubCircular to the Bishops requesting a

lic stocks of the United States, or of call of a Special Meeting of the the state of New York, or the stock or General Convention.

stocks of banking or other incorporated New Haven, May 25th, 1821. companies, at their discretion, the

aforesaid sum of ten thousand dollars, Right REVEREND Sır,

if the same shall not then yet be claimed Mr. Jacob Sherred, late of the city by the aforesaid legatee or legatees, and of New-York, died in March, 1821, in like manner, from time to time, to


invest or place at interest in like stock Protestant Episcopal Church in the or securities, the interest or dividends state of New York, a college, academy, of such stock or securities, in or upon school, or seminary, for the education which the said capital sum shall be só of young men designed for holy orders invested, until the said legacy shall be in the Protestant Episcopal Church in claimed by the said legatee or legatees the United States of America; and upon as aforesaid, or until the expiration of such college, academy, school, or the said period of five years from and seminary, being so established, then next immediately after my decease as upon further trust, that they do and aforesaid, whichever shall first happen, shall pay or transfer all such stock or so as to produce as great an accumula- securities to the trustees, directors, or tion of capital, as reasonably may be in managers, for the time being, of such the nature of compound interest; and if college, academy, school, or seminary, the said legacy shall be claimed by the or their treasurer, or other officer theresaid legatee or legatees within the said to authorized, for the use and purposes period of five years as aforesaid, then of such college, academy, school, or the same, together with such accumula- seminary, and for which the receipt of tion thereof, shall be paid or transferred any three or more of such trustees, dito such legatee or legatees as aforesaid; rectors, or managers, as my said exeand if the same shall not be claimed, cutors shall, in their discretion, deem it by the said legatee or legatees, within expedient to require, or of such treasuch period as aforesaid, then the same, surer or other officer thereto authorized, together with such accumulation there shall be a sufficient discharge to my exeof, shah sink into and become part of cutors. Provided always, and my will my residuary estate, and shall go and is, and I do hereby declare that it shall be applied, according to the disposition and may be lawful to and for my

said hereinafter by me made of the sam?. executors, from time to time, at their And as to all the rest, residue and re- discretion, to call in the amount of, and mainder of my personal estate and ef- to sell and transfer all or any such fects, not otherwise disposed of by this stocks or securities wherein or upon my will, I give and bequeath the same, which the before

mentioned legacies or and every part thereof, unto my said bequests, any or either of them, shall be executors, their executors, administra- placed out or invested in pursuance of tors, and assigns, upon the trusts, and this my will, or any part thereof refor the intents and purposes hereinafterspectively, and again to place at inexpressed and declared of and concern terest or invest the same in other secuing the same; that is to say, upon trust rities or stocks, as aforesaid, to vary, that they do and shall place the same to alter, or transpose all or any such interest upon real security, or invest the stocks or securities when, where, and so same in the purchase of six per cent. or often as it shall by them be deemed exother public stock of the United States, pedient so to do. And that they, or or of the state of New-York, or in the any of them, shall not be answerable stock or stocks of banking or other in or accountable for the insufficiency or corporated companies, at their discre- deficiency of any such stocks or secution, and that they do and shall, in like rities." manner, from time to time, investor The amount of this residuary beplace at interest in like stocks or secu- · quest, exclusive of the ten thousand rities, the interests or dividends arising dollars, which may, at the expiration of thereon, so as to produce as great an five years lapse and become a further accumulation of capital, as reasonably endowment, is estimated at not less may be in the nature of compound in than seventy thousand dollars. terest, until there shall be established, As soon as the conditions of this within the state of New-York, under will were made known, the Trustees the direction, or by the authority of the of the General Theological Seminary, General Convention of the Protestant resident in New-York, in connexion Episcopal Church in the United States with the agents appointed in that city of America, or of the Convention of the for the purpose of obtaining subscrip

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