The Baronetage of England, Volym 1–2


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Sida 1125 - Per pale argent and sable a chevron, and in base a crescent counterchanged ; on a canton azure a harp or, in the sinister chief point a mullet of the last.
Sida 1133 - London and Father of the City, Colonel of the West London Militia, President of the London Life Association, and DCL This venerable citizen was the youngest son of Henry Hunter, esq., of Beech Hill, Berks. The paternal ancestors of Sir CS Hunter were citizens and merchants of London, of considerable eminence in the reign of Charles I., as appears from family records in the Heralds...
Sida 1325 - Majesty's Licence and Permission doth not authorise, and shall not be deemed or construed to authorise, the assumption of any style, appellation, rank, precedence, or privilege, appertaining unto a Knight Bachelor of these Realms.
Sida 1025 - Per fesse, the base per pale: in chief or, a dexter hand, couped at the wrist, grasping a sword, erect gu. the blade entwined with a serpent ppr. between two lions...
Sida 1167 - ' MY DEAR SIR — I cannot forbear congratulating you upon the complete accomplishment of his Majesty's gracious intention to confer upon you the dignity of a baronet of the United Kingdom. It was a most fortunate circumstance that at the period of his Majesty's visit to Ireland the high office of lord mayor of Dublin was held by a person of known prudence and discretion, who, by a happy union of moderation and firmness, was enabled, without the surrender or compromise of any principle...
Sida 939 - Wirtemburg, he was engaged in the negociation of that prince's marriage with the princess royal of Great Britain, an alliance considered at the time as likely to be of great importance, his serene highness being the brother-in-law of the emperors of Germany and Russia. In consequence of the success of that negociation sir John Coxe Hippisley was created a baronet, of Warfield-grove, Berks, April 30, 1796.
Sida 759 - Mottoes, with correct Translations : a List of Persons who have received the Honour of Knighthood, of Extinct Baronets, and of such as have been advanced to the Peerage, and of British Subjects holding Foreign Orders of Knighthood. By John Debrett...
Sida 1211 - Chandos; and continued in his issue male until the death of James Duke of Chandos in 1789 without issue male ; when there was a total failure of heirs male of the body of Charles, the second son of the first Lord Chandos.
Sida 1220 - Esq.] az. a lion ramp. ar. holding in the paws a trident, erect, or, and charged on the shoulder with a key, the ward upwards, of the field ; a chief, embattled, or, thereon two banners, in saltier, the one, of the Mahratta States, vert, inscribed Delhi; the other, of the States of Nepaul, az.
Sida 1211 - Knight, the title and dignity of Baron Chandos of Sudeley, to hold to him and the heirs male of his body for ever. " That the said John, first Lord Chandos had issue three sons, Edmund his eldest son ; Charles, his second son ; and Anthony, his third son ; and likewise other younger sons. "That the title of Baron Chandos descended to Edmund...

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