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In February 1732, Mr. John Baron was made Dean of Norwicb. This very good, modest, and religious Man, and excellent Pastor of a Country Parish Ditching bam, was in A. D. 1698 and 1699, poffefsed of about 20 l. a Year of the Tithes of Kelingland, a Village but three Miles off Lowestoff, and annexed to it. He had been educated under Mr. Robinson, one that taught young Men who were bringing up to be disenting Teachers. But upon some Doubts he had about going on in that Way, and some Letters that parsed between us thereto relating, he left the Diffenters, and came over to the Church of England ; and at length accepted of the Deanry of Norwich, but refused the Bishoprick when it was offered him. However, upon our first Acquaintance he seemed unealy at retaining those Church-lands, which yet came to him by Inheritance, and offered them to be settled on the Church for eight Years Purchase, or 160 l. which most kind Offer tempted me to try my Friends for the Purchase of them : which was likely then to be for my own considerable Advantage also. I remember that the Bishop gave 51. Dr. Prideaux 10 1. the Lord Weymouth 10 l. &c. so that I at length made it up



1. which I advanced myself, or reckoned myself fo much out of Pocket. But still I got the Money paid, and the Title was vested in me ; but so, that I always intended not to keep it in my own Family, but in due Time, when I had repaid my felf, to transfer my Right to the Vicarage for ever, Yet did there some unexpected Circum


stances intervene : For when I was admitted Mathematical Professor, A. D. 1703, which voided my Living, yet did it not void my Title to these Tythes. Accordingly I kept them for some Years, till upon my Banishment from the University, the Revenues of my Professorship were taken away from me, and most Men would have thought that I might, in this Case, keep this small Remains for my Family. However, I being always desirous to do what Equity rather than Law could oblige me to, I offered, when Dr. Trimnel was Bishop, upon my being reimburst the 50 1. which I reckoned was not cleared to me, to settle it absolutely upon the Vicarage for ever, and trust myself and my family to the Divine Providence. Accordingly it has been between thirty and forty Years settled upon that Vicarage. Only I must do the present Incumbent Mr. Tanner the Justice to acknowledge, that he has now, for many Years, of his own Accord, sent me out of it five Guineas every Christmas : For which I must own myself greatly obliged to him. Nor did Dean Baron forget me at his Death,' but ordered his Executors to make me a Present of 201, as did Mr. Leigh, an Iris Gentleman, a most dear Friend of mine, and an excellent Christian, order me the like Sum of Iris Money by his Wifl. Mr. Brockman also left me by Will 10 l. which with a small Farm of my own near Newmarket, the Queen's Bounty of 40 l. clear ,

Sir Joseph Jekyl's Annuity for Life of 20-1. a Year clear, with Eclipses, Comets, Lectures of several Sorts

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in London and elsewhere, and some Benefactions by Persons now alive, and the greatest of all by Mr. Johe Bromley of Horseheath, Cambridgeshire, has made me up fuch a Competency as has greatly contented me, and made me to go on all along comfortably in my Studies.

In the Year 1732, I wrote a Paraphrase on the Book of Job ; with a Preliminary Differtation and Observations subjoined. To which I lately added a very small Differtation on the Book of EcclefiaStes, to shew that it is a Collection of Solomon's Reflections, about Points of the greatest Consequence : The most of them when he was a religious Man, in his first and last Days : But feveral of them when he was irreligious and sceptical, during his Amours and Idolatry. This Book is not yet printed.

In the same Year 1732, I published a Vindication of the Testimony of Phlegon : Or, an Account of the great Darkness and Earthquake at our Saviour's Passion, described by Phlegon. Being an Answer to Dr. Sykes's Differtation concerning that Eclipse and Earthquake, 8vo. Price is.

In the Year 1733, I published a Map of E1rope, with the Course of eight remarkable Eclipfes of the Sun, drawn upon it. An open Sheet. Price I s.

In the same Year 1733, I published An Enquiry into the Evidence of Archbishop Cranmer's Recantation : Or, Reasons for a Suspicion that the pretended large Copy of it is not genuine. 8vo. Price 6 d.


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About the same Year 1733, Dr. Secker was made Bishop of Oxford, and Rector of St. James's : This is the Living where that great Man Dr. Samuel Clarke had formerly been Rector and preached with great Success and Reputation, for many Years.

And Pity, great Pity it is, that so very worthy a Person, and so indefatigable a Paftor of that large Parish, as Dr. Secker is, should appear so grosly unacquainted with primitive Christianity, as distinct from the present Settlement of the Church of England, whereby the great Light afforded by Dr. Clarke might have been carried on nearer to Perfection, and to the Restoration of that most holy Religion, not which Lutber, Calvin, Knox, Cranmer, &c. &c. have left us, but which our blessed Saviour delivered to the Apostles. Whereas I perceive Bishop Secker ventures to excuse what he is himself ashamed to justify, even the monstrous Athanafian Creed itself, with all its Curses: And pretends it was permitted to stand in our Protestant Common Prayer Book, to invite the Papifts to continue in our Communion : While among the Lutberans it is only read once a Year, upon Trinity Sunday : And while our first English Common Prayer Book appointed it only to be read on the six great Festivals ; but since the Church of England has amended, or rather corrupted that first and best Common Prayer Book, it is appointed to be read upon seven other Holidays, or thirteen Times in all. Nor are the poor Apologies, or rather Excuses that his Lordship made for the foolish Niceties of that Creed, better than may at


any Time be made for the Niceties of Transubftantiation, and the other groffest Errors of Popery. 'Tis always for certain better to correct modern Errors and Mistakes by our original Standards, than to apologize for, or excuse those Errors and Mistakes. Only I fear Dr. Secker, with the Generality of his Brethren, instead of desiring to know more of the genuine Religion of our Saviour, as he left it, in its primitive Purity, are suffering themselves

themselves to sink into almost as gross Ignorance of Christian Antiquity, and of the two first Centuries, as the Popish Bishops were sunk into before the Protestant Reformation particularly in the Doctrine of Athanahanism. Tho' I dare venture to assure them, that let the Laws go on as they please, and the Practice of the poor oppressed Clergy of our Church be never so conformable, the Light of primitive Truth shines too bright in Christendom to be thereby any longer extinguished or eclipsed. The Athanafian Heresy is even here so low, that the principal Examiners give it up, and no Person of Note for Learning has dared these many Years to publish any Thing in its Vindication. Nor do I find any considerable Party among us, but the weakest of all our present Sects, the Calvinists, that shew any Concern for it. As to Germany, Enquiry goes on there so fast, that I believe it cannot hold long among the learned Protestants of that Country. For Switzerland and Bafil, one of their most learned Professors, Mr. Wetstein, who was several Years ago prosecuted there for Arianism, and


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