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forced to retire to Fiolland on that Account, was afterward, as it were, rechosen, upon better Consideration : But is now a Professor among the Remonftrants in Holland. He was here very lately, and assured me himself, that among the Remonftrants of that Country, which are known to be their nioft learned Body, he believes there is not one Athanafian remaining. For Geneva, at first the famous Head of the Calvinists and Trinitarians, I have largely shewn elsewhere, that they have taken away the sixty-four Articles of their confenfus, and allow no human Authority to impose upon their Pastors ; but have brought all to the Holy Scriptures themselves. III. Tracts, P. 13-22. And I well remember, that I long ago heard, from a very good Hand, that when our famous Dr. Outram was writing his very learned Book concerning the Jewish Sacrifices, he was asked, why he chose to enter into the Jewish Antiquities of the Rabbins, rather than into the Christian Antiquities of the first Centuries ?

His Answer was, what, would you have me be an Arian? He knowing that such primitive Christian Learning would endanger his Athanafianism, and tempt him to embrace what the later Ages have called Arianifm. I am very forry that I am forced to write so severely to Bishop Secker, one of the best of our present Bishops and Pastors, and for whom I have the greatest Efteem : But the miserable Condition of the true primitive Christian Religion among us, forces me to be so plain with him, and by his Means with his Brethren, the rest of our prefent


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Bishops also : who seem to be in a deep Sleep and Lethargy, out of which I aim to awaken them, by thus freely admonishing them to awake, tho' probably I may have small Thanks for this my Admonition.

In the next Year 1734, I published my Reply to Dr. Sykes's Defence of his Dissertation concerning the Eclipse mentioned by Phlegon, as the III. of my VI. Dissertations, p. 133–185. Of which immediately.

Accordingly I that Year 1734, published fix Dissertations : Containing,

1. The Testimonies of Josephus concerning Jesus Christ, John the Baptist, and James the Just, vindicated.

II. The Copy of the Old Testament made Use of by Josephus proved to be that which was collected by Nebemiab.

N. B. These two were reprinted, and are prefixed to my Version of Josepbus ; and there some what corrected also.

III. A Reply to Dr. Sykes's Defence of bis Difsertation on the Eclipse mentioned by Phlegon.

IV. The Chronology of the Sacred Scriptures, and the Truth of their Predictions, confirmed by Eclipses, and Astronomical Observations.

N. B. I had here, p. 258. omitted a Calculation of an Annular Eclipse of the Sun, July 30, A. D. 455, which I shall supply presently.

V. Remarks on Sir Isaac Newton's Observations upon the Prophecies of Daniel and the Apocalypse.

VI. A Demonstration that our Saviour's Ministry continued at least four Years. Occasioned by Mr. Man's Differtation on that Subject, 8vo. Price

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N. B. There was an Annular Eclipse of the Sun, July 30, A. D. 455. before that Interregnum which followed upon the Deaths of Aëtius and Va. Lentinian III, and Avitus ; and soon after the facking of Rome by Genserick the Vandal, in the fame Year. After all which the Dignity, Power, and Authority of the old Roman Emperors were irreparably loft.

Which was a most remarkable Breach, and almost Disolution of that Empire. Here follows the Calculation.

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Lyndon, March 31,1748.

W. W.

It might be about this Year 1734 also, that Dr. Knight, late Archdeacon of Barkshire, lent me Bishop Patrick's Account of his own Life, written with his own Hand, which I very well knew ; and ending with his Birth-day, when he was eighty Years old. Which Birth-day the Bishop had long kept after a most religious Manner. Why this Life is not hitherto published, I do not know. He was in the old War Time a great Royalist, and therefore under no Temptation to deny, as he does here, that King Charles I. was the original Author of the Eixwo Baridixi, had he not been fully satisfied that it was not of his own Writing; tho' I take it to be undeniable, that the King highly approved, and frequently corrected the Copy with his own Hand, till it truly express’d the Sense of his own Mind, and so was his true Portraiture, as the Title signifies it to be. Another Thing I remember there is in Bishop Patrick's Account of himself, and of the great Events that happened in his Time, viz. “ That just before the Death “ of King Charles II. there was over-bearing Evi“ dence coming out, of the Truth of Oates's Plot, “ and then the King died.” What Inference the Bishop made from this Coincidence, does not ap

But I suppose every body will easily supply it in their own Mind. I read this MS. four times over : So I can be positive of the Truth of these two Things. When I afterward gave Sir Joseph Jekyl and Mr. Arthur OnNow an Account of what I had seen, they were both hearty for having the Copyintirely printed, “

pear in this MS.

in puris naturalibus, which I told Dr. Knight. But he thought himself not at Liberty to do more than take some Extracts out of it, to be inserted ellewhere, as he faw Caufe. So it is not yet published

In the Year 1735, that great and good Friend of mine Mr. Samuel Collet, a Baptist, who was so zealous to have primitive Christianity examined into and reftored, that he has assured me, he thinks he never once missed a Meeting of our old Society for promoting that primitive Christianity, was very ill, and thought himself in Danger of Death, at Newington-Green, I went to see him, and at bis Desire, prayed with him, and for him, ás became a Christian Clergyman to do. He also desired me to anoint him with Oil, according to the Injunction in St. James v. 14, 15, 16. Is any fack among you, let him call for the Presbyters of the Church, and let them pray over him ; anointing him with Oil in the Name of the Lord. And the Prayer of Faith ball save the sick, and the Lord fall raise bim up : And if he have committed Sins they fall be forgiven him. Confess therefore your Faults one to another, and pray one for another, that ye may be healed, the averejévq, the Prayer for the Energumens, Conftitut. VIII. §. 7. or the fervent Prayer of a righteous Man availeth nucb. Upon which Desire of his, I hesitated, and told him I durst. not venture to do that, till I had examined Antiquity about it. As not then remembering that the Apoftolical Constitutions both in the Ordination of a Prefbyter, Book VHI. Chap. 18. order the Gift


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