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diameter, and two feet deep. They are It is said, that there are some races of always full of a very fali water, but monkies which keep up a certain diftrever man over. Dip out as much as you cipline ainong themfelves. Though acplease, there is no apparent diminution; tive in the highest degree in pillaging the deficiency is instantly supplied: and plantations and cultivated grounds, they about ten feet lower down the hill, there feldom go on iinportant expeditions for idues a spring of pure and fresh water. this purpose but in numerous troops. If When these regions become peoplcd, the they meditatc an attack (for infiauce) on transportntion of this rock-lalt will be a melon bed, a large party of them enperfectly easy, by means of the Arkansas, ters the garden. Tlie animals range Experience has prored it to be prefer- themfelves, if possible, under a hedge able to every other kind in curing provi- or fence, 'at fome distance froin each

other, and throw the melons, from hand St. Louis of the Illinois,

to hand, with astonishing rapidity. The March 1805.

line they form ufually terminates in a

mountain or foreit, and all their opeFor the Monthly Magazine. rations are executed during the most proOBSERVATIONS on the STRATAGES, &c. found filence.

of APES and MON KIES, in « WILD Water tells us, that when he was on STATE, and in CAPTIVITY.

flore in the island of Goryonia, be obNDEPENDENTLY of the general served several monkies (of the four-finexterual and internal organization, which to the rocks of the sea coast, for the in many refpects present a striking and purpose of devouring oytters. They got humiliating resemblance to those of inen, at the food contained within the tells, their playfulness, their frolics, and gam- by placing one oyster on a ftone, and bols

, lnve in all ages attracted the no- beating it in pieces with another. The tice of inankind. Some naturalists have malbrouk of Bengal (Simia Faunus of alerted, that they are capable of reason- Linnæus) is reported to do the famc. ive and reflecting, and that they are Many of these animals, and particuguided by an instinctive fagacity inuch larly the preacher, and four-fingered fuperior to that of the brute creation in monkies (Simia beelzebul and Simu pagenerad. They are, however, certainly niscus of Linnæus), have sometimes dreaddefizute of every elsential faculty of fül contentions, in which great numbers trans incapable as well of thought as of on both sides are frequently tlain. They speech, there is an immense interval be- employ weapons in their combats; and twixt the creature formed in mind after ofien 'arm theirselves with tones and the image of God, and these inere brutes, pieces of wood, which they throw with bearing fome rude traits of the elemental fure aim, and aftonishing violence, at parts of the huinan frame..

each other. They have, on thefe occaEvery one will acknowledge that, in lions, neither deferters nor ftragglers; general, both apes and monkies are ex-for 'in times of danger they never forcethvely ngly. Their limbs are pecu- fake each other. They run along the Tarly strong; and they have great delight plains, and even leap from tree to tree, in breaking, tearing in pieces, or stealing with surprizing rapidity. whatever comes in their way. In all The inttinets and fagacity of these their operations and manquvres, their animals are, in many inttances, such as wality is allonidiing. Whenever any not to be injured or diminithed even by thing offends or throws them into a captivity. In fome houses we see the paffion, they indicate their rage by chat- wunderu (Simia Silenus of Linnæus), a tering violently with their teeth. Many cunning and audacious monkey, much of them if benten, will figh, groan, and inclined to ridicule and grimace. He weep, like cuildren; but most of them, may be taught to dress and

undress himna ibele occafions, utter dreadful (lirieks felf, to spin, to poke the fire, to pulh x

difefs. They make fuch ridiculous wheel-barrow, or play on a tambourine. trimace, place theinfelves in such strange He will wath earthen vetfels or glasles

bilical Attitudes, and in other without breaking thein, and carry ligbt pels conduct themselves fo fingularly, burthens from place to place, whenever

perloni, even of those who moft he is ordered to do so. A monkey of they can on these occafions re- this species has been observed to turn a toar lastinsi and nearly all malt be Spit with one Irand, whilft with the other

he beld a piece of bread ouder the incat

to receive the gravy: it is perhaps need- which had been admitted into the apartlefs to remark, that he iminediately af- ments of the academicians, during the terwards devoured it.

time they were employed in making obA wanderu was exhibited at Bour- fervations in the mountains.

There deaux, in the year 1762, which by his animals greatly excited the attonitment actions excited much astonishment in of the acadeinicians, by afterwards, of the spectators. When mounted on an their own accord, going through a series extended cord, he firtt stretched out cach of imitations. They planted the hynals, of his feet to have thein chalked; then, ran to the pendulum, and then immetaking in his hand a pole weighted at diately to the table, as if for the pureach end (similar to the balance ein- pose of committing to paper the oblerployed by rope-dancers), he walked rations they had nade. They occabackward and forward, cut capers, and sionally pointed the telescopes towards executed numerous other tricks, with the beavens, as it to view the planets infiuitely greater ease and celerity than or stars, and perforined numerous other the most expert rope-dancer that had be- feats of a similar nature. fore been seen.

The whimtical occurrence which took The monkies, however, that are train- place before the troops of Alexander the ed and educated by fome of the Indian Great, too tingular and too amuting to buffoons, are reported to be by far the be palled over in Glence. The foldiers most agile and ad:oit of all animals that under command of this muilarch always are reared in captivity.

marcbed in order of battle. They hapSome of the apes, fuch as the oran pened one night to encamp on a mnounotans, tbe putas, and the dog-taced apes, tain, that was inhabited by a numerous are said always to place a centinel on tribe of monkies. On the following the top of a tree, or on fume other cle- morning, they saw at a dittance what vated situation, to keep watch when appeared to be an immense body of the rest are either about to fleep or to troops approaching them, as if with the engage in any marauding expedition, intention of coming to an engagement, The motions or the cry of this animal The commanders, as well as the foldiers, are a signal of danger, and immediately were in the utmost allouidhment. Havthe whole troop scampers off with the ing entirely subdued the prince of the utmost rapidity. It has been asserted, country, they could not conceive from but few persons will be inclined to cre- whence this new force could have come; dit the affertion, that the centinels are they had not previously been informed often pupilled witń death for neglecting of any thing of the kind. The alarm their duty.

was immediately given, and in a fhort The Europeans at the Cape of Good time the whole Macedonian army was llope sometimes catch young apes by drawn up in battle-array, to combat witia ftratagem, or by previouily killing their this unexpected enemy. The prince of dam, and bring them up with care for the country, who was a prisoner in the the purpose of rendering them after- camp, was interrogated respecting it. wards serviceable. When they have at- He was surprised to be informed of such tsined their growth, they are taught to a force in the neighbourhood, and reguard the house of their owner, during quested permillion to behold it himself. the night, and on all occafions of his lle fmiled at the mistake; and the Maabsence. This they do with great fide- cedonians were not a little chagrined lity; but as they increale in age, their that they should have been such fools as mischievous propenfities develope them- to take a troop of these imitative animals selves, and they oftentiines become ex- for a band of armed men. tremely ill-tempered avd ferocious. These All the apes and monkies are reported apcs, which are of the urfine species, to entertain a natural aversion and anare so much inclined to imitation, that tipathy to the crocodile. It is said, that they feldom fee any thing done without some of them will even fnint at lecing attempting to do ihe fainc. Some of or finelling the ikiu of one of these frightthem are very pubborn and perverfe; ful reptiles. but many are readily susceptible of edu The animals of that subdivision of the cation, learning, without difficulty, al- tribe denoininated japajous have long most every thing that is taught them. tails, which they can coil up, and employ

Condainine and Bouger law, in Peru, (in fome respects, but particularly int fone domefiicated monkies of large uze, descending trees,) as a hand. By means



flock. A horse has been observed to be least in fome degree) in their habits of covered with the puttules of the finall- lite from those of the old world. The pox. Goats are fometimes attacked by Great Author of Nature has alligned to it, and, when this is the case, great them several characteristics that are penumbers generally perish. (See Roder. culiar to themselves: fuch, anongti others, a Cajiro, lib. 4. de Ieteor. Microe. cap. are the situation and reparation of the 6.) This dreadful contagion is likewise natal orifices; and the presence of two frequently known to extend to the flocks additional grinders in each jaw. We, of rein deer in Lapland.

likewise, are acquainted with no species Such is a lummary of the principal of monkey, belonging to the ancient obfervations that have been transmitted world, that bas al prebeuile tail, or the to us by dillerent travellers, respecting bony pouch observable in the throat of the mainers and habits of life of the the preacher monkey and the arahata, animals which constitute this interesting (Simia liclacbul and Simiu feniculus or tribe; and from what has been said, it Linnæus). appears that they have a nearer alliance In some countries monkies, even in than any other quadruped in the general their wild fiate, are rendered serviceable contorniation of their bodies) to the hu- ' to mankind. It is laid, that in difiricts man race. They confequently have the where pepper and cocoa yrow, the inhaart of imitating human actions better bitants, availing themfelves of the imithan any others, since they are able to tative faculties and the agility of the ufc their fore-feet as hands. From the monkies, are able to procure an infinitegeneral organization of the monkies, they ly greater quantity of thefe articles than are likewise capable of an education they could do by any other iueans. They ncarer allied to that of man, than any inoint tome of the lowest branches of other apinal. Some naturalists have al the trees, break of the extremities where tributed inhvitely too much fagacity to the fruit grows, and then deiceud and them, whiilit others have certainly not carefully range them together on the allowed enough. The moukies seem to ground. The animals afterwards ascend da those things which mankind do be- the time trees, Itrip the branches all the fore their dealön is matured by ave; and way to the top, and dispose them in a in this refpećt there is no viher qua- similar amer. After the monkies have druped which bear's any resemblance to gone to reft, the Indians return and carry them. Mort animals fccm at times to be off the spoil. actuated by the spirit of revenge: by In tome places, it is this inclination the different ineans that are employed to imitate bunian actions which leads to to gratiły tliis patsion, we may in a their deftruction. The Indians carry in measure judge oi the different degrees their bands veilels filled with water, and of their instinct; and every one knows rub their faces with it, in the prefence bow greatly the monkey exceeds all other of the monkies; then fiibilitating a kind brutes in its vindictive malice. There of glue instead of water, leave the verappears, in fome measure, an analogy sels behind them, and retire. The obcien betwixt the vices (if we may fo call servant creatures seize the refiets, and them) of the monkies, and the difguti- do the same; when the glue, adliering ing brutality too often obfervable in the firongly to their hair and eyelids, comvicious and ilegraled part of mankind. pletely blinds them, and prevents every

The animals of the monkey tribe dif- poflibility of their eilecting an escape. for very eflentially from each other in In other places, the natives take to their general manners and liabits of life. tlic habitations of the monkjes a hind of The oran olun is fusceptible of more boots, which they put on and pull utf considerable attainments than any of the their legs several times fuccentively. others. The short muzzled monkies, with These are then rubbed over in the incide long tails, such as the greater part of the with a strong glue; and when the mouguenons, japujous, and ingevins, ille for keys attempi to do the fune, they are the most part exceedingly tractable, and unable to difengage themielies, and, receive is certain deure of intruction contequently are caught without disiwithout much difficulty. But fome of culty. the apes, and bibons, with long muzzles, Sometimes the inhabitants carry in are to tunge and ferocious as to be in their hands a mirror, and appear to capable of any education whatever. amuse theinfelves by looking at it in

The monkies of the new contineat, as different altitudes. Tu place of thefe might naturally be fuppoicd, disfer (at they lcato a ku of trans, not unlike

the glacies in external appearance, which, of these animals. We are aflured by Conwhen the animals take them up, teize damine, that in Cayenne the monkies and secure them by the paws.

are the kind of game that is more freThe inhabitants of St. Vincent le quently pursued than any other; and Blenc catch monkies in several kinds of that the Indians of the country bordertraps and fares. Sometimes, when they ing on the river of the Amazons are pe Înye caught the young ones, they put culiarly fond of their fiell. Their fat is them into a cage, and appear to teaze csteemed a fovereign reinedy for stiffness und torrent them, in order that they in the joints. In the Portuguefe settlemay likewise catch the parents.

ments in South America, powdered mouT'le bunters of fome countries place kies' bones are confidered an excellent near the haunts of monkies vessels con- fudorific, and likewife as anti-venereal

, taining trong and intoxicating liquors. In the gall-bladder of one or two of the The animals drink of them, and in a Indian species (but particularly of the short time become fo drunk as to lie doric and randeru), a kind of gall-Itone down on the spot and fall asleep, is sometimes found. These, says Taver

Some of the Indians ascend to the nier, the natives have been known to fammits of the mountains in which the fell for as much as a hundred crowns aninials breed, and construct there a pile each. They will not, in general, perinit of wood, round the base of which they them to be exported out of their country

pread a quantity of maize. They place as articles of commerce, but chiefly on the pile fome "fubftance, which, on preferve them as an invaluable prefent being exposed to heat, explodes with to foreign ambaffadors reliding amongst teniendous noise. This is contrived to them. They are considered to poflefs all esplode during the time that the mon- the properties that have been attributed kes aro employed in devouring the to the most precious of the bezoar maize, and, in the terror and aftonish- ftones. mient, the old animals scamper off on all Christ Church,

W, BINGLEY. fides with the utrolt rapidity, leaving Feb, 1, 1807. their young ones a prey to the hunters.

The dexterity of monkies is fuch, that, although burthened by their offspring

For the Monthly Magazine. ringing to their backs, they can leap ORATION delivered by BENJAMIN MILNE, from tree to tree, if the diflance is not ESQ. COLLECTOR of his MAJESTY'S CUSvery great, and secure their hold among TOMS at BRIDLINGTON, on the firf the branches with the greatest certainty.

EXILIBITION of the New LIGHTS at When they perceive any person taking FLAMBOROUGH-HEAD, zita nt thein, either witli n gun or bow, POME, in the plenitude of power, times m the most horrible inanner. They quered provinces, and elated with pride, are often able to avoid the arrows that erected 'fiately pillars, oruamented with are thot at them, and sometimes they exquisite sculpture, to commemorate the even catch them in their hands. When aelieveinents of her illustrious citizens ; suy one of their community is thot, and but those splendid embellishments were falls to the ground, all the rest fet up & the ostentatious monuments of an undifmal und tremendous bowl, which bounded ambition which grasped at unimakes all the adjacent mountains and versal dominion, and in the career of woods refound. If a monkey is wound- victory extended a wide scene of ruin el, and does not fall, it frequently hap- and defolation. Under the influence of peas that lie conspnojums will leize and a better principle, and for purposes incurry it off far beyond the reach of their finitely more useful, this fuperb edifice esenys and Riferable is the fate of that kate who is imprudent enough to venbut an der Lautits during that fime

The height of the building from the leu die aniinals re-afcend the balis to the summit is 85 feet, and from the be they cach carry a stone in their level of the sea 950 feet -The lanthorn congenerally another in their tains three frames, with seven large lamps

and refle&ors in each, making in the whole im in such case, thefe are twenty-one. The lights revolve, and the Laura e dicir adverfary with a cor motion is horizontal. One of the lights

is umans of in that is truly astonishing, red, to distinguish Flamborough lights from

ma in Hindi orieveral countrios all others; and in a clear night, they may decoration of fobistence from the fell be seen at the distance of thirty miles.

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