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five miles out of Rome.” This intro From Q. Horatius Flaccus to P. Pirduction reaffured the old sprig of the

gilius Maro. Academy, who thook hands with me, wlule ne faid with a goud-hunoured

Brundufium, 7 Id. Not. A. U.C.735. Dulce efi dulipere in loco," (a FOR the sake of Vertumniis and Ja. very happy espit fiim, which, by the nus, my dear Virs., go intiantly on the bve, I find has been robbed by that receipt of this to that raical young book-making ralcal, Horace Flaccus.) fius's' (who, you know, has lately remove

I need no detail the renainder of our ed to No. 7, Viminal Row, at the corevening, which was spent in the plea- per of Remis's Buildings, opposite the fautett maie!, especially after our for Corn Exchange), with the ode which I ciety had beca hicreased by the acceílion have fcribbled in extreme hatie at the of the preti; l'abia. I have faill enough back of this, to be inserted in the neat to correct your error; for, after this, I Imperial Magazine; but con't leave it fuppole you will not be hardly enough to without being paid : it will fetch fortyattirm, either that Cicero was a man of five or fitty telterces. Then take the mortification, or Cærellia a vetral. trouble juic to step across the way, ito

Preient my kindeft compliments to the Suburra, to Publius the broker's, and your wite, or your mistreis; for I don't redeem the to a which I left in pawn know which you are evith at present. I there fome time about the 3d or 4th Shall be very happy to see you and her, kalends of June, for which you will have or all three, at Puteoli

, wlienever your to pay intereft at 10 per cent. Principal Jaw-buliness will permit.

and interest both may be somewhat about Next Saturday, I find by Varro's law- 30 or 35 ferierces. You will then have 15 list, is the end of term. What can de- or 20 remaining. Pay tive of these to my tain you longer in Rome? Pray, have watherwoman, her whom you hare often you heard any thing about a new poem, seen, who lives down by Porta Flumenwhich is reported here to have been read talis, whom I have addrelled in some of before Augulius, by a young man from my odes by the name of Glycera. When fome place in the north of Italy, about you have executed these commiflions, Eneas and IIcll? I licar he has intro- iend without delay by the Brundufium duced an artful compliment to that young carrier (who puts up at Syrus the grocer's blockhead Marceilus, which made Livia in the Forum) the remainder of the inocry. If it is to be had at the bookfell- ney wrapped up in the toga, direcied ers, get it for me, and bring it down with to'“ Q. 11. Flaccus, at M. Pedo's quæf. you, or fend it, if you can't come your- tor, in the Roman Square, Brundufium." felf, by the carrier, together with the The reason of my extreme hatie is, ludi week's Proclamations. Let me have that, the evening atier my arrival, Perió all the court and city news by wholesale. made me drunk and feut me roaring into Your's fincerely,

the streets, where I kicked up a row, bent À, POLLIo." the watchian, and got my gown torn off

iny thoulders by a soldier of the XXth A Note.

legion, at present quartered here. I loft “ Valcria Mefálina presents her inoft my purse, moreover, in the scuffle ; which respectful compliments to the Empreis pürfe contained all the money I had ini Livia Augutia, and begs to be informed the world. Pedo bids me drown care in how the Empress's cold is. V. M. has his old Falernian, which is genuine ftuti; not slept a wink tince the ide of April, but Pedo, though a good hearty follow, when the heard of the Empresa's indif is even poorer than myself: fo that I rata position."

never get back to town without having From the Hortension Gardens, fome money forwarded to me from 5 Non. İlai.

thence. 1 shall be able to find my way

hume in Crispus's flage-waygon, for about Bulletin, 5 Non. Juij.

10 ictierces. “ The Empress relied well lafi night, After all my high-rounding prailes, .but is rather feverish this inoumg," and his warn and friendly, profeflimus,

Mecenas is but a thabby fellow. lle is Curd.

a politician, and a court-favourite, tu « O&gria returns thanks to Julia Hor- which lucrative profesions he would fan tensta, for the honour of her obhging en- add the upproduttive one of a wit. Ting quiries."

is too gross a monopoly, betidcs that 119. From the Appiun Villa, 7 Kal. Apr. turc has made it iinpukiblc be thoude free


ceed. He has heard, however, that, next to too epic in your profe compositions, being a wit, keeping company with witty Who, in the name of Minos, can resist men is the best step to secure the repu- from laugbing when he hears that plodution of the character he aims at; for ding timpleton fpeak in the language of which reason, he encourages half the Drances with the tone of Therlites ? poor authors of Italy, and me among

Your's ever, the rett, to come to his table. There I

Q. H, FLACCUS." Hatter, and get flattered in return; and, what is better, riot in the noblest Faler « Julia Hortensia presents her complininn. As for any more fubftantial marks ments to Lucia Severa, and has the hoof his favour, whatever may be the opi- nour to send ber monkey, by the bearer nou of the world on that subject, I en to pay his retpects to Lucia's favourite juy none; except, occationally, when I ape. Will be much obliged to Lucia, if write an ode which happens to tickle bis the will inform her what the has heard for vanity : but even this fource of his gee certain refpeéting Mark Antony's deparnerolity begins to grow dry. My ode, ture for Egypt; also, how Octavia bears

Marenas alavis edite Regibus,” brought this new instance of the ungrateful man's me a gratuity in ready call large enough inconstancy. Likewise, (if not impertito live bandsomely upon for a twelve- nent,) what preparation Lucia makes ruoath, and see all my friends without use of to dye ber bair .purple, and whe{punging dinners in return. That of ther the employs mouse's Rkin or weazel's * Tyrrhena Regum Progenies” enabled to make her eye-brows." me to enfranchise my Sabine Villa. But those golden times of iny fortune are To the Editor of the Monthly Magazine. over. « Ibis Liburnis inter alta Nuri SIR, som," did not produce enough to prevent my selling the very eftare which, by means


two coats of the Bristol Channel, of the former, I had purchased; and has within a few years been established that which I feut him on his Init birth- by a very convenient packet, failing twice day, was answered only by a pretty a week between this place and l\frawritten letter of compliment. As for combe in Devonshire. This establilliPolho, may all the gods protect me from ment, by which travellers, fron the west a man who picks the bread out of poor of England to Wales, or Ireland, by way anthors' mouths, while he himself fares of Milford, lave upwards of two hundred delicately on Placuicopter's brains. miles, by a paffage frequently made in

Haut I but a few farthings in my less than three hours, deferves to be more pocket, as I have in fnct not one, I generally known than it appears to be. Thould certainly take a trip one morning it may perhaps be necessary to add, that in the Dyrrachium Packet. My defire is this packet bas accomodation for eight s vehement to vilit Greece, that I ac- horses, under deck, and for three cartally addressed the master of a cutter riages, and that her days of failing from from Naupactus to work my passage over; this place, are Tuesdays and Saturdays'; but cutting a conteinptuous glance on my and from Tlfracombe, on Mondays and drophical legs, he answered, he did not Thursdays'. Your's, &c. ant ballaft.

Sranjea, South Wales, A TRAVELLER. Tis really a misfortune at my time of January 18, 1807. life to be fo fond of good liquor, and not to have money enough even to finuggle to the Editor of the Monthly Magazine. i Oh! the Chian and Cretan wines, of which I have seen hogthead after the recent calamity at Bangor the beach, while the custom-house of the plan a friend of mine sent to your been look on without offering the least oitice, two or three years patt; it gave a annorunce, their mouths being firit ftop- plan and calculation of the cott, to make ped by a tricongius! Would it might a permanent mail-road through the plate Jove that Mecænas would give stream, by removing the rocky bank De place in the Excile : he then should which is within a few yards of the ferry, he has Bacchus, and I his Apollo, and this could be no detriment to any Br the bye bave you finished writing property in the neighbourhood, as the

el for that afs. Trebatius to de communication is open to the sen on both sangato ou the opening of par- fides, the expence le cstimated about Tour anly - fault is, you are twelve thousand pounds.


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Had this been attended to by some of pears to demand ; I Mall, without further our Irith members, who are now obliged preface, proceed to attempt a refutation to pass this ferry to attend their parliam of the many exaggerated and erroneous mentary duties, it would in all probability accounts, which have been fo industrioully have prevented the dittrelling event to circulated through the medium of respecto lately witnessed at this place, and be a able newspapers, wbereio it is stated that most excellent accommodation to the persons have been feized with hydrophopublic in the more regular and superior bia, and smothered or bled to death, as facility of our coinmunications.

the only means of rescuing them from the Nailpicorth,

Your's, &c.

dreadful malady. January, 1807.

J. N. These accounts are so extremely fabu

lous and absurd, that I wonder the To the Editor of the Monthly Asagazine, Editors of those papers fhould for a SIR,

moment have contidered them worthy of THE farsical secret of the “ Invisible attention, and by insertion give them speaking figures that have ever been ex could not otherwise liave attained, thereLibited for the purpote of deceiving the by increating a liate of terror and alarm, unwary with a belief of supernatural which has, in my opinion, been fo improagency, or of exciting the wonder of per perly and unnecellarily created; for I fons less incredulous, may be seen at Couceive there is not to be found a prolarge in the second volume of that very feflional man, who wouid have the tempecurious work, the Mujurgia Universalis rity to refort to such fanguinary means of of Father Kircher, where, on that fimple getting rid of his patients, as he must in principle of the eifects of reverberated coniequence become amenable to the lounds, many limilar experiments are ex

laws of his country. hibited. It is probable that moit of the Admitting that there may have ocmodern mechanicians of these figures have curred two or three cases of dogs really derived their knowledge, or at lealt have rabid, (for I am inclined to believe that taken their principles from the above book. part of the late reports, may have ariten

In your Literary and Philofophical from something like faét,) till I will mainIntelligence, p. 72, it is noticed that tain that they have by no means inM. Desmarets has determined, that creased to that extent, which has been so mott of the processes of weaving, at pre- generally accredited; and further, that fent used, were known in the tenth cen not a single instance of hydrophobia bas tury. If any one should have an oppord recently taken place in this inetropolis ; tunity of examining the fragments of the report has originated in error, and is linen that are found in the mummies of continued through prejudice. I have the ibis, he will perceive that the art of been at considerablc pains to ascertain weaving, lo far as relates to the above this, by making inquiries, not only among commodity, was precisely the same as at my medical friends, but likewise in most preseut in the most remote ages of which of the public inttitutions in this town ; inwe have any monuments remaining. In deed, the very circumstances, under which fome of these there have been found fpe- it is said to have taken place, is a direct cimens of darning the linen with thread, negative to the fact, the disease having the instrument for wbich process must never been known to commence inime. have been fimilar to the cominon needle. diately after the bite, generally not for This might supply the commentators on weeks, or months. The Editors of the the Manners of Homer's Odyssey with papers above alluded to, not fatistics with the means of illustration. Your's, &c. eltabliNing the exilience of the disease, February 5, 1807.

D. mult delude the public yet farther by the

propagation of remedies equally filles To the Editor of the Dłonthly Magasinc. , cious, and for the produc'e'u of which, SIR,

the whole vegeable and inineral kingSlam induced to believe that any dois appear to bave been exhausted;

, to object ibe elucidation of a subject, that really infected, are calculated to produce has excited such general and paintul in- the worst of consequences, as they would terest in the public mind, as the disease be betraying the patient into a falle fetermed Hydrop!sobia (arting from the bite curity, whilst the disenfe was working by ot rabid animals, muft merit and receive now, but infidious fieps, towards bis de that filention which its importance ap- ftruction. The only certain remedy for

the bite of a rabid animal, is the entire of medicine. Many of these perfons hava removal of the part bitten, and that as obtained a licence to practise from fome foon as possible after the infliction of the Univerfity, where doćtorial dignities are wound; but provided it be within forty- retailed with the same facility as the eight hours, the perfons may conlider noftrums thus fanctioned, to the equal themselves secure from this dreadful come disgrace of the title, and the University plaint, as absorption would not have fron which it was obtained. Is it rear taken place in that time. It is fortunate fonable to suppose that a person ignorant for the public, that not one dog in of the structure of a machine Diould be twenty, reputed mad, is really so; and it able to repair its injuries when derangel? is wholly from this circunstance, that re- Certainly not

. How then, (I would be medies bave obtained celebrity as fpe- leave to aiky) are these perłons, (many of cilies in the cure of this difeafe; for it is a whom are entirely ignorant of anatomy, truth known to every profeiiional man, the basis of all medical science, and witlywho is acquainted with the animal æco- out a knowledge of which the healing art Domy, that there is not in the whole is calculated to become rather injurious, Materia Medica a medicine, however than beneficial to inankind,) to repair the active in its nature, capable of pre- injuries of the human machine, the most venting the absorption, or arresting the complicated ftruuure in nature. Would progrets of the poifon when abforbed. the limits of your work permit, I could This is an important fact, and ought moit enlarge very much upon this subject, and carefully to be attended to. Half drown- poflibly at some future period I may reing in the marine flood, is a means of sume it; for the present, I Mall conclude torture but not of cure.

this article, by exhorting the public, not The only cale of the disease in quef- to suffer popular prejudices to hurry them tion, I have ever witnessed, was in a fin- into a false belief in dangers, which exist erman's fon at Wandsworth, about eigh- only in imagination, or to acts of cruelty teen years ago. This lad was taken to the towards

a race of animals, whose services sea and immersed, until he was nearly in and faithful attachment to mankind dea flate of infenfibility, when he was con- serve to be regarded as strong claims fidered secure from danger, but the fallacy upon our humanity. Your's, &c. of this remedy was fatally evinced in this l'insbury Difpenjury, M. BAKTLETT case, as he afterwards.became the subject February 14, 1807 of the diseafe, and died in consequence. portant facts above ftated, and, instead To the Editor of the Monthly Magazine,

, of trutting to the effect of an uncertain

ERUSING prefervation, (the entire removal or selve PERUSING the letter of your correpart bitten,) a valuable member might your Magazine, respecting the infects on not only have been preserved to fociety, apple-trees, I trouble you with a fuccelsbut a child restored to his afflicted pa ful attempt I have made to prevent their rents, to enunfort and protect thein in propagation. as their declining years. In this, as in I had a valuable apple-tree, every way every other dangerous difease, where affected as he has deferiber. I chofe a early attention is necessary in order to dry: time, with a clear warm sunfline, met the fiul consequences that may and the noon of the day, for the ope entre empirical remedies are calculated ration. ta produce the most extensive mischiefs, I ordered my man to bring a hard ihoes as they lull the patient into a deceit- bruth, and apply it to every infected limb,

in, hile the tonu is gathering to and treat them just as he would his oleh lum; and it cannot but be a coach hamess to get off the dirt, &c. This bers of regret to every liberal und being done, he fetched his tin-box, oil hicknang mind, that perfons are fuffered and brush, and gave the limbs a good thus state with the pufe and health dressing; leaving them exposed to the

the community, it being a very coin-fun, for the limbs to inhale the efficacy of en thing to fee if of medical trall the application; and this was repeated adressed by the pothum-mangers of this occafiqually during the fainier, with

fomady spectics in the cure of moderation and success, chuling always
Stela faol na pancer, con dry time, and warm clear sunthine.
hoe lens, Ilone, and gravel,

Your's, &c
en equally out of the reach Cluuton

D. Di Bekoa. Har los o 154.

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To the Editor of the Monthly Magazine. through two editions, the date of the firit SIR,

of which he specifies. The catalogue N

mund Wingatethe mathematician one edition of this work by Wingate and lawyer, annexed to Dr. Watkins' viz, a 12mo. published in 1678: but I Memoirs of that neglected author, which have no doubt of the accuracy of Dr. appeared in your lalt number, I observe, W.'s statement, the date of the latter Dr. W. has omitted to infert Wingate's edition being more than twenty years correćted edition of Britton, a lawyer after the death of the author. Certain who wrote in the reign of Edward the first. it is that Wingate's name has not been

The firit edition of this work, published honoured with one of those scientific cons by Redman in 1540, being the only edi- tractions, which have characterized the tion that appeared previous to Wingate's, works of better, or less neglected, laxe began to grow very scarce, and Wingate, writers. at the request of several of his friends, (as Dr. W. mentions, that Wingate was appears by his preface,) published a the supposed editor of several works not fecond edition in 12mo. in 1640. There mentioned in bis fubjoined catalogue, has been only one subsequent edition, which display much ability. I cannot which was published in 1762. From these suppose that the edition of Britton is inthree editions, of which Wingate's is the cluded in this laconic, though handsome most valuable, the world has been sup- conlignment to oblivion, Wingate being plied with a work, a copy of which is to the avowed editor of that book. If it be be met with in the library of every lawyer considered, however, as one of the oband antiquary.

jects of this sentence, I confess I do not It will be easily imagined, that Wingate fce the propriety of omitting, in a paper is better known to the learned in the law, intended to remind the world of an au. as the editor of Britton, than by his thor nearly forgotten, one of the few ineother law publications, none of which are morials which ferve to identify the fubDow read, or appear to have poffeffed ject of such a paper. Your's, &c. much celebrity among his contemporaries. Manchefier,

J. DENISON. Dr. W. indeed, states, that his work, en- January 18, 1807. tituled, The Body of the Law,” went



By murm’ring Nith, my native stream,

I've hailid chee with the morning's beam;
Woo'd thee among the Falls of Clyde,
On Levin's banks, on Kelvin-side ;
And now, on Hanwell's flow'ry plain,
I welcome thy return again-
At Hanwell !' where romantic views,
And sylvan scenes, invite the Muse;
And where, lest erring man should stray,
'Truth's blameless Teacher leads the way!
Lorn tenant of the peaceful glade,
Emblem of Virtue in the hade,
Rearing thy head to brave the form
That would thine innocence deform!
Of all the flow'rs thai greet the spring,
Of all the flow'rs the reasons bring,
To me, while doom'd to linger here,
The lowly primrose thaH be dear!
Sprung like a primrose in the wild,
Short, like che primrose, MARION (mild ;
The spring that gave her blossoms birth,
Torc them for ever from the earth;

Nor left, ah 'me! one budi behind
To tranquillize a parent's mind,
Save that sweet bud which strews the way, .
Bleft Hope! to an eternal May!
Lorn tenant of the peaceful glade,
Emblem of Virtue in the loade,
Rearing thy head to brave the storm
That would thine innocence deform!
Of all the flow'rs that greet the spring,
Of all the flow'rs the reaso: s bring,
To me, while doom'd to linger bere,
The lowly primrose shall be dear!



IMMORTAL Soul! blest offspring of the

Bestow'd to elevate the sons of earth;
Why sleep supine, wbile pa Gions dire rare nigb

To rob tlace of thy precious rights of disch?

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