Sidor som bilder

ALPIJABETICAL List of BANKRUPTCIES and DIVIDENDS announced between the

20th of January and the 20th of February, extracted from the London Gazettes.


Grove William, Poultry. haberdaher. (Loxley, Cheuphide
Harris John, Old Jewry, watchmaker. (Ruttersford,

Tbe Solicitors' Names are between Farenebefes. Heyes J, Wikan, linen manufaAnrer. (Ellis, Curfitor-treet

Hannain John, sloanc-ftreet, music feller. (Jous MayARCHDE AÇON Peter. Bisheftreci, scrivener. (Harvey,

hew, Carey free!

Hington W, Princes.freet, mariner. (Palmers, Copthall Atkinson inomas. Brown Quay, wharfinger. (Jackson,

court Fenchurch-ftreet

Handley William. Bererley, currier. (Campbell, Reverley Armitage Matthew, Altham mille, miller. (Orred, Li

Hall jnreph, Stafiord, mercer. (Price and williams, Liaverpool

coln's inn Barrens James, Bittor, maltfter, (Jenkins and Co.New Inn

Hayes Abram, Lancalter, fpirit merchant.

(Blacklack, Matt Mufes, Brinol taak Air. Jenkins and Co. New In

Teniple Branch Juan, Mancheiter, trokut. (Miln and Party, Old

Hency $, liverpoul, merchant. (Wiggle, Bedford-row Jewry

Hainmond Robert, Kiogdon-upon Hull, drusnitt. (Egertos, Barnard Jobn, Lockar!, Russell Square, Aock broker. Gray's inn (M160 and Pearce, Cinzklane

Hataing Thom3s, and Lawrence Crean, Godfrey-court, Brown Joon. Liverpool, draper. (Royle, Chefer

drapers. Syddall, Aldersgate-treet Brake David, Netner Comptoo, Aax dealer. (Score,

Hellop R, Chirwell Areet painter. (Lyddall, Aldersgate. Sherborpe

ftreet Ratte is John. Bitton maltiler. (James Grays, ton fuvare Hurry lames. Nag's Head Court, merchant. (Swann and Barnhaw Abraham. North Waldham, shopkeeper. (Toner

co old Jewry fon and Co Norwich

Hamilton John, Newgate-freet, linen-drapet. (Atkinson, Lasks Robert, Bamber bridge, cotton manufacturer,

Cattle rect (Wigiefworth, Gray's inn

James John, Stafford, grocer. (Tarrant and co. Chas. Brow: W. Falkner, Birk's mill, cotton. [pinner. (Hol

cery-Jane lad. Manchester

Johnston David Brown street, (mith. (Freame, Great Broaubeit 7 hoinas, Bolton-le Moors, cotton manufaaurer Queen's Areet (Hindle Johu, jun.

Kerth iw John, Shaw Chapel, cotton manufacturer: Bouro Ldward, Manchefer, factor. (Johnson and Co.

(Chippendale Teinple Manchester

Longhottom George, Holbech, clotbier. (Glendhill and Braint Richard Garland, Minero, butcher. (Cattell,

Co. Lothbury Philpot-lane

Longbottom rhumas, Holbech, clothier. (Gleadhill aid Butler Nathaniel lles, and James Butler, Paiufwick,

Co Luthbury clothiers. (Vizard, Gray's inn

Laxfon Thomas, Lancaster, fpirit-merchant. (Blacklock, Blunt Geome, and john Mouat, Little Carter Lape.

Elm.court (Suduw, Monument yard

Lovell fofeph, Birminghan, pin manufacturer. (Egerton, Burtnall John, Great Surty-ftreet, cheesemonger.

Gray's inn (Beaurain and Co. Union.Attiet

Litter Leonard, Sheerness, shoemaker. (Silvester, Gray's ina Jooks Evan, Bamber Bridge, cotton manufacturer.

Leach Thomas, Grace's Ailey, haberdasher. (Devon and Wigkerwort, Gray's inn

Co. Gray's inn Chrikin Francis Henry, John Calvert Clarke and Charles Luce William Jones, Worcester, baker. (Stephepfos and Hill, merchants. ( Blunt, uld Pay Office

Co. Gray's inn Coward John, vivertton. ironmonger. (Autice, Temple,

Malcolm James, Brentford, gardener. (Willoughby, ClifCurbery John Vinc-ftreet. warehou feunaa. (sarél,

ford's inn erkeley-Square

Merenith Edward, Blackmore street, linea draper. (Har Chanuler Robert, Shoreditch, cheesecnonger. (Stratton,

man, wine omce court Shoreditch

Morley Robert, old-treet, muncy-scrivener. (Calcraft, Clark Joseph, Wapping, victualler. (Harvey and Bryant, Lyon's inn Stour buildings

Morton William, Lancatter, corn dealer. (Hurd, Temple Chamberlain Robert. Wisbeach, wol-merchant. (Wor.

Morris John. Union-treet, boot maker. (Metcalf, Baling tham and Steptienson, Caitle-freet

hali ftreet Chamberlain Needler, Flert-treet, druggift. (Lorrea

Mair James, Fenchurch buildings, insurance broker. and Co. Bafinghall-ftreet

iSwain and Co. Old Jewry, Cook John, Gloucefter, wine merchant. (Meredith and Morton C, Croydon, hripre dealer. Bepton, Union Atreet Ronins, Lincoln's ind

Mountford Benjamin, Wallall, miller. (Ximderlay and Chinnery. Francis, Cranbourn Paflage, lipes-draper.

Co. Symond's inn (Walker, Old Jewry

Medford Macall. New City Chambers, broker. (Cuppage. Clark 'l homas, Chatham, corn desier. (Parnther and Son, Jermyn Atreet. London ftreet

Monk w. Parhold, lime burner. (Windle, Bedford-rov Coombe William. Qucen areet, warehousemat. (Hall,

Nabbs James, Newington Butts, linen-draper. (Hurd, Colman ftreet

Temple Drewell Abel. Exe:er, brewer. (Williams and Darke, Niblett J, Rowbridge, clothier. (Contable, Symond's inn Bedford-row

Newbury Erward. oid Bond-freet, builder.(Binith and Deoni for John, Queen's @rect, carcase-butcher. (Wild, Co Chapter House Warupick-square

Ogilvy William the younger, George Myine and Joke Dove James, Newmarket, grocer. (Hall. Saiter's Hall

Chalmers, Jeffery lquare, merchants, (Crowder and Dowland w, Dev zes, draper. (Nethertole and Co. Efex.

Co. Old Jewry, Arect

Oner Williain, Birmingham, haker. (Swaing and Co. Deichumpe William, Wentworth. Renner. Stevenson,

old Jewry Morgan, and Peter Mo Tayrart, Suffolk labe, bur Parker. '1 humas. Keiatley, cotton twid spinger. (Swald, Chants. (Pearce and Cn. Paternaler row

Great urmond Arelt Dobron John, Racitie highway linen-draper. (Syddall,

Pheasant Edward. Three Crane-court, hop merchant. Aldersgate-reet

(Watkins. 1 emplo Dutron John, Manche@er, calico manufacturer. (Higfon. Parker J. Gosport. baker.'(Blandford and Sweet, Temple Moncher

Powell William, recun, tiyuor merchant. (Smith and Edmond's Gcorge. Chancery-lane, law Aationer. (Rofe

betree, Great St. Helens and Co. Gray's inn

Purkits Stephen. Alton Green, carpenter. (Bower, Clip Eddingtur John, and John Grovence, Montaguc-Brest,

furd's inn builders (Ailen, New Brinde threet

Page Jame, Needham Market, crocet. (Kinderlay and Lanier John, Pretou, cotton-ipinner. Barretts, Holbora.

Co. Symond's inn court

Pritchard J, Storey, Wigmore Areet, grocer. (Allen, Bridge Lverall, Morris Powell Tepbury, plumber. (Roffer and

Hreet on. Bartiett's huildings

Prior Jofepha, Princes-Areet, drylalter. (Parnell. Church Yox Hudron, Kington upon-Hull, watchmaker. (Wil.

ftreet liams. Med tino touare

Pape William, Wefberry upon Swern, dealer in pigs. Fowler Raich, Mortimer Arecto upholder. (Tayior,

(Edmunds and San, Lincoln's inn Mortimer.freer

Poxles Richard. Nip's Heas Coust, merchant. (Swalne, Teather Hauty, Madehester, tea-dealer. (Parker and Co.

and Co. Old Jewry ItTex.freet

Price Edward, Leeds, merchant. (Bubye, Chancery lane Frankis joom. Hamlet of Myoclecote, dealer, sad chape

Parkinfoo George, London, wchou feinad. (Menu man. (Vizard. Gray's inn

croft and co. 11.born court Tletcher samuel. Grear' Rufte !l-Qreet, chinanian. (Dave,

Redley Thomas Bow lane, victualter. (Smith and Telha, Lincoln spinn melds

santer Houre Greensword Charles, Poplar, thip-builder. (Mayo ind

Richmnd Williadi, Mark Lane, auctioneer. (Page, Gray't Pearce cocklane Garnier Thomas, Greenwich, victualler. (Fillingham,

Kamity William, Bury S. Edmunds, cahiner-maker. Whitechapel

(Pate, Sury St. Edmunds Gallaway Juna, Brook-treet, engineer. (Patren, Cross-drett

Richardfou william, New Croft, baker (Layli News Greenhill Laward, Stourport coal merchant. '(Bies. Hate

Kohanson Thoinas, and Michael Robinfin Kirby Stephea, ton Garden

liquur merchaut. (Kendal or Aid Cary-nreet Green Thomas. King

Non-upon-Mull, desler and chapman, Richardson William, Wrotham, int keeper. (Poule, sen Bay net. James, Midley; Corn-merchant. Ambrose, Reynoldo Gourve, lack tan cow-keeper. Real,

Rooper fyuare


heftey George, and Richard Swinton, St. Heléns, mer Davie Thomas, Leicester, hofier, March 2, Brial chants. (Fouikes, Covent Garden

Egerton Thomas, Alfton, grocer, final ftpey William, Valentine, Oxford-treet, liges-draper. Egock Richard, oxford freer, tailor, March 3 (Pew, New Northeftreet

Favell Michael. High street. linen draper, March 1 Smith John, Broughton, calico printer. (Milne and Parry, Fider Stauley Marshall, Gravesend, linen draper, Teb. *** old Jewry

final Startat a Thomas, Liverpool, merchant. (Greaves, Li Feltham Samuel. New Sarum, tailor, March 7, fou

Fither Henry, Grace-church-Greet, grocer, Mach? Scott George. Upper Thames-ftreet, grocer. (Godmon, Grainger John, Old Swan lane broker. February 1 Irude Fourt

Gurden Williain the younger, Stoney Stratford, lace Spencer Jokept, Taplow mil, miller. (Pearce and Co. merchant, February 14 Paserpoker row

Greenwell John, South Shields, fallow chandler, March 3 dicire Humphrey, Exeter, ironmonger. (Sanford, Exeter Glover Davia, Gurrer lane, merchant. Pebruary 21 Ser Wulism, Bath, mercer. James, Gray's inu

Green Michael, and Henry Collins Green, Oxford êtreet, Salehaft James. Widerate treet, dealer and chapman. trunk makers, Ma'ch 7 (Wilfan, Temple

Hargrave Edward, Whitcombe ítreet, dealer and chipun, laanders A, Duke areet, horse dealer. (Keys, Aldgate

March 24 Sed Jofeph, Stockport, check maoufacturer. Mannam Horn william, and Richard Jackson, Red Cross Areet

diftiliers, February 17 Senior Jun. Drury-lise, money-ferivener. (Baddeley, Hawkins Jofeph. Anh, miller, February 16 Searle Areet

Higgins hornás, Thrugmorton street, merchant, Feb. sel Ifaac and Parison Cutance, Great Yarmouth, 14 and 24. final hipwrigats. (Swaibe and Co. Old Jewry

Mainilton J, and william Surkington merchants Finch lane Stevens Joseph, Readiog, grocer. (Vinco, Reading

Harris Thomas, Prioces treet. vintner, February *, fimul Toplin Thomas, Great Grimsby, coal merchanc. (Sykes Herbert Thomas, Dowgare hill, merchant, Fehruary 28 und Co. New inn

Harding John Abingdon, brokfeller, February 26 Townley Juhn, Boston, bookseller. (Johnson and Gaskell, Hattersey Thomas, Holborn haberdasher, February Gray IDR

Huddleton w, Mancheiter, drap, Feb. 16. final Thurnily William, Adlington, currier. (Sherwin, Bedford Hewitt John, Birmingham. drukrit. Feb. 27 final

Harerave Edward, Lower Tooting, February 24 Torn kobert, and John Barron, Walbrook warehoure Hill James, Deptford. vidualler. February 28 DED. (Atkinfon, Caitle Greet

Hughes Mary, Warrington, nopkeper, February 15 Tsuk Jalepni, Berwick-upon-Tweed, thip-builder. (Allen Hughes James Fletcher. Wigmore treet, ftativuer, April und Co. Turnirai's inn

Harris Joho Cardif, Mopkeeper, March 16 Trorell John, Maldkone, tronmonger, (Bolton and co. Houlding Ralph and John Houlding, Pretton, March st Curmes-ireer

Huttunan Daniel, Belton freet cheeferonger. Mardi Travis John and Richard Travis, Pref wick, bleachers, Howett Jotan, St. Martin's lans, carpentor, March 10 (Milae and Co. Old Jewry

Hayes John Majdfone. paper maker, March 14 Tumlia bao lichard Leek, linea draper. (Berry and Co. Jameson R, and S, Mi Quoid, sherburne Lane, inerchant Wallrook

February 21 Vafwerth John, Macheter, perfumer. (Sonsfield, Rou Jackson J. Crest Yarmouthi drusetti February to rerized reet

Jones Ji Blase! New bond feet fruirerer March x Ekim Thomas, the younger, St. Alban's, horse dealer. junes W; Strangford; Fowalope, dealer and chuprata Tathan Cracer-areer

Lebruary 7 haal Weaver Ldward. Newark-upon-Treot, merchant. (Bleaf Jobfon Ji Alnmouth; cornfidor: march 44 tale a4 Cu New Ion

Kirkınan Joho, Kirkdale. merchant, March it wanams Williams, Lu-lane, viđuallere (Adams, Old Kirkman Robert Liverpool. Cotcon minufideres

March 11 waren John, Bithop(gare-rect, merchant. (Palmer and Lewis William, Dowlais, thupkeeper. February 16 Co. Throg mor con Arcer

Lowe George, and Charle. Lowe, Amber Mul, cotton Wide Thomas. Orchard-Areet, baker. (Viment and spinners, February 75 Co bedford-treet

Leach Jarnes. Alkéw. Jewry freet wine merchant Wood Thomass, Kertford, builder. (Williams and Dark February 18

Lagonby William. Manchefer, ironmonger. Murch Sticker Gise Columb. linen-draper. (Saaford, Exeter Lewis John. Ola Jewry. warehouseman April 4 William Jothos Y Richard, Three Oak Lane, cooper. Lewis R, and James Darven. Holbort. inercers, March : nike and ca. old Jewry

Martindale Joha. St. James's freet. wine merchant Wed James Baebury, dier. (Pearfon and Sun, Temple February 1 Wiread James. Chridchurch, hat nanaf.dturer, (Meye Mafon Thontas. Shelfeld. corn factor. February . RUT, Hlackfriars-road

Moyfr Jofeph. Sutton upon Derwent, and

George Wirele Torepn, Plymouth, merchant, (Whitefird, Besl. Vockington, millers. February 16. ural

Martin Thomas Birmingh m. And Thomas Nicholis, Woodmes. Ryder'e-court slover. (Nelson, Maddox-ftrect Stone, cordwainers. February 27. Anal VA. Dichmond. breeches-maker. (Patten, Croft-itreet Miller Tuninas Preton grocer, February 19. Maak wil us and vilian wild, Stockport, cotton-spinner Morgan Iboimas. Holborn finen draper. March 3 nathan, Stactpart

Marriot Ann. Olney. milliner February 14 WAT PAGI, Twigaen, Liverpool, merchant. (Windle, Milner Gamaliel Thuritton. and Daniel Whitaker. Man.

chefter cotton manufacturers. March

Moore Samuel, Leicefter. Woolcomber. March (j. Anal

Mallard Johnle Bristol. merchant March 26
Nesbitt Richard. Newcattle upon Tyne. Rrocer, Feb. 13

Ockeuden Richard, Bexhill, shopkeeper. February 24 fres Tobu wnioley, Hadleigh, mhopkeeper, February to

Owen Thomas. Rood Lane, brandy merchant. Anestauett Alexander, and Richard Bracked, Philpose Owles James. bungav. Mopkeeper. March 3. Anal laut, Derehan: March 20

Paide Robert, Ratcliffe Hichway linen draper. Feb. 24 AT Durley, klaffeller, February 16, hral!

Pritchard John Serrey. Wigmore ftreet. Erocer. April. Aankon 6 corte, cota Fair, glasier, January 31

Pendred James, Haminerlinite dealer and chapman. Anonth James, Richmond, upholverer, February 14 March 31 Batuetter, whitefriari bullder, February 10, final Papillon l'eter Jamet. St. Swithin's Lane, merchase,

Harta Stoplice, Ledbusy, bakar, February 2 Art Lincolo. malter, February 18 :

Price w. Leadenhall ftreet. cuifor. March Luca Taas, Crefcent, cabinet maker. Yebruary 14 In Curthe bridge Porter, merchant, Feb. 13. final Stratrou George and Henry Stratrop. Blackfrlars road cu elamin. & Ana Sanith, Sasinghall-frert, factors, iroumongere. February 14 Tentuan in, mite Lion court, merchanc, February in

Simpton John. Fairford. carrier, February 26

Shepherd Portes. Lynd. craper. March 17 mans Joan Liverpool, corn merchant, February 1 Steediman George and John M Lean, Limb Preet. po To reach aumon treet, tip-owner, February 7 tatoe merchants, March 7

Iva, Aldermanbury, Jeweller, March 14 Starr John, Worcener, brandy merchant, March
Empfuo's Gardens. mariner, March 10 Stark W. Blue Co.& buildings, merchant, March

kate Arcel tinen draper. Peb. 26 final Sutton Thomas, Ringmore, thip pudder, March
Nieb areer linen draper. Pebrpa y 18

Nimms W, Birmingham, toy maker, March 71 Anal : an and John Yoren, Jermyo @reet, Moe

Simpfon milliner. march 14
April as
El And Jean Jacob Mattiur,Goula's square,

Scout John and Ceures sont south Rrect merchants!


Sutton R, Birminghami britton makeri marca final do merchant, February 26

Sutron Wsalter's han court, merchant, April 25 Lineulam reer March 3, final

Thompson John Hand court Aatioper, march 17 Tinch lane, sailor. Feb 1 andrei, cordwainer. February 14

Tbomas Rubert, Cowbridge, thupkeeper. march is twine merchant. February 14

Taylor born.Birmingham, con/noa carie marsh 1 Gravesend. srocer. Tebruary 14


Thomas, Neweattle upon Tyne, merchant, marek 17 corn dealer. MATON 17

Watfn Singley. Mansfied carpenter: February 16 fenthaat February

Wharmaa W, Guildford; February 24

Warne Edmond, Tottenham court rundt_builder, Tebla
Ya and Robert Wearmin, Pindar

Wisemao Janitsi Liverpool, merchant, match 2
Doc Caker, 7ebruary 14

Wyatt han Cheadle. Wi reddoek Francis Litchfeld,
South Wald, miller. Feb. 19. final

and James Chadwicki stow. calico printers, marca norte deder. Tebruan m

Wardment Bermanafeys breweri march 31
Snarey's linen drape, feb. 14

Wu X., Cual Exchange, coal factor. April 25
Chanc obruary 16

Whitehouse Edward, Seatoni manufaa urer or earthen

ware, watch 10 bruary 24, Anal


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l'ith Biographical Jsemoirs of distinguijhed Characters recently deceased.

THE committee for managing the school of Williain Williams, Dyot-Street, St. Giles's.

the Indigent Blind in St. George's Fields, John Wimble, Great Barlov-ftreet, Malibuving obtained pofleflion of some premises chester-square. acijoining the present school-houle, have We are credibly informed, that this shockgiven notice of their intention to add fifteen ing accident was entirely occafioned by the male pupils to the establishment, now conlist wantonness of a gang oi Brewer's Servants, ing of twenty-oue male and fixteen female who broke through the crowd. pupils They likewise have it in contempla

MARRIED. tion to open a day-school on the premises for Charles Turner, esq.of New Bond-ficct, to such as can make it convenient to lodge and Miss Biuns, eldest daughter of the late Jolin board in the neighbourhood.

B., eiq. of Leeds, banker, It is reported that an application will be :lt Lambeth, Mr. Joseph Barton, of Bere made during the present session of parlia. mondsey, to Miss Mary Harris, only daughment for an act to build a bridge over the ter of Joseplı H., era. Thames from the Strand, and to form a new The Hon. Colonel Ponfonby, to the Ilon. roud direct from Covent Garden to the Obe- Mils l'itzroy, daughter of Loid Southampton. liik, in St. George's Fields.

James Reid, eli sun of the Rev. Williana On the 23d of February, two of the men R vicar of Avely, to Miss Robins, eldest who were concerned in an atrocious murder daughter of Mr. Jolin R., of Warwick-ftreet, of a Mr. Steel on Hounslow-heath, upwards Golden-tquare.- On the fame day, John Utof four years ago, were on the confeflion and terton, elq. late captain of the Oxford mievidence of an accomplice executed in the litia, to Mils F. A. Rubins, youngest doughOld Bailey. This circumstance deserves er ter of Mr. R. pecial record in consequence of the shocking Sir Daniel Fleming, bart. to Miss Fleming, accident of no less than thirty persons (men, daughter and role heiress of the late Sir Blic boys, and women), huving been luffocated in chael Le F., ot Rydail Hall, Weltmorland, the immense crowd, which allerobled 10 wit and grand daughier of the late Earl of Sufness the execution. Some pertous fell, others folk. fell over thein, and the exceílive preilure ren At Sinke Newington, the Res. Willia in dered it impoflible to afford relief, till Parker, M. A. of Chriit's College, Cambridge, nearly fifty were deprived of all visible ligns to Mils Ann Galkin, daughter of the Rer. of lite.

Dr. G. The pames of those who could not be re Edward Barnwell, efq. of Demerara, la stored are as follow:

Miis Lucy Brotherion, or Charlotte Street 'Thomas Bradford, Great Pulteney-street. The Hon. and Kev. Edward Carlor, bro. Wm. Bootber, Colonnade, Rutic-square. ther to the Marquis of licadturt, iu Mir St. John Carter, Type-itreet.

Leger, eldest daughter of Colonel St. L., and Benjamin Carpenter, and Sun, Hammer niece of Viscount Doneraile. smith.

Robert Inglis, efq. only son of Sir Hugh James Cuttle, Bell-court, Grub-ftreet. I., to Miss Briscoe, eldett daughter of J. S. Thiemas Cooper, Role alley.

Briscoe, eiq of Pendhill, Surry. Cross, Norwich-court, Fetter-lane. At Hampitead, J. W. Lloyd, esq. to Miss John Dilling, King Itreet, Old-freet. Anna Maria Longley, daughter of John L. Jotiah Fieldhoule, Plougla-A. Whitechapel. elq. Sarah Fry, Market-street, St. James's. George Lewis Hollingswortli, ely of DarWilliam Guest, Gulter-lane.

lington Durham, to Mits S:ohes, daughter of Daniel Grover, Cow-cross, Smithfield. Henry S. esq of Brunswick-row.

W. Herrington, 31, Skinners-ftreet, Som Samuel Oito Bayer, elq. of Antigua, to mers Town.

Miss Edwards, eldest daughter of the late S. Howard, Charles-it. Middlesex Hospital. Zachary E. ely of Jamaica. Ww. Platt, Glouster-Areet, Whitechapel. The Rev. Edward Hodylon, to Mifs Fol Charlotte Pantin, King Street, Drury lane. Jarton, daughter of Jolio F., era of SundRobe:t Pringle, French Yard, Buwling- ridge, Kent.

At Chelsea, Jolin Walter, crq. to Mila Richard Roffell, Alcock-lane, Shoreditch. Moody. A.S. Roderigues, Whitechapel.

Thomas Vincent, efq. to Miss Hazlewood, Elizabeth Tozer, Fox court, Ray-ftreet. of Dean ftreet, Suho. Juleph Taylor, Peler Arcet, Cow-crois. Henry Ondow, crg. fon of Admiral Sir

J. Thorne, Flower-de-luce-court, Spitulo Richard 0. to Mits Bond, daughter of the fields.

late Solin B, ciq. of Mitcham Wm. Tyler, No. 39, Church-fireet, Solio. Richard Budd, jun, etg. of Chatham-plore. 6. Willon, Beaucliump-it. Brouka Munkct. to Miis F. L. Luddon, or Hamme faith Edward Stone.

Terrace. - Monsield.

DIEU. W wte.



veying with it some of the putrefied malter In Upper Grafton-freet, Fitzroy-square, of the bird, which brouglit on a mortification George Wright, esq. many years a major in that terminated in her death. the lervice of the East India Company. In Gloucetter-place, New Road, after

In Parfon-freet, Wellcluse-Square, Mrs. long lingering under a consumption, Francis Wackerbarib, wife of George W. ca. Gould, ejq. principal proprietor of the Opera

In Ruffel-place, W. Tennant, ejq. of Pule house, in the Hay-market. He bore an Lanarkshire and Stanmore, Middlesex. ainiable character, and is inach regre:ted by At Chelsea, W. Ranfom, eja

all who knew him. His acquaintance with At Houndlow, y. Preftor, efq. 78. persons in falhionable life was very extenAt Walthamstow, T. Weatberhead, efq. five; during the time he afhfted in conductIn Old Broad-street, William Stevens, cjg. ing the affairs of the Opera, it proved ex

la King's-road, Bedford-row, Hollis Édo ceedingly lucrative, and he obtained the apwards, efq. 86.

probation of the nobility and gentry. He Ia Lower Thornhaogh-ftreet, Mrs. Sandell, is supposed to have died potreiled of confiwidow of Mr. Joseph S., 71.

derable property. He was married a few At Kensington Palace, Pegg en Hale, ef?. days before his death to Miis Skedgall, a tanker of Bond-ftreet.

lady to whom he had been attached, aud a In Abingdom-street, Mrs. Pownall, widow niece of Mr. Kelly, of the Opera-house. of Jolin P., esq. commiflioner of the cus At Wandsworth, William Walker, efq.

In Francis-street, Bedford-Square, Alex. In Portland-place, Mrs. Berry, relict of ander Watt, eja. Samuel B., el. land-surveyor of the customs, In Great George-ftreet, Mrs. Hofier, wise and after of the late Dr. Ploner, 83.- of Jolm I. esq. James Law, esq.

- Francis William Montagu, second son of la Miliman-Street, Bedford-row, Mr. Matthew M. eig. of Portman square, 18. Francis Bibop Wals, 33; and a few days af At his apartients in the Haymarket, Geterwards at the same place, Mys. Elizabetb neral John Reid. This officer, the oldest in Walls, bis mother, 79.

the service, was in his 87th year. In his In Parliament-street, Williams Rock, esq. 77. youth be served in the 420 Highland regi

In Park-ftrect, Grosvenor-square, Henry ment, the gallant corps who annihilated NaSaberland, e9. one of the pages of the pre- poleon's feidijant Invincibles in Egypt. In the fence to her Majesty, 87.

meridian of his life he was esteemed the best In Poland-freet, in consequence of her gentleman German-flute performer in Engclothes accidentally taking fire, Mrs. Simion, land : he was also particularly famed for his wife of Mr. S. attorney..

tafte in the composition of military wulic. | At Stanford-bill, Mr. William Holdswortb, His marches are fill much aduired. It is formerly of the Bank of England, 69. faid he has bequeathed a fum nearly amount

Mr. Samuel Angler, veterinary furgeon, of ing to 30,0001. to establith a fund for the dethe Edgware-road He had gone out on cayed musicians of Scotland, and their india Lorseback to St. Alban's and the adjacent gent children. By the death of General places on bufiuess, and was found, not quite Reid, there is a vacancy in the colouelcy of dead, but fenseless, at midnight, by the driver the 88th regiment. : of a hay-cart on the Watford-road. His At Claphamil, William Chivers, ésg. This head was much bruised owing iu all proba- gentleman who acquired a considerable fora bility to a fall from his horse.

tune in the wine trade, had for leveral years Ai Chelsea, Samuel Wyatt, efq. brother of retired from the burry of buliness intending the celebrated architect.

to spend the remainder of his lite in social In Brmlwick square, Mrs. Goocb, wife of retirement at an elegant relidence on ClapGeorge G. efq.

ham Corumon. Mr. C., was 110 tean bata Edward Gdlberd, esq. formerly a wholesale nist, and was pallionately devoted to horti. fationer in Watling-ttreet

cultural pursuits; in short, his garden was Ar Greenwich at the house of her brother his hobby-horfe ; and by a natural confein law. General Borthwick, Mrs. Mary Lind, quence, his gardener was with him as tatuielded ther of the late John L, esq. of Lin- liar and as important as Corporal Trim was coln's Ingus

with Uncle Toby. One morning Mr. c. At Tmable-greertPhilip Nrill, 17. bar- took his accustomed and favourite walk, and

observing his gardener employed i digging oftet Baroness Dufferix and a piece of ground in which he had previoully of abe county of Down, Ireland, enjoined him not to interiere, as he intended

tony aged 38, Mr Bigg, wife to devute it to the reception of fome choice worney, of Hattoa-ftreet. The and valuable exotics, he remonfrated with tedy is Ingularis culumitous. A him; us froin matter and servant, on this ditobefore, the war uflifting in trufl. bedience of exprels directions. The gardener duet, 'in cunfequence of her cook returned an infolent reply; upon which Mr. really led her the point of the Co calmly observed, « Well, John, as we are

de ball of har thumb, con i not likely to agree on this fubject, you bed IMAG, No 154.


better retire to the house, Teceive your me observed, that I allayed my thirft by wages, and go about your business!" The fucking my dori-dreve; and thereupe inbuman gardener immediately raised his robbed me from time to time of a confideraTpade and itruck his defencelets naiter 10 ble part of my flore ; though after I detecked violent a blow between the right cheek and him, I had ever the address to begin on that eye, that the instrument penetrated consider- fleeve frit, when I thought my reservoirs ably into the head The gardener then ran were susticiently replevithed; and our mouthis off towards Clapham, and ionne time after. and noses often met in tbe conteft. This wards Mr. C. was accidentally discovered by plunderer, I afterwards found, was a young his servant, bleeding profusely on the ground. gentleman in the service, Mr. Io, one or the Mr Ruilton, a neighbour to Mr. C., inttantly few who survived, and lince aflored me that dispatched an express to the public office; he believed he owed lis life to the Dany Bow-tre-l. Nr Graham dilpatched Rivett comfortable draughts he hard from my and Mi'is, two very active officers in a poft Deeves." After this narrow elcape be conChaise ior the purpose of securing the delim. tinued to clide for many years in it, quent; hut, previously to their arrival at where hic proved more fortunate than be Clapham, he had been apprehended, and elder brother, wbo, with many other tryb conveyed to Union Hall, in the borough. fubjects was put to death by the Nabob The requinte investigation was entered upon, Cotiim Ali Cawn, at Patna. During this peduring which the magistrates were informed riod he held several high and confidential by the surgerin, that after languishing three situations, and at length returned to his nahours, Mr. C was deed! The gardener is tive country, whore he married Miss Boidere, fully committed to take his trial for the nuur the eldest daughter of John B., esq. of Adrender

den Hall, in Hertford there, and an eminent In Queen Areet, Edgware-road, Mr. Wil- banker in the city oí London, by whoin he liam Tapin, veterinary lurreon, well known had a numerous family of tea hildren, five for his publications on lubjects connected fons and five daughters. He wis created a with his proceflion. In 1788 appeared the baronet in 1791, and sat in leveral parliafirst volume of “The gentleman's Stable Din ments, having been elected for Heliton in rectory." which was followed by a lecond. 1790, St. Michael's in 1790, and Penrhyn in In 1796 he published, “A Compendium of 1802. Sir Stephen has also for many years Practical and Experimental Farriery,” in an acted as a director of the East India Comoctavo volume. "These books have been fan pany, and occupied both the chairs at the vourably received notwithstanding the fome. India-houle. In 1790 when the question rewhat pompous and infiated manner of the lative to the abatement of the impeachment author, which is but ill-adapted to the intor- of Mr. Hastings was agitated, Sir Stephen, mation of persons for whom they were de- who was then chairman of the court of difigned. They are however likely to be of ge- rectors, bore teftimony to the merits of the neral utility. The last avowed publication adminiftration of the late governor general. of Mr. 'T. was his “Sporting Dictionary," in Of late he has not taken an active part in two octavo volumes which appeared about public affairs. For many years Sir Steplien bad the year 1804. He was we believe the edi. been afflicted with the gout, but experienced tor of the “Sportsman's Cabinet," a lplen. no uncommon change of health, till a few did work iu two volumes, royal quarto, con- days previous to his diffolution. taining a history and description of the vari. Yobn Hayman Packer, of Drury-lane theaous species of the canine race. About two tre, was born March 21, 1730, in the Strand, ycars fince family affliction began to impair and served his time to his father, a sadler, in his faculties, and from that period his health Glass-house-street. He appeared on the gradually declined.

tage at Newcastle, in 1754, under the name At Wimbledon, Sir Stepben Lufbington, bart. of Hayman, and first played in London in This gentleman was the third son of the 1758, at Covent Garden in the parts of JohnRev. Dr. Henry L., formerly vicar of East lon in the Rehearsal, and of the Frenchman Bourne, Saffex. His father having a nume. in Lethe. He played at Drury-lane in Seprous family, determined to lend Stephen ember thul year, Selim in the Mourning abroad to pull his fortune, and he accord. Bride; and afterwards performed Catesby in ingly repaired to the East Indies in the civil Richard III. with Garrick, and continued to service of the company. Here we believe he perform in almost every piece wherein Gar. had the misfortune to be one of the unhappy rick appeared till be quitted the stage, in captives, who, on the taking of Calcutta by 1776. Mr. Packer for more than fifteen the nabob of Bengal were confined during the years had but forty Billings weekly, for deftructive night of the 20th of June, 1756, in twelve years be bad three poupds, then four. the Black Hole, where 123 out of 146 pe. He could read (mall print by moonlight, and rished. If we are not mifinformed it was never uled glatles but to see diftant objects, this gentleman who is mentioned by Mr. and it was the reward of his temperance that Holwell in his account of what pafled on that he never left a tooth. Ho kept a journal of horrid night, in the following words :-"One his life from the day he left his father's of my miserable companions, ou the right of house fill duis death; and a book in which ha


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