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per cent. discount. Ashton and Oldham, 1001.-Peak Forest, 551, to 581.-Worcester and Birmingham, 361. including all calls paid.-Alby de la Zouch, 241.-Sheerness Pier Bonds, 251. per cent discount.-West India Dock, at 1451. per cent, paying 10 per cent. net per annum. London Dock, at 1071. per cent. the half yearly dividend to Christmas was 21. 15s. per cent. net ---East India Dock, 1181. to 1201 per cent.-Globe Insurance, 1031. per cent. dividend 6 per cent. last year.-Imperial Affurance, 101. per cent. premium.-london Institution, a proprietor's share, 1001.

An Account of all Sheep's Wool, Woollen Bay, and Worsted Yarn, imported

into Ireland from Great Britain during the last Ten Years ; distinguishing Spanish from other Sheep's Wool, and the Countries from whence imporled in each Year.

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An Account of the Quantities of WINE imported and erported into Great Britain,

from the Year 1790 to 1305 inclusive; distinguishing the French from that not French, and pheuing the Quantities in each year.

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Tuus. Hds Gal. Tuns. Hds.Gal. Tuns, Has.Gal. Tuns.Has.Gal. Tuns.Hds.Gal. Tuns.Ads. Gal. 1790 1,101 2 5228,043 0 2429, 144 3 13 255 3 14 1,374 1 36 1,630 0 50 1791 1,137 0 43 31,978 0 5333,115 1 33 300 3 29 2,006 2 47 2,307 2 13 1792 1,6 7 1 933,908 ? 4435,525 3 51 3:37 2 59 1,170 2 381,508 1 34 1793 1,590 0 11 21,198 3 29 92,788 3 40 512 2 40 1,561 S 222,074 1 62 1794 757 3 25 29,501 2 40/341,259 2 2 604 1 201,635.2 39 2,239 3 59 1795 1,317 2 4.9 34,261 1 5 3),608 3 541,029 2 8 1,282 1 122,511 % 1796 1,809 3 38 21,883 1 62|23,693 1 37 1,439 3 1 2,083 2 343,523. 1 35 1797 850 0 215,054 2 28 15,904 2 30 723 I 101,376 1 4014,099 2 50 1798 1,577 ( 49 21,710 3 0123,297 3 49 1,319 0 50 1,622 0

% 2,941 0 5 1799 11,662 0 61 51,757 3 933,419 3 7 1,181 O 511,758 1 19 5,239 2 7 1800 2,078 1 15 30,934 ( 1132,332 1 26 1,857 1 2 2,201 S 18 4,059 0 20 1301 2,76 3 36 56,386 1 48 38,893 1 211,778 1 60 2,240 3 26 4,019 1 23 1802 1,9.56 1 61 29,170 2 55.30,407 0 53 729 0 281,9230 914,651 O SC 1603 1,445 0

9136,468 1 53 37,913 1 62 890 3 17 1,647 0 24 2,557 3 41 1804

11,425 3 0|17,994 0 219,419 3 91,387 1 & 2,229 3 9 13,617 0 10 1805 12,193 1

4 30,369 3 48 33,463 0 52 1,466 1 211,833 3 21 3,300 022

man, an elegant and classical scholar, and a

DEATHS ABROAD. truly pious and excmplary christian

At Lisbon, Don Juan de Braganza, Duke of AtParker's-well-house, R. Sproule,esq. 60. Lafoens, uncle of the present Queen of Pora

At Exeter, Mr. Richard Chamberlain.- tugal, and founder and perpetual prehdent of Mrr. Alice Floud, 74.-Mrs. Mary Vincent, the Portuguese Royal Academy of Sciences. the coroners for tnis county.

In the Seven years war, he had served as a CORNWALL,

volunteer in the Austrian army, after the It does not appear that the petitions of the restoration of peace made the usual tour of proprietors of mines to government have Europe, and visited Lapland. In 1773, he procured the adoption of any measure for travelled into Greece, Turkey, and Egypt. their relief. Meanwhile several of the largelt All the contemporary covereigns, Frederic the mining concerns in the county, such as the Great, Catharine II. Clement XIV. Joseph II. Consolidated Mines, Dolcoath, and others, &c. highly esteemed and respected him, with continue to drag on heavily, and at a great the last mentioned he carried on an epistolary loss, in the hope of a favourable change; correspondence, and on his return to his native and should this not soon take place, they must country, he founded the Royal Academy of inevitably stop,

Sciences; the expences of which, he himself Married.] At Crediton, Mr. Smith, folic defrayed for five years." He thought it not citor, to Miss Cleave. --Mr. Stephen Hugo, enough to be the patron of the sciences, but furgeon, to Miss Dinah Ward.

likewise cultivated them himself. He was Died.) At Palftow, Miss Sufannah Peter. of a lively chearful disposition, and was dir.

At Trevine, in consequence of her clothes tinguished for the openness and magnanimity catching fire, Mrs. Beauchamp, fifter of Jo- of his character. He had a strong predilece seph B. efq. of Pengrup, 77.

tion to the French, and degraded himself by At Bodmin, Mr. Christopher Sloggext, one accepting one of the grand-crosses of Bona the members of the corpora tion, 80. parte's Legion of Honor.

MONTHLY AGRICULTURAL REPORT. THE humidity and attendant mildness of the season, have retarded the preparation for fow

ing and setting Field Beans on strong foils, Operations on which usually have at this time been in great forwardness. On light foils, preparations have been made for Towing Barley, and a great breadth of lay ground has been already broken up for Oats. The Wheats, Rye, and winter Tares still continue to look well, and the Artificial Grasses are very flourishing, and promife early feed for Ewes and Lambs. Wheat averages, throughout England and Wales, 151. 8d. ; Barley, 37s. 11d; and Oats, 26s. 4d.

From the Fens, immense droves of coleseed sed sheep have been recently sent to Smithfield In high condition. But from the prevailing warmth and wetness, coleseed is found to grow tuo fit, and the remainder of the feeding fuck, which is ftill considerable, do not do so well.

The same obfervation holds good, in respeą to Turnipsa crop which has been this winter universally good, and abundant

The pra&ice of stall-feeding beafts on oil-cake, ground corn, turnips, &c. being now geteral, scarcely a well managed farm is without a few, and it occafions a great stock of fat cat.. tle, in the country, which has confiderably reduced the prices of fat meat. Notwithstanding the large fupplies wanted by government and merchant ihipping, Cows and Calves are more tefonable.

Lietle befiness has been lately. done, in the horse markets. Some few Fen-bred cart Colts have been fold at very high prices.

The demand for Porking Pigs still continues great In Smithfield, Beef fetches from 4s. 60. to Susas Muttoo, from 4s. 5d. to 5s.; and Pork, from 5s. 6d. to 6s. 6d.

MONTHLY COMMERCIAL REPORT. that in the year 1805, 467 thips, 52,997 tons burthen, and 3514 men were ed in the Newfoundland Fitheries ; and in the year 1806, 577 thips, 64,667 tons

4,396 men, taking an increase of 110 thips, 11,670 tons, and 322 men, in Bed the Sound, during the course of the year 1806, 7140 vessels ; that is to the North Sea to the Baltic ; and 3605 from the Baltic to the Sen. Of these

878 Hamburghers. 25 | Ruffians..... 53 1001 | Oldenburghers 57 Americans... 107 1957 | Bremeners

36 | Portuguefe.... 14 79 Roitockers...... be ben 21 Lübeckere........ 31 Price of Navigable Canal Shares and Duck Stock, för February 1807, at the Seot 45, New Bridge-freet,

London :Grand Junction ihares 871. es. Eto ON Optional Loan, at 961.

For 100L-Ditto Mortgage Bunds, 311. 10s. 10, No. 154


er cent. alfcount.Ashton and Oldham, 1001. Peak Forest, 551. to 581.-Worcester and firmingham, 36l. including all calls paid. -Alhby de la Zouch, 241.–Sheerness Pier Bonds, 51. per cent discount.-West India Dock, at 1451. per cent, paying 10 per cent. net per nnum.Londun Dock, at 1071. per cent. the half yearly dividend to Christmas was 1. 15s. per cent. net.- East India Dock, 1181. to 1201. per cent.-Globe Insurance, 1031. er cent. dividend 6 per cent. last year.- Imperial Aflurance, 10l. per cent. premium. Lonlon Institution, a proprietor's share, 1001.

An Account of all Sheep's Wool, Woollen Bay, and Worsted Yarn, imported

into Ireland from Great Britain during the lajt Ten Years; diftingnijhing Spanish from other Sheep's Wool, und the Countries from whence imported in each Ycar.

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An Account of the Quantitics of WINE taken out for Home Conjumption, from

the Year 1790 to 1805 inclujive; distinguishing the French from that not French, and Thewing the Quantities in each Year.*

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• This account is exclusive of Winc delivered, duty free, for the use of the navy.


Reviving Nature seems again to breathe,

As loosened from the cold embrace of death, FROM the 19th of January to the 18th of February, the wearber has for the most part con

tinued as before, unusually mild for the seafon. During this time we have had no snow, and very ! ttle frost. In funny days the bees have been seen flying about as if employed in colleding foud : in ihady places near their hives, however, several of them have been perfealy benumbed with the cold. I tried to recover two or three by taking them into the house, and placing them at a little distance from tre fire, but I did not succeed.

Qa the gift of January, which was an extremely warm day, two peacock butterflies (papilio in of Linozus) left their hiding places and were seen fying abroad. Some of the newspapers have remarked that there butterflies, the most beautiful of any that this country produces, have been observed in other parts of England.

la the curly part of the evening of this day, I was surprised by secing a but fit paft me in the air.

Several of the boufe flies have in some degree recovered from their torpid fate, and crawl about the windows. Their limbs however are tiff, and all their motions are performed with dišiculty.

February 1ft. China Rofes, are still in Power in the gardens. The first leaves of the Common Frverfew í Vatricaria parebenium) be in to appear. Crocuses, Anemones, and Laurustinus, (Vebancarinus) are in flower.

The red-breaft, skylark, blackbird, and ebrush, were all heard to fing on the first of February. In the middle of the fine days, the woods and fields resound with the notes of fong birds, as it the fpring was far advanced.

(a the éch of February, Fonquils (Narcifus Jonquilla) were in Aower; and the hyacinths Amd begun to push up their flowering items. The beautiful crimson styles of the male flowers of the baze were fully expanded, and the catkins had begun to open and shed their farina.

Althts fealon of the year the bedge, snails (belix arbufforem of Linnæus) are found collected is considerable numbers about the roots of trecs, in holes of such as arc decayed, and the shel.


tered places in hedge. bottoms, fo glued to each other, or to the place in which they are found as entirely to prevent the cold air from having admission into the shells. In the course of a month or fix weeks, if the weather be favourable, they will begin to crawl abroad.

February the 17th. The Hedge-Sparrow, and Greater Titmoufe fing. Rooks begin to pair; and make preparation for building their nests.

Red Archangel, (lamium purpureum), ivy-leaved Veronica, (veronica bederæfolia) and grees bellebore (belletorus veridis) are in flower.

Three or four Salmon have been caught in the course of the present month, and these of confiderable fize.

In the night of the 17th of February the wind changed from S. W.; the prevailing quarter for some weeks paft, to N. E. In consequence of this, we have a hard frost, which it is hoped will continue for a while, and put a temporary check to the vegetation. On the 18th we had a heavy gale of wind which lasted nearly the whole day.

Hampshire, Feb. 19th. P.S. In the last Report, p. 104. 1. 13. for jurbelow read furbelow, and for pbaldua read pbalena.


Obfervations on the State of the weather, from the 24th of January, to the 24th

of February 1807, inclufive, Two Niles N.W. of St. Paul's.

Highest 30.63. Jan. 28. Wind N. W. Highest 600. Feb. 14. Wind S.W.
Lowest 28.40. Feb. 14. Wind S. W. Lowe: 26°. 19. Wind N.

On the morning of
On the 14th, the

the 17th, the thermo

Greatest Greateft (59 hun.

meter ftood at 44°; mercury 28 40, &

on the next it was dredths of

18°. and on the morning

24 hours. 24 hours. an inch. 28.99.

of the 18th, it was only 26.

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The quantity of rain fallen during the last two months is equal to 3-1 inches. Besides the rain there has been a heavy fall of snow ; near the metropolis it was but trifling, but at a distance it was drifted very many feet; and several of the coaches on the porthern and east. ern road were actually dug out of it.

We have allo to notice a very remarkable high wind on the night between the 17th and -18th. It did almost incalculable mischief to our shipping between Dover and Margate, and was productive of much serious mischief in the Inland parts.

The average height of the thermometer for the whole month is nearly 370 ; of the batometer, it is 29.696. It has been higher and lower this month than we have witnetled for ome time.


Some Correspondents who have sent, and others who have promised, communications relative to Mr. Whitbread's Poor Bill, are informed that we shall give preference in our next to fuch papers as best illustrate the fulject by reference to facts. One of our correspondents, wishes us to invite information relative to the encreafing monopoly of Farms, and to those branches of manufacture which give employment to children only. 'l'hefe he calls fuurces of Poore MAKING, the continuance of which will render all other regulations nugatory.

Persons who wish for information relative to the poor, will do well to consult the Monthly Magazine of March, 1796 ; May, 1997 ; November and December, 1798 ; Janunty, February, and May, 1799 ; April, June, September, and November, 1800; February and March, 1001; February, 1804; December, 1804 ; and November, 1805.

Correct Memoirs of Mrs. Charlotte Smith will be given in our next.
R. S. is informed that the Port-Folio has been deferred, owing to the pressure of lempo-

Dr. Hamilton's valuable Paper on Hydrophobia thall appear in our next. Preference wa given to the communication ui Mr. Bartlett, because it tended to disipate the delufions- und fulthoods, which the public have for some time been the dupes,

Belides the illustration of the new System of Finance, which is to be found in our Report of Public Affairs, our readers may expect a valuable communication in our next.

rary matter.

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