Sidor som bilder

an excellent earnest of the ability and and calculated to produce ule effcet injudgment with which the whole will be tended. conducted, will be voluminous and ex- The Moonligbt Sonnet. The Wards from Mrs. penlive; but will, we doubt not, highly

Radcliff's Romance of the Forest, as it was gratify the lovers of Handel's music, and fung at the King's Tbeatre, Haymarket, and well ieward the liberal and enterprizing at the Mufic Room, Oxford. The Mufic com. spirit of the publishers.

posed and arranged, with an Accompaniment Three Duets for Two Violoncellos. Composed

for the Piano-forte, by T. Efex. Buc. Muf.

Oxon. 2s. and dedicated to Frederic Perkins, Ejg. by Thomas Powell. 8s.

This fonnet is comprized in three moveMr. Powell has written thesc duets of the words, and by no means destitute

ments judiciously varying with the fenfe with taste and science; the ideas are me- either of melody or expreflion. The ac, lodious, and the combinations judicious, companiment is busy and ingenious, and while the several inovements are contraste the bass in general well chofen. ed with a propriety that greatly heightens the effect of each. The rondos with

Let Sorrow seek ber native Night," a favowhich the pieces conclude are novel and

vorite Duet for two Voices. The Words by pleasing in their fubjects, and evince a

Peter Pindar, Esq. Composed and dedicated lively and fertile fancy.

to bis Friend, Mr. Edmund Phelps, by Sir

7. A. Stevenson, Muf. Doc. 1s. 6d. Britons, to Arms," a Glee for four Voices. The taste and graceful ease of this duet

Composed by J. P. Solomon. 2s. 64. please us exceedingly. The melody is Mr. Solomon has thrown into the music felicitously imagined, and the parts play of this glee no small portion of that ani- into each other with an effect that much mation and fire fo requisite to the just ex- delight every cultivated ear. Dr. Wolcott pression of the words he has chofen. A has been so happy in his poetry as to unifonn fpirit and boldness pervade the make it difficult for us to say which of the Ayle of the composition, while the dispo- two muses has been most indebted to the fition of the parts claims the commenda

other. tion of every found harmonift.

Dr. Watts's Divine and Moral Songs. Como The aucb-admired Overture to Adrian and Ora

posed and dedicated 19 Master Horario Goodbe.

bere, by Thomas Forbes Walmesley. 6s. rile, es performed at the Theatre Royal, Coon Garden. Composed and dedicated to

The ease and fimplicity of these little Tbomas Arwood, El. by W. Rufjell. 2s.

melodies are well adapted to the style of

the poetry. Most of the pallages are naThis overture does credit to Mr. Rus tural and attractive, and fome of them sell's taste and ingenuity. The passages, not without a degree of sweetness. Au though not remarkably original, are please accompaniment for the piano-forte is adingly conceived, and well connected; and ded to the work, which, though

it conthe effed of the whole is both drainatic afts of little more than a repetition of the and striking.

notes of the airs, will be found very use"Tg , O God," an Antbem for four Voices. ful to the juvenile practitioner.

Composed and respearfully dedicated to CF, Six Sonatinos for the Piano-forte. Composed and Baumgarten, Ejq. by bis Pupil 7. H. Lef:

dedicated to the Right Han. Lady Louija fer 1s. 60.

dtberley, by D. Bruquier. 5s.6d. This anthem, the words of which are with the easy and unaffected ftyle of taken from the 139th pfalm, is comprized thele little pieces we are much plenlure in one movement, and is accompanied An agreeable flowing cast of inelody, with a pinno-forte part. After looking every where well difposed for the juves minutely into the score, we find ourselves . nile hand, and calculated for its improveauthorized to say that the general con- ment, forins one of the chief characteritdrution is good, and that the bass, in some tics of the work, and will trongly recompunces füfceptible of improvement, is yet mend it to the attention of piano-forte for de molt part, chofea with judgment, practitioners.

[blocks in formation]


Including Notices of Works in Hand, Domestic and Forcign.
Authentic Conumunications for this Article will always be thankfully received.

a been adopted by the booklellers of will will success to designs of this kind; London, because it does not appear that but, at a time when the high price of more than twenty or thirty works would books is a serious evil, it would appear warrant the expence of being cait in folid to be fuperfluous to print quarto editions pages; consequently the colt of the pre- of works which are only valuable as liminary arrangements would greatly ex

books of record. Should the octavu ceed the advantages to be attained." On Perth edition not proceed, we undera calculation, it has appeared to be less ftand it to be the intention of other expensive to keep certain works fianding London booksellers to print an uniform in moveable types, in which fuccellive octavo edition in periodical volumes of editions can be improved to any degree, all the early historians and chroniclers, than to provide the means for caiting the under the superintendance of an eminent same works in folid pages, which after- antiquary. wards adınits of little or no revision. As The public at large are acquainted the extra expence of stereotyping is in with the atrocious capture, fortanate all works equal to the expence of paper escape, and extraordinary fight, of Mrs, for 750 copies, it is obvious that this Spencer Smith, froin Biefcia, in Italy, art is not applicable to new books, the to Riga, in Prullia. A narrative of all sale of which camot be ascertained. the particulars will be published in a Although these contiderations have in- few days by the Marquis De Salvo, duced the publishers of London not to a Sicilian nobleman, to whose magnas prefer this art in their respective busi- nimity Mrs. Smith was indebted for her nesses, yet it has been adopted by the efcape, and to whuse heroic spirit may Universities of Cambridge and Oxford; be attributed the success of her fight and from the former foine very beautiful The marquis accompanied her to Eng. editions of Common Prayer Books have land, and he has been induced to favour iffued to the public; probably the art of the world with this publication, at the stereotyping applies with greater advan- particular request of several great pertage to tiaple works of such great and fonages. constant sale, as prayer-books and bibles, The Rev. JAMES CORDIxer, chaplain than to any other.

to the Hon. F. North during his governThe improvements introduced by ment of Ceylon, is about to publith a LORD STANHOPE, in the construction of Tour round that Iland, a Journey to RaPrinting-preffes, have been applied to misferam, and a Narrative of the late War the greater part of the working presses of with the king of Candy. It will consist the metropolis. Other improvements of two quarto volumes, embellished with have lately been developed in the art of twenty-four engrayinys. printing, the introduction of which into The Proprietors of Jobnson's Poets are practice we ihall gladly announce; one printing a new edition of that work in of them relates to a more simple inethod twelve volumes, royal octavo, with addiof working presses, by which the number tions. of pressmen would be considerably dimi

Mr. Joseru NigITINGALE is presited, and the other to a superior paring for publication an Impartial liew method of casting types.

of the Origin, Progress, Doctrines, Dit Certain of the booksellers of London, ciplwe, and lingular Ciudoms, of the have undertaken to publish a splendid Welleyan Methodilis, in a series of and costly edition of theChronicles of HOL- Letters addressed to a Lady. It is in LINSHEAD, which they intend to follow tended that this work shall contain for by similar editions of others of the early veral interesting particulars rulative to chroniclers. It will be remembered that the divisions which have taken place an octavo edition of Hollinshead has among the methodists, since the death of lately appeared at Perth, where we un- Mr. Welley, derstand it is intended to print octavo MESSKS. CLEMENTI propose to pubaud cheap editions of all the intereste lidh by subscription, the Canzonels and


Madrigals of Thomas Morley, Mus. Bac. clearing up fome doubtful points in the Oxon. 1588. The work to contain in Zoology of Great Britain, he last spring oue volume twenty canzonets, for three made a voyage to all the northern illes, voices, and twenty madrigals for four comprehending the Orcacies, Shetland, voices, caretully arranged from several Fair Ille, and Pulda, and remained amongst manuscript copies of establillied authority, them during the greateii part of the year A concite account of Morley's life will employed in the investigation of their be pretixed to the work.

natural history, antiquites, fate of their V JURE GENERAL Grant, Viscount agriculture and tilleries, political inDe l'aux, has announced the Discovery portance, manners, cuftoms, condition, of the longitude, founded on the laws pait and presentilate, &c. &c.;-a general of gravitation, on mathematics, and and particular account of which, will altronomv. Ilis means are a new ina- thortly be given to the public, accomthematical intrument, which will thew panied by maps and numerous engrave the Mip's rate of sailing exactly and con ings; containing the fullelt and comtinually, intiead of half a minute, as by pletest description that has yet becn the prefent precarious log. Other inftrui- publithed of thote remote and bitherto ments and means, connected with the neglected regions. firit, which will New and keep a con SIR GEORGE STAUNTON, fon of the itunt account-111. of the rate of the secretary who accompanieil Lord Mathip: Qdly, of her latitude: 3dly, of every cartney to China, relides alternately at degree, minute, and second of longitude, Canton and Macao. He bas trantated in direct or oblique failing.

into the Chinele lanyuage a work on Me. Thelwall intends to commence Vaccination. a Course of popular Lectures, on Mon It is proposed to publish by subscripday, the oth of April, at his Inftitution tion a print from a beautiful cabinetfor the Cultivation of English Elocution, picture of the Procellion of Chaucer's No. 40, Bedford-place, Rutiell-Square, Pilgrims to Canterbury, painted by Mr. Bloonısbury, on the dramatic genius and STOTHARD, and to be engraved in line principal characters of Shakespeare, and manner by Mr. WILLIAM BROMLEY. on the merits aud defects of the respec We have inuch fatisfaction in being tive performers, wno, during the latt able to fiate that, that able artist, Mr. thirty years have attempted to support Bewick, of Newcatile-upon-'l vne, who those characters. The course will em bas fo highly gratified the public by his brace an ainpic difquisition of the laws Graphic Delineations of the animated and principles of the dramatic art, both World, is at this time engaged on a leries as relatog to poetical compofition and of engravings of British Vegetables usea theatrical reprefentation; and will be ful in diet, medicine, and the arts. The illustrated by recitations of the mott letter preis of the work to be written by celebrated speeches and foliloquies, and that industrious and zealous botanilt Die particular criticisms on Garrick, Reddith, R. J. TUORnton. Two editions will apHunderfon, Sinith, Cooke, Kemble, Mun- pear in royal and demy octavo, corden, Ellition, Matter Betty, Mrs. Yates,Mrs. responding with the Quadrupeds, Birds, Siddons, Mifs Smith, Mrs. Jordan, &c. and Fitles, of Mr. Bewick; and the

Dr. Reid will commence his Summer typography will be executed in the best Course of Lectures on the Theory and style, by one of the new Stanhope Practice of Medicine, on Wednesday, prefies. the oth of May.

Mr. Burxet, who has gratified the The funmer course of Dr. BADAAN's public with the Account of the Prefent Lectures on the Practice of Phyac, Che- State of Poland, which has enriched lemistry, and Materia Medica, will be veral late numbers of the Monthly Macommenred on Monday, the 4th of May. gazine, has nearly completed a series of

Mr. D). Walker invites the friends fpecimens of English Profe Writers from of agriculture, &c. to inspect a new the earlieit times, to the close of the Threilung-Machine, which he has just seventeenth century, interfperted with erőted at Stevenson's Manufactury, War- fketches biographical, literary, and cridour-fireet, Soho, which is both cheap tical. and effectual.

The publisher of Dr. GREGORY's new Dk. Charles FOTILERGILL is now Cyclopædia, and of Marshall's Life of engared in preparing a work for the Wathington, announces an advance of press, which can scarcely fail to excite price in the parts and volumes of those very general intereft. With a view of works after the 1st of May; warranted

by their extension beyond the quantity the Mangrove Bark.-Forty pound of originally propued. The conpletion of bark is infused in one hundred gallons of Dr. Gregory's Cyclopædia within the rain-water, which, after standing about period of a year, deserves to be recorded forty hours, is exposed to the fun until as a phenomenon in literature. Other the liquid is concentrated by evaporation works, not fuperior in uletul bulk, have to the coanfience of treacle, and then been as many years as this was months reduced by boiling to eight gallons, when in progress, and will probably not be it has the appearance of pitch. completed in the life time of those who MR. BUNING, of Beltalt, has anhave been their purchasers !

nounced, that shortly will be publidied, The vinth edition of Mr. 'Surr's the second part of the Collection of the Winter in London, and the fourth of Ancient Music of Ireland. Miss Owenson's Wild Irith Girl, are Au algebraical proof of Sir Isaac Newin the preis.

ton's Binomial Theorem, which bas been A very interefting work, by a member hitherto a defideratum in mathematics, of the University of Oxford, will speedily has been lately discovered by I'RANCIS appear in three volumes, under the title BURKE, A. B. a Student in the Univerof Oxoniana,” conlisting of anecdotes fity of Dublin. The discovery has been and facis relative to the colleges, libra- honoured with a diftinguithed premiuia ries, and establifinents, of Oxford; with from the board of Trinity College. extracts from, and accounts of, the curi MR. P. Browne is engaged in an ous unpublithed manuscripts with which Account and Description of the Cathcthat university abounds; accounts of dral Church of the Holy Trinity, and its celebrated members, protefiors, &c. fo Precincts, Norwich. as to comprise a history of the rise and About the middle of April will appear, progress of that ancient seat of learning, in two volumes, Imall octavo, a legendary

MR. STOWER has the press, and tale, entitled “ Reading Abbey," by Mi. will speedily publish, a new edition of tlie T. GLEED. Printers' Grainmar, which will contain Mr. Bichano has in the press, a lethe improvements of the latt fifty years in cond edition of his Restoration of the the theory and practice of printing; also Jews, to which he has pretixed a brief many useful tables and scales of prices History of that singular Pcople. lle is never before published.

alfo about to publish a Supplement to A Sketch of the Black Empire of Hayti, his Signs of the Tines, with an Answer to from communications with the seat of its Mr. Faber's Objections in the second present goveroment, will soon appear in edition of his “ Differtations on the Pruan octavo volume.

phecies." The trusiees of the Linen Manufacture, MR. Bouxex, of Greenwich, has put have voted the sum of hundred to press a work of incredible labour, guineas to MR. JOSEPH HARDY, of Bel- which embraces, in alphabetical order, fast, for bis invention of a machine, for the most general idiomatical expreflions the better and more cafy measurement of six languages, viz. Englills, German, of linen cloth.

Latin, Spanish, French, and Italian; eta The Biographical Index to the prefent hibiting, at one view in their respective House of Commons, will be published in columns, the synonymous phrases, or the course of a few days. It contains: fentences, in cach. -1. A differtation on the antiquity, MR. CustanCE, of Kidderminster, diguity, and utility of parlia:nents. 2. is preparing for the press a Concile, An account of the lives, characiers, and Vicw of the Constitution and Laws of pursuits, of all the inembers of the House England. of Commons, arranged in alphabetical I'roposals harc been publifhed, for order;- And S. An appendix, including publishing by fubfcription, an Archilists of the divisions that bave taken teleural and Scientific Investigation of place since the meeting of the new par- the Cathedral Church of St. Paul, Lonliament, of the constitutions of all the don; illultrated by plans, elevations, counties, cities, and boroughs, in the sections, and parts at large, from actual kingdom. The whole exhibits at

measurements; with an effay on the life, view, the history both of parties and writings, and dehgns, of Sir Christopher individuals, and includes a description Wren, by Me.. JAMES ELNEs, architect. of the virtues, the talents, and the elo MR. GIFFORD's edition of Ben Junfon quence, of a large portion of the empire. is ready for the press; he bas been allia.

An excellent tanning principle has ed greatly by some manuscripts of the been discovered by Dr. Howison, in late Mr. Whalley.



The Rev. THOMAS Kidd, of Trinity fand and common clay, and place the College, Cambridge, proposes to publiú bowl in a tire between the bars of a a new edition of the Iliad and Odlyfley; grate, fu that the pipe may ftand nearly of which, in the Iliad, the Townleian perpendicular. In a few minutes, if the Codex, aided by the - Marcian MSS, luting is good, the gas will begin to and a faithful collation of the Harleian escape from the orifice of the pipe, when, copies, will forin the ground-work. It if a piece of lighted paper or a candle bé is intended, at present, to insert the applied, it will take fire and burn for Digamına in the text, on the authority feveral minutes with an intense light. of the great Bentley, whose unpublished When the light goes out, a reliduuin of papers upon the Iliad and Odyssey will, ueful products will be found in the bowl. through the kind permillion of Trinity How far this principle may be extended College, Cambridge, contribute to er in producing light and beat for general hance the value of this edition. The purpofes, we do not take upon us to debody of variations from the Vienna, termine. The splendid expectations of Bretlaw, and Mofchow, MSS. as publith Mr. Winsor may be candidly conceded ed by Profeffors Alter and Heyne, as to the enthufiafın of an original inwell as those gleaned by a re-examina- ventor. tion of the MSS. confulted by Barnes,

Various tests have been used to ascer will be claffed according to their respec- tain the existence of litharge in wine. Live merits under the text, and incor- A new and improved test for this imporporated with an accurate collation of tant purpose may be made as follows:the first, fecond Aldine, first Stratzburgh, Take a parte of fulphur and iron firinys, and Roman editions; the peculiarities put it into a phial, and ponr on it a finali also of the venerable document vitpersed quantity of fulphuric acid. througla IL Steph. Thefaurus Ling. Gr. gas which will arise through a bent tube, will be specified in their proper places into a bottle of water, wbich thus in The text of the Iliad, with the variations, pregnated, will for the delired teft. will be given in two volunes, octavo. Wheu poured into wine which contains A fuppleinent to the Villoifonian Scholia, litharge, it will render it black and froin the Townleian aud Harleian tran- flakey, and occasion a considerable preferipts, with thort notes, fhull form the cipitation. third volume, and a fourth volume will Several years fince, we announced a coutain the texo to the Odysley, with plealing invention, by means of which various lections, to be introduced by inpresion night be taken on paper, from fac-bmiles of the characters and descrip- deligus made on itone. As the practice tious of the respective MSS. engaged in of this art is at once amuling and cleful, the service of the text; to which will we fall describe it to our readers. The fucceed a finall volume of Scholia, chiefly stone thould be close-grained, and the frata MSS, with thort notes, a differta- drawing or writing should be made with tion opon the genuiveness of Od. 8, à a pen dipped in ink forned of a folution collation of the pp. of Ed. Rom. and of lac in leys of pure foda, to which Bax, of Eustatbius, with the omillions fhould be added fome foup and laap of the latter: and application of the Di- black for colouring. Leave it to harden gamma to the remains of Heliod, for a few days, then take imprellions

4 Latin poetrs on the Battle of Tra in the following manner: dip the surface Salgne, with an English profe trantiation, in water, then dab it with printers' ink will be published early in this mouth, and printers' balls; the ink sticks to the

The Works of Sallutt, trantlated by the detign and not to the stone, and the inInde Arznur. MURPHY, Esq. are about to pretlion may be taken with wet paper, be re-published.

by ineans of a rolling or screw prefs, in Those who have heard at a distance the ordinary manner. Several hundred of the

pas lights produced from the car copies may be taken from the same doboatzation of coals, and who have not fign, in this finple manner. been able to see the experiments of Dr. Howrsox has alfo communicated Me WINSOR and others, may namuse a discovery for printing cotton cloth of

ve with the following experi- black colour. Take Malacca nuts, which a fanll feale. - Take an or are fold in Bengal at two thillings per tobaco jape and tearly fill the cwt boil them in water in clofe earthen a fault coala, muid top the vessels with the leaves of the tree; dur

the bowl with any suitable ing the boiling a whitith fnbstance, formed och pipe day, or A mixture of from the mucilage and oil of the nuts

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