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man body to the furface of the water, water or in oil. We Mall give an instance or till it becomes visible: a second drag of each. The pannels and canals at such time might be applied to any grounds are prepared by laying on them part of the body, so as to secure a firm a composition inade from sheep's trotteis hold." The belt drag costs 1l. 1s. the calcined and whcaten tlour in equal profecond 12s.

portions. The grounds thus prepared MR. SEBASTIAN Grandi has obtained do not crack, they may be painted on the filver medal and twenty guineas for upon, almost immediately, and from Colours and Materials for Painting, and their absorbent quality the business for a preparation of Grounds or Pánuels may be proceeded upon with dispatch, for Painters. This gentleman aflumes, from Oil is purified by bone-athes made into various experiments, that he has disco a paste with water, this is to be heated vered the manner of preparing either red-hot, and immersed in the oil, after Canvals, Copper, or Pannel in the old which a small quantity of bone-ash is to Venetian stylc; and also a method of be added; and, wlien it is clear, it is fit for purifying oils for painters use agrecably use. to the practice of the ancient masters. Crayons are formed of ilb. of powderHe says he has been enabled to produce ed bone-afhes, mixed with three ounces Crayons, of a quality greatly superior to of spermaceti, and colouring matters as any in use, and which are tixed, so as to much as may be required. They are to prevent their rabbing off the paper when he ground together, and then rolled up used, and which may also be applied in in proper forin and dried on a board.



As the List of New Publications, contained in the Monthly Magazine, is the ONLY COEPLETE LIST PUBLISHED, and consequently the only one that cin be useful to the Public for Purposes of general Reference, it is requefied, that Authors and Publi/hers will continue lo communicate Notices of their Torks, (Poft paid), and they will always be faithfully inferted, FREE OF EXPENCE, ANTIQUITIES.

Nicholas Gypsum, with Notes and Preface; by THE Architectural Antiquities of Great the Author. 2s.6d.

Britain; by John Bricain, F. S. A. Part 8, 4to. 105. od.; tine, 16s.

The Young Lady's Pocket Library; or, Pa. ARCHITECTURE.

rental Monitor. 8vo. 65, boards. Observacions on English Architecture, Mi

Maral Tales, for Young People; by Mrs. litary, and Civil; coinpared with fimilar

Hurry. 4s. buildinge on the Continent, including a criti The Book of Monosyllables; or, an Introcal Itinerary of Oxford and Cambridge, &c. duction to the Childs' Monitor, or Parental with Chronological Tables, and Dimensions Instruction, in Two Parts. 18. 01. bound. of Cathedral and Conventual Churches; by

The Young Naval Here; or, Hints to Pathe Rev James Dallaway, M. B. F.S. A. 8vo.

rents and Guardians, on educating Young 12s. boards.

Gentlemen for the Navy. 23. 6d.

A New General Pronouncing Dictionary; An Account of the Life and Writings of by William Enfield, M. A. 48. bound. Hugh Blair, D. :), F.R.S. one of the Mi A Comparative View of the New Plan of hiters oi the High Church, and Professor of Education, promulgated by Mr. Joseph Lace Rhetoric and Belles Lettres in the Univirlity cafter in his Tracts concerning the Inftrucof Edinburgh; by the late jobn Hill, L. L. D. tion of the Children of the Labouring Part of 8vo. 6s. boards.

the Community, and of the System of ChrifAn Account of the Life and Writings of Da- tian Education, by Mrs. Trimmer. 35. vid Hume, esq.; by Thomas Ritchie. 8vo. An Abridgment of Dr. Goldsmith's Natural 105. 60 boards.

History of Beasts and Birds, with 200 Engray. The Lift Years oi the Reign of Louis XVI. ings on Wood. 6s. bound. by Francis Hue, 8vo. 10.. 6d boards.

The Juvenile Jourital; or, Tales of Truth; Tic Liie and Writings of Mr. Tanoer, of by Mrs. Cockle. 3s. hid. Exeter, by Dr. Hawker, D. D. with Mr. T.'s

GEOGRAPHY. Purtrait. 8vo, 56.

An Introduction to Geography, intented

chiefly for the Ute of Schools; including a The Architect; a Farce, by the late Mr. Shurt Account of the Solar Syden, and the






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use of the Terrestrial Globe; with some Re Advantages and Disadrantages of the Mar, marks on the Pronunciation of the Nanzes of riage State. 8vo. 4d. Foreixn Coun.ries, &c.; by laac Payne. Profeffor Franck's Account of Glauca Hall, 25. d. bound

and Mr Whitefield's of the Orphan-Housc, HISTORY

Georgia. Tableau de L'Hi' ore Universelle, jausque,

NOVELS. à l'ére greitest en l'ers François 38. Mandeville Castle; or, the Two Ellinors,

2 vols 12mo. 75. boards. "Transactie.In cuticultural Society of Drelincourt and Rodaloi ; or, Memoirs of London. IV. De 1

75 63.

Two Nobie Families; by Miss Byron. 3 vols.

12 buards, Trial o, "ir ! Piers, for Crim Con, with The Dricarded Son; or, the Haunt of the Lads tot 107;,in recour of King's Bench, Banditti ; by Mrs. Roche. 5 vols. 24. od. Du lint ruary 12, 1807

Tewed. All or te Law of Idiocy and Luna. Constance De Lindensdorf; or, the Force cy: ?! \icinis indig ned, an spendix, con- of bigotry; by Sophia Francis. 4 vols. 12mo. twining ..- Pra tice o: the Court of Chancery sewet. on tai subject; y A Highmore. 6s voards. Laurette; by Mrs. Thomson. 3 vols. MIDICINE AND SURGERY.

135. od. jewed. A sve op jp rative Surgery, founded Vesuvia, or, Anglesea Manor. '3 vols 13s. on the Balis of Anatomy, by Charles Bell; 6d. sewed. 1 vol. 8vo 18s, boards

Caitle Roviego, an Italian Romance. А Pop Ella, ,on he Disorder familiarly 4 vols 215. termed a Cold; by E. L. White. 8vo. 5.. bds. The Convent of Notre Dame; or Jeannette ;

Strictures on Ms. Parkinson's Observations, by the Author of the Talc of Mystery. 2 vols. on the Nature and Cure vi the Gout, recently 10s. Published in Oppoticion to the Theory thac A Winter at Bath ; or, Love as it may be. proposes the evoling Treatment of that Dir 4 vols. 183. boards. eale; to which are added in an Appendix, The Benevolent Monk; or, the Castle of Two Letters addrelied to Dr. Haygarch; by Olalla; a Romance by T. Melville. 3 vols. Robert Kinglake, M. D. 4. boards.

13s. 6d. boards. Dr. Trotter's View o: the Nervous Tempe

POETRY. rament, being a practical Enquiry into the The Exodiad, a Poem ; Book 1, 2, 3, 4; increating Prevaleuce, Prevention and Treat- by Richard Cumberland, esq. and Sir James ment of those Dilecies, comnionly called Ner- Bland Burgers, bart. 4to. 155. boards. vous, Bilious, Stomach and Liver Com. The Mountain Bard; consisting of Ballads plaints, Indigestion, Low Spirits, Colic, Gout, and Songs, founded on Facts, and Legendary

Tales; by James Hogg, the Ettrick ShepAddress to the Profeffors of Phyfic and Sur. herd. 8vo. 7s.6d. bourds. gery in London and Westminster, propofing Poems; by David Carey. 8vo. 55. 60. lds. the Institution of a Society for investigating Stultifera Navis; or, the Modern Snip of the Caule, Symptoms and Cure of the Hydro- Fools, a Satiricai Poem. 12mo. 8s. boards. phobia. 60.

The Uti Poslidetis and Status Quo, a Poli

tical Satire. 1s 6d. Observations on the Advantages and Prac

POLITICAL ECONOMY. Licability oi making Tunnels under Naviga Some Thougbts on the Preient State of the bie Rivers, particularly applicavle to the pro- English Peasantry, written in consequence posed Tunnel under the forth ; with an Ap- of Mr. Whitbread's motion in the House of pend x; by James Millar, M. D. F. S. A. S. Commons, Feb. 19, 1807; by 1. N. Brewer. and Wilian Vazie, efq. 8vo. 55. sewed. 1s. 6d. The Student's Companion ; or, Summary

POLITICS. of general Knowledge, with Plates; by John Lord Erskine's Speech in the House of Sabine. 19mo 73. boards.

of Lords, April 13, 1807. 1s. The Public Udeceived; containing a A Plain Address to the People of England, Statement of all thc Facts relative to Mr. in explanation of the facred Causes which ocDibdin's Pention. 23.

cafioned the Dismissal of His Majesty's late The Laugliable Magazine; or, Cabinet of Ministers. 6d. Hamour No I. 16. or %s. coloured.

The State of the Catholics of Ireland exLectures on the Art of Engraving, deliver- plained, by a member of Parliament. s. ed at the Royal institution of Great Britain; Letters addreiled to Lord Grenville, and by Juha Landteer, F. S. A. 8vo. 105. J. Lord Howick, upon their removal from the boards.

Councils of the King. 13. A Few Remarks on a Piece of Criticism in A True History of a late Short Adminiftra. the last Number of the Ed nburgh Review ; tion. 9d. by Williara Hunter, cly. 60.

Sketch of a Speech delivered by John A Diilertation on the liebrew Roots; by Keogh, cfq. at a meeting of the Catholics of Mr. Pace. 12mo. 5s.

Dublin. 15.




Effly on the History and Effects of the Co Marble Tablet, by the Parishioners of Riche Tonajon Oath, including Observations on mond, in memory of Thomas Wakefield, B.A. Bill recently submitted to the Confideration of their late Minincs, by Edward Patterson, the House of Commons; by John Joseph Dil M. A. 15. 60. lon, eig. 23. 6d.

Supplement to the signs of the Times: A Letter to Samuel Whitbread, esq. M. P. with an Answer to Mr. Faber; by J. Bicheru, on the subject of Two Bills now pending in A. M. 2s. parliament ; by Robert Deverell, eiq. 15. 6d. A Sermon preached Feb. 25, 1807, firk

General Reflections on the System of the before His Majesty's Colestream reyiment of Poor Laws, with a thort View of Mr. Whit- Guards, and afterwards at Brompton Lode, bread's Bill, and Comment on it. 15. 6d. before their Royal Highnesses the Dutubels,

General Observations upon the probable the Princess and Prince William Frederic Effects of any Measures which have for their Duke of Gloucester, and the Dutchefs's HouseObject the Increase of the Regular Army; hold, by the Rev. William W. Dulins, and upon the Principles which should regulate L. L. B. F. S. A. 15. 6d. the System for calling out the great Body of A Sermon preached in the Parish Church the People in Defence of the British Empire. of Hanwell, in the county of Middleea, ca 3vo. 2s. 6d.

Feb. 2, 1807, by the Rev. John Bond, A. M. A Letter to Samuel Whitbread, eiq. M.P. 1s. on his proposed Bill for the Amendment of the A Second Defence of Revealed Religion ; L'oor Laws; by the Rev. T. R. Malthus, A.M, in Two Sermons preached in the Chapel Royal 15. 6d.

St. James's ; by Richard Watson, D. D. Lurd A Letter addreffed to Samuel Whitisead, Bishop of Landanti is. efq. M. P. in consequence of the unqualified Lectures on Scripture Facts, by the Rev. Approbation exprefied by him in the Houte of Willian Bengo Culver, of Peckham. Commons, of Mr. Lancaiter's System of Edu Luthier's Correntisy on St Paul's Epinle Cation; by John Bowles, eig. 8vo. 25. od. to the Galatiunse wil the Life; by the Rci.

A Speech, delivered at a meeting of the Fraldus Miudleton, D.D. 8.3. 13. : 45 Merchants' Company of Edinburgh, respeito Religious Union, Periective, and the lupe ing the Police Act, on Monday Feb. 10:h, port of Civil Union. 8vo. 35. 1807 ; by John Bothwick Gilchrift, eiq.L.LD, A Charge delivered to the Clergy of the

Episcopal Conimunion of Cdinburgh, un Jan. The State of the Care, in a Letter to Lords 15, 1807; by the Rev. D. Sandford, D.D. Grenville and Howick. 8vo 18. od.

thcir Bishop. 1s. cd. Curfory Reflections on the Measures now A Scriptural Ledure on Heads; with a in Agitation in favour of the Roman Catholic's Supplementary Address to Mr. Robert Win. of the United Kingdom. 8vo. s. 6d. ter,on his late Sermon ; by a Neigbtour. 9.6

Observations on the proposed Reform in the An Address to the Members of the Convon Administration of Civil Justice in Scotland; cation at Large, on the proposed New Statute by James Ferguson, esq. advocate. 8vo. 4s, respecting Public Examination in the Univer. fewed.

fity of Oxford; by the Rector of Lincolo Col. The British Cabinet of 1806; or, Memoirs lege. 15. 6d. of the Illustrious Personages, who comipoled A Second Audress to Ditto by Ditro. 16. the late Administration. 55. boards.

A Sermon preached by Wells, Soldier in The Substance of Three Speeches in Parlia. the first Regiment of Guards, at the Baptist ment, on the Subject for the Abolition of the Meeting Houle, at Quardon, in Leicellerinire, Slave Trade ; by G Hibbut, elq. M. P. 25. 6d. Jan. 8, 1807, to which is pretixcd a Skort STATISTICS.

Account of the Author's Converfion. Ao Estay on the Study of Statistics, con Critical Remarks on Dr. Tatham's Tw All taining a Syllabus for Lectures, and intended dresses to the Members of Convocation. 18. to aliit the inquiries of inexperienced Travel. Eliays to do Good, addreficá to all ChriiJers; by D. Boileau. 25. 60. boards.

tians, whether in Private or Public Capaci

ties; by Cotton Mather, D. D. Reviled and A Sermon preached to the supporters of improved by G. Rurder. 12mo. 2s. 64. the l'nitarian Fund, in Parliament Court, Spi Domestic Dilcipline, and Youth admonithe tal Fields, Nov. 26, 1806, by Jothua 'Toule ed; two Sermons, by D.Tyreman, 8vo. Is 61. min, D. D. 1s.

An Appendix to Dr. Watt's Pfalmas end A Scriptural Lecture on Heads; or, the Hymns; by Dr. Williams, and Ms. L'odene Triumphs of grace Divine in Jesus Chriit the 12mo. large print, 5s. Second Mari, the Lord from Heaven over all Toplady's Prayers enlarged, is o. the Evils or Firl Man. 2s. 60. fewed.

TOPOGRAPHY. Daniels Evening Vision,compared with His The Picture of Newcaille-upon-Tyne, contory; in which is disclosed a Prophecy cun- taining a Guide to the Town inu Neightourcerning Bonaparte. 15.

hood, a History of the Roman Wall, and A Sermon preached in the Parish Church particular Account of the Coal-Min; 11!4fof Richmond, Surry, on March 8111, 1807, be- rated by a Newaret Correct Plan of the Coal ing the fisit Sunday after the crection of a District, including the Lurers, Tyacand Wear


the Collieries, Streets, Roads, Towns, Vil- riot, efq. 4to. 21. 1%s. 6d. boards, with a solages and Gentlemen's Seats; a Plan of Newe parate Atlas, 3. 135. 6d. Cutle, and a Descriptive Vignette by Be The Pretent State of Turkey; or, a Dewick. 53.

fcription of the Political, Civil, and Religious TRAVELS.

Constitution, Government and Laws, of che . Travels through the Canadas; containing Ottoman Empire ; by Thomas Thornton, efq. a Description of the Picturesque Scenery on 4to. 11. 1s. boards. fcisc of the Rivers and Lakes; with an Ac The Stranger in England ; or, Travels in count of the Productions, Commerce, and In Great Britain, from the German of C. A, G. habitants of tbofe Provinces. To which is Goede. 3 vols. 8vo. 153. boards, Lubja.ned a Comparative View of the Manners Observations on a journey through Spain and Cartoons of several of the Indian Nations and Italy to Naples, and, thence to Smtyrna o Nuria and South America ; by George Hle and Constantinople, 2 vols. 8va. 10s. 6d. bus.

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Including Notices of Works in Hlund, Domestic and Foreign.
Authentic Communications for ihis drticle will always be thankfully received.

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R. LANCASTER announces for pub- Mentz and Darmstadt. The engravings cupies for a pound, an abbreviated Ac- ftill more beautiful than those which have count of bis newly invented Method of accompanied his former works. inftrucing the Children of the Poor. The Rev. J. ROBINSON, master of the Perhaps one of the mofi interesting spec- Free Grammar-School at Ravenfionedule, tacles to be seen at prefent in or near has juli completed a copious work on the London is the Free School of this bene- Literature, Manners, Cutioms, Rcligion, solent man, situated about two hundred Warfare, Laws, &c. &c. of the Greeks, vards from the Obelili, in St. George's intended for the ule of schools; and inFields. In this School nearly one thou- cluding the retults of the various difertafund poor children are rapidly taught tions which have been written on those reading, writing, and arithmetic, by one fubjecis tince the time of Potter. The waiter, on the plan of Mr. Lancalier, for work of Mr. R., which will be found an a total expence not exceeding three bim- inditpensable conspanion in reading the dred pounds per annum. The leading Greck Claties, will be publithed under principle of this well revulared and or the title of Archæologia Græca. derly Eltabithinent is, that the fenior Mr. Bersiham is about to publish a Colclasics teach the junior, and that eniula- lection of State-Papers, Oliicial Letters, tion through every class is excited by re and other Documents, illùtuative of Enge wards and promotion. The methods of lith Hitiory, from the Revolution to the teaching are also much simplified-for ex- Peace of Amiens. Thete Papers extend ample, the children learn to read and to two volumes, and are to printed as write the alphabet at the fane tinie, by either to be fold separately, or in connecfurning the letters in fand with iheir tion with the various volumes of his llitfingers, as each letter is fucceilively call- tory, to which the Papers respectively ed by the momtor; they afterwards learn appertain. This work, together with the to read and write monofyllables in the Hintory of Mr. Hume, forms now a regu. laine manner, and the precision and ra- lar and respectable series of English birpidity with which the smallest children tory from the carliest records to uur own perform thele operations is very furpriz- times—a feries which has hitherto been ing, and highly intereiting. Aided by among the principal defiderata of English this plan, the children of the poor may, Literature. without exception, be initiated in the Mr. JOHNES,, of Haford, to whom the torii rudiments of knowledge; and we public are under obligation for fo fplencongratulate the country on the prospect did an edition of Froitlart, is now enof its speciy sudoption by the Legilla- gaged in a Trantation of the Chronicles ture, on the introduction of Mr. Whit- of wonttrelet, which includes the period brad.

from 1100 10 1467, and describe the pare Sir Jons Call will publish, carly in ticulars of the conquests of Henry the May, the Account of his recent Excursion Vth., and of the fublequent expuluon of Allie Holland, and along the Rhine, to the Englith from France.



The same gentleman is about to pub- contains (says Mr. Wilson) two paralin a Tranflation of the Memoirs ot' Join graphs, which prof is to convey infrinaville, who was contemporary with Louis' tion upon the art of Stereotype printine: the IXth., and accompanied that Mo- and upon the improvements introduced Darch in bis famous expedition into Egypt. by Lord Stanbspe in the confiru jon of It is to be hoped that the recent dettruc- printing pretles.' In this statement there tion of this gentleman's beautiful villa, are leveral mo'takes, calculated to mislead at llatod, will not diminith bis ardour the public mind. It is due froin me, in his interesting literary pursuits. not to the Bool:jollers of London particu

Mr. Smart's new Trantation of Gillarly, but to the Bookielleis, and to the Blas, accompanied by ONE

PRINTERS too, wf Enyland, Scotland, and engravings, will be ready in a few days. Ireland, to the Maliers of public Schools

Mr. RAYMOND, author of the Lite of and private Seminaries, to the Goveroun Dermody, is preparing a complete edition of luistitutions for the gratuiwus circul.of the Poetical Works of that wonderful, tion of books, to all persons interested in but unfortunate youth.

the faithful and economical education of A Catalague Raisonnée is in the press, youth of both sexes, and in general to of the Library of the late Sultaun Tip- the whole literary world, it is due from poo Saib, which, atier his death, was me to bring forward fomething inore than conveyed entire from Seringapatam to bare affertion upon the present occation; the College at Calcutta. It contitted of to itate what really are the advantages upwards of 2000 manufcripts, in the Ara- peculiar to Stereotype Printing, which I bic, Persian, and Hindoofiance languages, presume I am rather better qualified to do many of them highly curious.

than are those perions who know nothing Mr. GIFFORD, the translator of Juve- of the subject. The advantages aring nal, and editor of Mallinger, is engaged from an app cation of the Sterevtype in an edition of the works of Ben Jonion. invention to the manufacture of books,

The new edition of the Bible, with an are not confined to any particular de notations by Dr. Gregory, and superb partinent of the printing business. In engravings from the works of the great every department of expenditure they are Masters, will not make its appearance

till as felf-evident as profitable, and need the lit. day of January, 1808.

only to be mentioned to be well underAmong the other absurdities of the ad- stood. In the firti place, the wear of moremirers of black letter, and of the literary able types, in Stereotyping, does not expetits-maitres who give enormous prices ceerd 5l. per cent. of the heavy expene for useless books, a “ modern antique" is incurred by the old method of printing. announded in a fac-simile reprint of the -diy. The expenditure upon compofirst folio edition of the Works of Shakel- Jition and reading is nearly the fanue by peare, in which it is childillily boasted both methods, tor a farli edition : but this that the type and paper are exactly to cor great expende must be repeated for every refpond with that of the musiy original ! lucceeding edition from moveable types;

Mr. Wool announces a second quarto whereas, by the Stereotype plan it certos on the subject of the Life and Writings of for ever.-3dly. The expence of Stereotipe Dr. Jofeph Warton.

plates, when I am employed to casi iliei, A1r. Wilson, the proprietor of the is not 201. per cent. of that of moveable Stereotype Office, in Duke-street, Lin- type pages-4thly. Theexpenditure upon coln's Inn-Fields, having favoured us with poper and press-work is the fame by both some particulars relative to the art of methods; but it is not incurred at the fune Stereotype printing, in contradiction to time. The old method requires an adthe statement made in our late number, vance of capital for a consumption of we feel great pleasure in laying fome ex- four years; whereas, by Stereotype, half tracts from his communication before our a vear's stock is more than fufficient. It readers

. We are concerned that Mr. follows, therefore, that 1241. per cent of Wilton's paper came to hand fo late as the capital hitherto employed in paper to prevent its appearance in the part of and press-work is fully adequate to meeran our Magazine devoted to original corre- equal extent of file-5tlily. A fire-pront spondence and we hope that bis arguments room will hold Stereotype pintes of will not appear to have fuffered from the works, of which the dead stock in printed curtailment which has been ncceffary paper would require a warehouse twenty to adapt then to their prefent place. times the fize; and thus warchiwufirent “ The first column of the Varieties of and injurance are fived; with the mulyour last publication (No. 155), p. 264, ditional advantage, in case of accident by

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