Sidor som bilder


At Nantwich, William, only fon of William after being a widower about twenty-four Sprout, esq. merchant and banker.

hours. Having acquired a competency in As Rode-hall, Mrs. Eliz. Wilbraham, last trade at Sleaford, this pair, whose threads of surviving daughter of the late Francis W. efq. life have been so awfully cut nearly at the

At Stapeley, near Nantwich, Mr. Edward fame time, lace by retired to Sramtord, to Pike, baptiit minister, 57. He formerly re enjoy the earnings of an bonest application to fided at Shrewsbury, but had lately travelled

their calling. as an itinerant preacher.

Mr. John Warrington, 81, many years a At Twemlow, the lady of Egerton Leigh, whitesmith in Irunmongers’-ftreet, in Scamesq.

ford. He had amassed confiderable property, DERBYSHIRE.

which he has by his will ordered lo be distri. Married.] At Beadsail, Samuel Tertius buted in the following manner :- 18001. Galton, esq. eldest son of Samuel G. ety. of three per cent. annuitiei to the poor in three Dudson, near Birmingham, to Violetta, eldest classes, 1001. to the blue coat school, ard daughter of the late Dr. Erasmus Darwin. 301. for the repair of St. Michael's church,

At Darley Dale, Mr. Greaves, merchant, ali in Stanford. To his lifter, who is blind, of Hull, to Miss 'Martha Radiord, youngest and in a workhouse at Bath, he has be. daughter of the late Mr. R. furgeon, of Aihe queathed 1001. ; and annuities of 80). a year

to each of two brothers, to whom he scarcely Died.] At Derby, Mr. John Killer, one of ever gave fixpence in his life time, although the members of the corporation, 69.- Mr. one was in an alms-bouse at Liddington, in Jor. Hopkinson, 59.

kutland, and the other in a work bousc in At Middle Mayfield, Mrs. Cooper, wise of Stamford ; and notwithstanding they are both John C. esq.

old men, each being nearly 80 years of age, At Scropton, Mr. Eld, 80.

the teftator has specially provided, that if At Dronfield, Mr. Jof. Holson.

either of them marries, the annuity thall no At Little Chester, Mrs. Hallam, wife of longer be paid to him. In the event of their Mr. John H. 37.

deaths, the 1601 a-year devolves, in equal Ať Swanwick, the Rev. Francis Skerritt, proportions, to five parishes, viz. Uffington, 95, a diflenting minister in the baptist con Tarlington, and Market Deeping, in Linnexion upwards of 60 years. He had 6 chil. cointhire, and Ketton and Empingham, is dren, 14 grand children, 35 great grand chil. Rutland, for the benefit of ten of the oldest dren, and 2 great great grand children. widows; and in c:se there shall not be fo At Horsley-park, Mr. Abbot, 81.

many, then to the ten oldest maidens in each At Lowbridge, Nicholas Nicholas, efq 67. parith Seemingly apprehensive that pofteAt Allen-hill, Matlock, Mr. George Wol

rity might not duly appreciate his charitable ley, 80.

difpofirien, some time before his death he At Weston-upon-Trent, the Rev. William bought a marble monument for himseli, and, Dawson.

having caused his embryo munificence to live NOTTINGHAMSHIRE.

eniblazoned upon it, daily feasted upon the Died.) At Car Collton, Mr. Henry Blags, conjectural manna of what men would say of 42.

him, who should liereafter read of his extenAt Scarrington, Mrs. Ludlow, 74.

five bounty! At Southweh, Mrs. Twells, 84.

At Louth, Joshua Fytche, gent. 80. His At Lenion, Mr. Weston.

property, which was very considerable, de. At Watnall, Christopher Rollefton, esq. volves chicfly to his nephew, a lieutenant is who served the office of high sheriff' for the the Inniskilling regiment of dragoons. I county in 1805.

may be juitly laid or him, that he was a real Ac Plungar, nea: Belvoir-castle, Mr Var.. disciple of the late John Elwes, of pesurious

notoriety. At Nottingham, Mr. Wainwright, 55. At Gainsbro', John Nettleship, esq. 84 Miss Mary Thorpe, 18.-Mrs. Randal, reliat At Withern, near Louth, Mr. Joha Bul. of Mr. James R.-Mrs. Moore, wife of Mr. livant, 66, many years a respectable land. M. master of St. Peter's workhouse, whose furveyor. What is remarkable, he was never benevolence of heart, tenderness, and unde. one day at school during his lite. viating reditude, will not haftily be for. Ac Willingham, near Gainsborough, the gotten.- John Shaw, gent, late matter of the Rev. Robert Wells, D. D. one of his MaWheat heaf inn, 69.

jesty's justices of the peace for the parts of Ac Staunton, Mrs. Anne Charlton, 81; Lindley, 74. the eldest and luat surviving daughter of Job At Grantham, Wildbore Garner, clą one Staunton C. esq. who represented the borough of the justices of thet borough, 77.-Darld Oi Newark in several parliaments.

Lely, esq. an eminent folicitor and town. LINCOLNSHIRE.

clerk of the borough.c-Poithutrus Bullivant, Eird ] At Hiacon House, Mrs. Heneage, esq. folicitor, 28. filter to Colonel H.

At Boston, Miss Anne Waite, fifter of Mr. At Stamford, Mrs. Blaze, 58, wife of Mr. Alerman W.-Wm. Brockett, efq. aldar. B.-And in the same huule, Mr. Blaze, 54, man, and twice mayor of this place, 85

rener, 94.



Ai Syston Park, the lady of Sir John Thorold, bart.

Married.] Ac Afton, Mr. M. H. Mo. Ac Sleaford, Lieut. Col. Wade, of the 30th gridge, of Birmingham, to Miss S. M. Hands, regiment of foot, 47.

only daughter of Benjamin H. esq. of Bury Ac Lincoln, Mrs. Rees, of Saxilby, wi- St. Edmund's. dow of the Rev. John R.-Mr. Wm. Bag At Birmingham, Mr. Winwood, of Hartle. galey, 80.-Mrs. Moss.

bury, Worcestershire, to Miss Lamb. - Mr.

George Todd, of London, to Miss Ann Man. At a meeting of the Leicesterhire and Rute fell. landibire Agricultural Society, held at Peter. At Fillongley, Mr. Joseph Sinith, of Co- . borough, on the 25th of March, it was agreed ventry, to Miss Baker. that the following addicional premiums should Ac Stratford-upon Avon, the Rev. John be offered for the present yest: To the perfon Whitmore, to Miss Green. who thail, at the annual meeting for 1807, At Warwick, Mr. John Hurit, of Long. report the most fatisfactory information, as ford, near Coventry, iu Miss Ann Fowler. deduced from actual experiments, oi the soils Died.] Ac Birmingham, Mr. Abel Wil. and fituations bett alapted for orchards, and liams. He had been a Lieutenant in the Bir. of the means used in their plantation and sub- mingham volunteers, but resigned on account fequent management, 10 guineas. -For the of ill health.--A1r. Andrew Guy Clarke.beit cow that thill have produced not less Mrs. Eliz. Jorden, relict of Richard J. esq. than three calves, and thall be in mlk at the of Blyth Farm, Staffordlire, 70 – Mrs. time of thewing, the time of her last calving Mary Bishop, 67.-Mr. Charles Paine, enbeing ascertuined by the owner, 6 guineas. graver. On his journey, Mr. Charles Cap-For the second bet, 4 guineas.

per, wholesale jeweller, of London, 44.Marriz.] At Coleorton, Mr. Kirby, aged Mr. William Baxter, son of the Rev. Richard 17, to Ms. Gumble, a gay widow of 65. B. of Stamfordham, Northumberland, 36.-

Died.) At Billesdon, Mr Nicholas Joyce, Mr. John Mander, a member of Capt Legge's furgcori, 76 - Mr. John Phillips, jun. troop of Warwickshire yeominry.-Mr. John

At Market Harboruugh, Mrs. Hubbard, Doaald, fornieriy a merclunt of Glasgow, 73.

but who, for the last fifteen years, has reAt Sumerby, Mr. George Burton, late sided in this town. Mr. John Wardell, 28. affiftant in Mr. Phillips's school at Billesden,

-Mrs. Newell, relict of Mr. William N.

Mr. Thomas Phillips.--Mrs. Sarah Turner. At Loughborough, Sarah, the only filter Miss Mary Ann Gordon, eldeit daughter of of Mr. B G. Wallis, surgeon, 28.

John G. erg. banker.
At Leiceter, Mrs Mary Spencer, 70. At Fen End, Baltall, Mr. Willington.

At Wanlip, thie Rev. Robert Burnaby, At Coventry, Mrs. Hudson. Mrs. Ling.. rector of that parish, and a justice of the -Mr. John Taylor, 85 peace for the county.

At Alverton, near Stratford, the Rev. Mr.

Jenkinson. Married.) At Harborn, William Frears, At Radford, near Warwick, Mrs. Eliz. esq. merchant, of Liverpool, to Miss Jote- Haynes, 68. pha Cairns, daughter of E. Cairns, esg. of Ai Nuneaton, John Burton, fen, gent. 53. Birmingham.

-On the 20th ult. Mr. John Buston, tan. At Little Mifferden, Joseph Phillimore, ner, a man universally relpecied by the genesq. of the loner Temple, London, to Eli: try of his neighbourhood, and beloved by the zabeth, third daughter of the late Walter poor for his kindnels and affability. During Bagot, clq. of Blyth.

the scarcity of tbe year 1801, his purse and A! Burr, Mr, James Swaine, of Hamstead his house were alw.ys open to any one who Mill, to Miss Day.

wanted them. An unfortunate law-fuit laid At Walfall, the Rev. J. W. Wickes, rec. the foundation of his illness (a uropfy) under top of Wardley.cum-Beiten, Ruslandshire, which he laboured for twelve months, and at to Vifs Rota Leonard, secund daughter of the length expired, beloved by his numerous kinlate Mr. L. of Conduit-itreet, London. dred, and leaving a widow and eighe children

Died.] Ac Litchfield, Francis Cobb, esq. to lament his irreparable lofs. receiver general for the county, 89-On his way to Huntley Hall, from britol Hotwells, Married.] Ac Welshpool, the Rev. Tho. where he had been for the recovery of his mas Farmer, vicar of Chirbury, to Miss Dabealth lince his return from Calabria, Cap- vies, of Pool. Lain Bulkeley, of the Hift regiment, late Died.] At Shipton, Capt. Francis Mytton. and de-lump to Major general Sir John Stuart. At Shrewsbury, Mrs. Buckley, 83.-Mis.

At Wolverhampton, Sulan, second daughi- Atcherley.-Mrs Dicken, relict of Mr. D. ter of Mr. Thomas Simpson.

formerly fergeant of the Court of Requests in At Swindon, Mrs. Parker, wife of William this towi1.--Mr. Thomas Dodd, one of Cap.

tain Benyon's company oi shropihire volun. At Coppenhall, Mrs. Collier, relict of Ceers. John C. cq. of Church Akon, Shropshire. At Bicton Heath, Mr John Rowlands, 88.

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P. gent





At Oswestry, Mr. William Lovett, son of Lechmere Charlton, efq. formerly colonel of the late Mr. L. surgeon.

the Worcestershire militia, and M. P. for the At Wollerton, Mrs. Dicken, wife of Rowe city of Worcester. This gentleman' was eldest land D. esq. 68.

son of Edmund Lechmere, esq. M. P. for the At Drayton, Mr. Bayley, wine-merchant. county of Worcester, and coulin to that great At Wellington, Mrs. Jennins, 75. lawyer Nicholas Lord Lechmere, whom he

At Newtown, Baschurch, Mr. Henry Pick- succeeded in the Hanley-cattle property about stuck.

two years ago: he took the furname of CharlAt Broseley, Mr. Daniel Boden, surgeon ton, pursuant to the will of his maternal and apothecary. He had practised there with uncle, Sir Francis Charlton, bart. whose large deserved reputation nearly fifty years.

estates ar Ludford devolved to him on that

condition. An extent of nearly five miles of the Wor. At Home's Farm, near Rors, Miss Terrett, cester and Birmingham Canal, from Hopwood eldest daughter of Mr. T. to Tardebig, has recently been opened. On At Hereford, Mrs. Mary Gwatkin, 99.the same day a number of veilels arrived at Mrs. Marsh, 95.--Mr. Carpenter, ren. 56.the wharf of Tardebig, with upwards of 300 Mrs. Yeomans. - Mrs. Eacker, wife of Wm: tons of coals, which were told immediately, B. esq. of Woodbrook, in the county of Wexon such terms as to ensure a coniinuance of ford, Ireland, and daughter of the Rev. Dr. supply of that indispensable article of comfort. Jacob, archdeacon of Armagh.-Mr. William This must prove of valt importance to the Linwall, 35, serjeant-major of the Herefordowners of coul-mines communicating with thire yeomanry. that canal. The conclufion of this work is At Ross, Mrs. Mann, reli&t of Mr. Edward now anticipated with eagerness, on account M. 100. of the advantage it will be to the port of At Leominster, Mrs. Davies. Bristol, as this canal is intended to enter the deep water of the Severn below Hereford, Married.) Ifaac Hobhouse, esq. of Weft. which will sender the conveyance between bury-upon-Trim, to Mils Royston, of NewBristol and Birmingham certain, cheap, and expeditious.

At Walton Cardiff, Mr. Joho Purler to Married.) At Worcester, the Rer. T. H. Miss Aan Bullock, of Tewkesbury. Whorwood, of Headington-house, Oxon, to At Beckington, Mr. N.P. Singer, of West. Miss Grape, eldest daugliter of the late Rev. bury, to Miss Mary Ford, daughter of Wa. William G,

F. era. banker. At Quatt, Elias Isaac, efy. banker, of Wor Died.] At Gloucester, Mr. Richard Worcester, to Miss Harriet Whitmore, daughter thington, eldest son of Dr. W. of Ashtonof William W. esq. of Dudmatton, Shrop- hayes, Chethire.—Mrs. Eliz. Salcumb. By thire.

her will she has left 201 to the Infirmary. Mr. Davis, land-surveyor and auctioneer, Allington Morley, Esq. late of Blue Bridge of Eastham, to Mifs Harford, of Shelley. House, Eflex.-Mrs. Roberts, mother of Mr.

Died.] At Chaddelley Corbet, Mrs. Eliz. J. Roberts, bookseller. -Mr. Edward PetDenward, 91.

lingham, fen: At Worce:ter, Mrs. Wharton, wife of Mr. The Rev. Anselm Jones, rector of Naun. W. of the Lord Nelson.-Mrs. Storer, of the ton and vicar of South Cerney. Union Tavern.--Mr. J. Wecks, collector of At Cirencester, Miss Bowley, lifter of Mr. the excife for the Worcester distri&t.- Erasmus B. banker. Lloyd, esq. 72. He served the office or mayor At New Farm, near Cirence ter, Miss for the city in 1786 –Miss Raymant, 18 Davies, only daughter of Mr: D. 20. At Feckenham, Robert Hunt, efy.

At Briniscomb, Mr. Joseph Lewis. At Sedgeberruw, J. Lavender, ely. many At Tewkesbury, Mr. William Morgan, a years banker, of Evesham,

member of the volunteer cavalry of that place. At Hindup, Mrs Ross, wife of Mr. R. -Mr. T. Morton, of the Plough Inn. At Droit wich, Mrs. Gem, wile of Mr G.

At Lower Wick, near Worcelter, Thomas Mürried.] At Oxford, Lieutenant Ruffell, Wood, eiq 77.

of the loyal Woodítock volunteers, to Mils At Orleton. Mrs. Whitcomb, relict of Freeman, of Charlbury -Mr. J. B. Adams, Edward W. esq.

of Doctors Commons, London, to Miss In At Hanley, Mrs. M. Trovell, 76.

Smith.-Mr. Richard Osman to Miis Char.

lotte Chillingworth. Married.) 'At Wool hope, William Vizard, At Fawley, Mr. Sunders, of Ginge, co esq. of London, to Miss Hudges, eldcit daugh- Miss Brown, of Lockinge. ter of the Rev. Richard H.

Died.] At Callington, Mrs. Alice Durham, At Leominster, Robert Hay, esq. manager wife of Mr. D. of the Red Lion. At the viof the Hereford Theatre, to Miss Catherine carage, Miss Stanton, 30. Burns, of Penn, near Wolverhampton, Staf At Oxford, Mr. Tuhn Carr, 49.-Mr. Nafordihire.

thaniel Bartlett, 40.--Mr. William Slatter,] At Ludford Park, aged 74, Nicholas 60... Iss. Sad!c., wife oi Mr. S. Widzoma





ter.-Mr. James Attwoc!, 34. -Mrs. Etty, wife of Mr. E. wine merchant, 28.-Mr. Married.) At Godmanchester, Mr. R. John Langston, 17.-Mrs. Williams, of the Hicks, surgeon, to Miss Mary Miles. Barley Mow, in consequence of her clothes Died.] At the Views, near Huntingdon, taking fire.-Mr. Thornas Toovey, 60.- George Sharpe, esq. 53. Mr. Richard Hooper, 80.-Mr. James Cole, At Elton, Mr. Hollidge, 34. engraver.

At Water Newton, aged 87, the Rev. At Afton, near Bampton, Mrs. Banting ; Edward Ketterick, upwards of 54 years rector and about a fortnight afterwards, her husband, of that place. Mr. John B.

At Huntingdon, Mrs. Stocker, 62. At Adderbury, Mr. Richards, 89.

At Little Stukeley, Mrs. Elizabeth EllingA: Barford, the Rev. John Smith, dissent. ton, 70. ing Minister. BUCKINGHAMSHIR L.

The Norrisian prize is this year adjudged Married.] At Stony Stratford, Mr. William to the Rev. Thomas Broadley, M.A. of TriGodfrey, to Miss Sarah Elliott.

nity-college, for his Efiay on “ The fullness Died.] At Buckingham, Mrs. Catherine of the time when Christ came into the Treacher, wife of Mr. John T. of the Swan world.” Inn.

Married.] At Cambridge, Mr. Stewart, At Aylesbury, Peter Kennedy, M.D. He surgeon, of Hatfield, Eflex, to Miss Bond, was a native of Ireland, but received his edu- eldest daughter of Mr. Alderman B. cation on the Continent, where he acquired a 'At Ramsey, Thomas Pooley, esq. to Miss perfect knowledge of the French and Italian Deicow. languages, which he spoke with fluency and Died.] The Rev. Edm. Trant, rector of precition. After residing at Rome for a con.

Toft and Hardwick, and vicar of Caldecot, liderable time, he came to England, and in this county. He was formerly fellow of fettled at Aylesbury, where he continued till Christ - college, Cambridge ; B. A. 1771, his death. He married, first, the widow of M.A. 1774. "Toft and Caldecot are in the Mr. Sam. Shrimpton, of Chipping Wycombe; gift of the matter and fellows of Christ.col. and his second wife was the filter of the late lege, and Hardwick is in the gift of the Sir David Williams, hart. of Sarret, Heris; Bishop of Ely. Mr. Trant was an active to both of whom he was an affectionate hul- county magistrate, and was much beloved by band. As a companion, his society was en the inhabitants of Tott, among whom he contertaining, and his temper cheerful. Bleft ftantly resided. with a handsome competency, and fond of At Ely, Mrs. Elizabeth Poole, sitter of retirement, he did not seek extensive practice, Mr. Thomas P. 68. but was at all times forward in affording pro At Buckden, Mrs G:een, wise of Mr. C. feshonal allistance to the poor and afflicted.

G. 55. He published an Account of the Distemper in At Cambridge, Mrs. Murgrave, relict of the Aylesbury Gaul in 1784.

the Rev. Edward M. rector of Knapwell. NORTHAMPTONSHIRE.

Mrs Stuart Died.] At Glincon, near Peterborough, At Harston, Mr. George Taylor, Mrs. Elizabeth Gray, alias Granny Gray, who At Wilbeach, Miss Marlow.--Mr. William had been more than 60 years kecper of the Kilby, merchant. Blue Bell public-house there. In the former At Soham, Mrs. Pechey, 82. part of her life the liad, by two hulbands, 11 children, 6 of whom lived to be married, and Married ] At Cation, Mr. Robert Fitt to all it seems made good use of their cime ; lo Miss Clarke. that che old woman had 52 grand children At Norwich, Mr. C. W. Corfield to Miss (26 of whom are now living), 71 great grand L. R. Moore. -Mr. James Harvey to Miss children (42 now living), and 3 great great Ann Newman.-Mr. James Simms to Miss grand children, now living-amounting alto- M. Wright. gether to a family of 137 children, of which Died.] At Denton, 90, the Rev. George Dumber 75 are living.

Sandby, D. Drector of that parish in 1750, At Kettering. Miss Mary Kempston, only and chancellor of Norwich in 1768. He was furviving daughter of Mr. James K.

formerly of Merton College, Oxford, where At Little Creaton, Mr. Groom, 82.

he took the degree of M. A. in 1740. He At Northampton, Mrs. Fitch, 82.-Mr. was afterwards master of Magdalen College, John Donne, a member of the Northampton Cambridge, where he took his doctor's detroop of yeomanry cavalry... Mrs. Elizabeth gree in 1760, and served the ofice of vice Brown, 62.

chancellor of that university the same year. At Peterborough, Mrs. Cole, reli&t of Mr. With Dr. Sandby died the oral tradition of James C.-Mr. William Milwood, keeper of the expulfion from Merton College, Ox.ord, the goal for that liverty, 63.

of Gx Fellows, by james II. in 16584, which At Wellingborough, Mrs. Mather, wife of was the cause of the Revolution; he was or. Benjamin M. esq. 68.

dained by Dr Hough, bishop of Worcester, At Cold Higham, Mrs Bishop, wife of the one of the faid fix Fellows. Rcv. John B. rector of that parith,

At Downtum Market, Mrs. Olborn, 68.



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At Swanton Novers, Mrs. Dew, relict of At Sudbury, the Rev. Joha Piper, A. M. Richard D. gent. 73.

fifty-fix years vicar of All Saints parith in that At Ayatham, Mr. Thomas Builord, 91. town, and many years rector of Rcae, in this Nr. Robert Francis, 66.

county, 30. At Swaffham, Gilbert, the only son of At Stansfield, Z Turner, gent. many years William Yarington, erg.--Mr. Austin, 55 high conftabit for the hundred of Riibridge, Miss B. Dalcon, second daughter of the late 69. Francis D esq. bankrr.

At Wickham Market, the Rev. John Car. At Britton, near Holt, Mrs Nichols, the ter, fifty years vicar or Loudhan witb Pet. eldest surviving daughter of the late Peter tistre, and rector of South Cove. Elwin, efq. of Bootun Hall,

ESSEX At Yarmouth, Miss Reynolds, daughter Married.) At Rayleigh, Thomas Kenneti, of the late John R. efq. Mr. William esq. of Great Waikerini, to Miss Charlotte Steward, eldest son o: Um S. esq. 21. Timson Harridge, firth daughter of Thomas

At North Lopham, Mits Sarall Fox, le- H. eiq. cond daughter of Thomas Fox, erg.

At Colcheller, Thomas Courtney, esq. third At Norwich, Mrs. Feriter, wife of the son of the late John C. eiq. of Beverley, YorkRev. Dr. F. mater of the free school. By fire, tu Mits Harriet Campling. hoes clothes catching fire, she was to diead Died.] Al Brentwood, the Rev. Thorias fully burned that the survived the accident Newman, 76. He had been more than 30 oniy twelve hours.--Mrs. Gornuld, relict of years rector of the consolidated parishes of Mr. Charles G. 75.-Nir. Christopher Gil. Ingrave and Well Tiorndon, which he had ney, 59. —Mr John Dingle, 78.-Miss Mary some time fince refiged and presented to his Clarke, 95.- Mrs. Ann Garrod, 78.-Mr. eldest son. William Cuckow, 78.

At Woodhouse, Eaft Ham, Robert Wilson, At Niatrishall, Mrs. Meale. Mrs. Norton. esq. 68. At Litchan, Mr. Williain Lound, 30. At Halfted, James Scarlett, era. At Mulbarton, Mrs. Hareman, 84.

At Heybridge, Mr. Brooke, surgeon and

apothecary. Married.) At Stoke, by Nayland, Mr. At Nayland, Mrs. Harris, 89. Henry Purfon, jun. to Miss Mary Ann At Colchester, Mr. James Snell, one of the Simpson, youngest daughter of Edward S ciq. commun-council, and the oldett free burgers

Died.] At Muntord, near Brandon, Wila ot that borough, 91. liam Griffin, gent. 81, formerly a respectable At Chipping-hall, Witham, Mrs. Pick, a nurseryınan or that place, but had retired from maiden lady, daughter of the late Rer. Mr. bufne! fome years. This gentleman had P. formerly rector of Sandon. formed, most of those fine belts and plantations which adorn the vicinity of numerous Married.) At Canterbury, Mr. Philip gentlemen's seats in the western part of this Henry Kemp, to Miss Mary Kemp, daughter county, where Icarcely a fhrub or tree was to of Mr. A. Kemp, of Ofpringe. be teen for many dreary miles of heath, not At Eltham, Capt. Frederick Campbell, of half a century ago

the royal artillery, to Miss Scott, daughter, At Ipswich, Philip Bacon, elg. 76. He of the late Col. S. of the same corps.- juba was a lineal descendant from the Lord-Keeper Muckett, elq. of St. Peter, in the liie of Bacon ; was formerly of Caius College, Cam Thaner, to Miss Miry Minter, of Sandwich bridge, where he proceeded B. A. 1755, M. A. At Dover, Charles Newhouse, esq. cuptaia 1764 ; and was many years lieutenant-colonel in the royal artillery, to Miss Tiarriet Bigg', of the welt Suffolk militia.

daughter of Thomas B. esq. of Dover. At Ixworth, Mr. I Lumley, 48 years pa At Deal, Mr. Lawry, furgeon in the royal rith Jerk and sexton of that place, and 35 navy, to Miis Bojn, of Sandwich.-Mr. years apparitor for the hundred or Blackbourn, Charles Darby, of Canterbury, to Mics Hun. 74.

ter, eldeit daughter of Mr. Danby H. At Woodbridge, Mr Davy. – Mrs. Thomp. At Beckenham, Brownlow Matthew, cro. fon – Mr. J Calver, merchant, 67,-Miss

son of the late General Matthew, to Miis Jeftus.

Naylur. At Worlington, Mr. Edward Burke, fourth Died.] At Canterbury, Charles Robinson, fon of the late Thundis B. esq. 17.

erg. recurder of the city, and brother to the At Brundo:1, Mrs Susan Snare, 84. late Lord Rokeby. -Mrs. Ann Marchant, 81. At bury, Mr. William Spike, 5.1.-Mr. -Mrs. Brickenden.-Mrs. Elizabeth Furley, Wilim rrington, el.-Mrs. Doiling, 72. 74.-Mr. Whitenden, 93. - Lieut. Aird, of

Vs Mollows. - Dis. liorris, mother of the al waggon train.-AIrs. Eliz. Culmet, the lier Thomas Brooke M. rector or Shel. 88.- Mes. Job, wife of Mr. Green J. tangos, Niriolk, 7:).- Jor. Longchains, gent. A: Charing, Mrs. Smith, 86. kerper of the New Koons belonging to the Al Rolvenden, Mr. Jenner, matter of the Jockey Club at Newmarket,

free-school there. At Woronicall, ecur Beccles, Wm. Wood. At Bucklund Cottage, acar Duver, Thomas ley, tiy. 8o.

Horn, jua. esq.


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