Sidor som bilder

At Pluckley, the Rev. William Difney, D.D near 30 years rector of that parish: rich in good works, and highly beloved and refpected by every relative connection. He was formerly Fellow of Trinity College, B. A. 1753, M A. 1756, B.D 1768, D.D. 1789.

At Wateringbury, Mr Richard Crow, fen. At Farningham, the Rev. John Saunders, vicar of that parith, and alfo of Newington, next Sittingbourn, and one of the fix preachers of Canterbury cathedral.

At Woolwich, Colonel Moorfom, of the royal marines.

At Tente den, Mrs. Norton, 86.-Mrs. Standing.

At Bore's Ifle, near Tenterden, Mrs. Chalender. 82.

At Rhefter, Mrs. Wilfon, widow of W. efq. formerly commander of the commifGoaer's yacht at Chatham.

At Chatham, Mrs. Roots.-Mrs Matthews. At Dover, Mrs. Brown.-Mr. Sandford.Mr. James Graveper, 78.

At Gillingham, Mrs. Roby, wife of Capt. R. of the royal navy.

At Sheerness, Mrs. Coleman, wife of Mr. C. furgeon.


The commodious chapel, in St. Mary's Lane, in Lewes, which has for feveral years paft been used as a warehouse for wool, and other purposes of trade, has been opened by a fea of diffeners denominated Armenians. Lewes has now juft the fame number of diffenting congregations as parish churches, namely feven of each!

The charity fchool, founded by John Leach, efq. at Seaford, for the eduration of poor children, after the method adopted and purfued with fo much fuccefs by Mr. Lancaster, has been opened, and 50 candidates have been admitted. Mr Lancafter was himself prefent, and after explaining the nature of his plan, clearly pointed out the advantages which muft refult from its general adoption. The fchoolroom has been lately erectes at the expence of Mr. Leach, and is fufficiently large for the accommodation of more than 100 children.

Died.] At Catesfield, Mrs. O'Bryen, wife of Rear-Admiral O'B.

Ar Chichester, Lady Viscountess Lifford, 75. She was the fecond wife of James the Iste vifcount, lord chancellor of Ireland, and mother to Lieutenant-General Hewitt. She was the daughter of the Rev. Charles Bayly, of Knavestock, Effex. Being always of a retired difpofition, and preferring the happinefs of a domeftic circle to the glare of public life, the has, fince the death of her beloved lord and her two daughters, lived in the clofeft


At West Burton, Mr. Clement Bishop. At Buckfwood Copfe, near Crawley, Mr. Janes Creaffy, civil engineer, 66. He was very eminent in his profeffion, particularly for his kill in embanking and recovering lands from the fea. Mr. Creally was, at the

time of the breaking out of the American war, poffeffed of great property in the province of New England, which he left on account of his loyalty; he afterwards went to the East Indies, with Colonel H. Wation, and planned and directed the erection of the famous docks at Bengal. He had, as he used frequently to fay, "feen a great deal of the world, and had learned to be content with a very little of it "

At Jekletham, Mr. Cooper, a wealthy yeoman.

At Lewes, Mr. Richard Smith, 64. At Chichefter, John Diggens, efq. banker. At Rudgwick, Michael Harmes, efq. At Pleydon Barracks, Mrs. Webber, wife of Quarter matter ferjeant W. of the first Somerfetfhire militia.

At Salt Hill, near Chichester, Mrs. Murray, wife of John M. efq. a justice of the peace for that city.


Married.] Lieut Wickham, commander of the Hearty, to Mifs Rice, daughter of the late Capt. R. of the navy.

W. Butler, efq. of Havant, to Mifs Harfield, of Thorney.

At Alverftoke, Mr W. Slade, of the royal nayy, to Mifs S. White, daughter of the late Capt. W. of Arundel.

Died.] At Steep-hill, Isle of Wight, Mr. John Wight, eldest fon of John W. efq. of Guildford

At Southampton, Mrs Sutherland, relie of James S. el judge of the high court of admiralty at Minorca.

At Portsmouth, in his 29th year, Mr. Warren, of the theatre. He was an attor of great general merit and utility; and, in the whole line of strong comic parts has not left his fuperior. In private life, he was much refpe&tes for the propriety of his conduct, and for his modeft and courteous demeanour.— Mrs. Smith.--Mr. Reed, of the Dock-yard. Mr. William Pine, an eminent alronomer, 69.-Mrs. Shier.

At Winchester, Mrs Delanoe, widow of John Baptist D. fifter to Colonel Harnage and Lady Neagle.


Married.] At Calne, Mr. Hall, of London, to Mifs Greenwood, youngest daughter of the Rev. Thomas G. vicar of Calne.

Walter Coleman, efq. of Kingston Langley, late captain in the county militia, to Mifs Athe, only daughter of Robert A. efq. of Langley-house.

At Warminster, Mr. Evans, to Mife Marfh, only daughter of 1 homas M. efq.

Lied.] At Donhead-hall, Archibald-Edward, the youngest son of John Gordon, efq. At Old Park, Mr. William Eldriage, of Abingdon, Berks.

At Cafle-houfe, Calne, George Rooke, efq. formerly captain in the 6th or Inniskillen dragoons.

As Malmbury, Miss Amelia Player.

At Eaftwell, near Devizes, the Rev. Walter Hunt Grubbe.

At Corfham, the Rev. Charles Page, rector of Littleton Drew and of Biddeftone, 72. At Chippenham, Mrs. Arnold, relict of Henry A. cfq.

At Devizes, Mifs S. Muffelwhite, fecond daughter of Mr. M. 18-Mifs Lewis.-Mr. Everitt.

At Warminster, Mr. Langley, of the Anchor Inn.

At Westbury, Mr. James Tayler, 87.

Mrs. Beauchamp Cooper.-W. Long, efq. of Caftle-cary, to Mifs Oliver, only daughter of the late Samuel O. efq.-Capt. Northey, of his Majefty's navy, to Mifs Whitby, eldest daughter of the Rev. Thomas W. of Creswellhall, Staffordshire.

At Bristol, Mr. T. Rich, jun. furgeon, to Mrs W. Rich.-John Peart, efq. of Jamaica, to Mifs Elizabeth Hobbs, daughter of William H. efq. of Wickwar, Gloucestershire.

At Clifton, John Coulfon, efq. to Mifs Lane, eldest daughter of the late Thomas L.

The Rev. Samuel Afhe, late rector of efq. of Farley Castle. Langley Burrell.


Married Mr. Young, apothecary, of Henley, to Mifs Hafkins, daughter of J. H. efq. of Newbury.

At Eaft Hanney, Charles Dewe, efq. to Mifs Dormer.

Died.] At Sunninghill, the Rev. Robert Thiftlethwaite, vicar of that parish, and formerly of St. John's, Cambridge, B.A. 1752, M.A. 1754. He had poffeffed the living upwards of 58 years, and had not abfented himfelf from his parish the fame number of Sundays in that long space of time. During the whole of his ufeful life, he was a complete illustration of the exemplary parish clergyman; and his truly pious and cheerful ditpo. fition endeared him to all ranks of his parishioners. Among other legacies he has bequeathed 5001. towards the enlargement of the church at Sunninghill, and 1001. for the augmentation of a charity already established for the fick and poor in the fame parish.

At Thatcham, Mrs. Winbolt, 75.

At Friltham, Mifs Elizabeth Gregory, the elder of two fifters of that name, whofe genius and untaught proficiency in the art of drawing had attracted the notice and patronage of the opulent in more diftant places, as well as in the vicinity of their native fpot. Their firft efforts were made under circumftances unufually depreffing, and with the rudeft materials. With the fruits of their. labours they have long fupported an aged and widowed mother, and have been remarkable for fimplicity and innocence of life. The furviving fifter has lately attempted miniature painting with confiderable fuccefs; but in the delineation of flowers from nature they principally excelled. Seldom have thefe inimitable works of the divine hand been reprefented by a more faithful or delicate pencil than theirs.


The foundation-ftone of an intended building, to be called "The Crefcent," has been laid in Paul's field, adjoining the town of Taunton, in the prefence of an immenfe number of perfors. The scheme is calculated to add greatly to the ornament, reípectability, and advantage of that place.

Married.] At Bath, Mr. Mayor, bookfeller, to Mrs. Forfter, only daughter of Jofeph Hale, efq.-E. Morgan, efq. of Brecon, to

Died.] At Bath, Mrs. Purbecka Langham, grand-daughter of Sir John L. bart.-Charles Lomax, efq.-Herman Katenkamp, efq. who formerly ferved his Majefty in the capacity of conful-general in Sicily, Malta, and Spain, with honour to himself and benefit to the country. Mrs. Taylor Mrs. St John, wife of Sir Andrew St. J. 30.-Mrs. Collifon, wife of Mr. Henry C. 25.-Within an hour of each other, aged 5 years, the amiable twin daughters of Bigot Armstrong, efq.-Mrs. Spry, relict of John S. efq. 85-William Wilfon, efq. 70.

At Taunton, the Rev W. Prowfe, only fou of the late Rev, Mr. P. rector of Camerton. At Minehead, Mrs. Baker, reli&t of Capt. Richard B.

At Glastonbury, aged 91, John Gibbs, formerly ferjeant major in the 8th regiment of foot. He highly diftinguished himself in the battle of Dettingen, and on other memorable occafions. After his return to his native country, he was engaged to train the Somerfet militia, in which he continued 30 years, and on quitting it obtained an honorary medal as a reward of merit. He never experienced a day's illness.

At Runnington, near Wellington, William Shattock, efq.

At the rectory houfe, Arington, Mrs. Eliz. Wathen, relict of Samuel Wathen, M.D. 86. At Walton, Mrs. Prefton, relict of Capt. Thomas P. of the Middlefex militia.

At Clifton, Elizabeth, Dowager Countess of Mayo, relict of his Grace the late Archbifhop of Tuam, and Earl of Mayo. This lady was Mifs Meade, daughter to the late Lady Cavendish, and fifter the late Earl of Clanwilliam.-Mifs Augufta Hicks, fecond daughter of the late Dr. George H.-Mrs. Vastall, relict of John V. efq. mother of Lieutenantcolonel V. who gloriously fell at the forming of Monte Video. Her daughter, Mrs. Archer, died in her house only a few weeks before, and the only child of Mrs. A. died in the beginning of the fpring.

At Bristol, Mr. Whittuck, 80.-Mrs. Torkington, wire or Capt I. of the royal ma rines,--Mungo Forbes, efq. late of Jamaica. — John, the only fon of the late Lapt. furd.Andrew Daubeney, efq."

At Hambrook, the Rev. Samuel Thomas, many years minister of the diffenting congre gation at Frenchay.

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Married.] At Caftleton, Daniel Biffett,
efq. lieutenant in the royal artillery, to Mifs
H. Hoddinett, of Sherborne.
Died] At Nether Compton, Mr. Thomas
Fever, 70.

At Folke, Mrs. Webster, mother of Alex.
Cunningham, efq of that place.


Married.] Mr. J. Kingdon, attorney, of Lympitone, to Mifs Jane Spurway, youngest daughter of Mr. Spurway, of Colyton.

At Salcombe, Mr. Charles Layton, of London, merchant, to Mifs Matilda Bryett, daughter of the Rev. Mr. B. vicar of Sal. combe.

At Tiverton, Joha Ritfo, efq. to Mifs C. Boyce.

Died] At Sidmouth, Francis, the fifth fon of the late Robert Dyneley, efq. of Bloomfbury-fquare, London, 22

At Langdon-hall, C. H. E. Calmady, efq. an admiral of the blue fquadron of his Majefty's navy.

At Drewfteignton, William Ponsford, gent. At Wafhfordpine, Mrs. Agnes Lambe, 88. At Stonehoufe Barracks, Lieut.-colonel Smith, one of the field-officers of the Plymouth divifion of royal marines.


At Cleyludon, Farrant, efq. captain of the first troop of cavalry in the Eaft Devon legion.

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At Cornbridge, Mr. Thomas Lewis, attorney, 81.

At Scaly Ham, Pembrokeshire, Thomas Tucker, efq.

At Crackenwen, Mrs. Rogers, wife of William R. efq.


Married.] At Edinburgh, Roger Aytoun, efq writer to the fignet, to Mifs Joan Keir, daughter of the late James Keir, efq. of Kinmouth.-Patrick Sanderfon, efq to Mifs Helen Christie, daughter of the late Archibald Christie, efq. lace of Ratho-James Nairne, efq. writer to the fignet, to Mifs Hill, daughter of the late Dr. John H. Profeffor of Humanity in the University of Edinburgh.

Died.] At Edinburgh, Sir J. Ramfay, of Balmain, bart. He is fucceeded in his title by his only brother, Capt T. R.-Vice-admiral John Inglis, of Auchindinny, who commanded the Belliqueux in the battle of Camperdown, and greatly distinguished himself on that occafion.-Dr. John Gardener member of the Royal College of Physicians, 80.-Lady Lock hart.-Mrs. Cochrane Stuart, fifter to the late Sir John S. of Alanhank, bart.-Jofeph French, Èfq. 78.

At Cairnborrow, James Stewart, efq.—86. At Kilbarehan Robert Ste venion, 100. He had no complaint till a few hours before he died.

At Caroline Park, Mifs Ann Cockburn,

At Exeter, Henry Seymour, efq. - Mrs. daughter of the Hon. Mr. Baron C. Pearce, widow of Thomas P. efq.

At Heavitree, in his 76th year, the Rev. George Moore, A. M. vicar of that parifh, canon refidentiary of St. Peter's, Exeter, and archdeacon of Cornwall.


Died.] At Totnes, Mrs. Elizabeth Cockey, wife of Mr. William C. 93.

At Liskeard, Mrs. Borlafe, wife of George B. efq. of Wadebridge, and eldest fifter of Henry Peter, of Harlyn, efq.

At Travales, Mifs Anna Maria Reed, niece of Thomas R. efq.

At Mawnan, the Rev. Philip Webber, rector of that place. He ferved for many years the office of mayor and alderman of Falmouth, and was one of the justices of the peace for the county.

At St. Ives, J. Stephens, efq. collector of the customs at that port


Married.] At Landaff Cathedral, Sir Robert Lynehe Bloffe, bart. of Gabalva, to Mifs Charlotte Kichards, fifter of John R. efq of Landaff Court, Glamorganfhire.

At Llandilo, Carmarthenshire, Mr. William Jones, of Llangadock, aged 24, to Mrs. M. Griffiths, 84, with a handfome fortune.

At Llanchan, Denbighaire, Simon Yorke, efq. of Erthig, to Mifs Holland, fecond daughter of John H. elq of Teyrdan,

Dird At Swanfea, Edward Elton, efq. late of Buriey-hill-Mrs. Berrington, wife of Jenkin Davies B. efq, 94.

MONTHLY MAG., No. 156.

At Perth, the Rev. George Frafer, minifter of Monedie, in the 86th year of his age, and 40th of his ministry.

At Aberdeen, Mrs Mary Robertion, wife of the Rt. Rev. Bp. Skinner, of Aberdeen.

At Greenhall, Theophilus Ogilvie, of Achlunies, efq. many years collector of cuf

toms at Aberdeen.


Married.] In Dublin, Hans Hamilton, efq. M. P. for the county of Dublin, to Mifs Ann Mitchell, daughter of H. Hugh M. efq.

Died.] In Dublin, the Hon. Mrs. Forward, wife of the Hon. William F. fecond fon of the late Countets of Wicklow. Mrs. F. was niece to the late Earl of Charlemont.

At her mother's houfe, Viscountess Longford, Mrs. Hamilton, of Brown Hall, county of Donegal,Huling Hughes, etq. infpector of franks in the General Polt office.-Mifs O'Grady, daughter of the Rt. Hon. the chief Baron.

At Marino, near Dublin, the Countess Dowager of Charlemont, mother of the prefent earl.

At Millinger, James Murray, esq. civil engineer of the Royal Canal, Dublin, who has left no fuperior in nis profeffion, and few equals as a private gentleman.

At Bearbaven, Florence O'Sulivan, efq. aged 111 years. He was born in the reign of King Will am, in the year 1696, and retained his fight, hearing, and the ufe of his faculties to the last moment. For the luft fifty years he lived chiefly on fith, of which he was re

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At Antigua, General Vandeleur.

In Grenada, Samuel Osborne Gibbcs, efq. youngest fon of Sir Philip G. and receiver of confifcated property in that island.

At Tours, in France, Jean Thurel, aged 108; he was a Member of the Legion of Honour, was born at Orain, in Burgundy,in 1699, entered the regiment of Touraine the 17th of September, 1716, and ferved without interruption for the space of 92 years. He re ceived a mufket-ball in the neck at the fiege of Kehl, in 1733, and feven fahre wounds, fix of which were obfervable on his head at the battle of Minden, in 1759. He had three brothers killed at Fontenoy, and a fon, a ve

teran and corporal in the fame company, hilled in 1782; there is another, who dili ferves with honour. In 1787, his regiment was or dered march to the coat, to embark; he performed the whole march on foot; fayinz, that as he never travelled in a carriage, he would not commence then. On the 8th of November, 1787, he was prefented to the king and royal family; he was then ordered a pension of 300 franks yearly, 200 of which were to revert to his wi e in cafe o. his death, and on her deceaf, 100 franks to each of his child en For fome years he has ived as a veteran at Tours. Buonap irte preleted him with the Eagle of the Legion of Honour, and a pension of 1200 franks. On the removal of the afhes of General Monnier, he was one of the four commiflaries named for that ceremony, and was then appointed, as the oldeft foldier in Europe. To the moment of his death, he preferved his fenfes and judg ment; and until his latt ilinefs, which was but for a few days, he enjoyed good hearth.


IT is with great pleasure we announce the arrival of a valuable East India fleet, confiiting of fixteen fail, together with eleven whalers, under convoy of the Samplon man of war. They left St. Helena the Ift of February; our next will probably give fome particulars of their cargoes, &c. &c. We regret to find that the Adamant's convoy out to India, has arrived at a very bad market, being overstocked with all kinds of European merchandize, confequently the goods fent out by this fleet muft leave a confiderable lois to the proprietors.

The fafe arrival of the homeward-bound Jamaica fleet juft now has brought a large quan tity of fugars into our market, notwithstanding which the article has fold at 1s. per cwt. higher than last month, and the public fales have been very confiderable, as between the 17th and 28th the following goods were fold, viz.

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making together 4280 hogsheads, 456 tierces and 115 barrels of British plantation fogar, which fold from 56s. up to 76s. 6d: per cwt, according to quality, the principal part of which was Jamaica's, the remainder Surinam, Trinidad, Demerary, &c. &c. The average price of fugars (in the London Gazette) ending the 15th inft, was 36s. 448. per cwt. exclufive of the duty of Customs paid or payable thereon, on the importation thereof ito Great Britain. The quantity of Weft India coffee fold between the 17th and 28th was 1032 hogfheads, 99 barrels, and 4935 bags, from 51. to 71. 2s. 6d. per cwt. This article has lowered in price nearly 35. per cwt. fince our last, no doubt owing to the want of an exportation to the northern ports of Europe, thofe being the principal markets for both our fugars and coffee. The fales of West India cotton continues extremely flat; fome few bags of Demerary cotton fold from 15.773, to is. 94d. per lb. Berbice 1s. 6d. to 1s. 104. per lb. Surinams, 1s. 8d. tu 28. per lh. Ba hamas at 1s. 54d. to 1s. 104. per lb.

1600 chefts of Indigo were fold by the Eaft India Company (private trade) from a to 11s. 9d. per lb. The quality remarkably fine of the latter.

The American government having refufed to ratify the treaty lately made with this couDtry, has already caufed a rife of full 10s. per cwt. in the articles of American pearl and pot athes, and most likely will have the fame effect on all the produce of that country; we however hope the exifting differences will be foon fettled to our mutual fatisfaction. Foreign bar ley has advanced from 3s. to 4s. per quarter; peafe have lowered s. per quarter; flour fiom 25. to 3s. per fack; foreign and English clover feed; 3s. per cwt, ag alfo has linfcej..


By a fiatement delivered to the House of Commons, pursuant to order, the amount of Bank of England notes, of 51 each and upwards, was as follows:

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befides nearly four millions and a half, at each of those periods, of notes of 21 and 11. each. The total amount of the exemptions granted to foreigners holding property in our funds, amounts, for the last tree quarters, to only 63,000).

The African flave trade being happily at an end, the merchants in London and at Liverpool are using their utmost exertions to difpatch velle's out to the coaft for their laft cargoes thence, wh ch they expect wis, afford them confiderable profit in the West India market

The demand for Irish linens in the Linen Hall at Dublin) for the Spanish market (via Lifben) has got the prices of the finer for up confiderably, and is likely to be productive of great benent to that aimerous body of weavers in the North and South-weft of that kingdom; the coarter forts reca.n their prices for the West India market, and to this may be attributed the fall on the Exchange between the two countries.

The 3 per cent. confols this month have been variable from 62 to 621.

The tollowing are the average Prices of Navigable Canal Shares, Duck Stock, and Fire Office Shares, at the office of Mr. Scott, 25 Bridge-street, London:-Ashton and OlJhim Canal, 961 per share-Peak Forest, 571.—Warwick and Birmingham, 951.—Warwick and Napton, 341-Grand Junction, 871. to 901.-Eilefmere, 551.-Croydon, 501-Lancaster, 191. ex dividead.-Huddersfield, fol.-Gloucester and Berkeley, 121.-West India. Dock stock, at 1451 to 1501, per cent. paying 101. per cent. nett per annum.-London Dock, from 1101. to 1191. per cent -Eaft India Doch, 1151. to 1181. per cent.


THE wet and fevere weather experienced in the early part of the preceding month, impeded, for a time, the spring operations of ploughing and fowing, which, fince the feafon has been more favourable, have been renewed with much vigour. A large proportion of feed is already in the ground, making kind and good work. The low (fens) and high drier foils were ieldom ever, at this feafon, in a better condition; and the late warm weather has much recovered the appearance of the winter crops, and of graffes, both natural and artificial, which were confiderably retarded in their growth by the prevailing cold and frosty winds In Eng. land and Wales, Wheat averages per quarter 76s. 6c.; Barley, 38s. 7d.; Oats, 275 104.

The backwardness of the (pring has alfo occañoned a large confumption of hay, although a large flock on hand fells at an advanced price; and to the fame caufe may be attributed the reduction in value at the late Fairs, of Lean Stock, Store fheep, Dairy Cows, &c.-In Sinienfield Market, Beef fetches from 4s. to 5s. 4d. per stone of 81b.; Mutton, 4s. 81. to 5s. 64; Pork, 5s, to 68.

Young fresh Horfes are much wanted, and fell at high prices. In the Pig Markets, in all Acres are in great request.



Love's pleafing ferment gently now begins
To warm the flowing blood.

E have as yet had no winter this year, unlefs occafionally a few cold days, interrupting an extraordinary fucceffion of warm weather, may be confidered as deferving of that appellation. The 16th, 17th, and 18th, of April were cold, with firong easterly winds, and fight fhowers of fleet and Inow.

March 20. The apricot, Si erian crab, and almond-trees are all in flower; as are likewife the bully-rected jumitory, (tumaria cava) vernal whit.ow graft, (draba verna) and catsfect: The first leaves or the gasberry-trie, the common lilac, and the weeping willew, alfo are out

March 23. The fplathes of water by the fides of the roads, in which I had found the tancer fugnalis (mentioned in the last month's Report), are, to my great aftonishment, all dried up in confequence of the unutual drought of the feafon.

Wat lizards (lacerta aquatica of Linnæus ?) begin to crawl forth from their winter retre ts and to appear at the bottom of the ponds. It is fingular enough that I have never feen either the laverta pulufiris, or any kind of freg in this part of the country. Toads, however as in moft other parts are fufficiently common throughout the whole of the fpring and fummer. I have semarked that the water lizards do not now rife to the surface to breathe by any means fo frequently as they do in hot weather.

March 23. The viper, or adder, the common fnake, and the frift lizard (lacenta agilis) were -all feen abroad on this day.

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