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cording to custom, it has a large Square, fubdivision took place: the profeffoz which is at once the best rekdence, and Francis Pastor proceeding from the port the market-place.

of Silal, to that of Villa llermofa, in the Lublin again is another town of some province of Tobasca, for the purpose of pote, of which the population is probas propagating vaccination in the diitrict of bly about 5 or 6,000. Like Warlaw, it Ciudad Real of Chiapa, and on to Goahas no square, forming another exception temnali, making a circuit of 400 leagues, to the general plan; it confilis merely through a long and rough road, compris of a long thoroughfare ftreet, with a few ing Oaxaca; while the rest of the expe: others irregularly diípoled. The build- dition, which arrived without accident at ings are but indifferent, compared tg Veracruz, traverled not only the vicethose in towns of limilar extent in more royalty of New Spain, but also the incivilized countries,

terior provinces; whence it was to rc

turn to Mexico, which was the point of For the Monthly Magazinen re-union. KURIOUS DETAILS relative to Q RECENT

This precious preservative againft the VOYAGE round the world, performed been extended through the whole of

raviges of the small-pox has already under the auspices of the king of North America, to the coalts of Sonora SPAIN, for the PURPOSE of INTRODUC ING the VACCINE INOCULATION into and Sinaloa, and even to the Gentiles all parts of his DOMINIONS.

and Neophites of High Pimeria. In

each capítal a council has been insti. (Supplemento a la Gazetta de Madrid, tuted, composed of the principal authodel Martes 14 de O&tubre de 1816.)

rities, and the most zealous members of Sunday, the 7th of September the faculty, charged with the preservasurgeon-extraordinary to the king, had facred deposit, for which they are acthe honour of killing his Majesty's hand, countable to the king and to pofterity., on occasion of his return from a voyage This being accomplified, it was the round the world, executed with the fole next care of the director to carry this object of carrying to all the pollellions part of the expedition from America to of the crown of Spain, lituated beyond Ana, crowned with the molt brilliant the seas, and to those of several other success, and with it the comfort of hupations, the inestimable gift of vaccine manity. Some difficulties having bech inoculation. His Majelty has inquired, Turmounted, he esubarked in the port of with the liveliest intercit

, into all that Acapulco for the Philippine Iliands; that materially related to the expedition, and being the point at which, it attainable, learned, with the utmost fatisfaction, that it was originally intended that the underits result has exceeded the most fanguine taking ihould be terininated. expectations that were entertained at the The bounty of Divine Providence havtime of the enterprize.

ing vouchsafed to fecond the great and This undertaking had been committed pious designs of the king, Balmis hapto the diligence of several members of pily performed the voyage in little more the faculty, and subordinate persons, thau two months: carrying with him, carrying with them twenty-two children, from New Spain, twenty-lix children, who had never undergone the small-pox, destined to be vaccinated in succellion, selected for the prefervation of the pre- as before; aud as many of them were cious fluid, by transmitting it succellively infants, they were commited to the from one to another, during the courfe care of the matron of the foundling-hofof the voyage. The expedition fet fail pital at La Corunna, who, in this, as from Corunna, under the direction of well as the former voyages, conducted Balmis, on the 30th November, 1803. herself in a manner to luerit approbation. It made the first stoppage at the Canary The expedition having arrived at the Illands, the second at Porto-Rico, and Philippines, and propagated the specific the third at the Caracas. On leaving in the illands subject to his Catholic that province, by the port of La Guaya, Majesty, Balinis, laving concluded his it was divided into two branches: one philanthropic cowanitlion, concerted with part failing to South America, under the the captain-generał the means of exe charge of the fubdirector Don Francis tending the benelicence of the king, and Salvani; the other, with the director the glory of his augue naine, to the reBalqis on board, steering for the Hava- motelt confincs of Alia. nah, and thence for Yucalan. There a In point of fact, the cow-pox bas


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fubjects in natural history. He has Mort-fighted policy which retarded the amafled much important inforination; commencement of these plans fhould and, among other claims to the gratitude have again evinced itfelf, and an injuncof his country, not the least conlilts in tion obtained from the court of Chanhaviug imported a valuable affernblage of cery to prevent the making, under any trees and vegetables, in a state to admit modifications whatever, a contiuuication 'of propagation, and which, being culti- between Queen-Aquare and Guilfordvated in those parts of the penintula that itreet; the inlets to which cannot now, ale most congenial to their growth, will without the aid of Parliament, be matefender this expeditioni as niemotable in rially annended for many centuries; and the annals of agriculture, as in those of the iquare must consequently be accellimedicine and humanity. It is hoped ble only by the present iniserable avenucs that the subdirector and his coadjutors, from the fouth and welt. It is also unappointed to carry these bletlings tó fortunate, that, from the same fource of Peru, will shortly return by way of opposition, the continuation of QueenBuenos-Ayres, after having accomplished square of an equal width, was not effecttheir journey through that vice-royalty, ed to the northern extremity of the the vice-royalty of Lima, and the dif Foundling eftate, which had been prütricts of Civili" and Charcas; and that jected. they will bring with them such collectionis It is much to be regretted, that the and observations as they have been able plan of Mr. Cockerell the architect was to acquire, according to the instructions not adopted—by which the hospital was given by the director, without losing fight to form the centre of one large fquare, of the philanthropic commission which extending the whole size of Bruntwick

they received froin his Majesty, in the square, a corresponding space eastward, plenitude of his zeal for the welfare of and to Guilford-street fouthward ; the the human race.

useless dwarf buildings round the liofpital being removed to make way for a noble

area, deligned to have been dressed, For the Monthly Magazine. planted, and surrounded by iron palisaRECENT IMPROVEMENTS of the METRO

does, which would then have formed by POLIS,' in the vicinity of BLOOMS

far the grandest square in London, and a BURY and the FOUNDLING-NOSPITAL.

superb ornament to the metropolis.

Perhaps also it may be contidered unNHAT a fituation fo convenient for fortunate, that the original intentions of

mercantile and legal business, and the late Duke of Bedford were not carfor pleafure, as the neighbourhood of the ried into effect. By these it was proFoundling Hofpital, should so long have pored to rebuild the inanlion-house on a continued unbuilt upon, when the most magnificent scale, removed further from remote and inauspicious parts of the town Bloomibury-fquare, and to radiate two have been moit closely covered over, has lines of capital houses northward from been a subject of great surprise. The thence to the New Road, on cach side means that were used by an interested of a lawn of about thirty acres inclofed party, by whom the charity was fo long and planted, having funk cross-roads to kept from those advantages its Gtuation communicate with Gower-ftreet. Under coinmanded, to protract the coinmence- this impression, the new houses on the ment of a plan from which such an immenfe east lide of Ruffell-square, and the derevenue will now be derived, being over- tached houses northward, were built. come by the exertions of its friends, the But the subsequent deterinination of the buildings were commenced in the year duke to relide nearer thc court produced 1790 in Guilford-street, to the eaflsvard the present arrangement; by which fo of Lamb's Conduit-street; and from that great an increase has already been made time have been unccalingly prosecuted to to lis grace's rental, and which will fo the present year.

prodigiously enlarge the income of his Very foon after the commencement of succeflors. these buildings, the proprietor of the In 1800 Beford-house was pulled down, Doughty estate adjoining caftward, and and in 1803 all the new houses between " the late Duke of Bedford to the west, Ruffell-square and Bloomsbury.square, on

united in carrying into effect those plans the site of the old house and gardens, which have now revealed theinselves to were creéted; Gince 1801, all the new the public; but it will long be a subject buildings, exclutive of thufe already of deep regret, that any part of the mentioned; on what was formerly kuow's


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