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With undistinguish'd dead the mountains Soft music, mingled with that bearinly igles groan,

In sweet, low, murmurs, stole upon their A heap of slaughter Roncesvalles lies.

ears ; Oh! what a pang or grie: oppress’d his brain, And, like some dying gale of balmy night, As his strain'd eye-balls rested on the slain ! A spirit seemid descending fron the spberes. And, “Oh !" he cried, “Ye gallant souls

Orlando rais'' his intellectual sizht,

When lo! before his ravish'd eye appears thrice blest, Whose woes are buried in that bloody Bore the glad tidings of the Saviour's birth.

He who from heav'n to our benighted earth tomb ! For me, I know my fate, yet cannot rest,

Sc. 130. Feel Death approaching, yet he will not This celestial messenger cheer'd the

last moments of the departing hero with How calm and peaceful is thy gentle breast,

the full assurance “ of offence forgiven," My Oliver! how sweet Astolpho's doom!

of a re-union in heaven with the friends Oh yet some human pity. feel for me, And aid my soul just struggling to be free !"

who loved and bled for him on earth, C. 27. St. 100.

and with his chaste and widowed Ada

belle. An impalse of heroic vanity prompted him to wish that no unworthy hand Bright with eternal joy and deathless bloom, might, after his death, grasp his sword

Thy Alda-belle thou shalt behold and Durindana; he therefore struck it with Partaker of a life beyond the tomb

more, all his might on a hard rock to break it;

With her whom Sinai's holy hills adore; but the rock itself, instead, gave way to Crown'd with fresh flow'rs whose colours ad the irresistible temper of the blade, and perfume the tremendous strength of his dying arm. Exceed whatever spring's rich bosom bore : To this day travellers in the Pyrenees are On earth, thy mourning widow she'll 18shewn the cloven rock and the split horn main, of Roland,

And be, in heav'n, thy blessed spouse again! Rinaldo, tired of the pursuit, came

St. 145, back, with Richardetto and Archbishop Turpin, just in time to receive the dying lando once more embraced his friends,

The angel then having vanished, Orwords of his friend, who, having confessed and mingled his tears with theirs. Then all the sins of his life to Turpin, and re

he commended his soul to Heaven. Riceived absolution, prayed fervently to naldo felt the weakness of affection come heaven for forgiveness, as he was a man, over him, and with a melancholy voice and created with human frailties:

exclaimed, E perdonasti à tutta la Natura,

Dove mi lasci, oh Cugin mio, soletto? Quando tu perdonasti al primo Padre ! His prayer for himself, his friends, and But recollecting the words of the angel, his country, ended with these words: ceased his complaint, and remained silent

from awe and reverence, while Orlando "Oh holy Saviour! I commend to thee My Alda-belle, my dear, my widow'd calmly surrendered himself to death. wife;

With look seraphic, toro'd and fix'd on bigts And, if she weds another lord than me,

He seem'd transfigur'd from this carcaly Grant her a better choice, a happier life!

vest, Oh guard my king in his declining years, And holding sacred converse with the sky'And these my fellow-soldiers, and my peers!" Oh happy end! oh soul supremely blest! Thus had he offer'd up his pious pray'r

At last he hung his languid head to die, With sighs, and tears, and breath'd his last And the freed spirit left his holy breast: desire,

But, first, the pummel of his sword he laid When o'er the dying knight, with sudden

Fix'd to his heart, his arms across the blade. glare,

The sound of distant thunder stook the Flash'd from the sun three beams of

skies, heav'nly fire.

Play'd round the bills, and in the vallo His friends stood round him, with dejected died; air,

From snowy clouds bright starry metcors rise Like children at the death-bed of their

And thro' the air celestial lustres glide, sire. No words the dread and solemn silence broke,

* This is exactly according to the pastert Save where deep groans the heart's sad lan. of the marble Teniplans and Crusaiers is out guage spoke.

cathedral churches. 2

And liquid Aames, too fierce for human eyes; " Because in thee the fame of France is past, To sweetest harps, harmonious notes re Through every age be thou with curses plied,

nam'd! Such notes as to the heav'n of heav'ns aspire, So long as this wide world, and time, shall Breath'd out, melodious, by th' angelic choir.


Be everlasting barrenness proclaim'd, The knights, who silent saw their champion Thy lofty hills and spreading vales around, die,

And heavn's own lightnings blast ch'accursed Stood rapt in fervent trance upon the plain ;

ground !" Lost to themselves, and rais'd to worlds on high,

But when he reach'd the fatal mountain's They seem'd a glorious seat in heav'n to base, gain:

Where, at the fount, Rinaldo watch'd the Till ceas'd the long and dulcet psalmody,

dead, And loud and full Te Deums * clos'd the More lamentable tears bedewid his face; strain.

The stiffen'd corse he kissed, embrac'd, and So stood the sage of old, and so ador'd,

said, When up to heav'n Elijah's chariot soar'd. " Oh blessed soul! look from the realms of

St. 153.


Upon this old and miserable head! In the mean time, Charles, at bis And, if all crimes are not forgotten there, camp of Pied-du-port, heard the first Oh pardon me for having brought thee here! blast of Orlando's horn, and, startled at

“ Where is the faith, my son, I bade thee the summons, was about to order his

prove, troops to march to his assistance: but the traitor Gano, who rejoiced inwardly

The pledge in happier days receiv'd and

giv'n? at the work of death which he perceived Oh shade ador'd! if ought of human love, had commenced, persuaded bim that it

Or human pity may survive in heav'n, was but a huntiny-party among the inoun Restore to me, from thy blest seat above, tains. Al the third blast, however, the As the sweet token of offence forgiv'n, emperor knew that it was Orlando's horn, That sword with which I made thee knight and that the sound was that of distress

and count, and danger. Suspicion of treachery at

Ev'n as thou erst didst swear at Aspramount !" length possessed him too late, and he caused the wicked Maganzese to be put

It was Heaven's will, that, at his sovereign's

word, in irons, while he hastened, with his few

Orlando's body rose from earth once more, remaining Paladins, to Roncesvalles. The And knelt before his ancient hing and lord, sun stood still in the heavens for a day With courtly reverence, as in days of yore; and a night, to allow his arrival at the Stretch'd forth his hand, and render'd back fatal place without delay. He was met

the sword, on the road by Terigi, who intorined him (The same he held in Aspramount be. of the sad catastrophe that had taken fore) place; and soon afier, from the sur Then, with a smile, to heav'n the spirit fled; rounding heights, they beheld the field of The corpse fell back, and lay for ever dead. Roncesvalles covered with ghastly heaps O'er Charles's limbs a sudden tremour ran, of dead and dying.

Something betwcen a thrilling awe and love;

By his cold hand he grasp'd the dying man, When Charles beheld that field of blood, he And felt assurd o: happier lite above;

A holy horrour every breast yegan His eyes tow'rds Roncesvalles; and ex.

To seize; and ev'n Rinaldo's heart to prove claim'd,

The pow'r of fear; while, humbly kneeling

round, The original has a beautiful thought They kiss'd with bended face the sacred which it is ditficult to express in translation.


St. 201. The angels were known, it says, by the This truly romantic miracle was foltrembling of their wings.

lowed by another no less extraordinary. Cantar

Charles prayed for power to distinguishi, Sentitu fu degli angeli solenne,

among the heaps of slain, the Christian Che si cognoble al tremolar le penne. from the Pagan dead; and un bis return It is also much more particular in its ac

to the field he found that his prayer had count of the celestial psalmody. For instance, been heard. The Pagans all lay ilat on the “Te Deum" was not the only anthem their faces; the Christians with their eyes performed. They also sung “In Exitu Israël." turned upwards to heavenl. On the late

* U2



bier ;

ter all the rites of sepulture were be- thing certain was ever heard of him afterstowed with all the lovours of martyrs. warda Astolpho was sent to England, and Oli One more passage shall conclude our ver to Burgundy, to be interred in their extracts from, and remarks upon, the native countries; and the corpse of Or- present work. All France lamented her lando was conveyed to Aix-la-Chapelle, champions, and wore an universal mouraand there deposited with great pomp and ing, when his body was entombed. reverence in the royal sepulchre. The But more than all the beauteous Alda mourn'd remainder of the poem consists of the Her much-lov'd lord and brother on the signal vengeance which was taken by Charles and Rinaldo for the massacre of “ Ye happy souls, to kindred heav'n return'd, Roncesvalles. Gano paid the forfeit of Have left me, all alone and widow'd here, his many crimes by an ignominious and Me, ance the happiest wife on earth, adarn'd dreadful death; and Marsilius, after see

With all that heav'n approves, and earth ing his territories wasted, and his crown

holds dear; ravished from his brows, was hanged (by That ever mounted steed, or dard the fight.

Blest with the love of the most aoble knight a just and extraordinary retribution) on the very carob-tree under which he had «Oh my lov'd father, brother, lord, farewell ! first plotted the destruction of Orlando,

I never shall behold thy like again, Rinaldo felt his ancient love for Luciana So formd in camps and cities to excell, rekindled, and, by his espousals with her constant in life and death, thy Aldabeile

So mild in peace, so dreadful on the plain! shortly after, became heir of the crown

Swears, by those bones interr'd at Aquis. of Spain; but, unused to an inactive life,

grane, * he quitted, in an advanced age, the peace- Those tender arms that orce encircled thee, ful residence of a court, and set out in Shall never to another wedded be!" quest of new adventures. It is believed

C. 27. Sr. 91&. that he sailed westward in search of the new hemisphere which had formerly been Aquisgrana, the antique, or romantic, described to him by Astaroth ; but no- appellation for Aix-la-Chapelle.

The Binder is requested to place the Plate of the Effects of the grcat Earthquake in Calabria, opposite

Page 29 Panorama of Constantinople View of the North Cape, with the Sun at Midnight

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