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Von Esch. 35.

A Recreation, composed of a Scene or Introduc- making the bass and counter-tenor the

tian, by Louis Von Ejéb, Eja. 55. extremes of the harmony, prevented his

This publication confits of a Scene, tenor from sometimes intruding on the an Aria, and a Rondo. The three move province of the under part. ments are, as they ought to be, written The Battle of Maida. An Heroic Song, written with a view to each other, and a series by Captain Spencer. The Mufic composed by of imprellions refult from the order in 1. Terrail. which they are given, which had been

We are pleased with the bold broad lot by a different arrangement. The air style of this elody. It well accords is tattefully fancied, and the subject of with the subject of the words, and the rondo will not fail to be well received will not fail to attract the lovers of that by thofe who seek for melody and origi. opeu case and manly fimplicity which nality of character.

ever characterized the true English fong. “O row tbe in my Highlard Plaid." A fa Aria et Ronde pour le Piano-forte. Composées ptarite Scostif Ballad, written by Mr. Ro

et dediées à mi Lady Sarab Spencer, par L. bert Tannabill, and fet 10 Mafic by J. Ross, Ef of Aberdeen. is.

This is an ingenious composition. The We have perused this little ballad with variety and pleafautness of the ideas will great pleasure. The air is strikingly na- draw the favourable attention of every tural, and purely Scottish. The intro- cultivated ear, and evince the fertile imaduđory and intermediate fymphonies are gination of the author. The rondo is a sweet and appropriate, and the bass is Polacca, the theme of which is novel and chofen with that science and judgment sprightly, and happily relieved by the for which we have long since given Mr.

digreflive matter. Ross our full credit.

Numbers Five and Six of RECREATION. 4 Grand Marcb, performed at Vauxball Gar Composed by Mr. Latour. Each is. 6d.

dens by the New Military Band, under the Direction of Mr. Mackintosh. Composed and and useful little publication, contain the

The present numbers of this pleasing arranged for the Piano-forte, by T. Powell. favourite Welthtune," 31. 64.

Ap Sbeukin,"

and an Air in the Travellers, which Mr. This piece is not without many recom- Latour has worked into piano exercises, mendatory traits. The introduction is a re- .of a familiar and attractive style. The gular well-digested movement, and is fuc- latter is auginented and embellished with ceeded by the march, with the fubject of fix variations, calculated to improve which we are loo much pleased not to without fatiguing the young practitioner, wish that it less directly reminded us of The work is to confift of twelve numbers, an idea of Haydn in his fympliony called the Surprise. The third movement is in “Why does Azure deck the Sky ?" a Ballad. genioully conceived, and concludes the * Tbé words by T. Moore, Esq. The Music compolition with a spirited and engaging

composed and arranged, with an Accompanieffet.

ment for the Piano-forte, by R. Humpbrey,

Dublin. 1s.
A Broken Cake. Glee for Three Voices. The
Peetry from Anacreon, by Tbomas Moore, Esq.

The beauty, ease, and fimplicity of The Music by Sir Jobs Stevenson, Mu. Dec. this little fong, do much credit to Mr. 1s. 6d.

Humphrey's taste in ballad composition, The melody of this glee is elegant and fpirit of his author, that the duleft ear

The coinposer has fo palpably caught the poetry, and gives its sentiments with not be truck with thie analogy of the

words and music. truth and force. We nevertheless regret that Sir John Stevenson has not enriched Rondo for the Harp or Piano-forte, by Joseph his compafition with some of those points

Roefler. 25. and relponses to peculiarly relevant to. This rondo is of a spirited and aniFocal barmony, and fo fully expected mating cnft, and particularly inviting to from the man of Science; and thould the juvenile ear. The paisages are natt more been even better pleased than we - rally conceived, and arise fo fairly out are profeded ourselves to be, had Sir of each other, as to produce an agree

intention to the propriety of - able and connected whole.


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REPORT OF DISEASES, In the public and private Practice of one of the Physicians of the Finghury Difpcnfary,

from the 20th of December to the 20th of Junuary, MORBI Infantiles

99 dies of disease, or preservatives of health, Catarrhus

18 which a child in general requires, or his Phthisis pulmonalis

6 contitutiou can with impunity admit.* Heinoptylis.

Confinnption, or the deceitli feuDyspeptia


blances of that disease, recur almosì daily Ietcrus calculorus

under the notice of the Reporter. DylAmenorrhea Menorrhagia.

peptia, however, is too frequently misLemorrhea

taken for phthisis. The ditimciion is Hydrops..

pot sutticiently observed, in practice, Pictoris

betüreen general consumption and conDyfenteria

1 sumption of the lungs, betweca impaired Infania

9 energies and deranged fructure, between Epilepsia

2 complaints merely of the stomach and Hytteria

of the pulmonary oryans. An inadeHypochondrialis

quate attention with regard to there, in Paralyfis

reality oppolite, but tonetinies in apofthenia Morbi Cutanei

pearance, allied symptoms of disease,

contutes 100 often a fource of effential The number of intantile diseases will, error in medical experience. this lait month, appear to huve much

On both lides lies mitiake. Some cling exceeded the ufuat proportion in the ca 10 fyticu in despite of fact and observaLalogue.

tion, ridicule the folicitude we are anThe abrupt and violent vicillitudes, sious to enforce, and decry the neceflity and other untivourable circumttances, in of aftertaining at all the fate of the the atmofplcre, operate with more par- lungs in cases of cough and enaciation ; ticular injury upon the tenderness of wiile others, perhaps ftill more faulty chitdhood, as well as upon the intimity and interiminating, conceive not the of age.

potitility of congh without the presence Tl:e vigorous manhood of life, inficad of pulmonary diforder. of fuffering, is ofien corroborated and 'Truth, as in most other inftances, here cuutirmed by those thocks and alterna- resis between the two extremities of violent tions, which are apt to extinguith the opinion, imperfect vitality of the one fiage, and The Reporter ftill continues to see the nearly exhausted excitability of the cases, where moral influences are not other. In no department of inediciuc fufficiently attended to in connection does the practice of it appear fo cruelly with physical disorders. There is too ablurd, as in the niifmanagement of in- much of materialifun in medical philofofants. Of the cales of mortality in the play. Chemiliry has not so much to do, tarlier months of our exitience, the as is generally ipagined, with the comgreater number inoubtedly count of polition mod conduct of the hunan Those who have tunk under the opprettion frame. Phytical science, in accounting of pharmaceutical filth. More intant for the phenomena both of health and subjects in this metropolis are diurnally difere, bas recently been itretched to a destroyed by the mortar and peftle, this degree of unprecedentuel extravagance. in the ancient Bethlelain feil vaciiins in By fome speculatilis, the body of inan one day to the lIerodian matucre. has been converted into a chemical re

To ii popular eye the facrifice is not so tort; by others it has been transformed vitible, but the fact is equally certain and into a galvanic apparatus. The celeunripuivocal to the intellect of a fcientific praci:tioner.

The Reporter, on the present recalian, Air duly oxygenateci, unrefirained or

cannot refrain irum noticing and urging on creise of the limbs and lungs, natural the maternal part or is, an admirable article

the attention of the public, more cípecially and nourilbiny food, and, above cvery op Infancy," liom the pen or his ingenious thing else, a daily and univerfil ablution and scientisc friend, Dr. U vins, in Dr. Greof this body, ure perhaps all the reuse- gory's acw Encyclopedia.


brated comparative anatomist of France, fufficiently nursed and corrected. The M. Cuvier, in illutiration of the inodern approach of inetaucholy, like the couleanimu-chemical doctrine of life, fuppules ing-ou of evening darkness, is fearcely a virgin blooming with health and beauty perceptible in its progrets. In the first one day, and on the fucceeding a recum itage of this, as in thint of consumptive bent cople. “What is this effect," he atletion, the disorder may pertaps in enquires,“ but an alteration of the air almoii every initance be irretied; but rangement of the particles which enter afterwards, we can have litue more itie lalu the composition of her burdı?” Such thence upon the Diadow growing over alluration is not, bowever, the occation, the prind, than that which advances over but the confequence, of losing the prin- a dal. The fun points out, without reople ot' excitability. The muscles are tarding, its almolt intenible encroach becoine relaxed, the countenance is lunk, ment. the power of motion is departed, and

What is of gradual growth, is in gcthe aimties of inanimate matter now neral of permanent continuance. beun tu exhibit their operation, on the plant or an animal that is tardy in afcendliute particles of which the lifelels tio ing to maturity, is equally fo in declining bric is 15 compofid.

to death or diilolution. The Repurur was, a few days ago,

A fudulen an unprepared explotion called to a patient whole cate was cone does not deferve terror; it is the slow, tivered as an antamination of the intero tilent, and subterranean train of indiana ties. The tymptoms appear in fact to have matory ingredients, that is calculated orixinated from what in notulovy is deno- most effectually to uurlermine the mental, numated Icierus calcululiis. The exqui- as well as phvlical

, contitution. tite degree of pain which is occalioned The progress and etiablitlument of jne by tire ditiicult and obtructed patline of tellectual ballucination, is traced with a call-tune thronghi the biliary duct to tidelity and feeling in the tollowing delithe interme, is otien equally, or perhaps neation of Dr. Johnfon: “Somnc partiinore, violent than that produced by vita cular train of ideas fixes upon the mind, cerad iniammation. From the toriner, all other intellectual gratifications are however, it may be diicriininated by the reje ted; the mind, in wearinela or leie absence of that general disturbance in fue, recurs conftantly to the favourite the pulle and faculties of lite, which in- conception, and fealis on the luscions variably characterize the latter.

tuitchood whenever it is offended with Inmunity still prevails and predominates the billernets of tinth. By degrees, the over the ordin:iry multitude of discales. reign of fincy is contirmed : the grows The incipiency of murbid irritativu is not tirii imperivus, and in time depotic.

Thele tictions begin to operate as realiThis circumftance the Reporter has ties, talle opinions fatien upon the mind, been particularly induced to state, as it has

and lite palles in dreanis ot rapture or brzo overlooked by Dr. Saunders, whose of winguith..” Troolile on the Liver is, beyond all doubi,

Jon RED. the most tripectable work that has been re Grenville-itreet, Brunjicick-quare, Chatly publuhed on that sunject.

June 27, 18.


20th of December und the 201h of January, ertracted from the London Gazettes


Toe Solicitors' Names are between Parentbeses.
BEVUEDGE Williams, Maitenlane, hofier. (Buxger and
Leilny Tlupas Liverpool, Timber-merchant. (Couper

308 Co. Southampton Buildings
trahit militain, Gracechurch areet, warehouse man.

I Rearow Cutbis court
DE #-namin, Sherringbarn, Mipkeeper. (Harnier,
But: Willua. Berandrey, hair me chant, (Ledwith,
Bhrt williams, Wilwy, malfter. (Tayini, old screet
Bare Grutte, Kar niet, draper (Latchst, Hatton Gar.

George nu Brillo, ictirene. (a. Thai .

Cooke Thomas, Glouceltet, merchant. (Egerton, Gray's

Inn Sulare
Curtis Jon Fle'cher, Minuries, linen-draper. Do in anu

Co Crate cuurt
Clarke Charira, Critol, corn-fador. (Blandford and co.

Inner Temp e.
Cundill Robert, the younger. Yurk, brewer. (Edge, The

ner Temple
Chiaru Charles, Hira Holborn, chemiit. (Smith, Hailu

Cox fafeph Lancantor, Lambern, vichhaller. (Meyman

Charlotte treet, Backfriar's rua
Dixon John Woud, Minorlds, ibip biler tilkyard. Con

Epworth | ines, palding, grocer. (Harrey and Co. Lin.
Gilie: Nectaurila Sotinoplace, norint. bave

4111 Co T. Golger Thones, $. skerm?, *** Fleler, Duke.

trert Greeu alery, Bostwir, fumt 2727**** Train




Godwin George, Stafford, cordwainer. (Punton, 4, Head Coulson John, Tinsbury-square, grocer, January 30 court

Cole Richard. I ambeth-road, haberdarher, February Garland William, Sheptoa Mallett, innholder. (King, Cadwell William, [Maid tone, upholsterer, January 31

Took's court Hughes William, Quen Areet, Southwark, porter dealer. Clarke Clerr.ent, Great Yarmouth, liquor-merchant, Jan. (suro, uld Jewry

27 Harrison William, Berwick-ftreet, currier. 'Popkin, Dean Cooper Thomas, Leatherhead. cnrn-chandier, February 1 ftreet

Carslefs Thomas Turner, Counter-itreci, corn-dealer, Helkerh Joseph and William Jones, Liverpool, grocers. ebruary 14, final ( Wiat, liverpool

Cockburn Alexander, Gray's low-lane, sadler, February Hunt Benjamin, Brighion, builder. (Smith, Furnival's inn Hawkey Jofeph, Piccadilly, accoutrement inaker. (Cule, Drury Thomas and Richard Gilbert, Bread-street, ribbonSouthampton-ftreet, 11000 Piiry

weaveri, January 31, final Jones Thomas, Hirnfreet, Mary le Bone, carpenter. Edwar's John Wigmore itreet, fadler, January 12 (Rogers, Frith-freet

Ellis David, Long Acre, draler in cloth, January 31, fipal Julian joht, wobber's Mili, miller. Macdoughall and Co. Everitt Richary Great Yarmouth, grocer, January 27 Liocoin's in

Eafterby George aud Winiain Macfarlice, Rotherhithe, Jackson Junn, Sculcoates, cabinet-maker. (Allen ard Co. merciants, February 14, faal Furnival's inn

Evans luha, vi viverhampton, hardwareman, February 2, Knight Wiliam, Stonebreaks, clothier. (Townsend, Sta. ples ion

Franck George, Blackman-freet, wine-merchant, January Kedd i humas, Newcastle upon Tyne, failcloth-maker. 31. final Wortham and co, Caft'e atreet

Furlonge Michael, Guilford-Greet, merchant, January 30 Levy Jacob Ifrael, haidon-treet, nierchant. (Keys, 18, Fiiber Stanley Marshall, Gravel.nd, binen-draper, eb, Somerset-drett Aldgate

3, final Left William, Careaton-freet, warehousemaa. (Palfinere, Tuller Samuel, Cambridge, draper, January 3! Warufurd court

Grał James and Patrick Dempsey, Tower Royal, focs. Langdale Charles Nules, Thirk, wine-merchant, (Chip. chants January 6 pendale, King's Sech.Walk

Glover David, Gutter-lane, merchant. February 14 Lucy John, Liverpool, inerchant. (Blacklock, Temple Giul George Charles-treet, fadler, Feliruary 7 M Craith Alexander, Lower Brookftreet wine nerchant, Gilding Francis, Aldersgate-arcet, cabinet-maker, Te(wide, jun Cagle-ftreet Falcon fquase

bruary 7 M'Craith Alexander and John Ma Thail. Lower Brook. Hennems John, East Greenwich, cor-dealer, January 17

ftreet, wine merchant. (herwud, Cushion court Hopkins Juhua, Alceller. grocer, January 20 Oxlade Georg, Hoddesdon, mouty.scrivener. (Williams, Hibberton Ann, Fareham, milloner. February 3 21, Curfitor Areet

Hewitt John, Birminghair), drugeit, February 25, final Ofmeut Jofeph. Yeovill, victualier. (Barten, Yeovill Jackson Thomas. Areyic-ftrrer, taylor. January 24 Prippie Selby Clement, Newcatle upon Tyne, grocer. Jackfun Joon, Lancaster. vi&ualler, January 21, final (Mekgifen, Harcon Gaidco

JackWalter. Bristol, merchant, February 28 Phillips Phillip, Marthfeld, coal merchant. (Edinunds Juain Frederick, Thrugmorton-rett merchant, February

and Son, exchequer office of Pleas Potts Gcorge, Newcale upon Tyne, linen draper. (Berry Jones Jyhn, Threadneedle-freet, warehouseman, Ja• and Co. Wallbruuk

Quary 31 Richard fun stephen Clement, Cambridge, linen-draper. Kerr Patrick, Old Jewry, merchant, January 31, final

Lovel! Thomas. Shoreditch, baker. January 30 Ruiter John, Ormskiik, innkeeper. (Hulme, Brunswick

Lock Charles, Reading, horre-dealer. January 15 square

Leach James Askew, Jewry-&reet, wine-merchant, Jee Spearing tonn, Brighton, cabinet maker. (Evatt, War

nuary 30 wick-court, Gray's ine

Lane John, Thomas Frazer, and Thomas Boylion, NicheSmith James and Edward Meredith, Blackmore-freet, las-lane, merchants, February 7 Jinen-drapers. (Harinan, Wine urice-court

Mallifon Geurge, Gauxholme, milier, January 15, final Shepley Thomas, Selb), brewer. (Sykes and Co. New Moore Mary, Albemarle-treet, dress-makerJanuary 14 iun

Moore Samuel, Leicetter, woolcomber, January 23, hnal Smith Thomas, Coreley, coal-seller. (Nicholls, Tavihock Mackeig John, Briitol, linen-craper. January 27,

More Hugh, Ironmonger-lane. merchant, & ebruary 21 Swannack Charles, Russell-freet, grocer. (Gutty and Co. Nix Juho, Chatham, taylor, February 14 Angel-court

Noel Thomas Huofden, Brighton, linen-draper, Januar Tumner John, Mary le Bone Areet, vintner. (Rugers, 20, final Manchester Buildings

Notch Thomas Bach, Corfe, money-scrivener, February Topping John Lewis, Bishop frate-freet, grocer. (Glead.

S, final hill and Co. Tukenhoute-yard

Parr William, Luwer Shadwell, grocer, January 30 Trickey benjamio, lymptuli, butcher. (Street and con Percira Abram Mendes, and Hermenerola Calellain, Old Philpot-lane

Bethlam, dealers and chapmen, December 30 Tills Thomas, Wymondham, cordwainer. (Follet, Inner Peacock Lydia, Beverley, woollen-draper, January 17 Temple

Rivett William, Rotberhitne, miller. Japuary 17 Taylor John, Micklehurit, cutton-spioner. (Milne and Richardson Perer Wakefield, woollapier, Jai vary 17, final Cn. Old Jewry

Rowe Richard, Grauchetter. gardner, January 23, knal Thomas Anthony, Charles Henry Roflejn, and Charles Seh Rose Thomas Drewatt, Mariborough, talow candler,

leuing, Walibrook, merchants, (berry and to. Wall. February 9 brook

Roberts David, Trump-ftreet, warehouseman. February 21 Walter William, Exeter, ironmonger, (Williams and Co. Stratham Peter the younger, Manchester, dealer and chape Bedford row

mani, January 14 Wiliams William, Bedwellty, malfter. (Edmunds and Sheppard rorter Lyon, draper, January 31, fipal son. Exchequer Office ut Pleas

Sheddad Alexander, Britol, druggit, January 19, final Warwick Thomas. Great Sutton-ftreet, Watch-maker. Sawyer Richard, Broadstairs, butcher January 23 (1.yon, 13. Circhill

Smith George, Upper Harley-frcet, merchant, Jaguary 3, Weaver Richard Hardwick, miller. (Lowndes and Co. final Red Lion Square

Southcomb Thomas, Great Queen-ftreet, merchant, JaYates John. sh-ltou, china-man, (Leial and Co. New Bridge-arvet

Sharp Richard, Armley, dry-falter. January 16

Sherwin Thomas, Tower-drect, wine-suerchaut, January DIVIDENDS ANNOUNCED.

Shipley Thomas, Walcot. coachmatter, January 30, final

Seidou George, Alderfgate-Arcet, cabinet-maker January Addison Thomas, Prefon, woolleo-draper, January 21,

31 final

Sargeant Joseph, Milk-freet, Warehouseman, February 3 Atkinfun George, Smithfeld glaz er, January 17

Sutlitte William, Ovendon. merchant, February 6 Autin John, ondon up tern, milier. January 23

Spicer Howa d, Walden maltter, February 7 Ames Johy, New koad, vittualle: February 3

Tupniciin Chomas, Broomyard, linen diaper, February Benneit John Morris, droseley, malfter, January 16 Boardınan hen min, Ipswich February 3

Tamiinfon Richard. New Malton, brewer. February 4 browo wili mn and job vatty Je. nyn-freet. doc.

Taylor John Chatham, wine merchaur, February 1 makers. January 30

Watts Wiliam Ruffell, Briftol. grocer, January 19 Blunde i Jylepa, bulion le Moors, cuttun spinners, January Wallie James, Pater nofter row, bookfeller, January jo 2C, tina

Wheller Jofeph, Blackheath, miller. January 24 Bryan Wilma, Birchin lanc, merchant, January : Wheartall Edward, Duke-itreet, warehousemap. January Baies Robert, cuttle Brixe. purter erlliant. January 31 20 Barnet George, Leeus foap Loitur. January na

Ward Henry, Curtain

Road, apothecary, February 3, Baysis Wiuiam, led uy, baker, January 22

Walker Richard Benfun, Hodei fom, lanuary 24, final Dixou wil aun, Gufport, draperFetuary at

Wilkiofiva Robert and George Daniel, King nou, mer Bormley Lly, what friars, coal-perchadi. January 31

cluants January 27, final Burth William. beder, laen-draper, February 4 Anal Erfiw Richard, Paul Maid, fraibe mercbant, February

Wod bestow James, Worcefer, pluver, February :


nuary 27


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Containing official Papers and Authentic Documents..

had been for fix days indisposed, perlisted in NTELLIGENCE has been received follow ng his corps. The 35th regiment firby Government, and the following note tained feveral charges of the enemy's cavalry

with great coolneis and success. During the has been fent from the Foreign Office to

night the enemy beat a retreat, and reached variouă perfons of diftinétion

Ostrolonka. * Intelligence, of the truth of which there While General Benningsen's corps was is at the least doubt, has been received, that beaten at Pultufk, that of General Buxhowta adisp was fought between the Rullians Jen affembled at Golymnin about noon. The and French, on the 9th of December last, division of Panin, belonging to this corps, which continued three fuccellive days, and on which had been attacked the evening before the laf of which the French-retreated, with by the Grand Duke of Berg, and another dithe lot of 40,000 fein, and 80 pieces of vision already beaten at Nasielsk, arrived by cannon. The fcepe of action was at Oftra- diferent foutes at the camp of Golymill. lenka, 60 or 70 miles from Warsaw The Marshal Davoust, who pursued the enemy trenity made their retreat to within eight from Nasielsk, came up with them, charged miles of that place, and were also entrenching them, and took pofleffion of a wood near the themselves at Marienburgh."

camp of Golymin. At the fame time, GeneWe hope to be able to confirit this ral Augereau arriving

from Golazyma, took important event in our next:

the enemy in Aank. The general of brigade Ferry-seventb Bulletin of the Freneb Arng. Lapifle, with the 16th light infantry, carried

with the bayonet a viliage which served for a

Pultus, Dec. 26. point of support to the enemy. The division The affair of Czarnowo, that of Nafielik Oi Hendelet formed in line, and advanced and Kurfomb, that of the cavalry and Lapoc- again't the enemy, at three o'clock in the afFyn, have been followed by that of Paltuk, ternoon': the fire was extremely lot. The and by the complete and precipitaté retreat of Grand Duke of Berg made several successful the Rulian army, which has fiuilbed the pre- charges, in which Klein's division of dragoons fent year's campaign. I S. 71.. diftinguished themselves. Night coming on

Marthall Ialnes first arrived on the morn- tus foon, the battle continued till eleven ing of the 26tb, directly opposite to Pultiuk, o'cluck, when the enemy retreated in disorder, wärre, during the night, the whole of gene- leaving behind his artillery, his baggage, alNl Benningsen's corps had affembled. The most all his kaapsacks, and a number of dead. Rutan divifion, which had been de eated ac All the enemy's columns retreated towards Kafelsk, had arrived about two in the mora, Ostrolenka. General Feneroilles, commandant ing at the camp at Paltoík, with the third of a brigade of dragoons, was killed by a mufdvilinn of Marikal Davoust's corps in close ket thot. The intrepid General Rapp, the parisit of them. Ar ten o'Clock, Marthal emperor's aide-de-camp, was wounded by a Lafres began the arrack, having his firit line musket shot at the head of his division of drag Composed of the division of Suchet, the recond goons, Colonel Semele, of the brave 24th of Gazan's, and that of Ocdin, of the third regiment of the line, was wounded. Marshal Light corps under the command of General Augereau had a horse shot under him. Daumane, on his left wing. The engage- : - In the mein rime, Maríhal Soul with his mear was obftinate; after various occurrences corps had arrived at Mafati. two miles from the enery was completely routed. The 17th Matzon : but the horrible floughs, the consea regiment of light ini anery, and the Strh, co quences of rain and thaw, arreted his march, vered themielves with glory. Generals Ve- and saved the Ruffian army, of which not a

and Claperede were wounded General man woulthave otherwise escaped. The def Trilhard, commaplant of the light cavalry timies or the army of Gen. senningsen and that Geral Boulard, commandant of a brigade of of Buxhow Jen, femed as if they would have of dragons under General Becker, und also been completed on this fide the little river Calendl Parthelemy, of the 15th dragoous, d'Olege; but every plan was thwarted by the a wounded with grape-lot. Voilin, ald- etteet of the thaw, and that to such a degree, wp to Mavthal Lifnes; and M Curial, that the arrillery, could not move more thya. cump to Gener Sucher, were killed, three leagues in two days. The Russian ar

fallen with plory. Marthal, my loit ko pieces of cannon, all its ammunilite wife grized by a ball The Lion waggons, more than 1200 baggage-carts, the army gave u proof of every and 12,000 men in killed, wounded, and

caveated from the fupe. pripners. The movements of the French and ach Talintyover that of kuilian columns will furnish a fubje& of real

ney though he curiosity for military men, when traced upon No. 158.

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