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Monday, January 4, 1841. This being the day fixed by the constitution of this state, for convening of the legislature, the Senate met in their chamber at the capitol, in the city of Detroit, and the members present were called to order by the lieutenant governor, James Wright Gordon.

The roll being called, there were present, Senators Bridge, Drake, Edmunds, Jones, Lacey, LeRoy, Murphy, Rice, Witherell; absent, Senator Adam.

On motion, the names of the Senators elect, were then called by districts; whereupon,

The following Senators appeared, subscribed the constitutional oath of office, administered by the honorable Elon Farnsworth, chancellor of the state of Michigan, and took their seats, to wit:

Second district—Elisha P. Champlin.
Third district—Steven V. R. Trowbridge.
Fourth district-De Witt C. Walker.
Fifth districtTownsend E. Gidley and Edward L. Fuller.
Sixth district-David E. Deming.
Seventh district-John S. Barry.

Mr. Edmunds then offered the following resolution, which was adopted:

Resolved, That the rules established by the Senate for its government, and the order of business pursued at the last session of the legislature, be adopted until further order of the Senate.

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