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THE want of a ready-prepared and simple course of Scripture Lessons has long been felt by the Sunday School Teacher in his Class, and the Christian parent at home. Many a Teacher, from the nature of his daily engagements, has been compelled to give his lesson from the Sacred Word without having had the time even to evolve and arrange the ideas arising from it; whilst others who have been able to study their subjects, have often felt that a course of instruction, which should supply illustrations, "picture out" the ideas in simple and forcible language, and, at the same time, train the minds of the pupils to take part in the lessons, would afford much assistance.

To supply this want, and the want of Sunday reading for the younger branches of the family, is the object of THE FAMILY SUNDAY-BOOK. It will be the Author's aim, in humble dependence on the Divine Spirit, to form a standard course of Scriptural Instruction, which, extending over the period of childhood, may assist in preparing the young of many generations for the study of God's Word.

Whilst the Author would undertake these lessons in the hope that they may lead to the highest results, he would acknowledge the solemn responsibility ever attending such a task, and would ask the prayers of all Christians that the work may be rendered worthy of its object, so as to continue a long and useful course, -leading many little ones to the knowledge of "the Truth as it is in Jesus."

It might be as well to add that the Author is indebted for most of the descriptive parts to the "Pictorial History of Palestine," by Dr. Kitto, a writer well known for his intimate acquaintance with Eastern manners and customs.

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