The Propeller Handbook: The Complete Reference for Choosing, Installing, and Understanding Boat Propellers

McGraw Hill Professional, 2 juli 2001 - 176 sidor
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On the surface, choosing the correct propeller for a particular boat seems simple. But one factor affects another, which then affects another factor, leading many boaters to believe that propeller selection depends more on black magic than logic.

All the questions are answered in this complete reference, the first of its kind. This clear, easy-to-use handbook for all small boats is written not for Ph.D.s seeking the latest wrinkle in high-tech propeller design, but as a practical aid for the average mechanic, engineer, boatbuilder, fleet operator, serious yachtsman, or naval architect.

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Power Understanding Engine Performance
Estimating Speed Effects of Power Weight and Hull Type
Propeller Anatomy Parts and Definitions

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Dave Gerr is a naval architect specializing in the design of yachts and commercial craft to 180 feet. He has worked on vessels ranging from 440-foot cruise ships to a 60-foot BOC racer, a 60-mph jet-drive runabout, a 7-knot, 25-foot cruising motor launch, 100-foot aluminum motoryachts, and an assortment of 40- and 50-foot auxiliaries and motorsailers.

Owner of his own design firm, Gerr is a graduate of Westlawn School of Yacht Design and has studied physics at New York University and industrial design at Pratt Institute. He has a particular fascination with the relationship between science and art, function and beauty, and finds in naval architecture a rewarding harmony among these.

Dave Gerr's articles on boat design have appeared in Cruising World, Ocean Navigator, SAIL, Yachting, and WoodenBoat. He is a contributing editor for Boatbuilder and Offshore magazines. He is the author of The Nature of Boats and The Elements of Boat Strength, both published by International Marine.

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