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varied, interesting, and edifying. It is easily carried about, for it will go into the waistcoat pocket; it is easily read, for the type is clear and good; it is easily remembered, for its sentences are brief and striking; and it is easily bought, for it costs but a shilling. We hope, then, that it will be circulated by thousands, and carefully read by people of all denominations.


U. P. Church, Arthur Street.

Liberton, 30 August 1852. Dear Sir, I have examined your little book with deep interest and much satisfaction. It is full of valu. able matter, and fitted to be very useful.--I am, dear sir, yours very truly,

JAS. BEGG, Newington Church.

Edinburgh, 7th July 1852. Having been requested to express my opinion of the 66 Christian's Pocket Companion.” I cannot hesitate to speak highly of it. It appears to me a very preci. ous and valuable compilation-peculiarly well-suited to aid men in using up the odds and ends of time to their advantage. It is full of wisdom-true wisdom.


Cowgate U. P. Church.

Edinburgh, 10th August 1852. Dear Sir, I beg to return my sincere thanks for your gift of the “Christian's Pocket Companion,” which I have perused with great pleasure. In every word of Dr Brown's Recommendation I most cordially concur. The volume is in its appearance modest and unpretending, but it contains a store of wisdom not often to be found in books of much larger size.

The Sayings are true and pithy; and the whole

tendency of your little work is to do good. May it accomplish the end which I am very sure you have sincerely at heart.--I am, dear sir, faithfully yours.

PATRICK CLASON. Buccleuch Street Church.

Shanwell, near Kinross,

13th August 1852. I have examined your book with some care, and have no hesitation in expressing my hearty approbation of it. I consider the materials of it to be excellent in themselves, and well selected; and the arrangement of them to be extremely judicious, and 80 clear as to admit of easy reference. While the work contains a convincing and pleasing proof of the nature and extent of your own private reading, and of your acquaintance with the Holy Scriptures and the works of many valuable divines, it is also, in my opinion, well calculated to answer the purpose for which it has been presented to the public, and to serve as a “Companion” and assistant to those who wish, at any time, to “ commune with their own heart.” I shall, therefore, be glad to find that its circulation has been as extensive as its merits deserve.--I am, sir, your faithful servant,

GEO. COVENTRY, B.D., Minister of St Peter's Chapel, Edinburgh,

Edinburgh, 9th July 1852. Having examined the “ Christian's Pocket Companion,” compiled by Sergeant B—, I think it well planned, well executed, and well named. The materials seem to me admirably selected and arranged; they are such as may lead the Christian to profitable reflection in any circumstances; and they will, I doubt not, by the grace of God, promote the comfort and improvement of the careful reader,

P. DAVIDSON, Stockbridge U. P. Church.

Edinburgh, 13th July 1852. " The Christian's Pocket Companion,” by Serjeant B , a name now like a household word in the lips of many Christians, seems to me an excellent little manual. It is well calculated to accomplish the end which the compiler has in view. It is impossible to take it up and peruse any part of it, without having the mind cast into a train of meditation alike pleasant and devotional. I sincerely trust that it will be as fully appreciated by the Christian community as it deserves, both on account of the intrinsic excellence of its materials, and the ability with which they are arranged.

R. D. DUNCAN, Bread Street U. P. Chúrch.

Edinburgh, August 14, 1852. The Life of Serjeant B-, which long ago im. pressed me with its vigorous sense, piety, and origi. nality, secured my warm esteem for its author, with confidence in his ability, and lively interest in any new production from his pen. “The Pocket Companion” has not disappointed my expectations, for in a compilation from the oldest and best of books, with added wisdom from the stores of many generations, our author has brought out a book of sterling excellence (quite apart from the class of trite and commonplace), from which lessons of instruction may be drawn, adapted to the varying exigencies of life—so that he who makes it his companion, may trust it as a safe friend and sage counsellor in any stage of his journey.

HENRY GREY. Free St Mary's Church.

* Edinburgh, 17th August 1852. I have looked over Sergeant B 's work. It is exceedingly well arranged, and calculated to be very useful. I have great pleasure in recommending it, and bearing my very favourable testimony to its merits.


Min. of Free St John's.

Leith, 15th July 1852. A portable, pleasing, and valuable collection of materials for meditation.


N. Frederick Street, August 4, 1852. My Dear Sir,-I cordially acquiesce in the recommendation Dr Brown has given of the “ Christian's Pocket Companion.” I consider it very much fitted to attain the object you have in view, and I think you are peculiarly happy in your selection of the Wise Sayings. I hope that the book will be useful to many. I will take pleasure in recommending it whenever I have it in my power.-I am, yours very truly,


Elder Street Church.

Edinburgh, 8th July 1852. I have examined a portion of Serjeant B- 8 6 Pocket Companion," and have no hesitation in give ing it my hearty approbation. It is well fitted both to instruct and edify, and I trust that it will have, as it well deserves, a wide circulation.

Min., Nicolson Street U. P. Church.

Leith, 13th July 1852. I deem “The Christian's Pocket Companion " a most useful, delightful, and valuable companion, eminently fitted to interest, aid, warn, stimulate, and comfort the disciples of Jesus.

It contains many of the grandest thoughts and the finest sayings of departed worthies. It is full of truths incomparably more precious tban the most valuable gems and treasures of earth.


U. P. Church, Kirkgate, Leith.

I cordially concur in Mr Kinninmont's recommendation of the “ Christian's Pocket Companion.”


Rose Street Church.

Edinburgh, 15th July 1852. Serjeant B 's "Christian's Pocket Companion" is, in my opinion, a judicious and interesting compilation; well fitted to benefit the reader, and to assist him in doing good to others.

Min., St James's U. P. Chúrch.

24 George Square, 31st July 1852. Dear Sir, I thank you sincerely for your book, which, though small in bulk, is of great value, and well fitted to promote the interests of pure and undefiled religion. It has my cordial approbation.Truly yours,

R. LEE, Old Greyfriars.

Bristo Manse, 29th July 1852. Dear Sir,--Accept of my best thanks for your little volume. I think very highly of it. The

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