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arrangement is excellent; the materials, gathered from various sources, are peculiarly valuable; and the work must, by the divine blessing, be truly useful to its readers.-- With best wishes, yours faith. fully,


Canongate Church.

Edinburgh, 12th July 1852. Dear Sir, I have carefully examined the neat little volume you have put into my hands. I think it a compilation that does credit to your judgment, taste, and piety. The plan and execution are alike excellent. I cordially recommend it as fitted to its name, “The Christian's Pocket Companion,”-I am, dear sir, yours sincerely,


Bristo U. P. Church.

Edinburgh, 6th July 1852. “ The Christian's Pocket Companion” appears to be well adapted as a book for the sick-bed, when the mind is unable to dwell on a protracted train of thought, or for the opportunity too brief for prolonged reading, but too precious to be lost. Those who make themselves masters of its wise and pithy sayings, will possess good principles to regulate their conduct in times of difficulty, and blessed truths to sustain them in the season of trial.

Of Lothian Road U. P. Congregation.

Edinburgh, 7th July 1852. I can heartily recommend the “Pocket Com. panion” as a treasure of precious truth to every Christian who may possess it, and I have no

doubt but it will soon prove a favourite with the public.

JAS. ROBERTSON, Newington U. P. Church.

Drummond Place, 9th August 1852. Dear Sir,-I beg to return you my best thanks for the “ Christian's Pocket Companion.” I think it an excellent compilation, and calculated to do much good, and I most sincerely wish it all success.Yours very sincerely,

WM. ROBERTSON, New Greyfriars' Church.

Leith, 19th July 1852 I readily concur with my brethren in approving of this publication. I believe that it will be very pleasing to devout readers, and may be useful to all.


3 Montague Street, 14th July 1852. I have read the " Christian's Pocket Companion" with very great pleasure. It is a book well calculated to stimulate the Christian to serious thought for his improvement, and to guide and comfort him in days of difficulty and trial. The selection and arrangement reflect great credit on the compiler's Christian discernment and experience. I wish the book may have an extensive circulation, and that, by the blessing of God, it may accomplish the ends de. signed by it.

THOS. STEVENSON, Minister of the U. P. Church, North Richmond Street,

Edinburgh, 21st July 1852. My Dear Sir, I read the first edition of your

" Christian's Pocket Companion” with great plea. sure, and I hope with some profit. I rejoice that a second edition has so soon been required, I have looked into it, and am satisfied that the additions are improvements. Except the Bible, I know of no book more worthy of a place in every Christian's pocket, hand, or heart. . I trust that the blessing of the Christian's God will make it the means of accomplishing all your wishes, and far to transcend your brightest hopes.

W. TASKER, West Port Ter. Church.

Edinburgh, 13th July 1852. Sergeant

B h as, in previous excellent compilations, given good proof of his wisdom and taste in selection, and his power to benefit his fellow-Christians. Having, from a long religious experience, discovered what is fitted to comfort and edify his own soul, he has, in the “Christian's Pocket Companion," admirably applied this experience for the good of others. The book consists partly of passages drawn directly from the fountain of inspired truth, and partly of the best sayings of the best men who have drunk at that fountain, and been refreshed. It is a collection of “gold diggings,' in which the mind that gathers may speedily make itself both richer and wiser.


Broughton Place Church.

George Square, 26th July 1852. Dear Sir,-I have looked through your little volume, “The Christian's Pocket Companion,” which you so kindly sent me; and, as you present the different topics, I see nothing but what is calculated to instruct and warn, to edify and establish. I trust that the circulation of your volume may be as extensive as your desires.--I am, with every kind wish, yours sincerely,

W. K. TWEEDIE, Tolbooth.

Edinburgh, 11th August 1852. Dear Sir,-I thank you for the little book you sent me, with which I have been very much pleased indeed. It is well named, for it is a good companion for any Christian. I class it along with Clark's “Scripture Promises," a book known by everybody who values religion, and should be well pleased to have them both for my companions either in the time of sickness or health. I remain yours very sincerely,

HENRY WIGHT, Minister, Richmond Place.

Edinburgh, 9th July 1852. The compiler of the “Christian's Pocket Companion,” the well-known Serjeant


i s worthy of all encouragement from the Christian public. He has long since exchanged the sword for the pen, and the field of battle for that of the Christian warfare; and every good soldier of Jesus Christ ought to be provided with such a book as the 6 Christian's Pocket Companion.” He that reads and cordially cherishes the valuable truths which it contains, will, assuredly, fight the good fight of faith, and lay hold on eternal life.

ALEX. WALLACE, Minister of

Potterrow U. P. Church.

“ The briefest statement of its contents will show that, coming from the hands of so discreet a writer as Serjeant B , it will prove an attractive little work. .... We have long wished, in particular, for such a collection as this of death-bed sayings, as one of the best forms in which truth can be presented, both for silencing gainsayers, and encouraging saints.”—United Presbyterian Magazine.

“A better Companion'could scarcely be selected for the closet, or a journey, or a sick-bed.”—Berwick Advertiser.

6We have great pleasure in recommending the Christian's Pocket Companion.' Its choice gayings, brief and solemn counsels, and striking experi. ences, make it quite a treasury of wisdom and knowledge. It is fitted to interest and instruct the young and the old. We trust that it will obtain a wide circulation, and be the means of doing much good to immortal souls."-Scottish Press.

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