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The First Edition of these Poems is now out of print. A New and Cheaper Edition will be published shortly.






The extracts from Traherne's Prose Writings printed in the Introduction to his Poetical Works are quite sufficient to prove that he is no less excellent as a prose writer than as a poet. Indeed it may even be thought that his prose is superior to his verse, inasmuch as it is quite unaffected by the errors of taste which were common to the poets of his period, and from which Traherne was not altogether free. When his “Centuries of Meditation” is published, the fact will be put beyond dispute that as a writer of beautiful and nervous English Traherne has very few superiors and not many equals.

I hope to publish shortly the “Centuries of Meditation." The book will be put to press as soon as the names of one hundred and fifty subscribers have been received. The book will be handsomely printed and "got-up," and the price to subscribers will not exceed 75. 6d. Should sufficient support be forthcoming, this will be followed by a reprint of Traherne's “ Christian Ethics," a work of great merit which has been most unjustly neglected and forgotten.

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(First Series)


Sir Philip Sidney

Sonnets and Miscellaneous Verse

Mary Sidney, Countess

of Pembroke

Hymn to Astræa, etc.
Matthew Roydon
Friend's Passion for his Astrophel

Sidneian showers
Of sweet discourse, whose powers
Can crown ol! Winter's head with forvers.

CRA HAW Vilishes.


J. R. Tutin


Sir Philip Sidney

Astrophel ..
Th' admirëd mirror, glory of our Isle,
Thou far-far-more than mortal man, whose style
Struck more men dumb to hearken to thy song
Than Orpheus' harp or Tully's golden tongue.
To him (as right) for wit's deep quintessence,
For honour, valour, virtue, excellence,
Be all the garland, crown his tomb with bay,
Who spake as much as e'er our tongue can say.
WILLIAM BROWNE : Britannia's Pastorals,

Bk. II. Song ii. ll. 247-256.

Mary Sidney, Countess of Pembroke

Urania, sister unto Astrophel,
In whose brave mind, as in a golden coffer,
All heavenly gifts and riches locked are;
More rich than pearls of Ind, or gold of Ophir,
And it ker sex more wonderful and rare.

SPENSER : Colin Clout's Come Home Again.




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