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The Statue of Lord Byron.-There has been much misrepresentation on the subject of the statue executed by Thorwalsden of Lord Byron. It cost, not £30,000, but £2,000. This sum was raised by subscription, and paid for the statue; a fact which disposes of the imaginary reverting right of the artist's executors. and all the fanciful proceedings ascribed to them. The statue was never removed from the London Docks, where it was originally deposited.

The Queen and the Jeweller.-The following is a copy of a note sent by Anna, Queen of James I, to George Heriot, the wealthy jeweller:-"Ane presept of the queen. -Geordg Heriatt, I earnestlie dissyr youe present to send me tua hundrethe pundes vith all expidition, becaus I maun hest me away presentie. ANNA R."

A Novelty,-On the statue of the Duke of Wellington being elevated in front of the Royal Exchange, on the 18th instant, it was mentioned by Mr. L. Jones that that was "The first equestrian statue ever raised during the life of the person represented. Never had either king or subject the opportunity of seeing himself so represented be


The late Mr. Campbell.-Application has been made by Mr. Campbell's executors to the Dean and Chapter of Westminster, for the purpose of ascertaining whether permission could be granted, on application, for the interment of his remains in the Poet's Corner of the Abbey. The answer was in the affirmative.

Mr. Dickens.-This gentleffia leaves England with his wife and family, to take up his abode for a time in Italy. He proceeds, in the first instance, to Genoa.

King Charles's Bible.-At Broomfield, near Chelmsford, is a bible which belonged to King Charles the First, the date A.D., 1529, Norton and Bill, printers. It is a folio, bound in purple velvet; the arms of England richly embroidered on both covers; and on a fly leaf is written, "This bible was King Charles the First's, afterwards it was my grandfather's, Patrick Youngs, Esq., who was library keeper to his Majesty, now given to the church at Broomfield, by me, Sarah Atwood, August 4th, 1723." The bible is perfect, but there is no signature to sheet I; the pages run from 84 to 87, there being no 85 and 86.

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Slavery in England.-In the twelfth year of Edward III, a general commission was issued to manumit the slaves. The greater part of the peasants in some countries of Germany had acquired their liberty before the end of the thirteenth century; in other parts, as well as in all the northern and eastern regions of Europe, they remained much longer in a state of vassalage. Particular instruments for the manumission of slaves in England are extant of the age of Henry VIII; and instances of predial servitude have been discovered as late as the time of Elizabeth.

Hints for Talkers.-He who will never condescend to remark "how very hard it rained last night;" that "the dust was very troublesome in the park;" or that the "thermometer stood this morning in the shade, at 720;" will justly be considered a morose fellow, and will be as much avoided by good company as the man who never ventures into a more questionable proposition. He who cries "Pish!" when he hears that frugality is a virtue, or that Joseph Hume sometimes talks without book, must be content to pass for a free-thinker; and he who will not stoop to vent an occasional Joe Miller, must make up his mind to sit often mumchance, and to find no favour for his most brilliant bon mot.

The Monks and the People. - Dr. Ormerod, the historian of Cheshire, has collected from the MS. leger-book of Vale-Royal abbey some curious particulars relating to the hostility which the natives of Dernhall manor for a long time displayed towards their monastic proprietors in the fourteenth century. In the year 1321, says Dr. Ormerod, "the monks who ventured to pass their consecrated limits, were pursued by the Winningtons, Leightons, and Bulkeleys, and saved their lives only by flight; and, in the same year, the leger-book records a still more atrocious instance, by which it appears that the Ollingtons murdered John Boddeworth, a monk of the abbey, and played at football with the head after the perpetration of the deed."

Great Minds command Respect.-"If common-place men, hurried by vulgar perplexities into a display of passionate fear, extort from us a pitying smile: on the other hand, we regard with awe a spirit in which the seed of a great destiny is sown-which can accelerate neither the good nor the evil, Editor, at the Office, 2, Tavistock-street, Covent

neither the happiness nor the unhappiness, that will spring up from it."-Göethe.

Anecdote of a Spanish Grandee.-Carlos IV, in friendly conversation, one day asked

All communications to be addressed to the


LONDON: Printed and Published by AIRD and BURSTALL, 2, Tavistock street, Covent-garden, and sold by all Booksellers and Newsmen.

Abraham and Isaac, 91,
Abyssinians, Effects of Rockets on the, 76
Accidental Circumstances which caused the
Discovery of two Electric Currents, 98
Adulteration of Sugar, how tested, 174
Advocate of the Industrious Classes, 237
Agricultural Chemistry, Letter VIII, 5
Agricultural, Royal Society of England, 138
Alarm of George III, 91
Algiers as it is, 20, 52

Almanack for 1844, 7

Coningsby, or the New Generation, 354
Conolly, Captain, and Colonel Stoddart, 143

Ancient Monument, 210

Annese Gennaro; or, Entertainment for a Correspondence of Sir Francis Drake, 30

Duke, 101

Cosmoramic, Dioramic, &c., Exhibition, 237
Crown, the Queen's, 81
Cuckoo, the, 355

Cultivation of the Tea Plant by the Eng-
lish, 359

Appalling Themes for Eloquence, 107
Architecture of the Middle Ages, 273
Art of Incantation, 21
Art of Letter-Writing, 117
Art-Unions, 294
Archery, 136

Astronomy, a Discovery in, 19
Autobiography of a Dissenting Minister, 302
Autograph of Shakespeare, 108

China, Seeds collected in, 126
Choice of a Wife, on the, 12
Christ Church at Turnham Green, 192
Christ's Hospital, Hall of, 17
Christmas Morning, 6
Clifford, the good Lord, 191
Cobham, the good Lord, 45
Common Sense, Triumph of, 51
Commissioner's Lay, the, 158
Concordium, the, 36

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Cures by Yeast, 105

Curiosities Extraordinary, 39

Curious Particulars respecting Flora Mac-
Donald, 378

Bablake Hospital, 241

Baccio Bandinelli, 92

Bacon's Weaknesses, Lord, 330
Bankrupt's Prayer, 140

Bartholomew's Hospital, History of St., 343 Deaths of Aged Persons, 264
Beckford, the late William, 294
Bell and Mr. Bunn, Mr., 191
Benighted Traveller, the, 41

Bernadotte, the late king of Sweden, 206

Bituminous Lake, 143

Customs and Curious Ceremonies in Arra-
kan, 88

Damascus, a Coffee-house at, 126

Dead Guest, the, 274, 291, 306, 324, 340
Death of Simon de Montfort, 406

Decorations of the New Houses of Parlia-
ment, 305, 322

Deeds of Blood, 131

Defence of Vegetable Diet, 266
Deformity Corrected, 380

De Lorraine, Henry, the last duke of Guise,
358, 370, 402

Desponding Lover to his Harp, 39
Diorama, Notre Dame, &c., 379
Discourses in Astronomy, 19

Doings of the Puritans at Winchester, 269
Doomed One Spared, the, 277
Dr. Dodd's Execution, 79
Drama, Mr. Sneeze and his, 2
Dreadful Death, a, 286
Dreams, 310, 328, 345
Dry Rot in the Potatoe, 350
Duels, Condemnation of, by James I, 180
Durham, the Noble House of, 8
Dwarf, Charles Stratton, the, 149
Dwarfs, a Tribe of savage, 142

Canada, Nova Scotia, &c. 124
Canadian Muskanungee Fishing, 238
Capel, the Loyal Lord, 322
Capello, Story of Bianca, 54

Earthquake, the, 215
Edmonton Union, the, 66
Eglintoun Tournament, 76

Cardinal Wolsey, Contemporary Satire Electrical Magazine, 43

Elliston Papers, the, 234
Embankment of the Thames, 340

on, 184

Campbell, Life of the Poet, 386
Census, the Irish, in 1841, 40
Celibacy, the Horrors of, 55,
Charles Kemble's Readings, Mr., 348

Emperor and the Comedian, the, 301
England's (Young) Little Library, 43
Income and Property in 1778


Chaucer, Passages in the life of Geoffrey, 107 English Life in the Eighteenth Century,
Chemical Manure, 120
163, 178, 198, 216, 45, 260, 299, 315,
327, 375, 394, 408

Childishness of Napoleon, 404

Entomological Society, 30

Epigram on the Covent Garden Demon-
stration, 191; on the Decision against
Long Hours, 192

Evelyn's Petition, Benevolent Appeal, 280
Exchange, near Completion of the New
Royal, 1
Excursions, 349

Excursions in the Vicinity of London, 365
Expence of Redemption from Purgatory in
Spain, 286

Fairy Rose, the, 87

Filing Letters, a new mode of, 196

Kafirs, Doings of the, 109

Katherine of Berain, the Mother of Wales,


Kernan's (Dr.) Lectures, 73
King-street Exhibition, the, 291
King's Speech in the Twelfth Century, 415

Ladrone and Malay Pirates, 37
Lafitte, Anecdotes of, 396

Laissez Faire and Young England, 340
Lament for the Ladies' Hoop, 22
Last Moments of Casimir Delavigne, 13
Lamina Stark, a Family Picture, 9
Last of the Gang, the, 182

Forewarned; anecdote of the Duke of Wel- Late Hour System, 187

lington, 110

Forsaken Beauty, the, 254

Fortune's Frolics, 125

Frederick the Great, anecdote of, 255

French Church in Edward-street, Soho,
the, 263

Funerals, Ancient, 158

Gambling in the Eighteenth Century, 198
Gardening Hints, 27, 75, 135, 170
Gastronomic Enthusiasm, 78

Gatherer, 15, 31, 47, 62, 79, 94, 110, 126,
143, 159, 175, 191, 207, 223, 239, 255,
272, 286, 319, 336, 351, 367, 399, 415

Genius of Solitude, the, 125

Late Hours of Business, 30

Lavatories and Cloisters at Peterborough, 16
Lead, Injurious Effects of, 185
Legend of Naples, a, 282

Lenten Fast and Promotion of Festivities,
the, 269

Life and its Duties, 136

Life in Germany, as it appears to an Eng-
lishman, 398

Lincoln's Inn New Hall and Library, 50
Lincoln, St. Mary's Conduit at, 257
Literature in Spain; Al Hakem, 117
Local Historians' Table-Book, 188
London Gin Palace, a, 233
London, Relics of, No. XVII, 22

George IV's Statue and Nelson's Pillar, 27 London Bridge; Triumph of Ethelred, or

George I and Sophia of Zell, 165

German Liberal, Reflections of a, 37

Gibraltar, 392

Gleanings in Middlesex, 194

Gluten Grain, 93

Meat, 13

Grecian Head, 158

the Fall of, 190

Lotteries of the Last Century, 263
Lord Mayor's New Year Stories, 28

Mahomet's Birthday, 861

Grandmamma's Grace before and after Malmaison, the Bells of, 73

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Indian Tragedy, 26

Insects, New, 143

Intrigue and Love, 167

Irish Highwayman, the, 141

Ireland; Drainage, Railways, &c. 388

James II, Statue of, 113

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Naworth Castle, History of, 346

John Perrott, the Banker of fourscore years Necromancers and Jews, 35

ago, 114

Juvenile Literature, 152

New Calamity; an Author writing too
well, 202

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Nelson, a practical Quiz, 84
New York Boarding House, 409

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Nicholas, the Emperor and his Empire, 361 Polytechnic Magazine, 157, 236
Noble House of Durham, the, 80
Population of Spain, 46
Portfolio, the, 156

















Macclesfield, 232
Canning, 249



Aylesford, 297
Richmond, 312
Ailesbury, 329




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395, 410



Notes on Buchanan's Memoirs, by the late
Mr. Beckford, 341


O'Connell, Mr., Merrymaking, 183
Odes, Birthday, of the 18th Century, 245
Oldfield, Mr. and Mrs. Bracegirdle, 150
Old London, Surrey Zoological Gardens,401
Old Players and Old Playhouses, 151
One risen from the Dead, 83
Opening of the Tomb of Henry the First,
at Quedlinburgh, 14

Play Licensing, or Court Folly, 253
Plot without Treason, a, 276

Parricide, the, 243

Pasiglot System; an entirely new practical
and theoretical introduction to the
French Language, 381
Patent Valletan Light, 211
Patent Removable Window Sash, 316
Payne's Process for Metallizing Wood, 317
Paraselenæ, seen at Highfield-house, Len-
ton, Nottinghamshire, 298
Penitential Petition of Judge Jeffrey, 55
Peregrine Pulteney; or, Life in India, 321
Peterborongh and its Cathedral, 129
Philosophy of Respiration and Digestion, 133
Physiological Mystery, 12

Picking up a Pin, 396
Pictorial Geography, 381

Pictorial Tour in the Mediterranean, 398
Pilgrim's Remonstrances, the, 253
Plague of Locusts, 31
Plan of Wolff, the Missionary
Player's Accident, the, 94

[blocks in formation]

Sabbath Thoughts, 294

Palace Yard, Elegy on, 373
Parisian Occurrences, 93
Parisian Venus, the, 231
Parliamentary Wages, 83

Sackville, Lord George, not Junius, 103
Saint Simon, the Dnke de, 158
Sale of a Cloak and Robe, 78

Partiality of Animals for Wine and Spirits, Sam Sly's African Journal, 399


Scandinavian Usages, 231
Scenes at Taunton, 75

Scenes on the Mediterranean, 361, 392
Scene in the East, a, 119
Scientific Societies, 11

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Sporting Adventure, 415

Valencia and the Valencians, 361

Stark Lawrence, a Family Picture; a Tale Venice, Model of, 382

from the German, 9

Statistics, 14

Staudigl, Life of Herr, 252
Story of Bianca Capello, 54
Stuart, John, Death of, 77

Stoddart, Colonel, and Captain Conolly, 143
Stratton, Charles, the Dwarf, 149

Studies of Sensation and Event, 334
Superstitious Fancies, 67

Systematic Colonisation, 413

Teeth, the Handbook of the, 414

Vesuvius Guide, the, 124

Victoria and Prince Albert Gallery, the, 168
Village Blacksmith, the, 74

Volunteers and Militia of the Eighteenth
Century, 408

Walker, the Ghost of Anne, 133
Wells, the Bishop's Palace at, 145
Western Australia, 356

Westminster, the New Palace at, 353
What London is, 350

Wife Market and Old Maid's Comfort, 397

Timber, Different Methods for the Preser- Winstanley, Mr., the Builder of the Origi

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nal Eddystone Lighthouse, 140

Winter Evening's Song, 105, 335

Witness, an Irish, 108

Wolff's Progress, Dr., 366

Wreck, the, 170

Wretched Miser, the; or, God's Revenge

against the Oppressor, 205

Yeast, Cures by, 105
Yeoman, the English, 31

Young Queen of Spain, the, 203


The New Royal Exchange, 1
Arms of the Earl of Durham, 8
The Hall of Christ's Hospital, 17
The Boccius Light, 23

Arms of Lord Langdale, 25

Herne Church, 33

Arms of Lord Bloomfield, 40

Bablake Hospital, at Coventry, 241
Pilgrims Remonstrance, 243
Arms of Lord Canning, 249

St. Mary's Conduit, at Lincoln, 257
Arms of Earl Somers, 265

Architecture of the Middle Ages, 273
Arms of the Noble House of Cardigan, 281

The New Hall and Library of Lincoln's Interior of the King-street Exhibition of
Inn, 50

The Miser and his Treasure, 56
Arms of the Earl of Harrington, 57
The Edmonton Union, 66
Arms of the Earl of Harewood, 72
The Queen's Crown, 81

Arms of the Earl of Harrowby, 88
Redcliffe-street, Bristol, 97
Arms of Lord Hawke, 104

Statue of James II., 113

Arms of the Earl of Liverpool, 121

Arms of the Earl of Sandwich, 137

the Decorative Arts, 289

Napoleon's Revisit to Marengo, 296
Arms of the Noble House of Axlesford, 297
King Alfred dividing his only Meal with

the Pilgrim, 305

Group from a Painting by Corbould, 305
Arms of the Noble House of Richmond,


Principal Door of the New House of

Lords, 321

Arms of the Noble House of Ailesbury, 329-

View of Peterborough and its Cathedral, 129 Plan_ of the Proposed Embankment, and

The Bishop's Palace at Wells, 146
The Lord's Prayer, 152

Entering Church, 153

Christ Church at Turnham-green, 192
Arms of the Marquis of Bute, 154

The Lavatories and Cloisters of Peterbo-
rough, 161

Arms of the Earl of Pomfret, 169
Paris and Strasburg Railway, 177
Arms of Lord Alvanley, 185

The Warder Letter File, 196

Arms of the Earl of Lonsdale, 201

An Ancient Monument, 209

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The Patent Pelletan Light Apparatus, 211 Trafalgar-square, 369

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