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Let us scorn to be bias'd by party or pelf,
And vote for our country, forgetful of self.

Derry down, &c.
Let honour, let honesty, stand in your view;
To freedom be constant, to liberty true. [hit;
Let me tell you, my friends! the right nail you have
If you fix on the man that's a friend to old Pitt.

Derry down, &c. Letno low-minded motives your principles shake, But weigh the case well, for your safety's at stake. For him that has honour and truth for his plan Give your voices, my boys! and it's Shaftoe's the Derry down, &c.



LET the half-famish'd poet find fault with good

cheer, And, forced to drink water,despise our brown beer: That there's truth in full bumpers it can't be denied; Then toss off your glasses-letTruth be your guide.

Derry down, &c. Poor Lewis the Little full fatally knows That beef gives us courage to batter our foes; And the Sirloin, now knighted, that smokes on the

board, May in times of preferment be titled my Lord.

Derry down, &c. Let the scribblers exclaim—they're a finical tribe! May not we, like our betters, sometimes take a If cash does not circulate properly-trade Grows lazy, and lags like a founder'd old jade.


Derry down, &c. But to banter no longer–Our candidates seem Men of honour, of worth, and of public esteem: It were well for Dame Britain, her freedom and

laws, If such, and such only e’er handled her cause.

Derry down, &c. Let their free open spirits be right understood, Their contest is meant for their countrymen's good: When danger alarms us or glory 'commands, Our lives and our honours are safe in such hands.

Derry down, &c. That they both have their merits,it must be allow'd; But, sons of cool Reason! step forth from the

crowd; If weighty experience can balance the day, Give your voices,my boys! 'tis for Shaftoe. Huzza!

Derry down, &c.

WHERE the rich Wear', with wandering grace,

In gay profusion runs,
The guardian genius of the place

Harangued his freeborn sons:
The burden of his sacred strain
Was Shaftoe, live !-live, generous Vane!'
• Where Durham lifts her sacred piles,

Revered in gothic pride,
And wisdom, with meridian smiles,

Expands on every side,
| The river Wear, that runs through the city of Durham.

Distinguish'd in bright honour's train,
Stand Shaftoe and illustrious Vane.

The noble heart that truth refines

(With conscious worth replete) More useful than Peruvian mines,

Adds virtues to the state ;
Such patriot virtues as remain
With Shaftoe and illustrious Vane.

Confirm, my sons ! confirm my choice,

And call my favourites forth,
Since fame approves the general voice,

And merit stamps their worth.
None can your sacred rights maintain
Like Shaftoe and illustrious Vane.'
The Genius ceased-from every part

Applause like lightning ran; Conviction fired each glowing heart,

And catch'd from man to man: Loud echoes fill'd the gladdening plain With • Shaftoe live!- live, generous Vane!


He that Love hath never tried,
Nor-had Cupid for his guide,
Cannot hit the passage right
To the palace of Delight.
What are honours, regal wealth,
Florid youth, and rosy health?
Without Love his tribute brings ;-
Impotent, unmeaning things!


Gentle shepherds, persevere,
Still be tender, still sincere;
Love and Time, united, do
Wonders if the heart be true.

THREE PART CATCH. 'Tis in view (the rich blessing kind nature be

stow'd, To

conquer our sorrows, or lighten the load) A full flask!- the rich nectar this bottle contains In a flood of fresh rapture shall roll through our

veins. Let it bleed—and, carousing this liquor divine, Sing a hymn to the god that first cultured the vine.



Give the toast-my good fellow, be jovial and gay,
And let the brisk moments pass jocund away!
Here's the King-take your bumpers, my brave

British souls,
Who guards your fair freedom should

your full bowls;

[down, Let him live-long and happy, see Lewis brought And taste all the comforts, no cares of a crown.




From my favour, sense rejected,
Fools by Fortune are protected:
Fortune, Harlequin! hath found you,
Happiness will hence surround you.
Should a thousand ills enclose you,
Quick contrivance this bestows you!
Valour makes the fair adore you;
This ? shall drive your foes before you.
Gold's the mighty source of pleasure!
Take this purse of magic treasure;
Go-for while my gifts befriend you,
Joy and jollity attend you.


A Cantata. FROM the high mount", whence sacred groves Diana and her virgin troop descend; [depend, And while the buskin'd maids with active care The business of the daily chase prepare, A favourite nymph steps forward from the throng, And thus, exulting, swells the jocund song• Jolly Health springs aloft at the loud sounding

Unlock'd from soft Slumber's embrace; [horn, And Joy sings a hymn to salute the sweet morn,

That smiles on the nymphs of the chase:

1 A hat.

? A sword.

3 Mount Laimos.

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