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24. 25. And a disposition to be useful to mankind would prompt men to this, dury.

6. It is the business of life of the most diffusive usefulness. It brings honour to God, comfort to one's self, and advantage to others; it brings advantage to their souls, tends to make them holy here, and happy hereafter. It reaches not only to the present generation, but to the generations yet unborn ; in so far as, you propagating religion to your children, they will propagate it again to theirs, and theirs to theirs, and so on. It is to be lamented, that fome children follow not the steps of their religious parents. But every body may observe, that there are some families wherein one generation after another appears for God; others wherein, generation after generation, religion can never get place among them. Trace these back, and ye may come to one that was careful to propagate religion to his children, and his children propagated it again to theirs, and so on; and to another that had no care that way about his children, and his children had as little again about theirs, and so on.

7. lastly, It is the business of life that is the most valuable, most worthy of the dignity of an immortal foul, and likeft the life that Christ led in the world. The business of most men is nothing but laborious trilling; their thoughts, cares, and time, are wholly spent on things pertaining to this life; as if they had fouls of no other constitution than their bodies. It is nothing like the life of Christ, who went about doing good, propagating religion : 1 Pet. q. 21. Christ suffered for us, leaving us an example, that ye mould follow his feps, Compared with i John' ii. 6. He that faith


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