The Portfolio; or A collection of state papers, etc. etc. illustrative of the history of our times [afterw.] The Portfolio


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Sida 572 - Kingdom ; the President of the French Republic ; His Majesty the King of Italy ; His Majesty the King of the Netherlands, Grand Duke of Luxemburg, etc.
Sida 574 - Russias, wishing to spare the Sublime Ottoman Porte the expense and inconvenience which might be occasioned to it by affording substantial aid, will not ask for that aid if circumstances should place the Sublime Porte under the obligation of furnishing it, the Sublime Ottoman Porte, in place of the aid which it is bound to furnish in case of need, according to the principle of reciprocity of the Patent Treaty, shall confine its action in favour of the Imperial Court of Russia to closing the Strait...
Sida 390 - There are at the present time, two great nations in the world which seem to tend towards the same end, although they started from different points; I allude to the Russians and the Americans.
Sida 573 - The present Treaty of Defensive Alliance shall be ratified by the two high contracting parties, and the ratifications thereof shall be exchanged at Constantinople within the space of two months, or sooner if possible.
Sida 569 - Bretagne et d'Irlande, Impératrice des Indes, Sa Majesté le Roi d'Italie, Sa Majesté l'Empereur de toutes les Russies et Sa Majesté l'Empereur des Ottomans...
Sida 571 - En foi de quoi , les plénipotentiaires respectifs l'ont signé , et y ont apposé le cachet de leurs armes. Fait ā Paris, le 30 mai de l'an de grâce i 8 i4Ģ ( LS) Signé le Prince DE BÉNÉVENT.
Sida 569 - D'aprčs cela, il est convenu qu'en ce cas les troupes de terre et de mer dont la Sublime-Porte réclamerait le secours seront tenues ā sa disposition. ART. 4. Selon ce qui a été dit plus haut, dans le cas oų l'une des deux Puissances aura réclamé l'assistance de l'autre, les frais seuls d'approvisionnement pour les forces de terre et de mer qui seraient fournies tomberont ā la charge de la Puissance qui aura demandé le secours. ART.
Sida 570 - ... ā ce traité, on est convenu de fixer sa durée ā huit ans, ā dater du jour de l'échange des Ratifications Impériales. Les deux parties, avant l'expiration de ce terme, se concerteront suivant l'état oų seront les choses ā cette époque, sur le renouvellement du dit traité.
Sida 390 - All other nations seem to have nearly reached their natural limits, and only to be charged with the maintenance of their power ; but these are still in the act of growth, all the others are stopped, or continue to advance with extreme difficulty; these are proceeding with ease and with celerity along...
Sida 176 - Lord PALMERSTON directs me to acquaint you, with respect to the latter part of your letter, that it is the opinion of his MAJESTY'S Government that no toll is justly demanded by the Russian authorities at the mouth of the Danube, and that you have acted properly in directing your agents to refuse to pay it.

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