On punishments and prisons, tr. by A. May


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Sidan vi - CHAPTER X. CHIEF PREVENTIVE CHECK TO CRIME. " The duty of society is not only to resent and punish the crimes committed, but also carefully to seek out their causes, and, so far as it is in human power, to remove them.
Sidan 83 - ... care follow even its misled children. The solitary cell ought to be inaccessible to the outer world, but not to the admonishing and instructing voice of the philanthropist. I -was in prison and ye visited me, say the Scriptures; may this heavenly doctrine not be lost, but manifest itself in action!
Sidan iv - ... committees and general inspectors to provide honest employment for the discharged victim of crime, poverty or ignorance ; and that, above all, education, poor relief and Christian love, shall endeavour to prevent, rather than to punish, breaches of the law. Sentiments such as these do Prince Oscar honour; they will flourish when thrones are forgotten and empty titles shall be no more. They will smooth the pillow of disease and death in this world, and will "go before...
Sidan 28 - ... discipline with more persevering industry and talent than MM de Beaumont, and De Tocqueville. With the former I have conversed much on the subject, and was astonished, as well as pleased, with the extent of his information. Li their work on the Penitentiary System in the United States...
Sidan 136 - a feeling of morality, degenerated to implacability, ought not to repulse his contrition, or suppress his good intentions ; but his return to evil must be prevented by his being enabled to obtain honest employment. There is an extensive field for communal and private exertion. After the law has executed the punishment, and the State has taken care of the inward improvement, it is the business of the citizen to offer a helping hand to the individual restored to freedom.
Sidan 147 - The effect produced by the appearance of this work, was all that the illustrious Author could have desired. The book was eagerly sought and read , and the Diet , inspired by the noble sentiments there developed, appointed the sum of 1,800,000...
Sidan v - They belong as well to the jurisdiction of religion, as to that of justice and politics, and begin in most countries to be considered with increasing interest. " Since the discontinuance of the long wars, which for about a quarter of a century claimed the public attention, both governments and people have again directed their efforts to domestic affairs. The...
Sidan 147 - Sweden, for the improvement of the penal-laws and for prisons, be raised by my well intentioned exertions, and especially by the judgment of those distinguished authors whom I have cited in several places, the object will be gained, and one of my most earnest wishes accomplished *). *) The effect produced by the appearance of this work, was all that the illustrious Author could have desired.

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