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Then search, consult, and ask my heart,

where's now that wondrous aid? 7 Has God for ever cast us off?

withdrawn his favours quite ? 8 Are both his mercy and his truth

retir'd to endless night? 9 Can his long practis'd love forget

its wonted aids to bring ? Has he in wrath shut up and seal'd

his mercy's healing spring ? 10 I said, my weakness hints these fears;

but I'll my fears disband ; I'll yet remember the Most High,

and years of his right hand. 11 I'll call to mind his works of old,

the wonders of his might; 12 On them my heart shall meditate,

my tongue shall them recite. 13 Safe lodg’d from human search on high,

O God, thy counsels are! Who is so great a God as ours ?

who can with him compare ? 14 Long since a God of wonders thee

thy rescued people found; 15 Long since hast thou thy chosen seed

with strong deliv'rance crown'd. 16 When thee, O God, the waters saw,

the frighted billows shrunk ; The troubled depths themselves for fear

beneath their channels sunk. 17 The clouds pour'd down, while rending skies

did with their noise conspire; Thy arrows all abroad were sent,

wing'd with avenging fire. 18 Heaven with thy thunder's voice was torn,

whilst all the lower world With lightnings blazed ; earth shook, and seemd

from her foundations hurl'd. 19 Through rolling streams thou find'st thy way,

thy paths in waters lie; Thy wondrous passage, where no sight

thy footsteps can descry. 20 Thou ledd'st thy people like a flock,

safe through the desert land, By Moses, their meek skilful guide, and Aaron's sacred hand.

PSALM LXXVIII. 1 TEAR, O my people, to my law

1 devout attention lend; Let the instruction of my mouth

deep in your hearts descend.


2 My tongue, by inspiration taught,

shall parables unfold, Dark oracles, but understood,

and own'd for truths of old : 3 Which we from sacred registers

of ancient times have known, And our forefathers' pious care

to us has handed down. 4 We will not hide them from our sons;

our offspring shall be taught The praises of the Lord, whose strength

has works of wonder wrought. 5 For Jacob he this law ordain'd,

this league with Israel made; With charge to be from age to age,

from race to race, convey'd. 6 That generations yet to come

should to their unborn heirs Religiously transmit the same,

and they again to theirs. 7 To teach them that in God alone

their hope securely stands; That they should ne'er his works forget,

but keep his just commands. 8 Lest, like their fathers, they might prove

a stiff rebellious race, False-hearted, fickle to their God,

unsteadfast in his grace. 9 Such were revolting Ephraim's sons,

who, though to warfare bred, And skilful archers, arm'd with bows,

from field ignobly fled. 10, 11 They falsified their league with God,

his orders disobey'd, Forgot his works and miracles

before their eyes display'd. 12 Nor wonders, which their

fathers saw, did they in mind retain, Prodigious things in Egypt done,

and Zoan's fertile plain. 13 He cut the sea to let them pass,

restrain'd the pressing flood; While pild on heaps, on either side

the solid waters stood. 14 A wondrous pillar led them on,

compos'd of shade and light; A shelt'ring cloud it prov'd by day,

a leading fire by night. 15 When drought oppress'd them, where no stream

the wilderness supply'd, He cleft the rock, whose flinty breast

dissolv'd into a tide.

16 Streams from the solid rock he brought,

which down in rivers fell, That, trav’lling with their camp, each day

renew'd the miracle. 17 Yet there they sinn'd against him more,

provoking the Most High, In that same desert where he did

their fainting souls supply. 18 They first incens'd him in their hearts,

that did his power distrust, And long'd for meat, not urged by want,

but to indulge their lust. 19 Then utter'd their blaspheming doubts ;

“Can God,” say they,“ prepare “ A table in the wilderness,

set out with various fare? 20 “ He smote the flinty rock, 'tis true,

and gushing streams ensued; “ But can he corn and flesh provide

“ for such a multitude?'' 21 The Lord with indignation heard:

from heaven avenging flame On Jacob fell, consuming wrath

on thankless Israel came: 22 Because their unbelieving hearts

in God would not confide, Nor trust his care, who had from heaven

their wants so oft supply'd; 23 Though he had made his clouds discharge

provisions down in showers; And when earth fail'd, reliev'd their needs

from his celestial stores; 24 Though tasteful manna was rain'd down,

their hunger to relieve; Though from the stores of heaven they did

sustaining corn receive. 25 Thus man with angels' sacred food,

ungrateful man was fed; Not sparingly, for still they found

a plenteous table spread. 26 From heaven he made an east wind blow,

then did the south command 27 To rain down flesh like dust, and fowls

like sea's unnumber'd sand. 28 Within their trenches he let fall

the luscious easy prey; And all around their spreading camp

the ready booty lay. 29 They fed, were filld; he gave them leave

their appetites to feast; 30, 31 Yet still their wanton lust crav'd on,

nor with their hunger ceas'd.

But whilst in their luxurious mouths

they did their dainties chew, The wrath of God smote down their chiefs, and Israel's chosen slew.

PART II. 32 Yet still they sinn'd, nor would afford

his miracles belief: 33 Therefore through fruitless travels he

consum'd their lives in grief. 34 When some were slain, the rest return'd

to God with early cry; 35 Own'd him the Rock of their defence,

their Saviour, God most high. 36 But this was feign'd submission all;

their heart their tongue bely'd; 37 Their heart was still perverse, nor would

firm in his league abide. 38 Yet, full of mercy, he forgave,

nor did with death chastise; But turn'd his kindled wrath aside,

or would not let it rise. 39 For he remember'd they were flesh,

that could not long remain; A murm’ring wind, that's quickly past,

and ne'er returns again. 40 How oft did they provoke him there,

how oft his patience grieve, In that same desert where he did

their fainting souls relieve! 41 They tempted him by turning back,

and wickedly repin'd, When Israel's God refus'd to be

by their desires confin'd. 42 Nor call'd to mind the hand and day

that their redemption brought; 43 His signs in Egypt, wondrous works

in Zoan's valley wrought. 44 He turn'd their rivers into blood,

that man and beast forbore, And rather chose to die of thirst,

than drink the putrid gore. 45 He sent devouring swarms of flies;

hoarse frogs annoy'd their soil; 46 Locusts and caterpillars reap'd

the harvest of their toil. 47 Their vines with batt'ring hail were broke;

with frost the fig-tree dies; 48 Lightning and hail made flocks and herds

one general sacrifice. 49 He turn'd his anger loose, and set

no time for it to cease;

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And with their plagues ill angels sent,

their torments to increase.
50 He clear'd a passage for his wrath

to ravage uncontrol'd;
The murrain on their firstlings seiz'd,

in every field and fold. .
51 The deadly pest from beast to man,

from field to city, came;
It slew their heirs, their eldest hopes,

through all the tents of Ham.
52 But his own tribe, like folded sheep,

he brought from their distress; And them conducted like a flock,

throughout the wilderness. 53 He led them on, and in their way

no cause of fear they found; But march'd securely through those deeps,

in which their foes were drown'd. 54 Nor ceas'd his care, till them he brought

safe to his promis'd land;
And to his holy mount, the prize

of his victorious hand.
55 To them the outcast heathen's land

he did by lot divide;
And in their foes' abandon'd tents
made Israel's tribes reside.

56 Yet still they tempted, still provok'd

the wrath of God most high; Nor would to practise his commands

their stubborn hearts apply;
57 But in their faithless fathers' steps

perversely chose to go;
They turn'd aside, like arrows shot

from some deceitful bow.
58 For him to fury they provok'd

with altars set on high; And with their graven images

inflamed his jealousy. 59 When God heard this, on Israel's tribes,

his wrath and hatred fell; 60 He quitted Shiloh, and the tents

where once he chose to dwell. 61 To vile captivity his ark,

his glory to disdain, 62 His people to the sword he gave,

nor would his wrath restrain. 63 Destructive war their ablest youth

untimely did confound; No virgin was to th' altar led,

with nuptial garlands crown'd.

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