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If I were disposed to cite wit. The truth is, according to Paul's nesses to the desperate depravity belief, to be absent from the of the human heart, I might body is to be present with the bring them from heaven, earth, Lord; and in that state are the and hell. Innumerable saints spirits of just men made perfect. around the throne of God, are 4. The Spirit of God is assert. this moment celebrating the ed to be nothing more than the praises of that redeeming love, miraculous gifts, which were bewhich snatched them from the stowed upon the apostles. eternal pit, to which they might In the seventh Letter of Mr. have been justly sentenced for Belsham, it is said, "the distinct their rebellion. The earth is full personal existence of the Holy of violence, and fraud, and op. Spirit is, I believe, abandoned by pression, and evil designs. The every person, who has paid much testimony to human depravity, attention to the phraseology of is recorded on every page of his. the Scriptures.” And again, tory, in letters of blood. Hell “The controversy” (respecting with its myriads of miserable the personality of the Holy Spir. wretches, its curses and blasphe. it) “is almost as much at rest, mies, which are continually as. as that concerning transubstancending, bears awful testimony tiation.” to the fact in question.

It is very difficult to decide, But I forbear, my business is whether this is the result of ignot to controvert any position norance, or a premeditated de. at length, but only to remark. sign of falsehood. If the depraved and ruined state 5. 66A new creation: regenof man be denied, revelation is eration; rising from the dead, made a farce, and the gift of a are only expressive of the great Savior ridiculous.

change which took place in the 3. The materiality of the soul, views, feelings, and character, and its extinction after the death of pharisaic Jews, and idola. of the body, until the resurrec- trous heather, when they sin. tion, is asserted by this system. cerely professed the Christian

But to the penitent, dying thief faith. And as such a change our Savior said, “this day shalt was produced by the evidence of thou be with me in Paradise.” miracles, in this sense it was as. Paul was “in a strait betwixt cribed to the Spirit of God.” two,” whether he should choose A new creation, then, is only "to abide in the flesh, which was a persuasion from testimony, needful” for his Christian breth. that the gospel is the true system. ren, or to depart, and be with And this can take place, only Christ, which was better." But among phurisaic Jews, and idolwhat did he mean by abiding in atrous heathen.

All who are the flesh, or what by departing educated in the belief of chrisand being with Christ, if the tianity, have no need of a change, soul is material and has no separ- This is thorough work ; but it ate existence. And why should must be owned, that it is consisthe consider it better to depart or ent with the rest. to die, if at death the soul ceases 6. “To be forgiven, recon. to exist, till the resurrection ? ciled, and saved, means, that the

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gentiles, under the new dispen. "Jesus," says the author, "is sation, are admitted to equal indeed now alive. But as we are privileges with the Jews; and to totally ignorant of the place where be redeemed by the blood of he resides, and of the occupations Christ is only to be released from in which he is engaged, there can the yoke of the ceremonial law.” be no proper foundation for re

If such expositions are correct, ligious addresses to him, nor I must say, that of all the writers of gratitude for favors now reI have yet seen, the sacred wri. ceived, nor yet of confidence in ters are the most enigmatical, his future interposition in our be. indefinite, and obscure.

half."!! But you shall now hear the What a schemc of salvation and reason, why the Scriptures are what a Savior is this, for a ruined treated in this manner. The world ? Oppressed with a load Scriptures are not themselves of guilt greater than I can bear; the word of God; nor do they a candidate for immortality; ac. ever assume thai title ; and it is countable to Him in whose sight HIGHLY IMPROPER to speak of the heavens are not clean ; and them as such."

my life exposed every moment This is honest. It is speaking to the ravages of death, I look out; and to the purpose. A about me for help. I ask for rational mind could entertain no some propitiation, some atone. doubt before this, that Mr. Bel. ment for rebellion against the sham did not believe the Scrip. majesty of heaven, committed tures to be the word of God. against the clearest light, and But when he frankly confesses the most endearing love, and I his infidelity, he will not be an. am directed for a Savior to one gry with us, if we assign him his whose place of residence I know proper station and rank him under not, and in whose interposition I the banners of Hume and Vol. cannot confide.

I ask for a taire.

Savior who is "mighty and faith7. “ Christianity expressly fulto save even to the uttermost,” abolishes that distinction of days and I am directed to a mere man, which is so conspicuous a feature,

a child of the dust; a peccable in the mosaic institute. What. creature like myself! I feel the ever is lawful or expedient on corruptions of my heart, rising one day of the week, is equally up from day to day, and urging lawful and expedient on any me on to offend against my God,

and I know from experience that At the close of this summary, resolutions will not restrain

them ; I ask for a change of pears to me, to be the true heart; the implantation of a new doctrine of reason and revela. principle, which shall lead me to tion."

obey God, and I am told such a Nothing very particular ap- change is chimerical, and that pears in this summary, respect. there is no Holy Spirit ! ing Christ, and the part- he sus. What a gloomy, cheerless sys. tains in the scheme of our salva. tem is this, for a soul pierced tion. But this defect is supplied through and through with the arin the eighth Letter.

rows of guilt and conviction ?

other day.”

the author says,

66 This ap

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Who would exchange for it, that shout halleluias around the blessed hope, for which the mar- throne of God. tyrs of the Reformation bled and If Herod, and Caiphas, and died ? Who would thus dare Pilate joined to crucify the Lord pour contempt on that eternal of glory, they were less guilty Son of God, whom they loved than those, who, under the mask and adored, and into whose of friendship, and after all the hands they have committed their accumulated testimonies of ages departing spirits ? Who would to the divine glories of his char. thus dare revile that fearful name, acter, now crucify him afresh, to which unnumbered millions and put him to an open shame."

A Trinitarian.





From Dr. Buchanan's Sermon before the Society of Missions to Africa and the East.

Two Mahometans of Arabia, to visit foreign countries. They persons of consideration in their were both zealous Mahometans. own country, have been lately Sabat is son of Ibrahim Sabat, a converted to the Christian faith. noble family of the line of Beni. One of them has already suffered Sabat, who trace their pedigree martyrdom, an

the other is now to Mahomet. The two friends engaged in translating the Scrip- left Arabia, after paying their tures, and in concerting plans for adorations at the tomb of their the conversion of his countrymen. prophet at Mecca, and travelled The name of the martyr was Ab. through Persia, and thence to dallah; and the name of the oth. Cabul. Abdailah was appointer, who is now translating the ed to an office of state under Ze. Scriptures, is Sabat; or, as he is maun Shah, king of Cabul; and called since his Christian baptism, Sabat left him there and proceed. Nathaniel Sabat. Sabat resided ed on a tour through Tartary. in my house some time before I While Abdallah reinained at left India, and I had from his Cabul, he was converted to the own mouth the chief part of the Christian faith by the perusal of account which I shall now give a Bible (as is supposed) belong. you. Some particulars I had ing to a Christian from Armenia from others. His conversion then residing at Cabul.* In the took place after the martyrdom Mahometan states it is death for of Abdallah, “to whose death he a man of rank to become a Chris. was consenting;' and he related tian. Abdallah endeavored for the circumstances to me with a time to conceal his conversion, many tears.

but finding it no longer possible, Abdallah and Sabat were inti. he determined to flee to some of mate friends, and being young men of family in Arabia, they have among them a few copies of the

* The Armenian Christians in Persia agreed to travel together, and Arabic bible.


the Christian churches near the was then cut off. Bat, Sir," Caspian Sea. He accordingly left said Sabat in his imperfect Eng. Cabul in disguise, and had gained lish, "he never changed, he nev. the great city of Bochara, in er changed. And when he bow. Tartary, when he was met in the ed his head to receive the blow streets of that city by his friend of death, all Bochara seemed to Sabat, who immediately recognis. say, "What new thing is this ? » ed him. Sabat had heard of his Sabat had indulged the hope conversion and flight, and was

that Abdallah would have recant. filled with indignation at his con. ed when he was offered his life ; duct. Abdallah knew his dan. but when he saw that his friend ger, and threw himself at the was dead he resigned himself to feet of Sabat. He confessed that grief and remorse. He travelled he was a Christian, and implor- from place to place, seeking rest, ed him, by the sacred tie of their and finding none. At last he former friendship to let him es- thought he would visit India. cape with his life.

“But Sir,” He accordingly came to Madras said Sabat, when relating the about five years ago. Soon af. story himself, “I had no pity. ter his arrival, he was appointed I caused my servants to seize by the English government him, and I delivered him up to mufti, or expounder of Mahome. Morad Shah, King of Bochara. tan law; his great learning, and He was sentenced to die, and a respectable station in his own herald went through the city of country, rendering him eminent. Bochara, announcing the time of ly qualified for that office. And his execution. An immense mul. now the period of his own convertitude attended, and the chief sion drew near. While he was at men of the city. I also went Visagapatam, in the Northern and stood near to Abdallah. He Circars, exercising his profeswas offered his life if he would siopal duties, Providence brought abjure Christ, the executioner in his way a New Testament in standing by him with his sword Arabic.* He read it with deep in his hand. No,' said he (as if thought, the Koran lying before the proposition were impossible him. He compared them togeth. to be complied with) 'I cannot er, and at length the truth of the abjure Christ.' Then one of his word of God fell on his mind, hands was cut off at the wrist. as he expressed it, like a flood of He stood firm, his arm hanging light. Soon afterwards he proby his side with but little motion. ceeded to Madras, a journey of A physician, by desire of the 300 miles, to seek Christian bap. king, offered to heal the wound, tism; and having made a public if he would recant. He made profession of his faith, he was no answer, but looked up stead. baptized by the Rev. Dr. Kerr, fastly towards heaven, like Ste. in the English church at that phen the first martyr, his eyes place, by the name of Nathaniel, streaming with tears. He did in the twenty-seventh year of his not look with anger towards me. age. He looked at me, but it was be

* One of those copies sent to India by nigniy, and with the countenance

the "Society for Promoting Christian of forgiveness. His other hand knowledge."


Being now desirous to devote The following circumstance in his future life to the glory of the history of Sabat ought not to God, he resigned his secular em. have been omitted. When his ploy, and came by invitation to family in Arabia had heard that Bengal, where he is now engag- he had followed the example of ed in translating the Scriptures Abdallah, and become a Chris. into the Persian language. This tian, they despatched his brother work hath not hitherto been exe- to India (a voyage of two cuted, for want of a translator months) to assassinate him. While of sufficient ability. The Persian Sabat was sitting in his house at is an important language in the Visagapatam, his brother preeast, being the general language sented himself in the disguise of of western Asia, particularly a Faqueer or beggar, having a among the higher classes, and is dagger concealed under his man. understood from Calcutta to Da. tle. He rushed on Sabat, and

But the great work wounded him. But Sabat seized which occupies the attention of his arm, and his servants came to this noble Arabian, is the pro. his assistance.

He then recog: mulgation of the gospel among nised his brother. The assassin his own countrymen ; and from would have become the victim the present fluctuations of relig- of public justice, but Sabat in. ious opinion in Arabia, he is san- terceded for his brother, and sent guine in his hopes of success. him home in peace, with letters His first work is entitled, (Neama and presents, to his mother's Besharatin lil Arabi) Happy house in Arabia. News for Arabia;" written in the Nabuttee, or common dia. lect of the country.

FRAGMENTS. tains an eloquent and argumentative elucidation of the truth of " That part of the world in the gospel, with copious author which christianity is established, ities admitted by the Mahome. infinitely surpasses the rest in all tans themselves, and particularly the sciences and improvements by the Wahabians. And, pre. which raise one nation above fixed to it, is an account of the another in reputation or power. conversion of the author, and an of this superiority the Europeappeal to the members of his well lating the Scriptures into the Hin: known family in Arabia, for the dostanee language. Sabat, soon aftruth of the facts. *

It con

ter his arrival in Bengal, visited the

baptist missionaries at Serampore, * Sabat is now at Dinapore, in and remained there for two months Bengal, with the Rev. Mr. Martyn, and half, that is from August to Fellow of St. John's, College, Cam- October, 1807. Ever since that bridge, Chaplain to the East-India period he has been at Dinapore. Mr. Company, who is well qualified, by Martyn in his latest letters, speaks his knowledge of the Arabic and of his friend Sabat in terms of affecPersian languages, to superintend his tion and admiration. Sabat accountlabors. Mirza Fitrut, another cele- ed himself, at one time the best brated Persian scholar, who visited mathematician and logician in Arabia. England some years ago, is engaged Mr. Martyn was senior wrangler in as the coadjutor of Sabat in bis trans- mathematics at Cambridge, in the lation. Mr. Martyn himself is trans

year 1801.

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