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which are so hyperbolical and of moral delinquency, howev. bombastic, that they must prove er fully substantiated, could jusequally insulting to the under- tify ; but which every man of standing and sickening to the cultivated manners, liberal edu. taste, both of those who read cation, and Christian principles, and those who are the subjects must thoroughly condemn. of them ; and such also is the In short, these circumstances cant of abuse, which is the dis being considered, we are war. tinguishing characteristic of Mr. ranted in dismissing this publi. Fellowes' phraseology; which, cation with the declaration, that however, no provocation from Mr. F. instead of furnishing us the objects of his attacks could with religion without cant, has authorize, and which no charges given us cant without religion.



EXTRACTS FROM THE MINUTES OF all sessions that are delinquent in

THE GENERAL ASSEMBLY OF THE this respect, to attend to it carefully

The Commitee to which the pastoral letter had been committed, sub. The committee to which was remitted to the Assembly the follow. ferred the overture in relation to the ing resolution, which, being read, establishment of a theological school, was adopted.

brought in the following report, Whereas the book of discipline which, being read, was adopted, and states that children, born within the is as follows. pale of the visible church and dedi. The committee appointed on the cated to God in baptism, are under subject of a theological school, overthe inspection and government of the tured from the presbytery of Philachurch, and specifies various impor- delphia, report, tant particulars, in which that inspec- That three modes of compassing tion and government should be exer. this important object have presentcised, as also directs the mode, in ed themselves to their consideration. which they shall be treated, if they The first is, to establish one great do not perform the duties of church school, in convenient place members; and whereas there is rea- near the centre of the bounds of our son to apprehend, that many of our church. congregations neglect to catechise

The second is, to establish two the children that have been admitted

such schools, in such places as may to the sealing ordinance of baptism, best accommodate the northern and and do not exercise suitable disci. southern divisions of the church. pline over them : therefore,

The third is, to establish such a Resolved, That the different Pres.

school, within the bounds of each of byteries within our bounds are here- the synods. In this case, your comby directed to inquire of the different mittee suggest the propriety of leavsessions, whether a proper pastoral ing it to each synod to direct the care be exercised over baptized chil. mode of forming the school, and dren in their

congregations, that they the place where it shall be established. learn the principles of religion, and The advantages attending the first walk in newness of life before God; of the proposed modes are that it and that said Presbyteries do direct would be furnished with larger funds,


and, therefore, with a more exten- ion that every thing pertaining to sive library, and a greater number of the erection and conduct of each professors.

school, should be left to the direction The system of education pursued of the respective synods. If either in it, would, therefore, be more ex. of the first, the whole should be suptensive and more perfect; the youths ject to the control of the General educated in it would also become Assembly. more united in the same views, and Your committee also suggest, that contract an early and lasting friend. in the former of these cases, the ship for each other; circumstances

funds for each school should be raiswhich could not fail of promoting ed within the bounds of the synod, harmony and prosperity in the church. within which it was stationed. In The disadvantages attending this the latter they should be collected modle would be, principally those de. from the whole body of the church. rived from the distance of its position Your committee, therefore, submit from the extremities of the presbyte- the following resolution, to wit: rian bounds.

Resolved, That the above plans be The advantages attending the sec- submitted to all the presbyteries ond of the proposed modes, and the within the bounds of the General disadvantages will readily suggest Assembly, for their consideration, and theniselves, from a comparison of that they be careful to send up to the this with the other two.

next Assembly, at their sessions in The advantages which would at. May, 1810, their opinions on the sub. tend the third, to wit; the establish- ject. ment of theological schools, by the The General Assembly have under respective synods, would be the fol. their jurisdiction, 7 synods, 32 pres. lowing. The local situation of the byteries, and 1 association. respective schools would be pecul. iarly convenient for the several parts of a country so extensive, as that for the benefit of which they were de- FIFTH REPORT OF THE COMMITsigned. The inhabitants having the seminaries brought near to them, would feel a peculiar interest in their prosperity, and may be rationally ex- (Concluded from page 91.) pected to contribute to it much more liberally and generally, than to a sin.

Your Committee will now advert gle school, or even to two. The sy. to their proceedings within the Unite nods also, having the immediate care ed Kingdom.-Since the publication of them, and directing either in per

of their last Report, another very son, or by delegation, all their con- considerable edition of the Welsh cerns, would feel a similar interest, Testament has been printed at the and would probably be better pleased expense of the British and Foreign with a system formed by themselves, Bible Society. and therefore peculiarly suited to the Several copies, both of the Bible wishes and interests of the several and New Testament, in English, have parts of the church immediately under been sent to the Isle of Man, for sale their direction. Greater efforts, at the reduced prices, in conformity therefore, may be expected from to an application for them on these ministers and people, to promote the terms, for the accommodation of the prosperity of these schools, than of poor in that Island. any other. The disadvantages of this Donations of the Scriptures for mode would be, the inferiority of the

the accommodation of persons of va. fands, a smaller number of profess- rious descriptions within the United ors, a smaller library, and a more Kingdom, including prisoners of limited system of education in each. war and convicts, as usual, have The students also, would, as now, been very considerable this year. be strangers to each other.

The Naval and Military Bible So. Should the last of these modes be ciety has been accommodated with adopted, your committee are of opin- copies of the Scriptures at the cost VOL. II. New Series.



prices, to a very considerable amount, and effectual manner in which the in the course of the year ; and the Reading Bible Society has been conCommittee anticipate the satisfaction stituted, the distinguished patronwhich the Members of the Society age which it has obtained, (the Bishwill receive, at having had it in their op of Salisbury, one of your Vice power to assist, in however humble Presidents, having accepted the a degree, so laudable an Institution. presidency of it ;) and finally, the Large supplies have also been fur. liberality and union so unanimously nished on similar terms, to the Hi. manifested in its support, entitle its bernian Bible Society, the Cork Bi. promoters and contributors to the ble Society, and the Wigan Bible respect and gratitude of the parent Society ; the latter of which Institu. Institution, tions has been established for the Intelligence has also been very re. purpose of distributing the Scriptures cently received of another Auxiliary at reduced prices, under the patron- Institution having been formed at age of the Bishop of Chester.

Nottingham under the designation of The Cork Bible Society, cursorily " the Bible Society of Nottingham mentioned above, has laid before

and its Vicinity.” your Committee a copy of its First Your Committee are so deeply im. Report, containing very pleasing in. pressed with the advantage which telligence of the progress already must result to the interests and use. made by that society, and holding fulness of the British and Foreign out a prospect of its increasing use. Bible Society from such Establish. fulness in the populous city and ments in aid of their Funds, that County of Cork.

they earnestly recommend the preThe London Female Penitentiary cedents furnished by “ the Birming. and some schools have received the ham Association," " the Reading assistance of the society. Individu. Auxiliary Bible Society,” and “the als have also been supplied with Bible Society of Nottingham and its them at the cost or reduced prices Vicinity,” to the consideration of for the purpose of charitable distri. such towns throughout the Kingbution.

dom, as may be disposed to promote The accommodation of Prisons, Hos. the object of their Institution ; leav. pitals, and Workhouses, has engaged ing it to be determined by local cir. the particular attention of your Com. cumstances, which of the prece. mittee ; and a Sub-committee has dents shall be adopted. been expressly appointed for collect. With respect to the funds of the ing information respecting their Society, your Committee remark, wants, in order to enable your Com- with great pleasure, the accession mittee to proportion the measure of which has been made to them in the supply. This arrangement has ne- course of the year by the great incessarilyled to a correspondence with crease of Annual Subscriptions, as the sheriff's of the different counties, well as by Legacies and Donationsand the chaplains and gaolers of The several Congregations in the various Prisons ; and it will be connexion of the late Rev. J. Wesley, satisfactory to the society, to learn are entitled to the acknowledgments that the applications of the Sub-com. of the Society, for various collections, mittee have received a gratifying at- amounting in the whole to 12781. 165. tention from those to whom they 01-2d. and presented, in their names, were addressed.

by the Rev. Dr. Adam Clarke. The It is with sentiments of the sin.

sum of 1,0001. three per cent. Consol

. cerest satisfaction your Committee Ann. has been transferred into the advert to an event, of which, from names of the Trustees of the British the notoriety given to it through the and Foreign Bible Society, being a public Papers, the Members of the

Donation from Mrs. Ann Scott, re. Society can scarcely be ignorant ; lict of the late Rev. Jonathan Scott, your Committee allude to the forma. of Matlock. The transfer has been tion of an Auxiliary Bible Society acknowledged, and

the at Reading, in aid of the British and

of the Society have been comForeign Bible Society. The zealous


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municated, by your committee to pointed a Collection to be made for Mrs. Scott.

the same object, within the bounds Upwards of 7007. have been receiv. of their extensive Presbytery. Your ed from the Presbytery of Glasgow, Committee, while they mention, through the hands of William Muir, with the sincerest gratification, the Esq. being the fruits of a Collection liberality which has largely added to made through that Presbytery. the funds of the Society, and the flat

The Reading Auxiliary Bible Soci- tering prospect of future augmentaety (of which notice has been taken tion, are at the same time anxious to above) has already raised a consider guard against an impression, that able sum; the particulars of which, the resources of the Society are more when received, will be duly reported. than adequate to its enlarged opera

A Society instituted at Greenock, tions and increasing exigencies. under the denomination of “the They deem it their duty, therefore, "Greenock and Port Glasgow Soci. cursorily to state, that a large pro. "ety, for the professed object of cir- portion of the expense which must “culating the Holy Scriptures in pla- be incurred in preparing the various ces where they are most wanted, editions of the Scriptures,enumerated "and for assisting other Societies who in the former part of this Report,

"have the same views,” has present- cannot be re-imbursed; that the Beted to the British and Foreign Bible completion of the engagements of ege

Society a Donation of fifty guineas. your Committee with india, from

A fourth Donation of 901. has been which no pecuniary return can be exreceived from the Association estab. pected, will absorb a large sum for lished in London for aiding the funds the three ensuing years ; that the of our Institution.

The progres

annual loss on books supplied by the sive increase of the Annual Donations Society at reduced prices, which has Biz

from this Association proves the been unavoidably increased in conseRik steady and active zeal of its Mem.

quence of the enhanced value of pabers. A second Contribution, amount- per, cannot be estimated at less than ing to upwards of 181. has also been 10001.; and, lastly, that the demands made by the Teachers and Children upon the benevolence of the Society, of the Holborn Sunday School, who for donations in money and books, have agreed to appropriate a small both at home and abroad, are annually Weekly Donation in aid of the Funds very considerable. And, lastly, your

Your Committee take the present Committee have the pleasure to notice opportunity of observing, that, notthat various Legacies have been be- withstanding their invariable attenqueathed to the Society in the course tion to give every degree of notoriety

to the Institution of the British and Your Committee have also the sat- Foreign Bible Society, they have isfaction to report the prospect of still reason to believe, that it is far further additions to the funds of this from being so generally known, as Society, by the active zeal of its it ought to be ; and they therefore friends in Scotland. The Rev. the earnestly request the assistance of Presbytery of Glasgow, having had every Member of the Society, to ser. laid before them a statement of facts ond their endeavors for making the relative to the proceedings of the Brit- establishment known in every part of ish and Foreign Bible Society, after the United Kingdom, as the most solemn deliberation, becoming the effectual means of procuring addi. magnitude of the subject, unanimous- tionl support to it.

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of the Society.

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of the year.

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an annual Collection to Your Committee have availed them. be made at all the Churches and selves of the privilege with which Chapels within their bounds, on or they are invested, of electing Honobefore the last Sabbath of July each rary Members and Governors for year, till otherwise ordered. The Life, in the instances of Professor Collection for this year has already Bently of Aberdeen, the Rev. T. been made, and the amount of it no- Charles, B. A. Vicar of Bela, the ticed above. The Rev. Presbytery at Rev. Adam Clarke, LL. D. WillPaisley have also unanimously ap. iam Muir, Esq. Christopher Sundius,

em ,


ly appointed




Esq, and the Rev. Dr. Hertzog, of unmerited boon to mankind ; let us Basle. The first of these has been therefore rejoice, that, under Provi. appointed an Honorary Member; and dence, we are become the honored the four last Honorary Governors for instruments of its dispersion. It Life: and all have m rited the distinc. must be most gratifying to the Memtion conferred upon them, byrendering bers of the Society, to receive appli. in their several departments essen- cations for its aid and support, dictial services to the Society.

tated by a spirit of Christian confi. Your Committee will now close dence and unity, from their fellow. the Report of their domestic occur

laborers in the same cause, dispersrences, by mentioning that the lib. ed through various parts of the world: erality of individuals has made a very but it is still more gratifying, to posvaluable addition to the Library of sess the disposition to comply with the British and Foreign Bible Society. them, and the means of indulging The donations of books have been that disposition to the most liberal thankfully acknowledged by your extent. Let us therefore hope, that Committee, and will, as usual, be spe- neither will ever be wanting. Five cifically noticed in the Appendix to years only have elapsed, since the this Report.

British and Foreign Bible Society was From the facts which have been established; and, during that period, stated, your Committee feel them. the calamities of war, from which selves authorized to entertain a pleas. Providence has mercifully protected ing confidence, that the liberal sup- our Country, have been more or less port, which has enabled the British felt in every kingdom of the Conti. and Foreign Bible Society to make

But these calamities, even such extensive exertions, will still be when they have operated with the continued.

greatest pressure, have not been able Every Annual Report of your Com- to extinguish that zeal, which your mittee has hitherto amply verified Society had either kindled, or prothe prospective intimations held out moted, for the circulation of the Ho. at the General Meetings, of the in- ly Scriptures : insomuch that the increasing utility of the Institution. stitution of the British and Foreign Its example still continues to stimu- Bible Society has become a central late zeal, and to excite emulation ; point of union for Individuals and Soand when the editions of the Scrip. cieties animated with the same spirit, tures, now in the press, shall be however variously circumstanced, or completed, the British and Foreign widely dispersed. Like a city set Bible Society will be entitled to the on a hill, it has become conspicuous; merit of having, directly or mediate- and the rays of light which have flowly, produced, or assisted in produc- ed from it, have been reflected with ing editions of the Bible, either in undiminished lustre. What success whole or in part, in not less than sev. may attend the operations of the Britenteen of the languages and dialects ish and Foreign Bible Society, forim. current in Europe. If to these be proving the religious and moral state added the Mohawk version of the of mankind, cannot be ascertained. Gospel by St. John, the Kalmuc of But surely it may be permitted to hope the Gospel by St Matthew, and the that the blessing of God will not be Oriental Translations carrying on in wanting to an Institution, which has Bengal, to promote which the Socie. for its single object, to promote His ty has so largely contributed, the glory by the circulation of the Holy number will be twenty-six.

Scriptures; nor its endeavors in The field for exertion is still am- this line of duty be unattended with ple ; and your Committee are per- correspondent success. At present suaded, that the Society will not con. the Members of the Society may be şider it exhausted, wliile the inhabi. allowed to enjoy the gratification of tants of any part of the Globe, who knowing, that it has been the instru: are able to read “the things belong- ment of communicating the words of ing to their peace" are in want of its Eternal Life to cottages and prisons, assistance.

to kindred and aliens, to the poor The Gospel of Salvation was a free, and the afflicted, in our own and For

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