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indebtedness to him for much of gelic being, could he thus be ad. the illustrations of the leading mitted in God's last and most perideas in this communication. fect dispensation of his grace, in They may not be less important, this world, to share equal hon. or less interesting to the religious ors, and to claim equal importpublic, because they are not ance, with the everlasting God? wholly original.

And if the Holy Ghost be only It is an obvious reflection, an attribute of God, like his upon the passage under consid mercy, or omnipotence, can there eration, that whether you trans- be any possible propriety in baplate it by in, or into, it affords tizing into his name, and placing a powerful argument, in favor it in the same rank as that of of the existence of the Trinity. God the Father.”

Or of bapIn the former case, the authority tizing by the authority of an at. of the Son and Holy Ghost is tribute, and not of a person? placed on the same foundation When these things are consider. with that of the Father, and ac, ed, I cannot wonder, that some knowledged by implication to modern Socinians 'choose to be equally necessary to consti. omit the form of baptizing pretute the validity or acceptable. scribed by the Savior, and to ness of the rite of baptism. In substitute one, which will keep the latter, we are marked as the the doctrine of the Trinity out property of a Trinity ; we pru. of view. It is so plainly taught fess to belong to them ; to be in our Savior's rule, that the their disciples ; to regard them body of plain and honest people as the object of our worship. will ever be led to believe it, so Whatever baptism means with long as this rule is followed in respect to the Father, it means the administration of baptism. with respect to the Son, and This is not the only special care, Holy Ghost; they are placed on which is visible in the Scriptures an equality. No difference is to keep the doctrine of the Trin. noted by the sacred writer, ity in public view. Would to either in the form of expression, God the eyes of all might be or in the context. If Christ be opened to perceive it! M. a mere man, or only a super-an.


[With a view to unite our testimony to that of others, against the increasing and most wicked and abominable practice of DUELLING, we readily give place to the following Memorial of the venerable Convention of Congregational ministers of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. To this memorial there was not a dissentient voice, in a body of about one hundred of the clergy. The vote in favor of present. ing it was unanimous. We wish other bodies of the clergy, and of the other denominations, would in like manner, or in some other way manifest their disapa probation of this most heinous sin. The Legislature, we presume, in due season, and in the manner which their wisdom shall dictate; will pay a suitable attention to this important subject.


To the honorable the Senate, and Representatives of the Common.

wealth of Massachusetts. The Memorial of the Convention of the Congregational Min. isters of said Commonwealth, HUMBLY SHEWETA,

That the practice of Duelling, course of men in the same comwhich has been known to pre- munities, a scene of danger and vail in other parts of our coun. bloodshed ; and tending toʻren. try, has of late years had the der wholly unsafe the exercise of countenance of some examples the liberty of action, and the within this State. That with liberty of debate in public bod. anxiety and regret your memori. ies, and of speech in general, as alists have observed this symp- secured to every citizen by the tom of degeneracy from the prin. laws of his country. As friends ciples and manners, which for- of religion, your memorialists merly distinguished the citizens are constrained to pray, that of this Commonwealth, and have those who have no fear of God, seen instances among us of prac. may be awed by the civil arm, tices, which the influence of re. and that examples may not be ligious and moral sentiments, the suffered of a species of actions, correctness of public opinion, that is at once an affront to heav. and the authority of law, have en, and an outrage on the first heretofore resisted with almost priociples of social order. View. complete effect. Your memori. ing the authority of the lawgiver alists need not say to your hon. and magistrate, as the safeguard ors, that this practice involves a of the public peace, and of indi. contempt and defiance of the pre. vidual right and happiness, they cepts and sanctions of that relig. cannot suppress a fervent wish, ion, which you our legislators ac. that this authority may be so ex. knowledge, and what it belongs erted, as to protect the subjects to your memorialists especially of government from the violence to teach and promote; that it of their own passions, and .seinvolves the deliberate exposure strain that practice of private reor destruction of life, at the will venge, which throws the powers of individuals, in utter despite of of society into the hands of the public authority; and thus a. unprincipled and the desperate. mounts to the commission, or an As friends of humanity, your attempt to the commission, of memorialists cannot contemplate murder; that it claims in behalf without distressing emotions the of a false and absurd law of hon. domestic terror and suffering, or, originating in times of bar. which n,ust be inseparable from barism and ferocity, and ac. the prevalence of the barbarous knowledged to have no other usage, which they suggest to your sanction than perverted opinion present consideration and dis. and corrupt fashion, the power countenance. of annulling and superseding the Your memorialists have not laws of God and men ; that in overlooked the care which our proportion as it prevails, it puts laws have shewn to prevent this in jeopardy all the peculiar ben. offence, but they cannot fail to efits of the social and civilized observe with your honors the par. condition, making the inter- tial efficacy of the existing lawson this subject. This insufficiency this address, your memorialists, of the past interposition of gov. with entire deference, to your ernment, against the evil in ques. legislative discretion and fidelity, tion, they would fain believe, is presume to ask-Is it not possi. not wholly to be ascribed to the ble, that a degree of speedy, cer. intrinsic difficulty of the case ; tain infamy and suffering may be they are encouraged to hope that attached to this practice, suffi. your wisdom may devise laws cient to counteract the influence agaiost duelling, containing more of that imagined honor, which efectual provisions, than now is alledged by the perpetrators exist, and higher securities for in justification of an offence, vigilance and fidelity in those on which your memorialists, as whom their execution depends. Christians and members of soci. Your memorialists especially ob. ety, consider incapable of justi. serve, that offenders calculate on fication, and as in duty bound impunity, by making a State or your memorialists shall ever pray. territory under another jurisdic. Signed in behalf of the Conven. tion, the scene of action. Under tion. such impressions ; relying on SAML. SPRING, Moder. your favorable construction of Boston, June 1st, 1809.

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“These that have turned the world upside down, have some hither also.

The unbelieving Jews. The character of seditious, He had persecuted the worshiptroublesome, and disorderly, hath pers of the true God with unre. been constantly given by wicked lenting violence; and, as it was men to the servants of God. natural to expect, he hated with

For proof, attend to the fol. uncommon rancor, and distin. lowing facts.

guished by uncommon severity, The first I shall mention is, a all the prophets who continued passage, as extraordinary in its stedfast in the cause of truth. nature, and as singular in its As many of them as he could lay circumstances, as any that histo. hold of, he had put to death. ry affords. It is the meeting of He had hunted for Elijah, not Ahab and Elijah, in the time of only through all the kingdom of a great famine in the land of Is. Israel, but through the neigh. rael. Ahab, that profane prince, boring nations, as we find relat. had by his apostasy and idolatry ed by Obadiah, his principal ser. brought down the judgment of vant, “As the Lord thy God a righteous God, both on his liveth, there is no nation kingdom and on his house. We or kingdom whither my lord are told,

66 That he did more to hath not sent to seek thee : and provoke the Lord God of Israel when they said, He is not there ; to anger, than all the kings of he took an oath of the kingdom Israel that were before him,'* and aation, that they found thee

* 1 Kings xvi. 33.



After all this severity and their laws are diverse from on his part, when Elijah, by the all people, neither keep they the command of God, went out to king's laws; therefore it is not meet him, see the form of his for the king's profit to suffer salutation ; 66 And it came to

them." § pass, when Ahab saw Elijah, that The prophet Jeremiah met with Ahab said unto him, Art thou he the same treatment at different that troubleth Israel ?” t To times. Neither prince,

nor this the prophet makes the fol. priests, nor prophets, were able lowing strong and just reply, to bear without resentment, the 6 I have not troubled Israel; threatenings which he denounced but thou and thy father's house in the name of God, "Now it have troubled Israel, in that thou came to pass, when Jeremiah had hast forsaken the commandments made an end of speaking all that of the Lord; and thou hast the Lord had commanded him to followed Baalim."

speak unto all the people, that Another instance similar to the priests and the prophets, and the former may be found in Je. all the people took him, saying, hoshaphat and Ahab's consulta. Thou shalt surely die. Why tion before going out to battle. hast thou prophesied in the name “And Jehoshaphat said, Is of the Lord, saying, This house there not here a prophet of the shall be like Shiloh, and this city “Lord besides, that we may shall be desolate without an in.

quire of him? And the king habitant, and all the people were sof Israel said unto Jehosba gathered against Jeremiah in the

phat, There is yet one man house of the Lord. I Then spake “(Micaiah the son of Imlah) by the priests and the prophets unto

whom we may inquire of the the princes and to all the peo“Lord; but I hate him, for he ple, saying, This man is worthy “doth not prophesy good con. to die, for he hath prophesied scerning me, but evil.” I Here, against this city, as you have you see, Micaiah was the object of heard with your ears.

We hatred and aversion, because he find him afterwards expressly denounced the judgment of God accused of treachery on the same against the king's wickedness. account. "And when he was That vengeance which he him. in the gate of Benjamin, a capself not only merited but solicit. tain of the ward was there, ed by his crimes, was attributed whose name was Irijah, the son to malice in the prophet. of Shelemjah, the son of Hana

See an instance of a general ac- niah, and he took Jeremiah the cusation of this kind against all prophet, saying, Thou fallest the worshippers of the true God, away to the Chaldeans.” + + by Haman in the book of Esther. The prophet Amos is anoth. i And Haman said unto king er instance, precisely parallel to Ahasuerus, There is a certain the last. Because of his fidelity people scattered abroad, and dis. to God, he was invidiously repersed among the people in all presented as an enemy to the the provinces of thy kingdom,

# Esther iji. 8.

$Jer. xxvi. 8, 8. * 1 Kings xviii. 10. † Ibid, ver. 17. Ibid. ver. 11. **Jer. xxxvii. 13. See 1 Kings xxü.7, 8.

also chap. xxxviii. 4.

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" Then Amaziah the lows of the baser sort :” They priest of Beth-el sent to Jero. " set all the city in an uproar :" boam king of Israel, saying, And as, no doubt, the friends of Amos hath conspired against thee Paul and Silas would endeavor in the midst of the house of Is.

to protect them from

the inju. rael: the land is not able to bear rious assault, their enemies very all his words."*

gravely charge them as the au. Our blessed Lord and Savior thors of 'the confusion, both fell under the same accusation. there and elsewhere, “ They that However plain and artless his have turned the world upside carriage, he is called a deceiver down, are come hither also.” of the people. “There was much Having produced these in. murmuring among the people stances from the Holy Scriptures, concerning him, for some said, which are liable to no exception, he is a good man; others said, I shall say but little on the sub. Nay, but he deceiveth the peo. sequent periods of the church. ple."' His enemies endeavored Only in general, the same spirit to embroil him with the civil will be found to have prevailed government by this insidious

in every age. Whoever will take question, “ Is it lawful to give the pains to look into the histo. tribute to Cesar, or not ?" And ry of the church before the refor. that which brought him at last mation, cannot fail to observe, to the cross was the same pre- that when any one, either among tended crime. 66 And from the clergy or laity, was bold thenceforth Pilate songht to re- enough to reprove the errors in lease him: but the Jews cried doctrine, or the ambition, luxu. out, sayiog, If thou let this man ry, and worldly lives of his cogo, thou art not Cesar's friend : temporaries, he was immediately whosoever maketh himself a king, branded as a factious and disorder. speaketh against Cesar.” I ly person, and often severely pun.

I shall close this view of the ished, as an enemy to the peace Scripture history, with the pas. the church. sage of which my text is a part. I forbear to add any more The whole crime of the apostle particular examples ; but from Paul, and his companion, was the deduction above given, it will preaching the doctrine of the plainly appear, that worldly men cross of Christ, his great and dar. have been always disposed, first ling theme.

We are told, he to oppress the children of God, "opened" and “alleged, that

alleged, that and then to complain of injury Christ must needs have suffered, from them, that by slander they and risen again from the dead." might vindicate their oppression. Then the Jews, to whom this Their slander too, hath still run doctrine always was a stumbling in the same strain ; troublers of block, were 56 moved with en. Israel, deceivers of the people, vy,” and endeavored to inflame enemies to Cesar, and turners of the resentment of the idolatrous the world upside down, have multitude : they took for their been the opprobrious titles genassociates the most wicked and erally given to the most upright profligate, “ Certain lewd fel- and most faithful men, *Amos vii. 10. (John vii. 12. #john xix. 12. age and country. Vol. II. New Series.



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