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ture and extent of your true du. revelation of himself which he ty; and is there not a sober has afforded to you. study of divinity, which would How happy, on the other introduce you to a better ac. hand, is the man who has ac. quaintance with it? You plead quainted himself with the great the urgency of your worldly objects of faith, and, to borrow business ; but may not that a Scripture expression, both which you call business, be knows God,” and is known of fairly denominated ambition ? him! His heart is fixed, trusting May not your prudence be cov. in the Lord. “Whom,” says etousness; your professed regard he, “have I in heaven but thee; to your family, modified selfish. , and there is none upon earth ness; and is not that degree of that I desire in comparison of abstraction which religion pro. thee.” When he contemplates motes, the best remedy for all the dissolution of the body; this self deceit, and the most ef. when he hears of sudden deaths fectual protection against it? around him, and reflects that his But above all I would ask, own departure may perhaps be Whether you would wish to equally abrupt and unexpected; meet God face to face, without he is able to say, Lord, I have having ever seriously contem. loved the habitation of thine plated his nature and his perfec. house, and the place where tions? Are you ready for sudden thine honor dwelleth.” I have death? Would you on this very delighted myself while on earth night venture your eternal inter- in frequenting thine holy temple. ests on the soundness of your I have hallowed thy Sabbaths. reasonings ? And here let it be My private supplications have remarked, that if the Scriptures also, day by day, been devoutly are true (and you are by no made unto thee. On thy law, means prepared to deny their indeed, have I meditated both truth,) the 'plea which you set day and night. In the intervals up will not serve you ; for they of wakefulness on my bed, my continually representan thoughts have often turned to quaintance with God, with heavenly things ; and amidst my Christ, and with his gospel, as occupations in the world, thou necessary to salvation. They de. knowest that my heart hath fre.

“ Vengeance on them quently addressed thy throne that know not God, and obey for grace to enable me to fulfil not the gospel of Jesus Christ." the whole extent of my duty. They identify the careless person Thou knowest, also, that I have with the unbeliever. The man done good to my fellow crea. who turns from the offer of the tures for thy sake ; that in feed. gospel, though it be only “to ing the hungry, in visiting the his farm and his merchandize," is sick, I have remembered that I represented as having no part in have been thy steward; and that its blessings. You may go to I have not been eager to lay up public worship, it is true; but for myself a treasure on earth, you worship like the Athenians, because I have looked to a treas. an unknown God,”

ure in heaven, where I have begin to give your mind to the placed my heart also. I feel,



» until you



nevertheless, that I have greatly sinned against thee. Many have been the transgressions of my

Messrs. Editors, youth, and many those even of The following extract from Bogue's my best days. Many have been

History of the Dissenters, contains

excellent remarks on the duty of the errors of which my fellow some ministers, whose situation excreatures have known, and many

poses them to controversy As it

contains those of which thou, and thou

a Word in Season," I

should be much gratified if you would only, hast been the witness. But give them a place in your valuable I have learnt to understand magazine.

CLERICUS. something of the riches of thy grace, and to look my own num.

66 WERE this divine pattern" berless iniquities in the face, (that of the Holy Scripture) knowing that if I confess my sins, constantly before the eyes of thou art faithful and just to for- every minister of the gospel, to give me my sins, and to cleanse observe and copy, what improveme from all uprighteousness. I ment should we observe in their have often meditated on the great discourses ! That it should be work of


Redeemer. I have held up before the face of those learnt, I trust, to know him, who are engaged in controversy, , and the benefit of his death, and is peculiarly necessary, as they the power of his resurrection ;' are io imminent danger of having and, firm in the faith of Christ their minds turned aside from crucified for me, I am ready to the purity and fulness of evan. obey thy summons to the eter. gelical truth. It is needful too nal world, by whatever messen. for the preacher, who lives in ger it may be sent, and even in the the place where the dispute is most unlooked.for moment. 'I carried on, though he himself will walk through the valley of may take no active part, as the the shadow of death, for thou error designed to be overthrown art with me; thy rod and thy may have extended its ravages staff, they comfort me. I am into his Aock, and as his own now, indeed, in the midst of mind is also in danger of recedlife, but I know that I may be ing to the opposite extreme.

If laid low even in a moment. All the persons appear to verge to the days of mine appointed time the Antinomian system, let him I will wait, till my change come.' preach the riches of divine grace, If it be thy will to send infirmi. and all the peculiar doctrines of ties which shall announce to me the gospel, as fully as he possibly the gradual approach of death, If, on the contrary, they continue to me thy wonted con. run into what is called the legal solations, and take not thy Holy and self-righteous scheme, and Spirit from me; but if thou seem to overlook the great prinshouldst see fit to call me by a ciples of the gospel, let him not sudden stroke, accept, for my be afraid to bring forward and Savior's sake, that repentance enforce the duties of christianity, in which I daily exercise myself, and the commands of God; but and receive, O Lord, that soul let him inculcate them with as which thou hast redeemed." much earnestness and force as it Ch. 0b. is in their power to do.

Let VOL. II. New Series.



this difference however be seen the souls of the people will be between him and them ; instead injured from not having the of confining himself to one part whole counsel of God presented of divine truth, and nearly for to their view ; and an error di. getting the other, let him, ac. rectly contrary to the other be cording to the pattern shewn unhappily generated. him in the sacred Scriptures, dil. "From such beginnings, with. igently attend to both.

out any design to mislead, but 66 While he enlarges with cor. merely to guard against errone. dial delight on the doctrines of ous opinions, the purity of the grace, let him display their sanc- gospel has, in many places, been tifying influence on the heart and gradually lost.” life of the disciple of Jesus; in. sist on the absolute necessity that these effects should be produced; and maintain that where they are

FRAGMENTS. not produced, it is an evident proof that the doctrines are nei. HEART-searching preaching, ther believed nor understood. where it does not convince, is

“When, like a faithful minis. sure to offend. Nothing is so ter, he changes his theme, and cutting to an unrenewed heart, treats on the duties and virtues especially where there is a deof the christian life, and presses cent outside, as to have its rot. them home on the hearts and tepness exposed, its refuge of consciences of his hearers, let lies swept away, and the pillow him distinctly point out their of forms, whereon it was sleepconnexion with christian princi. ing, removed from under the ples,-their dependence on the head. Whosoever attempts this doctrines of the gospel,--the must expect to see the old man manner and spirit with which rise and fume, since to approve they are to be performed, ---and the real Christian, and the real the absolute necessity of divine truth, would cause the Pharisee influence on the soul in order to to condemo himself. render man's obedience agreea. ble to the nature of God, and In most cases, we ought to acceptable in his sight. By this weigh our intentions, before we method, errors, which threaten. put them into execution, to see ed ruin, will most probably be whether we run any risk in of. arrested in their progress, and in fending God in what we are time banished from the place. about to do; but where our At any rate, whatever may be fleshly lusts are concerned, it is the issue, it is the way in which quite otherwise: the less we ar. God has commanded his servants gue and deliberate, the better. to act; to which therefore they Whilst we are debating, our pas. ought carefully to attend. Should

sions are kindling, so that rea. they, instead of observing the soning with ourselves here, is divine direction, follow the bias like ilinging oil upon fire in of the heart and lean to the op- order to extinguish it.—But posite side, the error which they flight and prayer are special wish to oppose will gain ground; helps.

WATCHFULNESS will not avail salutary purpose for bis soul's without prayer, nor prayer with good; that however sore and griev. out watchfulness. Watch and ous these things may be to flesh and pray saith our Lord.

blood, however thwarting to his

own will and wishes, yea howev. To a believing soul there is er contrary towhat hewould judge something wonderfully sweet in to be for his spiritual welfare; viewing all his trials, troubles, yet he who ordereth all things afflictions, temptations, deser. after the counsel of his own will, tions, spiritual conflicts, ups and causeth them to work together downs of every kind as ordered for his good, and that they are of God for his good ; decreed to all the effects and emanations of come upon him just at such a infinite wisdom, infinite love, time and place as his heavenly and infinite power united to acFather's wisdom sees fit and meet; complish his salvation in the to remain with him just so long and way that shall be best for him, not a single moment longer than and most for his heavenly Father's till they shall have answered some glory.

Sir R. Hili.



As the opposers of evangelical truth are fond of ascribing numerous instances of in:

sanity to religion, the following strictures on the subject, though penned on a particular occasion, in order to counteract a base and malicious charge, may be generally useful, and are therefore inserted.


many persons talk of Re.

cases, friends have often interligious Madness and Religious posed, procured visits to them Melancholy who, I am persuad. by religious people, and perhaps ed, know nothing of the matter, have taken them to hear differI think it my duty to make a ent ministers, whose mode of few observations on the subject. preaching was supposed to be I have known several patients well calculated to dispel gloomy who have appeared, some sud. apprehensions, and excite relig. denly, and others gradually, to ious confidence. The use of be seized with a species of relig- these means has appeared, for a ious horror,--despairing of sal. time, to answer the desired. end; vation,--distrusting divine Prov. but speedy relapses into a fear idence,-asserting that they had of immediate judgments,' or 'of committed sins which could nev. being reduced to beggary,' &c. er be forgiven, who had never have taken place; so that all previously appeared to be under hope of restoration to mental religious impressions. In these sanity has been cut off. In



which may

cases :

these cases, attempts at suicide script disorder may be ascertain. have been resorted to by the un. ed, but no cause whatever of the happy sufferers; and, when not complaint. closely watched, they have suc- I have only further to ob. ceeded in putting an end to their serve, that this disorder almost lives. Others, by proper care invariably exhibits the and medical treatment, have re- symptoms; and these are fairly covered ; and have been com. reducible to two points, Despletely restored to their former pair of temporal support, or soundness of mind, and to their Despair of final salvation. I station in society :--and, what am sorry to find that, in many has been peculiarly remarkable instances, this is treated as in the cases of those who have spiritual disease, recovered, is, they emerged yield to consolatory exhortaprecisely as they immerged: tions drawn from the mercy of for, as before their seizure, God, &c. But from the fullest they were, like too many in the means of information, through world, quite unconcerned about an extensive acquaintance with religious matters, so, on their deranged persons, I can say recovery, the inquiry after sal. (with the highest respect for the vation, and the sense of their gospel of God, and all the con. sinfulness, ceased with the re. solation which may be legiti. moval of the hypochondriac af. mately derived from it) that they fection, and they became pre- are utterly inapplicable to such cisely what they were before ;

and that the Medical so that the whole of their indis. Practitioner, and not the Di. position seemed to have been a vine, is the proper person to perfect parenthesis in their lives, be consulted. partaking of nothing that pre- I would earnestly advise receded, -of nothing that follow. ligious people not to be too for. ed after.

ward to take cases of this nature This indisposition, because it out of the hands of medical men. assumes a religious aspect, has I have knowd several, more re. been injudiciously ascribed to markable for their zeal than for religion, with which it has no their knowledge or discretion, kind of affinity or concern, as who have incautiously asserted, > the preceding and succeeding cir. that the disorder was wholly of cumstances sufficiently evince; a religious nature ; and thus, its and I am persuaded, from my numerous fatal issues have been own experience in medical prac. charged on religion itself, cari. tice, that in ninety nine cases out catured for the purpose, under of a hundred, no religious im- the names of Fanaticism, Enthu. pressions, no true or false views siasm, &c. I need not say that of any Scriptural doctrine, have it is perfectly disingenuous, as any thing to do in the business ; well as grossly absurd, to attriand, that whatsoever is felt or bute to the means of cure, wheth. expressed on this subject by these er judiciously or injudiciously hypochondriacs, should be con. applied, the disorder which ex. sidered merely as the symptoms isted previously to that applicaby which this almost non-de. tion, and for the removal of

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