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should, after all that I now derive


comfort from them? know concerning myself, be He saith elsewhere, “Him that found at the left hand of my cometh unto me, I will in no. Judge at the time of his appear wise cast out." Will any man

I have indeed arrived say that these blessed words are at old age without obtaining a to be understood only of per. share in the salvation of Christ, sons below sixty years of age? because I have treated it with I know indeed that few, that contempt. But I am ashamed perhaps next to none at that pe. and confounded at my folly, riod of life, who have spent all and from henceforth I will no their former days in sin, are remore trample on the grace and newed to repentance. But this blood of the only Savior. O consideration shall urge me to that they had known, says the greater earnestness in my appli. gracious Redeemer, the things cation to Jesus for the life of my that belong to their peace in the soul. Not many wise, not many day of their merciful visitation; noble, not many mighty are but now they are hid from their called. But have any of the wise eyes. This is not the case with and noble been deterred by this me, I am not yet in the place consideration from seeking sal. where the mercy of God is clean vation by Christ? Perhaps gone for ever, but I still remain some have; but this is certain, in the earth which is full of the that none of the wise or mighty goodness of the Lord. I still that ever came to Christ were dwell in the valley of vision, and cast out by him. Dionysius the hear the Savior saying to sinners, Areopagite was made as wel. who like me have long continued come to Jesus, as the poorest to provoke him by their folly, sinner of Athens or of any oth“How long, ye simple ones, will er place. Sergius Paulus was not ye love simplicity, and ye scorn. rejected any more than the most ers delight in scorning, and fools obscure individual in Cyprus. hate knowledge.”

Some have told us, that the Is there hope for an old sinner converted robber who was cru. who has turned for sixty years a

cified with Jesus, never perhaps deaf ear to the voice of eternal enjoyed the means of grace till wisdom? Yes; who shall set lim. he was doomed to die, or till he its to the grace of Christ, or was nailed to the cross. But who has a right to restrict the whence do they derive this sup. meaning of his gracious calls ? position ? Salvation was of the It is evident that when he says, Jews; John's doctrine How long will ye love simplic heard of through all the land; ity,” he speaks to men who have what man in Judea had not heard long refused to receive his in. of the preaching and miracles of structions. And who will say Jesus ? Bibles were common in that he means only those who the land. The robber, wherever have for ten, or twelve, twen. he was, might have enjoyed the ty, or fifty years refused to means of conversion if he had hear him, but that no person of not despised them. His example sixty years who has hitherto per. is surely designed as an encour. sisted in unbelief, has a right to agement to those who are now


visibly approaching their latter heavenly proclamation that God end, to lift up their voices and might do for them what they their souls to Jesus for a share could not do for themselves, in the blessings of his kingdom. would make them incessant in I will not contend with any man their supplications, that mercy who tells me, that my sins are a might be extended to them. thousand times more aggravated If this might be reasonably than the transgressions of that thought to be the probable effect robber ; but I am fully persuad- of a desire of happiness, on the ed, and no man shall rob me of supposition that God would the persuasion that the case of work wonders for the damned, this robber is recorded in scrip. which we know he will not do, ture, as one among many proofs, how infatuated would I be, if I that Jesus is able to save to the should suffer to pass unimprov. uttermost all that come unto ed the time that is yet allotted to God by him, and that he ever me in a world where salvation turns a gracious ear to the voice is brought near to the guilty. I of the petitioners who are shut will seek the Lord while he may up to the faith of his mercy. be found ; I will call upon him If a proclamation from heaven, whilst he is yet near.

The sen were made in the ears of those tence is not yet gone forth against who are already consigned to me, He that is filthy, let him their place of torment, that a. be filthy still ! My sins havo nother day should begrantedthem gone over mine head as a heavy to enjoy the means of salvation, burden, too heavy for me to bear, their torments would give place and therefore, I will give myself to rapturous joy. With what no rest till I hear that charming eagerness would they seize the declaration 'made to my soul, first moment, and every remain. Thy sins are forgiven thee. Í ing moment of that little space cannot purify mine own heart of time, to strive to enter in at from those vile lusts which I now. the strait gate that leads into the detest : but what is impossible way of life. They would pay with man, is possible with God. no regard to any devil who Lord, let thy mercy bé on me, for should tell them that their case

all my hope is in thee. I seek was still hopeless, that mercy salvation from Jesus ; if I per. would not be extended to them, ish, I will perish at his feet, and that it was impossible for them ever to acquire those dis,

THE CHRISTIAN'S CONVERSATION positions which were necessary

Their to fit them for a better.

IS IN HEAVEN.-PHIL. iii. 20. invincible aversion to misery, and The word is very comprehen. desire of happiness would stimu. sive and proper; it signifies the late them to do all that was in life, or way of living of a citizen, their power to improve the hap- where all one's interests, and alí py opportunity. And although his business lies. They are citi. it was utterly impossible for zens of heaven; their inheri. them to make a change for the tance, their treasure, and, of better by their own exertions, course, their hearts are there ; their faint hope derived from the and there all their business lies


that is worth looking after. They branches thereof."

The mus. are but pilgrims and strangers on

tard of our own country is very this earth, and have nothing but far from answering this descripa present subsistence to look for tion; but there is, in the east, a here. This is what gives them the species of the sinapi, to which, advantage which they have above no doubt, it alludes. It is called others, the victory by which by Linnæus, Sinapi Eruosides. they overcome the world ; a Its branches are real wood, as victory which none of the wise appears from a specimen in the moralists, so much admired by collection of Sir Joseph Banks. men, who knew not the nature Lightfoot, Buxtorf, and others and worth of christianity, could quote the Jewish rabbies to the ever attain

to. The apostle same effect, whose testimony makes the challenge, “Who is he cannot be suspected of partiality that overcometh the world, but to the New Testament. In the he that believeth that Jesus is Talmud of Jerusalem, it is said, the Son of God ?" And there “There was in Sichi a mustard cever has, nor ever will be, a tree, which had three branches ; man found able to answer it. one of which, being cut down, Here then we have a short, but served to cover the hovel of a

most complete and perfect potter; and yielded three cabs christian directory. He that of seed." The rabbi Simeon, has the faith of Christ, has all ; son of Chalataph, assures us, he that wants it, has nothing. that he had in his garden, a Well might our Lord say that shoot of the mustard tree, on " this is the work of God, that which he climbed, as if on a fig ye believe in him whom he hath tree.” These statements are, at sent."

It secures the heart for least, sufficient to shew, that we God through Jesus Christ, and should not form a judgment of that secures the whole


all eastern herbs by those which are his thoughts, all his words, and familiar among ourselves. actions ; forms the whole of his

Rel. Mon. conduct of life upon a perfect, a most infallible pattern. The MEDITATION IN THE PROSPECT apostle Paul gives some account of the christian's business: “Nei. [A Paper found in the Repositories of a ther circumcision availeth


person lately. deceased, in his own

hand-writing:] thing, nor uncircumcision, but faith which worketh by love.No cavern is so dark, no Dissert. on Gal. ii. 20 abyss so deep, no inclosure so

strong, but omniscience can pen

etrate it, and omnipotence can A GRAIN of mustard seed,” burst it asunder. is said, in the parable,* to be In the near view of death, " the smallest of all seeds; but how did I with resentment of when it is grown up, it is the heart, pronounce foolishness upgreatest among herbs, and be. on all the pain amusements of cometh a tree ; so that the birds the present life


with what of the air come and lodge in the earnestness did I recommend to * Matth. xiii. 31.

all an interest in the Redeemer,



as the one thing needful, and to time, and in the midst of a thou. win him as a prize, that includes sand difficulties ! in it a perfect righteousness to How rich is the divine benig. justify, and a fulness of grace to nity when a kingdom is the pro. sanctify.

duct of it! He giveth like a But I am summoned by name God-a throne for every saintto that great tribunal. How robes

robes of light-unwithering ravishing the smiles of the Judge! palms-a kingdom that cannot Never did honey melt with such be moved-immortal, undecay. sweetness upon the tongue, as ing glories ! the words of my Judge distil With what affectionate and themselves into my ear, while I humble surprise will the saint hear him say, “Come thou bless- attend to the sentence of that ed of


Father." How does day! How unworthy will he grace triumph in this sentence! acknowledge himself, that a kingHow blessed those whom the dom should be bestowed on him, faithful Jesus pronounces bless. to be enjoyed through endless ed! How happy they who are ages! This is a display of love blessed by him that made the that wants a name. I am swal. heaven and earth. If he calls lowed up in wonder ; while I me blessed of his Father, the gaze, I prize the crown bestow. Father of Jesus, and in him my ed; I adore the hand that places Father, it will be no common it on my unworthy head; I cast blessing. I may then expect all it with humble gratitude before that Emanuel hath purchased ; the throne, ascribing the glory all that the promises contain; where it is due. all the fruits of electing love,

These are instances of grace redeeming grace, adopting hon- that require a tongue to ac." or, justifying righteousness; knowledge, a harp to celebrate, and of all that mercy and power and a heart to comprehend them that shone forth in my sanctifica- far superior to mine. And, “O tion, begun and carried on eternity is too short to utter all through the various stages of thy praise.”



Man is a creature of circum- wandering Tartar, the plunder. stances. Every sound, which ing Arab, the superstitious Hin. he hears, every object, which he doo. The savage and the man of sees, aids in forming his character; civilized society, are formed by hence the infinite importance of education. Education. It is education, For those, who are acquaintwhich forms the Mahommetan and ed with Revelation, this is chief. Pagan, the Jew and Christian. ly a moral culture. All other It is education, which forms the discipline is subordinate to this,


and has reference to this, as its Spirit opens the scenes of future ultimate end.

ages. When the Almighty LegThough man was created in islator comes down in awful the image of God, he has effaced majesty, the pestilenice before the divine features; he is in a guil. him, and darkness under his ty, lapsed state. With the same feet; when he drives the first pair physical powers, the same mental from Eden, his design is to open energies, which dignified his first the way for them, and their parents in Eden, such is now his innumerable posterity to a fairer moral apathy, his spiritual death, Paradise, where the serpent sball that like the bird of the desert, never deceive, where forbidden he knoweth not the return of fruit shall never enchant. On spring. Like the serpent he this path of glory all the lamps feeds on dust. This has been of education shed their salutary the complaint of pagan philoso. beams. They conduct man to phers, the melancholy theme of his lost home. For this purpose prophets and apostles. The dis. devout parents instruct their lispeases, the wars, the sighs of a ing babes ; for this the summer dying world, are only the effects school collects the práttling of moral evil. Nothing is more throng, and the daughters of Isnatural, and nothing is more rael instruct their tender charge; reasonable, than for to for this the village master leads the break these chaios of death, to youth to the springs of science; seek deliverance from this moral for this academies, and colleges, ruin. Accordingly wise indi. and universities, are fouoded : viduals and communities, legisla. temples are built, churches are tors, judges, and ministers of the gathered; ordinances are admin. altar, incessantly labor to re- istered ; and the heralds of the lieve themselves and others from gospel proclaim salvation from these spiritual wos. They kin. pole to pole. All these meas. dle the sparks of that celestial ures of Providence combine fire, which dispels the darkness, their influence, as branches of and softens the moral winter of education to replace man on the the world.

throne, whence he has fallen. As To aid this grand design, to a constellation of lustre, in this remedy the evils of the fall, is the galaxy of light, the sciences proper design of education. To pour their rays to guide mankind re-impress the image of God, to the celestial city. If this be to render man worthy the divine not self evident, a little reflec. favor, worthy the society of an. tion will render it evident. gels, to lead man back to his No further than man is res. primitive glory, to arrest the tored to his original glory does terrific progress of evil, sages he possess any thing, which is and prophets, apostles and phi. permanently valuable. What is lanthropists, have sacrificed. mere science, what are shining their lives. For these purposes accomplishments, but splendid God preserves and governs the phantoms, delusive meteors, universe, the wheels of provi. ready to vanish into thin air? dence roll, angels descend to the All attainments, which are not dwellings of men, and the Holy moral, which have not a celestial

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