The poetical works of William Somervile, with the life of the author. Cooke's ed


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Sida 235 - Dispers'd, and leave a track oblique behind. Now on firm land they range ; then in the flood They plunge tumultuous ; or through reedy pools Rustling they work their way : no hole escapes Their curious search.
Sida 235 - O'er yon dank rushy marsh The sly goose-footed prowler bends his course, And seeks the distant shallows. Huntsman, bring Thy eager pack, and trail him to his couch.
Sida 210 - Cow'd and subdu'd, flies from the face of man, Nor bears one glance of his commanding eye. So abject is a tyrant in distress.
Sida 210 - Horrible discord! till the crowd behind Shouting pursue, and part the bloody fray. At once their wrath subsides; tame as the lamb The lion hangs his head, the furious pard, Cowed and subdued, flies from the face of man, Nor bears one glance of his commanding eye.
Sida 28 - OCCASIONED BY A CLERGYMAN'S WIDOW OF SEVEXTV YEARS OF ACE, BEING MARRIED TO А YOÜNO EXCISEMAN. THERE liv'd in our good town, A relict of the gown, A chaste and humble dame ; Who, when her man of God Was cold as any clod, Dropt many a tear in vain. But now, good people, learn all. No grief can be eternal ; Nor is it meet, I ween, That folks should always whimper, There is a time to simper, As quickly shall be seen.
Sida 196 - Far-gleaming, dart the same united blaze ; Reviewing generals his merit own ; How regular ! how just ! and all his cares Are well repaid, if mighty George approve — So model thou thy pack, if honour touch Thy generous soul, and the world's just applause.
Sida 229 - Unnumber'd accidents, and various ills, Attend thy pack, hang hovering o'er their heads, And point the way that leads to Death's dark cave. Short is their span; few at the date arrive Of ancient Argus, in old Homer's song So highly honour'd: kind, sagacious brute!
Sida 194 - But here with watchful and observant eye, Attend their frolics, which too often end In bloody broils and death. High o'er thy head Wave thy resounding whip, and with a voice Fierce-menacing o'errule the stern debate, And quench their kindling rage ; for oft in sport Begun, combat ensues, growling they snarl, Then on their haunches rear'd, rampant they seize Each other's throats, with teeth and claws in gore...
Sida 249 - Submit to your despotic sway, Confess your right divine. Yet, this, my gracious Monarch! own, They're tyrants that oppress ; Tis mercy must support your throne, And 'tis like Heav'n to bless.
Sida 36 - Deceit, Fierce Party-rage, and warm Debate ; And all the hell-hounds that are foes To Friendship and the world's repose.

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