Account of the life of Mr. John Home. Appendix to biographical account of Mr. John Home, consisting of letters to and from his friends. Agis. Douglas.-v. 2. Siege of Aquileia. The fatal discovery. Alonzo. Alfred. History of the rebellion, 1745.-v. 3. History of the rebellion (cont.)-Appendix [letters and documents illustrating the history

A. Constable and Company, 1822

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Sida 312 - My name is NORVAL: on the Grampian hills My father feeds his flocks; a frugal swain, Whose constant cares were to increase his store, And keep his only son, myself, at home.
Sida 293 - I will not leave you long ; For in your shades I deem some spirit dwells, Who, from the chiding stream, or groaning oak, Still hears and answers to Matilda^ moan.
Sida 329 - ... the cry Of one in jeopardy. I rose, and ran To where the circling eddy of a pool, Beneath the ford, us'd oft to bring within My reach whatever floating thing the stream Had caught.
Sida 335 - Fear not that I shall mar so fair an harvest, By putting in my sickle ere 'tis ripe. Why did I leave my home and ancient dame? To find the youth, to tell him all I knew, And make him wear these jewels...
Sida 366 - Through skies, where I could count each little star. The fanning west wind scarcely stirs the leaves ; The river, rushing o'er its pebbled bed, Imposes silence, with a stilly sound. In such a place as this, at such an hour, If ancestry can be in aught believed, Descending spirits have conversed with man, And told the secrets of the world unknown.
Sida 313 - The road he took, then hasted to my friends; Whom with a troop of fifty chosen men, I met advancing. The pursuit I led, Till we o'ertook the spoil-encumber'd foe. We fought and conquer'd. E're a sword was drawn, An arrow from my bow had pierc'd their chief, Who wore that day the arms which now I wear.
Sida 333 - The fastest friend, the best and kindest master. But, ah ! he knew not of my sad estate. After that battle, where his gallant son, Your own brave brother, fell, the good old lord Grew...
Sida 300 - I am, since death first prey'd on man, Never did sister thus a brother mourn. "What had your sorrows been, if you had lost, In early youth, the husband of your heart?
Sida 346 - Then, having show'd his wounds, he'd sit him down, And all the live-long day discourse of war. To help my fancy, in the smooth green turf He cut the figures of the marshal!
Sida 314 - I cannot say : for various affections, And strangely mingled, in my bosom swell; Yet each of them may well command a tear.

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