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Byrne-The Practical Metal-worker's


For Tin-Plate Workers, Braziers, Coppersmiths, Zinc-Plate Ornamenters and Workers, Wire Workers, Whitesmiths, Blacksmiths, Bell Hangers, Jewellers, Silver and Gold Smiths, Electrotypers, and all other Workers in Alloys and Metals. Edited by OLIVER BYRNE. Complete in one volume, octavo....... .$4.00

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It treats of Casting, Founding, and Forging; of Tongs and other Tools; Degrees of Heat and Management of Fires; Welding; of Heading and Swage Tools; of Punches and Anvils; of Hardening and Tempering; of Malleable Iron Castings, Case Hardening, Wrought and Cast Iron. The management and manipulation of Metals and Alloys, Melting and Mixing. The management of Furnaces, Casting and Founding with Metallic Moulds, Joining and Working Sheet Metal. Peculiarities of the different Tools employed. Processes dependant on the ductility of Metals. Wire Drawing, Drawing Metal Tubes, Soldering. The use of the Blowpipe, and every other known Metal Worker's Tool.

Byrne-The Practical Model Calculator;

For the Engineer, Machinist, Manufacturer of Engine Work, Naval Architect, Miner, and Millwright. By OLIVER BYRNE, Compiler and Editor of the Dictionary of Machines, Mechanics, Engine Work and Engineering, and Author of various Mathematical and Mechanical Works. Illustrated by numerous engravings. Complete in one large volume, octavo, of nearly six hundred pages.. ......$3.50 "In short it must be regarded by every man for whose more especial benefit it is intended, as a complete text-book in his profession."-Pittsburgh Union.

Cabinet-maker's and Upholsterer's Com


Comprising the Rudiments and Principles of Cabinet-making and Upholstery, with Familiar Instructions, illustrated by Examples for attaining a proficiency in the Art of Drawing, as applicable to Cabinet Work; the processes of Veneering, Inlaying, and Buhl Work; the Art of Dyeing and Staining Wood, Bone, Tortoise Shell, &c. Directions for Lackering, Japanning, and Varnishing; to make French Polish; to prepare the best Glues, Cements, and Compositions, and a number of Receipts particularly useful for Workmen generally. By J. STOKES. In one volume, 12mo. With Illustrations..... ..75cts. "A large amount of practical information, of great service to all concerned in those branches of business."-Ohio State Journal.


Chemistry Applied to Dyeing.

By JAMES NAPIER, F.C.S. Illustrated. 12mo........................... .$1.50

CONTENTS.-General Properties of Matter.-Heat, Light, Elements of Matter. Chemical Affinity. Non-Metallic Substances.-Oxygen, Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Chlorine, Sulphur, Selenium. Phosphorus, Iodine, Bromine, Fluorine, Silicum, Boron, Carbon. Metallic Substances.-General Properties of Metals, Potassium, Sodium, Lithium, Soap, Barium, Strontium, Calcium, Magnesium, Alminum, Manganese, Iron, Cobalt, Nickel, Zinc, Cadmium, Copper, Lead, Bismuth, Tin, Titanium, Chromium, Vanadium, Tungstenum or Wolfram, Molybdenum, Tellarium. Arsenic, Antimony, Uranium, Cerium, Mercury, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Palladium, Iridium. Osmium, Rhodium, Lanthanium. Mordants.-Red Spirits, Barwood Spirits, Plumb Spirits, Yellow Spirits, Nitrate of Iron, Acetate of Alumina, Black Iron Liquor, Iron and Tin for Royal Blues, Acetate of Copper. Vegetable Matters used in Dyeing.-Galls, Sumach, Catechu, Indigo, Logwood, Brazilwoods, Sandal-wood, Barwood, Camwood, Fustic, Young Fustic, Bark or Quercitron, Flavine, Weld or Wold, Turmeric, Persian Berries, Safflower, Madder, Munjeet, Annotta, Alkanet Poot, Archil. Proposed New Vegetable Dyes.Sooranjee, Carajuru, Wongshy, Aloes, Pittacal, Barbary Root. Animal Matters used in Dyeing.-Cochineal, Lake or Lac, Kerms.

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This will be found one of the most valuable books on the subject of dyeing, ever published in this country.

Colburn-The Locomotive Engine:

Including a Description of its Structure, Rules for Estimating its Capabilities, and Practical Observations on its Construction and Management. By ZERAH COLBURN. Illustrated. A new edition. 12mo. .......................................... ..75 cts. "It is the most practical and generally useful work on the Steam Engine that we have seen."-Boston Traveller.

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Distiller. (The Complete Practical)

By M. LAFAYETTE BYRN, M.D. With Illustrations. 12mo.$1.00 "So simplified, that it is adapted not only to the use of extensive Distillers, but for every farmer, or others who may want to engage in Distilling."-Banner of the Union.

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Dyer and Colour-maker's Companion:

Containing upwards of two hundred Receipts for making Co

lours, on the most approved principles, for all the various styles and fabrics now in existence; with the Scouring Process, and plain Directions for Preparing, Washing-off, and Finishing the Goods. Second edition. In one volume, 12mo....... ..............75 cts

"This is another of that most excellent class of practical books, which the publisher is giving to the public. Indeed, we believe there is not, for manufacturers, a more valuable work, having been prepared for and expressly adapted to their business."-Farmer and Mechanic.

"It is a valuable book."-Otsego Republican.

We have shown it to some practical men, who all pronounced it the completest thing of the kind they had seen."-N. Y. Nation.

Dyer's Instructor:

Comprising Practical Instructions in the Art of Dyeing Silk, Cotton, Wool, and Worsted and Woollen Goods, as single and two-coloured Damasks, Moreens, Camlets, Lastings, Shot Cobourgs, Silk Striped Orleans, Plain Orleans from White and Coloured Warps, Merinoes, Woollens, Yarns, &c. &c. Containing nearly Eight Hundred Receipts, to which is added a Treatise on the Art of Padding, and the Printing of Silk, Warps, Skeins, and Handkerchiefs, and the various Mordants and Colours for the different Styles of such work. By DAVID SMITH, Pattern Dyer. 12mo, cloth....... ..$1.50 "Information can be obtained from this book which would be found difficult to gain in any other form."-Southern Argus.

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Dyer (The Practical) and Scourer.

By THOMAS LOVE. In one volume, 12mo. (In press.)

Examination of Drugs, Medicines, Che

micals, &c.

As to their Purity and Adulterations, by C. H. PEIRCE, M.D., Translator of "Stockhardt's Chemistry," and Examiner of Medicines, &c. for the Port of Boston. 12mo......$1.25

Gilbart-Practical Treatise on Banking.

By JAS. WM. GILBART, F.R.S. Edited by J. SMITH HOMANS, Editor Banker's Magazine. 8vo......... $2.50


Gregory-Mathematics for Practical Men:

Being a Common-Place Book of Principles, Theorems, Rules, and Tables, in various Departments of Pure and Mixed Mathematics, with their Applications, especially to the pursuits of Surveyors, Architects, Mechanics, and Civil Engineers, with numerous Engravings. By OLINTHUS GREGORY, LL.D., F.R.A.S.......... $1.50

Household Surgery; or, Hints on Emer


By J. F. SOUTH, one of the Surgeons of St. Thomas's Hospital. In one volume, 12mo, sheep. Illustrated by nearly fifty Engravings..



Johnston-Botanic Practice of Medicine.

By Dr. WM. JOHNSTON. 24mo......

...38 cts.

Leslie's (Miss) Complete Cookery:

Directions for Cookery in its Various Branches. By MISS LESLIE. 54th Thousand. Thoroughly Revised, with the Addition of New Receipts. In one volume, 12mo, half-bound, or in sheep.............. ...$1.00 In preparing a new and carefully revised edition of this my first work on cookery, I have introduced improvements, corrected errors, and added new receipts, that I trust will on trial be found satisfactory. The success of the book (proved by its immense and increasing circulation) affords conclusive evidence that it has obtained the approbation of a large number of my country. women, many of whom have informed me that it has made practical housewives of young ladies who have entered into married life with no other acquirements than a few showy accomplishments. Gentlemen, also, have told me of great improvements in the family table, after presenting their wives with this manual of domestic cookery, and that, after a morning devoted to the fatigues of business, they no longer find themselves subjected to the annoyance of an ill-dressed dinner.-Preface.

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Leslie's (Miss) Two Hundred Receipts in French Cookery.

A new edition, in cloth.....

.25 cts.

Lieber-Assayer's Guide;

Or, Practical Directions to Assayers, Miners, and Smelters, for the Tests and Assays, by Heat and by Wet Processes, of the Ores of all the principal Metals, and of Gold and Silver Coins and Alloys. By OSCAR M. LIEBER, late Geologist to the State of Mississippi. 12mo. With Illustrations. 75 cts. "Among the indispensable works for this purpose, is this little guide."Artisan.

Lyon-New and Improved Tables:

With the Method of their Application to finding the Mean Heights of Cross Sections, and the Cubic Contents of Excavations and Embankments. By PATRICK LYON. 8vo..$1.50

Macfarlane-Propellers and Steam Navi


With Biographical Sketches of Early Inventors. By ROBERT
MACFARLANE, C.E., Editor of the "Scientific American."
In one volume, 12mo. Illustrated by over eighty Wood
.75 cts.

Morfit-Perfumery; Its Manufacture and


With Instructions in every branch of the Art, and Receipts for all the Fashionable Preparations; the whole forming a valuable aid to the Perfumer, Druggist, and Soap Manufacturer. Illustrated by numerous Wood-cuts. From the French of Celnart, and other late authorities. With Additions and Improvements by CAMPBELL MORFIT. A new and revised edition, in one volume, 12mo, cloth........$1.50

Morfit-The Arts of Tanning and Cur


Theoretically and Practically Considered in all their Details, being a full and comprehensive Treatise on the Manufacture of the various kinds of Leather. Illustrated by over two hundred Engravings. Edited from the French of De Fontenelle and Malapeyere. With numerous Emendations and Additions, by CAMPBELL MORFIT, Practical and Analytical Chemist. Complete in one volume, octavo.....$5.00 This important Treatise will be found to cover the whole field in the most masterly manner, and it is believed that in no other branch of applied science could more signal service be rendered to American Manufacturers.

The publisher is not aware that in any other work heretofore issued in this country, more space has been devoted to this subject than a single chapter; and in offering this volume to so large and intelligent a class as American Tanners and Leather Dressers, he feels confident of their substantial support and encouragement.

CONTENTS.-Introduction, Dignity of Labour, Tan and Tannin, Gallic Acid, Extractive Tanning Materials, Oak Barks, Barking of Trees, Method of Estimating the Tanning Power of Astringent Substances, Tan, the Structure and Composition of Skin, Different kinds of Skin suitable for Tanning, Preliminary Treatment of Skins, Tanning Process, Improved Processes, Vauquelin's Process, Accelerating Processes, Keasley's, Trumbull's, Hibbards, and Leprieur's Processes, Tanning with Extract of Oak-Bark, Hemlock Tanning, with Myrtle Plant, English Harness Leather, Calf Skins, Goat and Sheep Skins, Horse Hides, Buck, Wolf, and Dog Skins, Buffalo, or "Greciau" Leather, Russia Leather, Red Skins, Wallachia Leather, Mineral Tanning, Texture and Quality of Leather, and the Means of Discovering its Defects, Tawing, Hungary Leather, Oiled Leather, Tanning as practised by the Mongol Tartars, Shagreen, Parchment, Leather Bottles, Tanning of Cordage and Sail Cloth, Glazed or "Patent" Leather, Helverson's Process for Rendering Hides Hard and Transparent, Currying, Currying of Calf Skins, Currying of Goat Skins, Red Leather, Fair Leather, Water Proof Dressing, Perkins' Machine for Pommelling and Graining Leather, Splitting, Shaving, Fleshing and Cleansing Machines, Embossing of Leather, Gut Dressing.

Mortimer-Pyrotechnist's Companion;

Or, A Familiar System of Fire-works. By G. W. MORTIMER Illustrated by numerous Engravings. 12mo..........75 cts.

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