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ALL Ecclesiastical power is derived from the Lord Jesus, as the great Head of the Church; and its exercise is the application of his laws to the preservation and well-being of that spiritual body, of which he is the Head. All canons and decisions must, in consequence, be regulated by the principle, the nature, and the spirit of his laws, laid down to us in his word.



The Classis of New-York hold two ordinary ses. sions; the one on the third Tuesday in April—the other on the third Tuesday in October, in each and every year. Both sessions shall be opened in the Consistory Chamber in Garden-street, in the city of

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New-York, at ten o'clock, A. M. on the respective days. But in case any prevalent disease or other calamity may render it unsafe for members to convene in New York, it shall be the duty of the President of the Classis (or in case of his absence or inability, of the Clerk) to give to the members at least ten days notice to meet in some congregation in the vicinity of the city.


The Classis may meet on their own adjournment to any intermediate day: or they may hold extraordinary sessions. But no extraordinary meeting shall, at any time, be called, unless at least two members shall certify to the President of the Classis, for the time being, in writing, the necessity of such meeting, and the special business to be transacted. Whereupon the President shall send, at least ten days previous to such extra meeting, circular letters to all the Ministers and to all the Churches belonging to the Classis, as well to those which are vacant, as to those which are supplied with Ministers : which circular letters shall define the place, the day, and the hour of meeting, and the special business to be transacted. In these extra sessions, the business specified in the circulars, and no other business whatever, shall be transacted; and a copy of such specification from one of the circulars shall always be inserted in the minutes of the extra session. The duties of the President mentioned in this article may, in his name and at his request, be performed by the Clerk.

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