Self-Evident Astrology

American Federation of Astr, 2009 - 104 sidor
In SELF-EVIDENT ASTROLOGY (TM) the planets mean what they are and are what they mean. It is this simple. All we need to understand astrology is to look into the nature of the solar system and sky around us. This book shows that the physical arrangement of the solar system, the orbital positions, the inclinations of orbital planes and things such as the mere size of a planet lead to a natural meaning for each planet. Jeffrey Sayer Close has been an amateur astrologer for 40 years and the Director of the Astrological Bureau of Ideas ( for the past 12 years. He has a B.A. in physics and a M.A. in telecommunications. He has designed telecommunications network for over 25 corporations and built his own successful telecom software company. He has often been quoted and written about in trade press. He has also made guest appearances on Andrea Klim's "Turn To The Stars" TV show in Manchester, NH. Mr. Close has taken his background in science, his experience in complex networks and long experience in astrology and found new, more basic fundamentals of astrology. These fundamentals have incorporated in his innovative astrological software, INTREPID.

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Symbols of the Planets Decoded
The Eight Planetary Companions
Further Evidence and Comments on Use in Interpretation
Mathematics the Solar System and Rulerships
Appendix I Planet Data
Appendix II Planetary Moon Data

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