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abandoned by France. (See FRANCE.) With the The Chamber of Deputies reelected Herr von Grand Duke of Oldenburg a treaty was conclud- Grabow, President, and Herren von Unruh ed on August 28th, in accordance with which and von Bockum-Dolffs, Vice-Presidents, al. that prince renounces his claims to the Holstein three of whom were members of the Liberal succession, in consideration of the cession to Opposition. The President, Herr Grabow, in him of a small portion of Holstein territory, and his usual opening address to the House, sharply an indemnity of 1,000,000 thalers. With the criticised the language of the reactionary press, governments of Bavaria, Baden, and Wurtem- the prohibition by the Government of the Coberg, secret treaties were concluded immediate- logne banquet to the Prussian Liberal Deputies, ly after the war, by virtue of which the superior and the measures which had been taken to recommand of the armies of those States, in case strict the liberty of the press, the voting of of war, was transferred to the King of Prussia. Government officials, and the meeting of poThe treaties were kept secret until March, 1867, litical associations. Herr Grabow deplored the when they were officially published. The fol- conflict between the Government and the Chamlowing is the text of the treaty concluded be- ber on constitutional questions, a state of things tween Prussia and Bavaria:

which had now become chronic and had brought Art. 1. By these presents a treaty of offensive and political legislation to a stand-still. He added defensive alliance is concluded between the King of that liberty was the only thing which could Prussia and the King of Bavaria. The two high lead to moral conquests, to the solution of the rity of the territory of their respective countries, Schleswig-Holstein question, which the Gastein and undertake, in case of war, to place at their convention had but complicated, and to the mutual disposal the whole of their military forces. federal unity of Germany. The majority of the

Art. 2. The King of Bavaria has transferred, for Chamber soon adopted several resolutions centhe case in question, the superior command of his suring the Government. On February 3d, a troops to the King of Prussia.

ART. 8. The high contracting parties engage to motion of Dr. Virchow, declaring the annexkeep this treaty provisionally secret.

ation of Lauenburg to the Prussian crown to Art. 4. The ratification of this treaty shall take be illegal until it had received the sanction of place at the same time as that of the treaty of peace the chamber, was adopted by 257 against 44 soncluded this day, that is to say, on the 3d of next votes ; and, on February 9th, a motion of Herr month at latest,

Done at Berlin, this 22d day of August, 1866. Hoverbeck, protesting against the decision of

The conflict between the Government and the Supreme Court authorizing the public prothe representatives of the people remained un

secutor to indict deputies Twesten and Freutzel, settled in the Legislative session which began for their speeches in the Chamber, by 263 on the 15th of January. The speech from the against 35 votes. During the discussion of the throne, which was read by Count Bismarck, an- latter motion the minister of justice threatennounced that bills would be brought in settling ingly stated that the public prosecutor, in takthe budget, and asked for the supplies requi- ing proceedings against deputies Twesten and site for the unchanged maintenance of the mil- Freutzel had acted upon his order, that it itary reorganization and the increase of the was well known how the Government had navy. Supplies would also be asked for the determined to do in such emergencies, and execution of the North Sea and Baltic Canal, that, should contradictory views in the interand various other measures affecting home ad- pretation of the constitution continue to prevail, ministration would be laid before the Chambers. an authoritative declaration of the king would The confident hope was expressed that the com afford the only means of arriving at a solution. mercial treaty with Italy would be ratified by The president of the ministry of State on Feball the States of the Zollverein. The finances ruary 19th addressed a letter to the president of the kingdom were stated to be in a favorable of the Chamber, in which he declared the resolucondition. The relations of Prussia with for- tions of the Chamber relative to the Duchy of eign powers were satisfactory and friendly. Lauenburg, the Supreme Court, and the Cologne The royal speech continued:

banquet, to be unconstitutional; that therefore By the Gastein convention Lauenburg has been they could not be accepted by the Government, united to the Prussian crown. It is my desire, while and that the Government for these reasons treating with consideration the peculiar state of returned them to the president of the Chamber things in the duchy, to allow its inhabitants to enjoy of Deputies. On February 23d, the Chambers all the advantages of union with Prussia. The de. finitive decision of the future of Schleswig-Holstein were closed by a speech from the throne, read has been reserved by the Gastein convention for fur. by Count Bismarck. The speech stated that, in ther negociation. By the occupation of Schleswig, view of the unconstitutional resolutions of the and by her position in Holstein, Prussia has acquired house respecting the annexation of Lauenburg, a sufficient guaranty that the decision can only be and the recent decision of the Supreme Court, in a sense corresponding to the interests of Germany the Government asked itself the question conviction, strengthened by the opinion of the legal whether results favorable to the peace and weladvisers of the crown, I am determined to hold fast fare of the country could be expected from the this pledge, under all circumstances, until the de- continuation of the debates in the Diet, ar d had sired end

is attained. Conscious of being sustained by the assent of the people, I hope that the object finally come to the conclusion, that through the striven for and gained will prove a point of union for

course adopted by the Lower House the counall parties.

try would be exposed to more serious disunion,

and the future settlement of the existing dis- Conservative and 22 to the Old Liberal can agreements be rendered more difficult.

didates. The immense majority of the Chamber While on the point of war with Austria, of Deputies approved the foreign policy of the the Government dissolved the Chamber of Government, and showed a desire to come to Deputies, and ordered an election of primary an understanding on home questions, by makelectors to be held on June 25th, and the final ing concessions. Thus an address, in reply to election of deputies on July 3d. The election the speech from the throne, was agreed upon took place under the influence of the great vic- by both the Conservatives and Liberals, and tories gained by the Prussian army, and resulted was adopted by all, save 25 votes (four memin largely adding to the number of the Con- bers of the Left, and the Polish and Catholic servative party. A semi-official paper of Ber- Deputies). The king, on receiving the address, lin classed the new chamber as follows: Con- assured the deputies of the Chamber that the servatives, 143; Old Liberals, 26; Catholic Government had never disputed the rights of party, 16; Left Centre, 65; Progress party, the Chamber with regard to the budget. The 71; Polish party, 21; uncertain, 4; 3 not yet indemnity which was now asked had, in princiknown. The Chambers were pened by the ple, been repeatedly proposed by the Governking in person on the 4th of August by a speech ment, but unfortunately on former occasions which refers, in the following manner, to the no agreement had ensued. The constitution relations of the Government with the Cham- contained no article applicable to such a posibers and to the reconstruction of Germany. tion of affairs. In the event of a recurrence of

My Government is able to look with satisfaction a similar state of things, he would be under the upon the financial position of the State. Careful necessity of again acting as he had acted before in foresight and conscientious economy have placed it order to preserve the regular order in the State. in a position to overcome the great financial difficul. But a renewal of the conflict could not take ties which have resulted, as a natural consequence, from the circumstances of the present time. Al place after the adoption of such an address as though material outlay has been imposed upon the that just presented to him. treasury during recent years by the war with Den. The Chamber adopted a bill of indemnity for mark, it has been found possible to meet the expenses hitherto incurred in the present war from the from the commencement of the year 1862 to

the financial administration of the Government State revenue and the existing balances, without im. posing any other burden upon

the country than that the present time; bills for the annexation of of furnishing supplies for the purposes it is bound to Hanover, Hesse-Cassel, Nassan, Frankfort, and provide by law. I hope the more assuredly that Schleswig-Holstein; a bill for expressing the the war and for the payment of the supplies in kind, gratitude of the country to count Bismarck, while maintaining order and security in the finances, and Generals von Moltke, the Minister of War will be readily granted by you. An agreement with (Von Roon), Herwarth von Bittenfield, Von ment of the budget has not been able to be effected donation of 1,000,000 thalers. the representatives of the country as to the

settle Steinmetz, and Vogel von Falckenstein, by a in the last few years. The State outlay during this period is therefore destitute of that legal basis which,

In consequence of the German Italian war, as I again acknowledge, the budget can alone receivé Prussia not only received a large increase of through the law. Article 99 of the constitution or- territory and population, but also became the dains it annually to be agreed upon between my head of the North German Confederation, comGovernment and the two Houses of the Diet, al prising all the German States north of the river the budget for several years without this legal basis. Main. (See GERMANY.) On the map which acThis has only been done after conscientious exami- companies this article, Prussia proper (as it was nation, and in the conviction, in accordance with at the beginning of the year 1866) is marked in duty, that the conduct of a settled administration, black; the States annexed in 1866 are marked the fulfilment of legal obligations toward public by small horizontal lines; the States forming and the State establishments, were questions vital to with Prussia the North German Confederation the existence of the State, and that the course adopte are indicated by a dotted surface. The coned therefore became one of those inevitable neces- ventions concluded by Prussia with the minor sities which in the interest of the country a Govern. States for the purpose of establishing this conthat recent events will in so far contribute to effect federation, give to Prussia the chief command the indispensable undertaking that an indemnity for of the whole federal army, and the sole right having carried

on the budget, application for which of diplomatic representation abroad. The anwill be made to the representatives, will readily be nexed States and the minor States of the North granted to my Government, and the hitherto existing German Confederation will increase the Prusconflict be finally and the more seemly brought to a conclusion, as it may be expected that the political sian army in time of peace to about 300,000, position of the fatherland will admit an extension of and in time of war to 1,000,000. As in case the frontiers of the State, and the establishment of an of war, also the armies of Bavaria, Würtemberg, united Federal army under the leadership of Prussia, Baden, and Hesse-Darmstadt, will be under the cost of which will be borne in equal proportions command of the king of Prussia ; the

Prussian by all members of the Confederation. The bills required in this respect for the con vocation of a popu- army, on a war footing, will consist of upward lar representation of the Federal States will be laid of 1,300,000. In December plenipotentiaries before the said Diet without delay.

from all the States met at Berlin, in order to Herr von Forckenbeck was elected president, prepare a draft of the Federal Constitution, to obtaining 170 votes against 136 given to the be revised by the first Federal Parliament.

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