Life and Nature at the English Lakes

J. MacLehose and sons, 1899 - 192 sidor

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Sida 172 - This dog had been through three months' space A dweller in that savage place. Yes, proof was plain that since the day On which the traveller thus had died The dog had watched about the spot, Or by his master's side : How nourished here through such long time He knows, who gave that love sublime, And gave that strength of feeling, great Above all human estimate.
Sida 140 - But worthier still of note Are those fraternal Four of Borrowdale, Joined in one solemn and capacious grove; Huge trunks! and each particular trunk a growth Of intertwisted fibres serpentine Up-coiling, and inveterately convolved...
Sida 114 - No, no, let us play, for it is yet day, And we cannot go to sleep; Besides, in the sky the little birds fly, And the hills are all covered with sheep.' 'Well, well, go and play till the light fades away, And then go home to bed.
Sida 10 - Homo' has given a firm, consistent, and convincing exposition, both of the infinitely various manifestations of the earlier religions and of that Christian synthesis which cannot die out of the human mind.
Sida 117 - WHEN the voices of children are heard on the green And laughing is heard on the hill, My heart is at rest within my breast, And everything else is still. Then come home, my children, the sun is gone down, And the dews of night arise ; Come, come, leave off play, and let us away Till the morning appears in the skies.
Sida 5 - Our fathers to the House of God, As yet a building rude, Bore offerings from the flowery sod And fragrant rushes strewed.
Sida 117 - The meaning of Song goes deep. Who is there that, in logical words, can express the effect music has on us? A kind of inarticulate unfathomable speech, which leads us to the edge of the Infinite, and lets us for moments gaze into that!
Sida 23 - TALES FROM SPENSER, chosen from The Faerie Queene. By SOPHIA H. MACLEHOSE. Second Edition. Fcap. 8vo. Ornamental Cloth Boards, gilt top, 3s.

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