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Principal S. Ray's SANSKRIT WORKS Bhattoji's Siddhanta-Kaumudi With an English Translation of Bhattoji's Vritti and a new, very easy Sanskrit Commentary.

Vol. II. Karaka and Samasa, Rs. 4-8-0. This is the only translation of Bhattoji available. An advertiser in the Modern Review quotes a reviewer to dispute this claim of ours. Comparison however will show that others are only notes in English or translations and our claim is not unfounded.

OPINIONS European students..........will be grateful for your new work which will remove doubts and difficulties and enable them to grasp the full meaning of Bhattoji's remarks............"-Dr. E. Hultzsch, Halle.

".........of great value.........I should like to say how much I admire the purity and excellence of the English style......... I found your exposition very clear.........

-E. J. Thomas, Esq., University Library, Cambridge. ......... I have gone carefully through your Tika and am delighted with it. It is full of useful matter and is written in the style of the old writers......... It will give one deep insight into the science of grammar.

-Mahamahopadhyaya Pandit Kamakhyanath Tarkavagisa, The Tika is very well done.........I was delighted to read it.........

Pandit Ganes Sastri Godbole, Poona. ......... I like exceedingly the plan.........your commentary is so lucid ... ... ... Older commentators ........ never try to explain the text in the way modern scholars learning without the aid of a regular Pandit......would like it to be explained...... Your commentary would serve the needs of both the old and new school...

-Professor Dr. A. B. Gajendragadkar, M. A., Ph. D., Elphinstone Collegé, Bombay Kalldasa's Sakuntalam, with an Introduction, Analysis, English

Translation, Notes, &c., and a new Sanskrit Commentary. Rs. 3-8-0. ......distinctly original......our obligations to....... Roy are unbounded......"

- Professor Dr. A. B. Gajendragadkar, M. A., Ph. D., Elphinstone College, Bombay. Srlharsa's Ratnavali, with Introduction, Translation, Notes, etc.,

and an easy Sanskrit Commentary, Rs. 3-0-0. Sisupalavadham, Cantos I & II, with Mallinatha's commentary,

etc. Rs. 3-0-0.
Kiratarjuniam, Cantos I & II (shortly).

S. RAY & CO.
Post Box 180. Telegrams "Hercules", Calcutta, India.

Indigestion & Constipation BY

A clear healthy skin is oft-times utterly spoilt by The Rev. Edwin Greaves indigestion, constipation, want of exercise and fresh air,

neglect of that cardinal rule-liver and bowel cleanliA handy book of 512 pages by the well- ness. Such skin ailments as eczema, dhobies' itch, known educationalist dealing with the whole

dimples, spots, boils, etc., are invariably the outcome

of liver and bowel uncleanliness. Among other subject exhaustively. Indispensable for disorders that depend upon an existing constipation Indian Civil Servants. Price Rs. 6-8-9,

may be mentioned :-biliousness, fever, lassitude, despondency, sallowness of the skin, irritability,

flatulence, nervousness, headaches and a thousand The Manager, Indian Press, other similar complaints too numerous to mention.

If you are not satisfied with the present state of your Allahabad.

health, if you continually suffer from some sort of skio

trouble or feel sluggish and done up", it's certainly THE LUCKNOW

time you did something. The methods that have BOOT & SHOE FACTORY, LIMITED.

been recommended from time to time for the treatment of these common complaints, are legion. Yet, not

one in a thousand can be really called a specific ALL


for skin diseases, indigestion and constipation. The LEATHER

CHEAPEST only genuine and certain treatment for these diseases

is "Stanistreet" Imperial Blood & Liver GOODS


Mixture and a gentle course makes success a

certainty even in the most obstinate cases. Sufferers Gold Medalists, "TRY" ONCE from skin diseases will find "Stanistreet" Eczema

Ointment-an excellent external application to use The Footwears and other Leather Goods

in conjunction with the Mixture. made by us us are all honest and reliable

"Stanistreet" Imperial Blood & Liver Mixture throughout. SHARES AT PAR. Send for

Rs. 2 & 3-8 per bottle. Prospectus and illustrated list.

“Stanistreet" Eczema Ointment Re. 1 per pot. Footprint on paper is the best guide for measurement,

(Packing and Postage Extra) Tele. Address :-"LEATHER", Lucknow.

Smith Stanistreet & Co., Ltd.,

Post Box 172, Calcutta. BENARES SILK Suiting Pieces-For one Complete Suit 312 yds. 54 in. Rs. 22 and 18. Bena.

SUBSCRIPTION rasi Saffa. Jari embroidered for boys Payable in Advance - Annual, Rs. 8-8 6 yds. Rs. 14. Benarasi Chaddar inland, foreign Rs. 10. Half-yearly,'inland Rs.

4-5, foreign Rs. 5, Jaridar border 3 yds. x 54 in, milk white

It is desirable that subscriptions should Rs. 22 only.

commence with the January or

the July Apply for Catalogue,

number ; but the Review may be supplied

from any other month also. Mohini Mohan Kanjilal,

The price of a single or specimen copy Silk merchant,

is As. 13, post free. Back numbers, when Dasaswamedh, Benares City. available, As. 13 each, post free. By V.P.P.

up to Re, 1-4.

Purchasers of specimen copies for the current year can become annual or halfyearly subscribers by paying Rs. 7-12 or Rs. 3.9 more, respectively.

No concession as regards the rates of Renowned all over India. Each gross packed in subscription is made to students or public lancy tin box.

libraries, or any other classes of persons or Swarnamayee Blue Black No. 1. Re. 1-4 Per gross. institutions, Swarnamayee Blue Black No. 2. Re. I Robin's Blue Black ( cheap ) No. 1. As. 12 Per gross.

Terms strictly Cash, or Value Payable on Robin's Blue Black (cheap ) No. 2. As. 10 Per gross.

delivery by post. Brilliant Red, Green, Violet Re, 1-4 Per gross.

Complaints of non-receipt of any month's Ample commission on big orders. issue should reach this office before the 15th The Swarnamayee Ink Store, of that month quoting the SUBSCRIBER'S No. 14, Debi Serampur Road (M. R.) (Entally)

The Modern Review Office,

210-3-1, Cornwallis Street, Calcutta,

The Modern Review


Per gross.

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(The Elixir of Life )
A truly named Tantric Arista Compound which means

Both men and women find it a marvellous rejuvneator
and restorative of fresh appearance of youth. Its regular use
makes the body and brain healthy, nerves strong and reliable
and pure rich blood running joyously through the system.

The most dependable digestive regulator. (Very pleasant
and convenient to take.)

It also comes as a boon to the aged and prematurely
aged from over-work,
Trled, Trusted and Always to be Relied on.
Price per phial Rs. 1-12-0, postage extra.

Ayurveda Mandir,
172, Bow Bazar Street, Calcutta.

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Winter has come ; Improve Health !
By using our Maha Rasayan Kesari Jivan, Draksha

, A sava, Vasavalela, Chandrodaya ( Suvarna Ghatit) Abhrak Bhasma ( Sahasra Puti'); Suvarna Vasant Malati, etc., etc., proved marvellously efficacious.

For instructions and details see our Catalogue. We are explicitly renowned as Manufacturers of genuine Ayurvedic Medicines for long, all over India, Burma and Ceylon. The Zandu Pharmaceutical Works Ltd.,


Sole Agents :
H. Domoder & Co.

276, Bowbazar Street, Calcutta. N. B.

Free for one month only "AYURVEDIYA PRAYOGA TALIKA” worth Rs. 0-8-0, pages 215 and to Mofussil on receipt of annas 3 postage stamps.

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