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Rs. As. P. Western Races and the World.
Ideals of Indian Womanhood

3 o

(lnity Series V. Edited by F. S. Marvin.)
Little Problems of Married Life

5 8 0

Wiih Chapters on the influence of Christi-
Husband, Wife & Home

5 8

anity, Europe and Isla:n, the Indian Problem,
Science of New Life

7 0

the Far East, Economic Exploitation of the
Book of a Bachelor

Tropics, League of Nations Mandates etc,

Aristotle's Works

I2s, 6d.

4 8
Hypnotism (Forel)


The Western Question in Turkey and
Before Marriage


Greece. A. J. Toynbee, 1922. 18s.
Confession of a Successful Wife

5 4 Money and Foreign Exchange after 1914.
How to Stay Young

4 8

Dr. Gustav Cassell. IOs, 6d,
Love Letters

World's Monetary Problems. Dr. Gustav
My Lady Nicotine

Cassell. 35. 60.
We Young Men

The Second Empire. Philip Guedalla.
3 8

What a Young Man ought to Know 5 8

author has been hailed as a second

Lytton Starchy. 16s.
Knowledge a Young Woman Should

3 8

History of the Maratha People. Vol. II.

C. A. Kincaid and D. B. Parasnis.
The Beauty Doctor

I 12
By Oscar Wilde

Book of Kindred Sayings. II. (Pali Text
An Ideal Husband

Society Trans. 10.)

5 8
Duchess of Padua

Home of the Indo-Europeans. H. Bender.

5 8
De Profundis


English Prose. in five vols. of World's
Lady Windermere's Fan

5 8 0 Classics. 2s. each. Chosen by W. Pea-
By Emile Zola

cock. Invaluable little volumes to profes-
Attack on the Mill

1 12

sors of English Literature.

I 12

Journal of Indian History. No. 3.


published documents on the history of
How to Learn Hindusthani

Bombay Rs. 3. Subscription for next

7 14

volume of 3 numbers should now be sent.
International Stamp Album

7 8

Post free.
We carry a large stock of Novels and
Romances by famous English and conti-

nental authors, and sell them at the cheapest

To Be Had of :-

Pengal's most popular novelist. Now first

translated. Rs. 2 net.
College Street Market,


6, Old Post Office Street, Calcutta.

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Rs. 7.

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aparaar uitar THE BHAGAVADGITA Containing the Sanskrit text, word for word meanirg in English, English translation, critical and explanatory Notes giving full explanation of the interpretation put upon several verses by the late Lokamanya B. G. Tilak in his famous book the GITARAHASYA pointing out where and how he differed from Sankaracharya and other commentators, &c.

Price Rs. 3-8-0, Postage Extra,
ASATEKAR & Co, Publishers, Poona City.


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1919-1922 Rs. 2. To Terence MacSwiney freedon was essentially a

By MAHATMA GANDHI spiritual principle, and political freedom but one of its many applications. This book, his most consider- With a History of the Non-Co-operation Movement able prose work, contains his whole philosophy of life and conduct. It is a book written in the same

By RAJENDRA PRASAD spirit in which Mazzini wrote to Italy, the intimate revelation of, a soul of rare spirituality and faith, with

Over 1250 Pages.

Rs. 4. the temperament and the courage of a Crusader. To read it is to understand at once his life and death.

This volume is a systematic reproduction of Young

India Articles from the very day in which it came

Rs. A. into the full control of Mahatmaji to the time of his Essays on the Gita By Aurovinda Ghose 4 8 arrest, from, that is to say, 8th October, 1919, when Hindu Culture By K. S. Ramaswamy Sastry,

the first number of the journal, was issued from B. A., B.L.,' with Foreword by Sir John

Ahmedabad beginning with the first article, entitled, Woodroffe


“To the Subscribers and the Readers," to the last If it be a sin to worship one's motherland, to see

article of Mahatmaji in 1922, have been fully drawn nothing but perfection in her system of life, and to

upon. Almost the whole of the Mahatmaji's articles luok upon the culture as the highest expression of the

and nutes together with the more important of the supreme ideal, Mr. Ramaswami Sastri must be the

special articles such as those of Rajendra Prasad, most offending soul alive...... Nevertheless it remains

Pandit Motilal Nehru, Mahadev Desai, Dwijendranath

Paul Richard and others have been true that much of the inner meaning of Hindu culture reproduced and properly edited, and of those omitted

, is still lost upon the average Englishman. perfectly true that, though there are signs of awaken

whatever there was new in them either in substance ing, Hindu art and letters have been negleeted in the

or in method of presentation, has been extracted as West. Those who have eyes to see can find much

footnotes in appropriate places. that is of the very highest calibre in Hindu music, history of Indian Nationalism from 1919-1922 ; (ii) as a

The volume is so arranged that it serves : (i) as a art, and literature, and it has long been acknowledged complete account of the aims and aspirations of India that its ancient civilisation was for life-time in advance of the world. Mr. Ramaswami Sastri rightly insists

in all walks of individual and national life ; (iii) as the that if India is to recover her position in the spiritual of Mahatma Gandhi's whole philosophy, individual

most complete as well as the most faithful exposition world, if she is to proclaim her true message, she must cease to imitate the West and follow the lines of

as well as social and political, set forth in his own her self-realisition along the path of her own peculiar vade mecum to all doubts as to the course they

words; and (iv) as an invaluable and never-failing ideals. It is in this direction and in its insistence on the inherent nobility of Hindu culture that this book

should pursure in particular circumstances and

occasions such as in the case of an unjustly sued has its main value.—The "Times Literary Supple. against defendant or unjustly prosecuted Non-coment."

operator. The Making of a Republic By Kevin R O'Shiel 1 8 Finally, the volume is eqnipped with the most Terence MacSwiney By C. F. Andrews 0 8

elaborate table of contents and index possible which

between them afford the readiest relerence in the To the Students. By C. F. Andrews

1 0

least possible time to any particular point on which Light on Life By Baba Bharati ...

1 0 information is required regarding Non-co-operation, V. Narayanan & Co., Book-sellers (M). 4, Kondi Chetti Street, Madras.


The only ideal Hindu Boarding School on the Hills in the Bombay Presidency. Situated on one of the finest off-shoots of the Sahyadris, 4300 feet high, near Mahabaleshwar. Gujratis and Maharashtris residing in other parts of India or out of India need no longer be anxious about the education of their children, Here is an Institution which offers them Sound Education, under Efficient Staff, in Ideal Climate, and what is more, A HOME

Charges per month per Boarder Rs. 50 only, inclusive of boarding, lodging and school fees.

For Prospectus apply to

M. V. Pandit, B. A,



U. S. A.


You Should Ask



Machinery of All Kinds and Educational Opportunities


Educational inquiries must be accompanied with a Draft $°°2. Machinery inquiries with Draft $3 to cover initial charges. Quraishi Information Service.


The Association Press, Calcutta, has received from the American Army Y.M.C.A, in Paris, a consignment of surplus books, which are offered for sale at special rates.

Songs of Service Music edition. Compiled and

edited by John L. Alexander, J. R. Marcum and others of the International Sunday School Association. For use in assemblies of young people and older boys and girls, giving expression to the normal religious ideals and aspirations of the adoles cent. Published price, Rs. 3-12; Our price." Rs. 2-8.

The Most Popular Home Songs. (Music and words.) A collection containing 135 of the old familiar and favourite songs which seem to be in themselves a part of everybody's home life. Published by Hinds, Hayden and Eldredge, New York. Published price, Re. 1-14; Our price, Re. 1-4.

The Most Popular College Songs. (Music and words.) A collection of 125 college songs, which includes not only all the old standard favourites which are known and sung wherever college songs are used, but also many new ones which have come into vogue during the past few years. Published price, Re. 1-14; Our price, Re. 1-4.

The Most Popular Violin Pieces. (Music only.) This is a collection of 29 pieces for violin, selected from numbers which are regarded by violin teachers and students as being universally popular. The entire collection is carefully bowed and fingered with piano accompaniment, Published price,

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541 W. Lafayette Blvd., Detroit. Michigan..U.S.A.

[Postage to US. 3 As.]

Rs. 2-13; Our price, Re. 1-12.

The Most Popular Drawing Room and Concert Songs. (Music and words for low voice.) For those whose musical tastes do not run to ragtime or the common variety of popular song but who cannot compass the difficult songs of a higher musical standard. Published price, Rs. 2-13; Our price, Re. 1-12.

The Outlook for Religion: Ry Dr. W. E. Orchard, whose fearless preaching has made the Kingsway House pulpit a force in the religious life of London. This book, which was published in the darkest days of the war, is dedicated to "All who are fighting for conscience's sake, whether in the trenches or in prison." Published price, Rs. 5-4; Our price, Rs. 3-8.

Faith and Freedom. Being constructive essays in the application of modernist principles to the doctrine of the Church. By A. Clutton Brock, Charles H. S. Matthews, and others. Published price, Rs. 5-4; Our price, Rs. 3-8.

The Hardest Part: By G. A. Studdert Kennedy. "What I want to know, Padre," he said, "is what is God like? That is your real business Padre; you ought to know." The essays in this volume are an attempt to solve this and other problems. Published price, Rs. 4-6 : Our price, Rs. 2-12.


5 Russell St., Calcutta, Y.M.C.A., Esplanade, Madras

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