Life of Oliver Cromwell

D. Appleton & Company, 1845 - 166 sidor

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Sidan 86 - Honest men served you faithfully in this action. Sir, they are trusty : I beseech you, in the name of God, not to discourage them. I wish this action may beget thankfulness and humility in all that are concerned in it. He that ventures his life for the liberty of his country, I wish he trust God for the liberty of his conscience, and you for the liberty he fights for.
Sidan 60 - And thus being well armed within by the satisfaction of their own consciences, and without, by good iron arms, they would as one man stand firmly and charge desperately.
Sidan 40 - had been rejected, he would have sold all he had " the next morning, and never have seen England " more ; and he knew there were many other " honest men of the same resolution.
Sidan 43 - Pray, Mr Hampden, who is that man, for I see he is on our side by his speaking so warmly to-day?" — " That sloven," said Mr Hampden,prophetically, " whom you see before you, hath no ornament in his speech; that sloven, I say, if we should ever come to a breach with the King, which God forbid ! in such a case, I say, that sloven will be the greatest man in England.
Sidan 63 - ... round-head, he is cashiered ; insomuch that the countries where they come leap for joy of them, and come in and join with them. How happy were it if all the forces were thus disciplined...
Sidan 128 - Indeed, my Lord, your service needs not me : I am a poor creature ; and have been a dry bone ; and am still an unprofitable servant to my Master and you. I thought I should have died of this fit of sickness ; but the Lord seemeth to dispose otherwise. But truly, my Lord, I desire not to live, unless I may obtain mercy from the Lord to approve my heart and life to Him in more faithfulness and thankfulness, and ' to' those I serve in more profitableness and diligence.
Sidan 69 - My lord, if you will stick firm to honest men, you shall find yourself at the head of an army, which shall give law both to king and Parliament.
Sidan 60 - I must needs say that to you, impute it to what you please : I raised such men as had the fear of God before them, and made some conscience of what they did, and from that day forward, I must say to you, they were never beaten, and wherever they were engaged against the enemy they beat continually.
Sidan 98 - They said, what were the lords of England but William the Conqueror's colonels? or the barons but his majors? or the knights but his captains? They plainly showed me, that they thought God's Providence would cast the trust of religion and the kingdom upon them as conquerors.
Sidan 37 - House well clad, and perceived a gentleman speaking, whom I knew not, very ordinarily apparelled, for it was a plain cloth suit, which seemed to have been made by an ill country tailor. His linen was plain, and' not very clean ; and I remember a speck or two of blood upon his little band, which was not much larger than his collar. His hat was without a hatband ; his stature was of a good size ; his sword stuck close to his side, his countenance swollen and reddish, his voice sharp and untunable,...

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