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British Museum Publications-continued.

known denominations. Tables for converting grains into French grammes and

inches into millemètres, as well as into the measure of Mionnet's scale, are placed

at the end of the volume."-R. S. Poole.

CONTENTS: Etruria, Umbria, Picenum, Vestini, Latium, Samnium, Frentani,

Campania, Apulia, Calabria, Lucania and Bruttii.

Roman Medallions, by Grueber and Poole, impl. 8vo. 66 plates, bds.




Greek Papyri in the British Museum. Part I., 4to. 103—Large


Select Papyri in the Hieratic Character. Part I. Plates I.—XXXIV.

folio, stitched, £1. 18 ; boards, €1. 38 60


Part I. Plates XXXV.-

XCVIII., folio, stitched, £1. 108 ; boards, £1. 128 6d 1842

Plates XCIX.-

CLXVIII., folio, stitched, £1. 168 ; boards, £1. 188 6d 1844

Part II. Plates I.-XIX.

folio, stitched, £l.; boards, £1. 28 6d


Papyri in the Hieroglyphic and Hieratic Characters, from the Col.

lection of the Earl of Belmore, folio, 68



Catalogue of the Manuscripts in the COTTONIAN Library, folio, with

an excellent Index, hf. bd. 6s


Catalogue of the MSS. formerly F. Hargrave's, by H. Ellis, 4to. 128


Arundel MSS. folio, £1. 18 ; or with coloured

Plates, £4. 148 6d


Burney MSS. folio, 88 ; coluured Plates, £3. 38 1840

Index to the Arundel and the Burney MSS., folio, 158


Index to the Additional MSS. with those of the Egerton Collection,

preserved in the British Museum, and acquired in the years 1783.

85, folio, cloth, uncut, rare, £3. 38


Catalogus Codicum Manuscriptorum Orientalium. Pars 1. Codices

Syriacos et Carshunicos amplectens, folio, 128


Pars 2. Codicum

Arabicorum partem amplectens, folio, 148


Partis 2 continuatio, folio, 148


Partis 2 Supplementum, folio, £2.


Pars 3. Codices Æthiopicos amplectens, folio, 10s 1847

Catalogue of Syriac Manuscripts in the British Museum acquired

since the year 1838. By W. Wright, LL.D. Part I., 4to. 158 1870

Catalogue of Syriac Manuscripts in the Museum acquired since the

Year 1838. By W. Wright, LL.D. Part II., 4to. £1.58 1871

Part III., with Appendices and Indices, 4to. £1. 108 1873

Fac-simile of the Codex Alexandrinus, 3 vols. folio, £18.

Fac-similes of Ancient Charters in the Museum, folio, £1.18 1873

List of Additions, MSS. 1836-1840, 8vo. 108

Catalogue of Additions, MSS. 1841-1845, 8vo. £1.

MSS. 1846-1847, 8vo. 12s

MSS. 1818-1853, 8vo. 15s

MS. Music in the British Museum, 8vo. 58 1842

MS. Maps, Charts, and Plans, 2 vols. 8vo. £1. 1844

Fragments of the Iliad of Homer from a Syriac Palimpsest, edited by

William Cureton, M.A., 4to, £2, 2s-Large paper, £3. 38 1851

Photographic Fac-similes of the Epistles of Clement of Rome, £3.38

British Museum Publications—continued.

List of the Additions from 1831-35, 5 vols. roy. 8vo. bds. 78 1834-39
Catalogue of Printed Books in the British Museum. Vol. I., folio,
188 sheets; £1. boards

the Hebrew Books in the Museum, 8vo. £1. 58 1867
Bibliotheca Grenvilliana, Part II., 8vo £1. 1ls 6d

Part III., 8vo. 15s—Large paper, £2. 28 1872
List of Books of Reference in the Reading Room of the British
Museuin, 8vo. 58. With Coloured Plan

Catalogue of the Geographical Collection in the Library of King
Geo. III., 2 vols. 8vo. &l. 4s

Catalogue of the Maps, Prints, Drawings, etc. attached to the
Library of King George the Third, 2 vols. Svo. cloth, 10s 1829

of the Manuscript Maps, Charts, and Plans, and of the
Topographical Drawings, 2 vols. 8vo. bds. 10s

Catalogue of Prints and Drawings in the British Museum. Division I.

Political and Personal Satires. Vol. I., 1320 to April 11, 1689,
8vo. £1. 58

Vol. II., June, 1689 to 1733, 8vo. £1. 10s 1873
British Museum Publication. Facsimile of an Egyptian

Hieratic Papyrus of the reign of Rameses III, oblong atlas folio, 79
large plates, with an historical and descriptive Introduction, and

Translation by S. Birch, bls. 13. By Order of the Trustees, 1876
British Museum Sanskrit Texts. A Catalogue

of Sanskrit and Pali Books in the British Museum, by Dr. Ernest
Haas, 1 vol. 4to. 200 pp. cloth, 21s

A Catalogue raisonné of one of the best collections of Sanscrit MSS., forming a necessary
adjunct to the meagre guide of Gildemeister.

Binns (R. W.) Century of Pottery in the City

of Worcester, being the History of the Royal Porcelain Works, from 1751.
1851; to which is added a short account of the Celtic, Roman and Mediaeval
Pottery of Worcestershire ; SECOND EDITION, with 109 plates and woodcuts,
hf. morocco, £2. 128 6d

the same, 4to. LARGE PAPER, with 12 extra photographic plates, only
12 copies printed for sale, £7.78

Bruce's Bayeux Tapestry : The Bayeux Tapestry elucidated,
by Bruce, 4to. 17 facsimile plates, COLOURED, boards, 20s

Burckhardt's Arabic Proverbs, or the Manners

and Customs of the Modern Egyptians, illustrated from the proverbial
sayings current at Cairo, translated and explained by John Lewis
Burckhardt, second edition, 8vo. cloth, 188

This book — the most valuable in certain respects of all the works of the eminent traveller-
has long been rare and difficult to obtain even at a very costly rate. To supply the great exist-
ing demand for it, the present reprint has been executed, and is now offered to the public at a
noderate price.

Cancioneirinho de Trovas antigas, colligidas de um

grande Cancioneiro da Bibliotheca do Vaticano, precedido de una noticia critica, 12mo. bds. 12s

Vienna, 1872 Printed in a clear old Gothic type imitated from the MS. The minstrels were Portuguese and Galicians; and an interesting literary history is contained in the introduction. Chamberlaine's Imitations of Drawings from the

Great Masters in the Royal Collection, engraved by BARTOLOZZI and others, impl. folio, 74 fine plates, mostly tinted, including, in addition, “Ecce Homo" after Guido, and the scarce Series of Anatomical Draw

ings (pub. at £12. 128) richly hf. bound morocco, gilt edges, £5. 5s 1796 Chippendale Furniture: A Collection of Ornamental

Designs, applicable to Furniture, Frames, and the Decoration of Rooms in the style of Louis XIV, impl. 4to. 24 plates of elaborate designs of Mirrors, Girandolles, Cartouches, and Cabinet Work, (pub. at 21s) cloth, 7s 6d S. a. (? 1820)

It is by means of such a charming book of designs as the above that Art taste will be instilled into the minds of the working Artists and Me

chanics. It is Books versus the Trade Unions and the Pot-house. Claude, Beauties of, containing 24 of his choicest Landscapes,

beautifully engraved on steel, by Brumley, Lupton and others, with Biographical Sketch of Claude, and portrait, roy. folio, (pub. at £3. 128) in a portfolio, morocco back, £1. 58

1825 Claude's Liber Veritatis, a Collection of 300 Prints after the

original designs of Claude; in the Collection of his Grace the Duke of Devonshire, Richard Payne Knight, the British Museum, &c., engraved by RICHARD EARLOM, in the manner and taste of the Drawings. To which is added a descriptive Catalogue of each Print; together with the names of those for whom, and the places for which, the original Pictures were first painted (taken from the handwriting of Claude on the back of each drawing), and of the present possessors of many of the Original Pictures, 3 vols. folio, (pub, at £31. 108) hf. bound morocco extra, richly gilt backs and gilt edges, £10. 108

1777-1804 To this edition has been added a revised list of the plates, with addition of the prices at which the pictures have been sold, and to whom. This was compiled for Mr. Bohn by the late Mr. John Smith, the eminent picture dealer. Coney's Engravings of Foreign Cathedrals,

Hôtels de Ville, Town Halls, and other remarkable Buildings, containing some of the grandest examples of Gothic Architecture in France, Holland, Germany, and Italy, 32 fine large plates, impl. folio, (pub. at £10. 108) half morocco extra, gilt edges, £3. 138 60

18-12 Constable's Graphic Works, many of them now first pub

lished, comprising 40 large and highly finished mezzotinto engravings on steel, by David Lucas; with short descriptive Letterpress, by C. R. Leslie, R.A., folio, (pub. at £5. 58) half red morocco extra, gilt edges, £2. 28


Cotman's Engravings of the Sepulchral

BRASSES in NORFOLK and SUFFOLK, tending to illustrate the Ecclesiastical, Military, and Civil Costume of former ages, as well as to preserve Memorials of the most ancient Families in those Counties ; with Letterpress Descriptions, an Introductory Essay on Sepulchral Memorials by Dawson Turner, and Notes by Sir Samuel Rush Meyrick, Albert Way, and Sir Harris Nicolas; also a General Index, new and greatly enlarged edition, containing 173 plates, two of which being enamelled brasses, are splendidly illuminated, in 2 vols. small folio, the size of Stothard's Monuments, hf. bouni morocco, uncut, top edges gilt, £6. 6s 1839 -- the same, LARGE PAPER, 2 vols. impl. folio (uniform in size with the

Architectural Etchings), hf. bound mor. uncut, top edges gilt, £8. 8s 1839 Cotman's Etchings of Architectural Remains

chiefly Norman and Gothic, in various Counties in England, but principally in Norfolk, with Descriptive Notices by Dawson Turner, and Architectural Observations by Thomas Rickman, 2 vols. impl. folio, containing 240 highly spirited Etchings, (pub. at £24.) hf. morocco, uncut, top edges gilt, £8. 88

1838 Cotman's Liber Studiorum. A Series of Landscape Studies

and Original Compositions, several in the style of the Old Masters, for the use of Art-students, consisting of 40 etchings, the greater part executed in the manner termed "soft ground,” impl. folio, half bound morocco, uncut, £1. 118 6d

1838 “ Mr. Cotman is beyond all comparison the most spirited and forcible of the Architectural Draughtsmen of the present age. His Etchings have all the richness and vigour of the best artists of the old School, and are highly prized by all who are capable of appreciating them."

“'The plates, etched and drawn by Mr. Cotman, are recommended by a high degree of merit and interest ; most of the subjects which this indefatigable artist has chosen are hitherto inedited monuments. Mr. Cotman's style of engraving is well adapted for architecture, and unites picturesque effect with fidelity of delineation."- Quarterly Review. The Dabistan; or, School of Manners.

Translated from the Persian, with Notes, &c. by D. Sura, and A. TROYER, 3 vols. 8vo. cloth, getting scarce, £2. 2s

1844 This is a work of great interest for all Oriental Scholars and Comparative Mythologists.

Sir William Jones describes this work as containing “more recondite learning, more entertaining history, more beautiful poetry, more ingenuity and wit, indecency and blasphemy, than he ever saw collected in a single volume." It contains an account of the old Persian, the Brahmin, the Buddhist, the Christian, the Sufi, and the Mohammedan religions, with their various sects; as well as a statement of their doctrines. It is most valuable for its exposition of the Zoroastrian crecd, as this is based upon ancient Zend works now entirely lost.

Now ready : an entirely new edition of Digby's Broad Stone of Honour: Morus, TANCREDUS,

and ORLANDUS, in 5 vols. crown 8vo. handsomely printed, gilt cloth, uncut, £2. 12s 60

Only 500 copics were printed. --- the same, LARGE PAPER, 5 vols. medium 8vo. printed on Whatman's fine hand-made paper, hf. morocco, uncut, £5. 58

Only 50 copies were printed. The author's greatest work ; originally written at twenty-one years of age, reprinted with changes and additions onc year later; and finally giren to the world in its complete form between

Digby's Broad Stone of Honour-continued. 1829 and 1848, after he had embraced the ancient faith of Europe, and thereby found himself obliged to make considerable alterations in the text. The product of a highly sensitive and graceful genius, richly stored with learning, it stands in the same relation to the History of Chivalry as the works of Mr. Ruskin to the History of Art. No ancient romancer, nor yet Mr. Tennyson in our own time, has ever painted Knighthood in such beautiful shape and delicate colouring; and the enthusiasm which breathes throughout the work reveals the nature of the author himself as

entical with the type he portrays. In spite of the vast knowledge of olden times and mediæval literature which is visible in every passage of his book, there is no mouldiness of antiquity, no dust or rust, on the mirror of his intellect; his style is simple and unaffected; and to any mind, in which high and noble thoughts can ever harbour, the reading of the Broad Stone of Honour will be as delightful and full of charm as the Earlier Romances of Chivalry. Digby's Broad Stone of Honour, Orlandus, 2 vols.

12mo. uniform with anl completing Lumley's edition, cloth, sold separately, 14s

1876 Sold also separately: Morus, 1 vol. for 8s; the Tancredus, for 10s.

ALBERT DURER'S WORKS. L'Apocalypse, ou la Revelation de St. Jean,

par Albert Dürer, en 15 gravures sur bois anno 1498, et Vignette de Titre anno 1511, reproduction, procédé A. W. van de Weijer, d'après les plus beaux tirages (la plupart avant de lettre) du Cabinet de feu H. A. Cornill-D’Orville, Francfort Spa, avec une introduction et description des gravures par W. H. J. Weale, Bruges, atlas folio, £2. 4s

Utrecht, 1877 DURER'S APOCALYPSE, his master-piece of wood engraving, has now been reproduced so perfectly that even connoisseurs might mistake these facsimiles for original impressions. La Grande Passion par Albert Durer, en

douze Gravures sur bois, Nurembery, anno 1511; reproduction, procédé A. W. van de Weijer, d'après les épreuves avant le lettre appartenant au Cabinet de Dr. Straeter, Aix la Chapelle, avec une Introduction par G. Duplessis, atlas folio, twelve fine large plates on tinted paper, mounted on drawing paper, unbound, £1. 16s

Utrecht, 1873 Durer, la Vie de la Sainte Vierge Marie

en vingt gravures sur bois, Nuremberg anno 1511, décrite en vers Latins par Chelidonius; réproduction, procéde de P. W. Van de Weijer, avec une introduction par Ruelens, folio, 20 facsimiles of the original beautiful woodcuts, sd. 21s

Utrecht, 1875 This work deserves support from a wide circle, for at the price at which it is offered no greater boon could be conferred on the Art-loving public. A facsimile reproduction of such a series of engravings—the masterpieces of the greatest of all German artists-ought to be hailed with gladness by those who know the fame of Dürer, and the extreme difficulty of obtaining his original works even at a very high cost.

The great and little Passion, by Dürer, are in preparation. Durer's Engraved Works, folio, 104 of the

most superb Engravings and Etchings, on Copper and Steel, by this the greatest of all German Artists, reproduced in facsimile, giving all the brilliancy of the original first impressions, with a German text by Lübke, in parts, £7. 78

Nuremberg, 1877

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