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Published at 16s, 1 vol. 8vo., 650 pp., cloth gilt, reduced to 108.




Member of the Council, and Librarian of the Royal Irish Academy; Honorary

Secretary of the Irish Archæological and Celtic Society; Author of a
History of the City of Dublin, etc.


From the ATHENÆUM. “ This work leads us to hope that the history of Ireland is about to be written anew-not rewritten from old books, bristling with old prejudices, but from new sources, and by comparison of old and new statements, and after due weighing of adverse testimony. ... In illustrations of a past life, Mr. Gilbert's work is very rich ; it is one of the ablest and most useful books on Irish history, that has hitherto come under our notice.”

From the DUBLIN REVIEW. “This goodly volume bears in every page the evidence of exact and laborious investigation of every source, whether printed or manuscript, of the general history of the country, as well as of the personal history of the individual Governors. This book exhibits so much learning ; such a familiarity with original records, as well as with the historians, whether ancient or modern ; such a power of constructing an attractive story out of a mass of obscure and apparently uninteresting facts and authorities; that it will go far to redeem even the earlier period of the post-invasion history of Ireland from its traditional character of dulness and monotony. We cannot help anticipating for the present work a popularity and a success new indeed in all the annals of the historic siterature of Ireland.”

From the FORTNIGHTLY REVIEW. “For this task Mr. Gilbert was admirably fitted, as the product of his labour shows. He has woven from his materials an interesting narrative; while as an accurate, reliable epitome of the contents of historical documents not generally known, his work is valuable. Exciting events are related in a style that enchains the attention of the reader. Biographical sketches of eminent individuals who exercised an influence on the Irish administration, impart an ever-varying interest to the general narrative."

From the DUBLIN UNIVERSITY MAGAZINE. “The author's qualifications for such a work were undoubted. He devoted himself with the zeal of an enthusiast, the patience and scrupulousness of the true historian, and the energy and perseverance of a conscientious workman, to an investigation of all the original and before unexamined documents which throw light upon the administration of the long line of Irish Lords Lieutenant. Previous authors copied each other merely, but he has gone for his materials to primary Irish sources, and consulted the archives both of England and Ireland with the utmost care. Heretofore, indeed, there has not been even an accurate catalogue of the Viceroys of Ireland, so loosely have former writers dealt with a subject of extreme intricacy and great historical importance. A flood of light is thrown upon Irish history by many of the authentic documents which Mr. Gilbert has laid bare for the first time."

From the LONDON REVIEW. - This work bears intrinsic evidence of great learning, of industry, and of original research, As a contribution to our knowledge of Irish history it is of unquestionable value.”

From the TABLET. "We have hardly touched upon the more profound and difficult historical questions, such as the legislation of the Anglo-Norman colony, its political and diplomatic relations with the Irish toparchs, and the peculiar part which it played in several of the dynastic difficulties which arose in England between the thirteenth and sixteenth centuries. All these questions Mr. Gilbert has treated with singular ability, with a fine mastery of the matter in hand, and in a manner clear, compact, finely argued, fully substantiated. We are glad to direct the attention of our readers to this book, as one of the most solid recent contributions to the study of Irish history."

Symbol Worship: , Influence of the PHALLIC

American Bibliography. FIELD'S Essay towards an

INDIAN BIBLIOGRAPHY, being a Catalogue of Books relating to the History, Antiquities, Languages, Customs, Religion, Wars, Literature and Origin of the American Indians, in the library of Thos. W. Field, with Bibliographical and Historical Notes, 8vo. pp. iv and 439, cloth, 168

New York, 1730 This bibliographical handbrook, embracing a collection of about 1800 works, may be considered the chief, if not the only one of the kind. The author's notes are judicions and valuable and have an interest beyond even the actnal subject of the essay. Collectors of Americana of every kind will derive pleasure and profit from a labour that evinces a wide range of study of experience. The occasional inaccuracies that appear in the transcription of titles in foreign languages seem to be merely typographical. Ancient

IDEA IN TAE RELIGIONS OF ANTIQUITY, by HODDER M. WESTROPP and C. STANILAND WAKE, with an Introduction, additional Notes, and Appendix by ALEXANDER Wilder, M.D., 1 vol. 8vo. second edition, with plates, cloth, 108 6d

New York, 1875 These papers were read before the Anthropological Society of London, attracting great interest anong scholars and persons of cultivation. The whole subject of Phallism is here condensed and set forth modestly yet explicitly; and its connection with the ancient-world religions accurately defined. The Biblical student, desirous to understand the nature and character of the idolatry of the Israelites, during the Commonwealth and Monarchy, the Missionary to heathen lands fitting for his work, and the classic scholar endeavouring to comprehend the ideas and principles which underlie mythology, will find their curiosity gratified; and they will be enabled at the same time to perceive bw not only many of our modern systems of religion, but our arts and architecture, are to be traced to the same archaic source. Such additions to our knowledge will be beneficial in every department of science, art, and civilization : while true religion is incalculably the gainer.

A new and carefully corrected edition of
Rodwell's Koran. The Koran commonly called the Alcoran of

Mahommed, re-arranged and translated into English, with Notes by J.
M. Rodwell, M.A., 1 vol. demy 8vo. cloth, 128

1876 The Koran as arranged in the authentic Arabic MSS. is a sad jumble of the original composition of Mahommed, made some years after his death by order of Abu Bekr. Mr. Rodwell has rearranged all the Surahs chronologically, so as to form one perfect work, shewing the growth and progression of the doctrines of the Prophet. Arabic Dictionary: AN ARABIC-ENGLISH AND ENG

LISH-ARABIC DICTIONARY, by Joseph CataFago, of Aleppo, Syria, 2 vols. sm. 8vo. Vol. I. xii. &- 316 pp. Vol. II. viii. & 744 pp. double columns, much matter compressed into a small space, all the Arabic words with the pronunciation in Roman letters, £2.

1865 EF This work is ibe first Arabic and English Dictionary ever published.

Vol. 1, consisting of pp. xx and 466, is now ready. The entire work will comprize over 1000 pp., compressed into a portable volnme, and representing the only Arabic-English and English-Arabic Dictionary now in existence.

* On the whole the work is a most acceptable contribution to Oriental literature; and the
English and Arabic part especially will be an invaluable aid to travellers in the East, and to all
Englislımen who bave occasion to study Arabic.”—Atheneum, Jan. 29, '59.

THE ARABIC LANGUAGE, with Interlineal Reading Lessons, Dia-
logues and Vocabulary, by FARIS EL-SHIDIAC, a Native of Mount Lebanon,
Syria ; 12no. the new edition by the Rev. H. A. WILLIAMS, Professor of
Arabic at Cambridge, cloth, 58

1866 The best Gramma- for learning Arabic, equally of service to travellers in the East and 10 young Beimlars. The rudiments of Grammar extend to pp. 64, the Exercises to 68, the Dialogues tu 13, the locabulary to pp. 52. All the Arabic words have the Vowel points and the pronunciation.

Just out :
Romance, in Arabic, with an Introductory Survey, in English, by J.
CATAFAGO, 12mo. pp. 6 and 283, cloth, 158

1877 This work offers special attractions to the student of modern Arabic, being written in a colloquial and easy style, and at the same time possessing the interest of a chequered and marvellous story. The hero was in turns, courtier, pirate, merchant, slave, shepherd, derwish, captive ; although there is nothing to show that his career does not belong almost to our own times. Seroux d’Agincourt, History of Art

by its Monuments, from its decline in the fourth Century, to its restoration in the sixteenth Century, 3 vols. in 1, roy. folio, with all the 328 plates (sells £5. 5s) hf. morocco, uncut, top edge gilt, £2. 178 6d 1847

This English edition is divided as follows; ARCHITECTURE, 73 plates ; SCULPTURE, 51 plates; PAINTING, 204 plates.

To Antiquaries and lovers of the Fine Arts, this book is indispensable ; it connects the works of Winckelman and Cicognara, and forms with them a most interesting series.

“ This fine work was the first in which the idea of exhibiting the Progress of Art, by a series of its noblest monuments, was perfectly carried out. By a series of accurate Engravings from celebrated Monuments, we trace the transitions or Art from the classic period to our own times. Sculpture, Painting, and the Art of Illumination ; and the Art of Engraving on Wood, on Gems and on Medals are similarly represented.

" It is a work that has long been sought and prized by all who could afford the high price at which only it was to be procured. No Library, Architect, Painter, Sculptor, or

anv one connected with the Fine Arts, should be without such a work." Avesta : THE RELIGIOUS BOOKS OF THE PARSEES, from Pro

fessor SPIEGEL's German Translation of the Original Manuscripts by A. H. BLEECK, 3 vols. in 1, 8vo. cloth, £1. 58

1861 English scholars, who wish to become acquainted with the “ Bible of the Parsees,” now for the first time published in English, should secure a copy.

To Thinkers the “Avesta” is valuable, as affording an opportunity to compare the legendary and moral system of Ancient Persia with those of the Bible, the Koran, and the VEDS. Barrett's the Magus, or Celestial Intelligencer;

being a complete system of Occult Philosophy; in three Books : containing the Ancient and Modern Practice of the Cabalistic Art, Natural and Celestial Magic, &c.; showing the wonderful Effects that may be performed by a Knowledge of the Celestial Influences, the occult Properties of Metals, Herbs and Stones, and the application of Active to Passive Principles. Exhibiting the Sciences of Natural Magic; Alchymy, or Hermetic Philosophy; also the Nature, Creation, and Fall of Man; his natural and supernatural Gifts; the magical Power inherent in the Soul, &c. : with a great variety of rare Experiments in Natural Magic: the Constellatory Practice, or Talismanic Magic; the Nature of the Elements, Stars, Planets, &c.; the Construction and Composition of all Sorts of Magic Seals, Images, Rings, Glasses, &c.; the Virtue and Efficacy of Numbers, Characters, and Figures, of good and evil Spirits ; all kinds of Cabalistic Figures, Tables, Seals, and Names, with their Use, &c. The Times, Bonds, Offices, and Conjuration of Spirits. To which is added Biographia Antiqua, or the Lives of the most eminent Philosophers, Magi, &c. By Francis Barrett, F.R.C., Professor of Chemistry, Natural and Occult Philosophy, the Cabala, &c. &c. 4to. with 23 curious engravings, comprising coloured portraits of Apollyon, Belial, Ophis, Antichrist, Asmodeus, Astaroth, Abaddon, and other diabolical Spirits, magical and cabalistical figures, fc. hf. morocco, Roxburghe style, gilt top, £1.58 1801 (re-issue 1875)



Bowring (J.) SPECIMENS OF THE POLISH POETS, with notes and observations on the Literature of Poland, 12mo. plates of music, bds.

1827 - SERVIAN POPULAR POETRY, translated by John Bowring, 12mo. bds. 28

1827 CHESKIAN ANTHOLOGY; being a History of the Poetical Literature of Bohemia, with translated specimens Bohemian and English, 12mo, bds.

1832 These opuscula of the late Sir John Bowring on the Anthology of Eastern Europe have hitherto been considered scarce, and have brought more than publishing prices at sales : Mr. Quaritch having bought a few reserved copies from the executors is enabled to offer them at a reduction. Braund's Illustrations of Furniture, CANDELABRA,

MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS, &c., from the Great Exhibitions of London and Paris, with Examples from Royal Palaces and Noble Mansions, folio, 49 beautiful copper-plates (pub. at £4. 48) hf. morocco, £2. 28

1858 This beautiful work consists of engravings of the chefs-d'oeuvre of the most eminent Cabinet makers of London and Paris, in most instances designed expressly to show what could be done in this artistic manufacture, in the restoration of the elegant designs of the Renaissance, Louis XIV, XV, and XVI periods. To noblemen and gentlemen who are furnishing, this work is indispensable; it is also useful to Designers, Cabinet-makers, Upholsterers, Metal-workers, and all Tradesmen engaged in Artistic Manufactures.


Boisseree Gallery now at Munich,

GALLERY OF THE OLD GERMAN MASTERS, formerly at Stuttgart, in the Possession of the Brothers BOISSERÉE, now removed to Munich, 120 superb Plates, executed under the direction of STRIXNER, engraved in lithography, heightened by tints, and so admirably done as to be scarcely dis. tinguishable from the most perfect line engravings, mounted and ruled on drab. coloured drawing paper, elephant folió, quite COMPLETE, with title and Table of Contents, half bound red MOROCCO, £20. Stuttgart und München, 1821-36

Published at £75. Priced, in 1841, H. Bohn, £63. In 1825 a copy fetched at Sotheby's £40.; 1860, Scarisbrick's, £28. 108 ; 1868, Lord Farnham's, £34.

To all engaged in the study of Christian Mythology and Christian Art, to all Painters and Sculptors, the Boisserée Gallery is of especial interest, as no where else can be found such faithful representations of the ecclesiastically accepted portraits of Christ, the Holy Family, the Apostles, and the Saints of the Christian Church.

In no other paintings is found expressed the same religious feeling and depth. The alphabetical Index of subjects facilitates research, as several portraits have been treated with variations by different artists.

La collection de peintures d'après laquelle ce magnifique recueil est publié, et qui fait maintenant partie de la galerie royale de Munich, se compose de 320 morceaux; mais l'ouvrage que nous annonçons ne presente qu'un choix des objets les plus nécessaires pour former une histoire à peu près complète de la peinture allemande et flamande, par les monuments mêmes. Elle est divisée en trois series principales : la première contient les peintures du XIVe siècle, la seconde celles du XVe, et la troisième celles du XVIe.

"C'est dans cet ouvrage que, sous le crayon de M. Strixner, la lithographie semble avoir atteint le plus haut degré de perfection en Ailemagne.”Brunet.

This great Gallery includes Paintings of the following Masters, viz. :Masters. No of Plates. Masters. No. of Plates. Masters. No.of Plates Asper 1 Gocs, van der 3 Metsys

3 Assen 3 Grünewald

1 Orley Bruyn 10 Hemling 14 Patenier

2 Burgmaier Hoemskirk


4 Calcar 2 Holbein 1 Schoorel

7 Coxie 2 Leyden (Lucas van)




2 irer 3 Mares 1 Wilhelm

9 Engelbrechsten

1 Meckenem, von 12 Unknown Masters 10 Eyck, Van 8 Melem, von


In all 120


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LIST OF THE ENGRAVINGS of the Collection of Paintings by the Old German Masters, made by the Brothers S. and M. Boisserée and J. Bertram ; and now incorporated with the Pinacothek or Royal Gallery of the King of Bavaria, at Munich, Lithographed by J. N. Strixner. Plates sold separately are not mounted tinted


* On amounts over €2. sterling, a discount of 33 % is allowed.




Sold separately.

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1 Asper, Hans, Portrait of George Weiss, aged 34

4 6 2 Assen, Johann Walter van, (1517

1530) Descent from the Cross 4 6 3 St. Hugh the Martyr with the Founder

3 0 4 St. Catharine with the Lady Founder

3 5. Bruyn, Bartholomäus de, Descent

from the Cross 6 St. Stephen 7 St. Ewald healing a raving

woman 8 Death of St. Ewald 3 St. Gereon 10 St. Helena 11

St. Henry 12 St. John the Evangelist

3 0 13 Portrait of a Learned Man of

Cologne, of the Sixteenth Century 3 0 14 St. Catharine

4 6 15 Burgmaier, Hans, Christ on the Mount of Olives

4 6 16 Calcar, Johann von, The Virgin, St. Anne and infant Jesus

4 6 17 The sorrowing Mother

6 18 Coxie, Michael, born 1497, died 1592. St. Barbara

4 6 19 St. Catharine

4 20 Cranach, Lucas, Portrait of a Lady

4 6 21 Dürer, Albrecht, Descent from the Cross

4 6 22 SS. Joseph and Joachim

6 23 SS. Simon and Lazarus

4 6 24 Engelbrechtsen, Cornelius, died

1533, The Entombment of Christ 4 6 25 Eyck, Johann van, The Adoration of the three Kings

10 0 27 the Anounciation

4 6

Sold separately.

S. d. 27 Eyck, Johann van, Portrait of

Cardinal Charles de Bourbop,
Archbishop of Lyons

0 28

St. Luke, painting the Virgin 6 23 the Offering in the Temple

6 30 Goes, Hugo van der, The Annunciation

4 31 Goes, The Virgin, S. John the

Evangelist, and Women, mourning

Christ 32 Johann van der. Virgin and Child 4 6 33 Grünewald, Matthäus, of As

chaffenburg, The Virgin and St.
Anne with infant Jesus

4 6 34 Hemling, Johann, The Adoration

of the three Kings, from the Pic-
ture representing the seven Joys
of the Virgin

7 6 35 a. b. c. Hemling, Johann, Outline

of a Picture of the seven joys of
the Virgin, in 3 plates, engraved
by Schäfer

each 4 36 The Adoration of the three Kings

0 37 Christ after his Resurrection

0 38 Abraham and Melchisedec

6 John the Baptist

10 0 40

The outpouring of the Holy

Ghost 41 Israelites collecting Manna

6 42 St. Christopher

5 0 43 John the Evangelist

4 6 44 - Head of Christ, painted after

the old representation of the
Saviour, considered as authentic

by tradition
45 The Nativity

6 46 Hoemskirk, Martin, St. Maurice 47 St. Barbara

St. Catharine


6 8 4


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