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of National Manuscripts of IRELAND, selected and edited by J. T. GILBERT, and photozincographed by Sir HENRY JAMES, Part I, royal folio, illuminated title and 45 facsimiles, from the most ancient and valuable MSS. of Irish execution now in existence, half morocco, £2. 2s

Southampton, Ordnance Survey, 1874 Such a remarkable series of plates, accompanied by a competent introduction from the pen of Mr. Gilbert, must arouse surprise in many minds and help to modify existiug notions on the subject of old Irish history. Here are specimens from the Domnach Airgid, a MS. of the fifth century, which there is fair evidence to show belonged to St. Patrick; two from the Cathach Psalter of St. Columba, sixth century; one frożn an ancient Gospel-book of the fifth-sixth century; two from the Book of Durrow, sixth century ; eleven from the Book of Kells, VI-IX. century ; four from MSS. of the 7th Century; eight from MSS. of the 9th ; fifteen from MSS. of the 10th, 11th and 12th. Many of these are interesting, not only as early biblical texts of rare Latin versions, but as palæographical monuments of the highest value; others as exhibitivg ancient specimens of Gaelic, written at a time when the appearance of vulgar languages in MSS. was of extraordinary occurrence; and several as the finest and oldest examples of a magpificent style of Decoration peculiar at first to Ireland, but which was carried soon afterwards by Irish missionaries to

England and the Continent, to form a new School of Art. Oriental Texts, royal 8vo. sewed

Arabic Nasarī. Umdatu 'l- Akidat Ahl is-Sunnat wal Jama' at: Pillar of the Creed of the Sunnites, &c. Arabic, by Cureton, 58

1843 A small but important Treatise of Scholastic Theology by a great jurist and doctor who lived in the latter part of the thirteenth century. SHAHRASTANI (Abú 'l-Fath Muhammad). Kitabu Milal wa Nihal : Book

of the Religious and Philosophical Sects, in Arabic, edited by Cureton, 2 vols. in 1, sd. 308

1842-6 This great work, an exposition of the doctrines of many creeds, was composed A.H. 521, and is one of the most valuable productions of Arabic literature. Its high importance at the present time, when the study of old creeds and mythologies is so universal, may be estimated from an abridgment of the contents. It comprises an account of the Mussulmans and all their numerous sects ; the Jews ; Christians and their sects; Magi, Zoroastrians, Manichæans, and other claimants of revealed religion ; Sabæans ; the Hermetic philosophy; the Greek Philosophers and their schools, from Thales to Porphyry; the system of Muhammadan doctors, especially Avicenna ; the pre-Islamite religion of Arabia ; Brahminism, Buddhism, and the other religions of India, concluding with an account of Hindn philosophers.

Persian. JAMI, Salámán u Absál, an Allegorical Romance, edited in Persian by Falconer, 4to. 108

1850 Tuhfat ul Ahrár, the Gift of the Noble, in Persian, edited by Falconer, 4to. 108

1818 Jami's name, as one of the great ornaments of Persian poetical literature, is enough to recommend the study of his poems. MIRKHAND, History of the Atábeks of Syria and Persia, Persian, by Morley, plates of Coins, 128

1848 This is portion of the celebrated Rauzat us Safá, the greatest historical work in the Persian language,


53 NIZAMJ, Makhzanu 'l-Asrar : Treasury of Secrets, a Poem by Nizami, in Persian, edited by Bland, 108 6d

1814 Nizami, a more ancient poet than Jami, is at least equally famous and eminent. There may be less embellishment in his language, but it is probably of greater philological interest.

Sanscrit. MAHA VIRA CHARITA, History of Rama, a Sanscrit play by Bhatta Bhavabhuti, edited by Trithen, royal 8vo. 15s

1818 The first and only edition of one of the finest productions of the old Italian drama. Sannitá of the SAMA-VEDA, in Sanscrit, by Stevenson and H. H. Wilson, roy. 8vo. 12s

1843 Max Müller has published the Hymns of the Rig Veda, Weber those of the White Yajur : here are the Hymns of the Sama Veda (the Book of Psalms and Chanted Liturgy), which is not the least important of the great books that bear the name of Vcda.

Syriac. ATHANASTUS, Festal Letters of, discovered in an ancient Syriac version, and edited by Cureton, facsimile, 10s

1818 This publication excited considerable interest and discussion amongst the learned, but the final result has been to confirm the general estimate of Dr. Cureton's great learning. EUSEBIUS on the Theophania, or divine manifestation of Christ, Syriac, edited by Lee, 158

O. T. S. 1812 a Set of the above, 11 vols. royal 8vo. (pub. at £6. 14s 6d) instead of

the separate prices of £2. 48 6d Oriental Translation Fund; Publications of the,

Demy Paper Subscription copy, 70 distinct works, royal 4to. and royal 8vo. in alí 89 vols. LARGE PAPER, with many maps and plates, clean in boards, (subscription price and original cost £152.58), £50.

1829-71 The articles to which no selling price is affixed are only sold in complete sets. The following is a List of the works, and the prices at which they are supplied separately on

Small PAPER; very few remain of the works on Large Paper, and these are only sold

separately when specially here advertised : 1. Ibn Batuta, the Travels of, translated, History, Poetry, Geography, etc., by F. C. with Notes, by Lee, 4to. 1829 Belfour, M.A. 8vo. 88 6d

1830 2. Jahangueir, Memoirs of the Emperor, 10. Ali Hazin, the Life of Sheikh Mohammed by Major Price, 4to.

1829 Ali Hazin, written by himself, edited from two 3. Macarius, Patriarch of Antioch,Travels Persian MSS. and noted with their various

of, written by his attendant Archdeacon, Paul Readings, by F. C. Belfour, 8vo. 8s 6d 1831 of Aleppo, in Arabic, translated by F. C. 11. Memoirs of a Malayan Family,

Belfour, M.A., 2 vols 4to. £3. 38 1829-37 written by themselves, and translated from the 4. Han Koong Tsew; or, The Sorrows of Original, by W. Marsden, 8vo. 2s 1830

Han: a Chinese Tragedy, from the Original, 12. History of the War in Bosnia, with Notes, and specimen of the Chinese Text, during the years 1737, 38, and 39, translated by J. F. Davis, 4to. 158

1829 from the Turkish, by C. Fraser, 8vo. 38 1830 5. Neamet Ullah; History of the Afghans, 13. Mulfuzat Timury ;

or, Autobio. translated from the Persian of Neamet Ullah, graphical Memoirs of the Mogul Emperor by Dorn, 4to. £1. 18

1829-37 Timur. Written in the Jagatai Turki Lan. 6. Fortunato Union (The) a Romance, guage; turned into Persian, by Abu Talib Hus

translated from the Chinese Original, with saini ; and translated into English, by Major C. Notes and Illustrations; to which is added, Stuart, (map of Transoxania,) 4to. 108 1830 a Chinese Tragedy, by J. F. Davis, F.R.S. 14. History of Vartan, and of the 2 vols. 8vo. 158

1829 Battles of the Armenians; by Elisæus, Bishop 7. Yakkun Nattannawa, a Cingalese of the Amadunians, transated from the ArPoem, descriptive of the Ceylon System of menian, by Neumann, 4to. 88

1830 Demonology, by J. Callaway, 8vo. 68 1829 15. The Life of Hafiz ul Mulk, Hafiz 8. Hatim Tai, the Adventures of, a Romance, Rehmut Khan. Written by his Son Nuwab

translated from the Persian, by Duncan Forbes, Must'ujab Khan Bahadar; and entitled Gul. M.A. 4to. 208

1830 istan-i-Rehmut, from the Persian, by Elliott, 9.Ali Hazin, the Life of Sheikh Mohammed 8vo. 48

1834 Ali Hazin, written by himself, translated and 16. Miscellaneous Translations from illustrated with Notes explanatory of the Oriental Languages, 2 vols. 8vo. 128 1831-34 Oriental Translation Fund --continued. 17. Haji Khalifeh's History of the Maritime

27. Kalidasa Raghuvansa CARMEN.

Sanskrité et Latinè. Edidit A. F. Stenzler, Wars of the Turks, translated from the Tur.

1832 kish, by J. Mitchell. Part I. 4to. 58 6d 1831

4to. £2. 128 18. Translations from the Chinese and Ar

28. Mirkhond. Early Kings of menian, by C. F. Neumann, 8vo. 108 1831

Persia, from Kaiomars, the first of the

Peshdádian Dynasty to the Conquest of 19. Algebra of Mohammed Ben

Irán by Alexander the Great, from the Persian, Musa; Arabic and English, edited and entitled the Rauzat-us-safa, with Notes and translated by F. Rosen, 810. 88 1831

Illustrations, by D. Shea, 8vo. 68 1832 20. Firdusi. Shah Nameh of the Persian Poet

29. Customs of the Women of Persia, Firdžisi, translated and abridged in Prose and Verse, with Notes and Illustrations, by

and their Domestic Superstitions, translated Atkinson, 8vo.


from the Original Persian Manuscript, by J. 21. Sadik Isfahani, Geographical

Akinson, Esq. 8vo. 78 6d

1832 Works of; Arabic and Persian, trans. by J. 30. Tuhfat-ul-Mujahidin; a History of C., from Original Persian MSS. in the Collec- the First Settlement of the Mohammedang tion of Sir W. Ouseley, the Editor, 8vo. 8s in Mulabar, and of their subsequent Struggles

1832 with the Portuguese, translated from the 22. Tezkereh el Vakiat; or, Private Arabic, by Lieut. M. Rowlandson, 8ro. 48 Memoirs of the Moghul Emperor Humayun.

1833 Written in Persian by Jouher. Translated 31. Alfiya ; ou, La Quintessence de la Gramby Major C. Stewark, ito 88

1832 maire Arabe : Ouvrage de Djemal-eddin 23. Siyar-ul-Mutakherin; a History of

Mohammed, connu sous le nom d'Ebn Malec. the Mahomedan lower in India during

Publié en Arabe, avec un Commentaire, par the last Century, by Mir Gbolam Hussein

Silvestre de Sacy, 8vo. 68 6d Paris, 1834 Khan. Revised froni the Translation of Haji 32. Evliya, Travels in Europe, Asia, Mustafa, and collated with the Persian Ori- and AFRICA, in the Seventeenth Century,

ginal, by Briggs, Vol. 1. 8vo. 118 60 1832 translated from the Turkish by J. von Ham24. Hoei Lan Ki; or, l’Histoire du Cercle de

mer. 2 vols. 4to. in 1, £l. 48 1831-56 Craie. Drame en Prose et en Vers; traduit 33. Description of the Burmese Emdu Chinois, et accompagné de Notes. Par pire; compiled chiefly from Native DocuStanislas Julien, Svo.

1832 ments, by the Rev. Father Sangermano ; and 23. San Kokf Tsou Ran To Sets; ou,

translated from his MS. by W. Tandy, 4to. 128 61

1834 Aperçu Général des Trois Royaumes, traduit de l'Original Japonais-Chinois, par Klap

34. Annales des Empereurs du Jaroth, (5 Maps) 8vo. and 4to. 128, 1832

pon, traduites par M. Isaac TITSINGH,

Ouvrage revu, complété et corrigé, sur l'Ori. COREA.- To the Editor of the Times.

ginal Japonais Chinois, accompagné de Notes Sir,- In the current number of the Edinburgh

et précédé d'un Aperçu de la Histoire MythoReview there is an article on “ Corea," in

logique des Japonais, par Klaproth, 4to. which I find it stated (p. 300) that “with the


1835 exception of some scanty notices collected by

35. Architecture of the Hindus, by the earlier Jesuit missionaries in China, and

Ram Raz, Native Judge and Magistrate at by writers such as Kæmpfer and Siebold in

Bangalore, 48 plates, royal 4to. 1834 Japan, no published accounts of the geography or constitution of the Corean kingdom are

36. Harivansa; ou, Histoire de la Famille in existence." I have met with similar state- de Hari; Ouvrage formant un Appendice du ments elsewhere. I should be obliged, there- Mahabharata ; et traduit sur l'Original Sanfore, if you would permit mc to call attention scrit, par A. LANGLOIS, 2 vols. 4to. through your columns to a work written by a £2, 168

1835-36 Japanese author. Rinsifee, in 1786, called San

37. Didascalia; Apostolical ConstiKokf T'sou Ran To Sets, or “ A History of the tutions of the Abyssinian Church, Three Kingdoms," viz., Corea, Yezo, and Loo

translated from the Ethiopic, by T. Platt, choo. This work has been translated into

Esq. 4to. 88

1834 French by Klaproth, and is to be found among the publications of the Oriental Translation

38. Chronicles of Rabbi Joseph Ben Fund.

Joshua Ben Meir, the Sphardi, translated In 1856, after visiting Corea, I found Rinsi- from the Hebrew, by C. H. F. Bialloblotzy, fee's book of great use in drawing up a paper

2 vols. 8vo. £i.

1837 on the subject, which I read before the Hong- 39. The Political and Statistical Hiskong branch of the Royal Asiatic Society. tory of Gujerat, translated from the PerI am, Sir, yours, &c., sian, by J. Bird, 8vo.

1835 Southsea, Nov. 2, 1873. S. BEAL, M.R.A.S.

40. HAJI KHALFÆ Lexicon Ency26. Annals of the Turkish Empire, clopædicum et Bibliographicum,

from A.D. 1591 to 1659, translated from the edidit G. FLUEGEL, 7 vos. 4to. complete, Turkish, by C. Fraser, Vol. I. 4to. 158 1832 cloth, £t. 48

Leipzig, 1835-51


Oriental Translation Fund-continued. 41. HAJI KHALFÆ Lexicon Ency

clopædicum et Bibliographicum, edidit G. FLUEGEL, 7 vols. impl. 4to. LARGE PAPER, cloth, £5. 58

1835-54 This work is, without comparison, the most useful of all the Fund publications. It stands in the same relation to Oriental Literature as Walt's Bibliotheca and Graesse's Tresor do to that of the Western World. The arrangement is alphabetic, according to the names of the works, (an Index of Authors being added at the end), and comprises descriptions of above 15,000 books in Arabic, Persian, and Turkish ; with statements of the date when the writers flourished, and many other useful particulars. 42. Chronique de Mohammed Ta

bari, par L. Dubeux, Vol. I. 4to. 308 1836 43. Laili and Majnun, a Poem, from the

Persian of Nazámi, by Atkinson, 8vo. pp. viii and 127, cloth, 78 6d

1836 The story of the Frantic Lover and the Night-Black Beauty, is one of the favourite fictions of the East. Many poems have been written to celebrate it, but the best and most famous of them all is the work of Abu Muhammad Nizam ud-Din of Gandja, called Nizami, who died A. H. 599. There is hardly one

greater name than his in the poetical Fasti of Persia, "and Hafiz thus speaks of him :

Not all the treasured store of ancient days
Can boast the sweetness of Nizami's lays.''

The manner in which the translation is executed, in graceful English verse somewhat in the style of Lalla Rookħ, bears out the high reputation of Mr. Atkinson as an elegant English writer and an accomplished Persian scholar. 44. Oupanichats extraits des Vedas, tra

duits du sanscrit en français, 4to. 40 pp. sd. 28 6d

1836 45. Sankhya Karika; or, Memorial Verses

on the Sankya Philosophy; translated from the Sanscrit, by H. T. Colebrooke, Esq. Also, The Bábshya; or Commentary of Gaurapáda ; translated and illustrated by an original Com

ment, by H. H. Wilson, 4to. fl. 18 1837 46. MAKRIZI, Histoire des Sultans

Mamlouks de l'Egypte. Ecrite en Arabe par Taki-eddin-abmed-Makrizi. Traduite en Francais, par Quatremere, 2 vols. 4to. complete, L2. 28

1837 47. Rig Veda Sanhita, Sanskrité et Latinè. Edidit Rosen, 4to. £1. 18

1837 48. Kumara Sambhava, Sanscrite et

Latine, edidit Stenzler, 4to. 208 1837 49.

Philosophy of the Muhammadan People. Exhibited in its professed connexion with the European, so as to render either an introduction to the other ; being a translation of the Akhlak-l-Jalaly, the most esteemed Ethical Work of Middle Asia, from the Persian of Fakir Jany Muhammad Asaad ; with References and Notes, by THOMPSON, 8vo. LARGE PAPER, 188


60. Vishnu Purana (the) a system of Hindu

Mythology and Tradition, translated from the Original Sanscrit, and illustrated by Notes derived chiefly from other Puranas, by H. H. Wilson, 4to.

1840 51. AL-MAKKARI. The History of

the Mohammedan Dynasties in Spain, translated by PASCUAL

GAYAŃGOS, 2 vols. 4to. £3.88 1840 52. Kalidsa, the Megha Duta, or, Cloud

Messenger, in English prose, by Col. Onvry, post 8vo. sd. 58

1868 53. El-Mas'udis Historical Encyclo.

pædia, entitled “Meadows of Gold and Mines of Gems,” from the Arabic by Dr. A. Sprenger, Vol. I. 8vo. 16s

1841 54. Sama Veda. Translation of the Sanhitá

of the Sama Veda, by the Rev. J. Stevenson, 8vo. LARGE PAPER, cloth, 78

1841 55. Popular Poetry of Persia, as found

in the Adventures and Improvisations of Kurroglou, the Bandit-Minstrui of Northern Persia; and in the Songs of the People inhabiting the Shores of the Caspian Sea. Orally collected and translated by A. Chodzko, 8vo. 128 6d

1812 56. IBN KHALLIKAN'S Biogra

phical Dictionary. Translated from the Arabic by Baron Mac Guckin de SLANE, now completed in 4 vols. 4to. ed. £4. 43 1842-71

the same, LARGE PAPER, 4 vols. roy. 4to. sd. £5. 58

1812-71 The THIRD and the FOURTH volumes of either state are sold separately.

This was the first general Biographical Dictionary in the Arabic language; and it remains a wonderful testimony to the learning, genius, and industry of the author. The bio. graphics are arranged in alphabetical order of names, and comprise distinguished individuals of every sect and nation in Islam, down to the thirteenth century, when Ibn Khallikan flourished. 57. History of Hyder Naik, otherwise

styled Nawaub Hyder Ali, by Meer Hussein

Ali Khan Kirmani, by Miles, 8vo. 108 1842 58. The DABISTAN; or School of

Manners. Translated from the Persian, with Notes, &c. by D. Shea, and A. Troyer, 3 vols. 8vo. cloth, 2. 28

1844 59. History of the Reign of Tipu

Sultan, being a Continuation of the Neshani
Hyduri. Written by Mir Hussein Ali Khan

Kirunani; translated by Miles, 88 6d 1844 60. Ouseley's Biographical Notices of

Persian Poets; with Critical and Explanatory Remarks; prefixed to which is a Memoir

of the Author, by Reynolds, 8vo. 68 1846 61. Griffith's Specimens of Old Indian Poetry, 28 od

1852 This is a Sanscrit Anthology, with which no other can be compared in its value to the general student. It gives a faithful idea of the poetic treasures of ancient India,-(in fact of its entire literature) and may be read in con



Oriental Translation Fund continued. nexion with Max Müller's philosophic history, Greek, and Latin, and an English translation as an illustrative work superior to whatever else of the Syrian text, copious Notes, and introhas yet been achieved. We possess the Vaidik duction by W. Cureton, royal 8vo. 258 1849 Hymns translated in literal fashion by Wilson, 65. Makamat; or Rhetorical Anecdotes of Langlois, Max Müller ; the admirable frag- Abu'l Kasem al Hariri, of Basra, translated ments from the Mahábhárata and the Rámáyana into English Verse and Prose; and illustrated by Dean Milman ; the Sacontala by Sir Wil- with Annotations, by Preston, 8vo. cloth, 208 liam Jones, and some versions from the pen of

1850 Professor Wilson. But most of those produc- 66. Avesta, the Religious Books of the tions are rather scholarly labours than spirited Parsees, from Professor Spiegel's German poetical transcripts, and the reader who wishes translation of the original MSS. by Bleeck, to gain some knowledge of the riches of San- 3 vols. in 1, 8vo. cloth, £1. 58

1864 scrit Poesy, in its whole extent, must peruse Mr. Griffith's work. Its selections are made

67. Japanese Lyrical Odes; Translations with taste, and in chronological order ; the

of the Hyak Nin Is 'Shiu, by a Century of Poets, translations are at once faithful and vigorous;

into English Verse with Explanatory Notes, and the poetic beauty of the originals is worthily

the text in Japanese and also in Roman letter, transfused into English metre and rhyme.

with a full Index, by Dickens, 8vo. cloth, 10s There are three translations from the Vedic

1866 hymns, three from the Manava-dharma-sastra,

68. Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam, the one from the Rámáyana, five from the Maháb

Astronomer-Poet of Persia, rendered into Eng. hárata, two from Calidasa's dramas, one from

verse, sq. 8vo. third edition, with additions. his poem on Sumraer, one from the Nalodaya,

xxiv and 36 pp. hf. mor. 78 60

1872 and one from the Gita Govinda ; followed by

The translation is a faithful reproduction an Essay on the Figures of Indian Poetical

of Omar's Poems, so remarkable for their boldRhetoric.

ness of thought and freedom of expression. 62. Cureton's Vindiciae Ignatianae, or the

Omar is entirely free from the shackles which genuine writings of St. Ignatius, as exhi

wake Oriental poems so monotonous. bited in the Ancient Syriac version, vindi- 69. Kitab-i-Yamini; Historical Memoirs of cated from the charge of Heresy, 8vo. cloth, Early Conquerors of Hindustan, and Founders 28 6d

1846 of the Ghaznavide Dynasty, transl. from the 63. Kalpa Sutra, and Nava Tatva. Persian, by the Rev.J. Reynolds, 8vo. 128 1858

Two works illustrative of the Jain Religion and 70. Browne (Rev. G. A. Suckling) Mosaic Philosophy, by Stevenson, 8vo. 258 1948

Cosmogony : a literal translation of the 64. Corpus Ignatianum, a complete Col. First Chapter of Genesis, with annotations and lection of the Ignatian Epistles, in Syriac, rationalia, 8vo. 140 pp. cloth, 2s 6d 1864

a series of 13 volumes, SOLD A BARGAIN, separately for £2. 148 ; together for a short

time only, 248 African. CLARKE (John) Specimens of Agapius Honcharenko, 100 pp. sm. 8vo. Dialects; short Vocabularies of Languages;

28 5d

San Francisco, 1868 and notes of countries and Customs in Persian. BLEEK'S Persian Grammar, Africa, 8vo. 104 pp. sd. 2s 6d Berwick, 1849 Dialogues and Reading Lessons, 12mo. cloth, Introduction to the Fernandian 58

1857 tongue, 2 parts in 1, 8vo. 58 pp. d.78 6d 1848

TUCKER's Dictionary of English Arabic. Faris' Arabic Grammar, by

and Persian, 8vo. with the English pronunciaWilliams, 2nd edition, 12mo, cloth, 58 1866 tion (pub, at 7s 6d) cloth, 5s

1850 Assyrian. CULLIMORE's Table show

Persian. Akhlák-i Muhsiní, or the Morals of ing the relative Antiquity of Brick Alman- the Beneficent, literally translated from the acks found in the Ruins of Babylon, 1832– Persian of Husain Várz Káshirí, by the Four Examples of Ninevite Bricks, and Essays Rəv. H. G. Keene, 8vo. Vds. 28 6d on the Arrow-headed characters of Nineveh

ller/ford, 1850 and Babylon-On the origin of the primitive

Sanscrit. Ballantyne's First Lessons sphere of the Greeks ; price 6d.

in Sanscrit Grammar; together with an Chinese. SUMMER's Chinese Grammar, Introduction to the Hitopadesa, 8vo. third

Dialogues, Exercises and Vocabulary, 12mo. edition viii and 113 pp. cloth, 58 1865 cloth, 58


Spanish Grammar: Alonzo's ElemenMakassar Alphabet: Millies' Makas

tary Grammar and Guide to Conversation saarsche en Boeginesche Letters en Zamen- for the Use of Travellers in Spain, 12mo. stellingen, one leaf, 6d Utrecht, 1860

176 pp. cloth, 2s 611

1867 Russian : RUSSIAN

AND ENGLISH Turkish. Dialogues in English and Phrase Book, especially adapted for the Turkish, by MAHMOUD EFFENDI, Minin, use of travellers, traders and teachers, by Engineer, 18mo. cloth, 2s 6d


Oriental and other Grammatical Works,

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