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Rodwell's Koran-continued.

Sale's translation is based upon the Latin version of Maracci. But with reference to the text from Maracci translated, Flügel says, “Maraccius in lectionibus receptis fere nunquam sibi constitit, sexcenties verba perperam expressit ut versioni ejus ... majus pretium statuendum mihi videatur, quam verbis textus arabicis.” Pref. p. vi. i.e. “Maracci is inconsistent in the readings which he has adopted, and has made hundreds of mistakes in rendering even these, &c." So that Sale's version may be fairly said in the judgment of Flügel to be based upon the faulty version of a faulty text.

Dr. Rodwell's translation of the Coran has at length (after fifteen years) reached a second edition. Its merits are too well known to need commendation at our hands, and the chronological arrangement of the Suras (founded upon Nöldeke's researches), though it cannot be accepted as final, is a distinctive feature of great importance and value. As the basis of further investigations, such an arrangement had become almost necessary; and it is remarkable that Dr. Rodwell has not seen cause to make any important alterations in this respect in the second edition.

"Vestminster Review, July, 1876. HISTORY OF PAINTING IN ITALY. Rosini (Giovanni) Storia della Pittura Italiana

esposta coi monumenti, Original Edition, 7 vols. 8vo. with 367 outline
engravings, and 5 Atlases, in royal folio, comprising 254 large elabo-
rate plates of the Masterpieces of Italian Painters, bound in 2 vols.
folio and 7 vols. 8vo. (pub. £31. 108) hf. bd. morocco, gilt tops, uncut,
a superb work, £15. 153

Pisa, 1839-54
Division of this First Edition.
Epoca I, dai Greci a Masaccio.—Tomo I, p. I-VII, 1-264 with 12 plates-
Tome II, p. 1-302 with 38 plates—Epoca II, da F. Lippi a Raffaelo.
Tomo III, p. 1-302, with 47 plates—Tomo IV, p. 1-302 with 79 plates-
Epoca III, da G. Romano al Baroccio.— Tomo V, p. 1-376 with 77 plates-
Epoca IV, dai Caracci all' Appiani.—Tomo VI, p. 1-302 with 65 plates-
Tomo VII, p. 1-252 e Indice I-LXVIII, with 41 plates-Supplemento al
Tomo VII, p. 1-88 with 9 plates.

Large Plates (Tavole).
EpoOA I. Monumenti Greci-Exultet del Secolo XI, Tav. A-E, e-Monu.
menti del Sec. XIII, XIV, XV-Tav. I-XXXVI - Época II. Monumenti
del Sec. XV, XVI-Tav. XXXVII-CVIII-EPOO. III. Monumenti del
Sec. XVI-Tav. CIX.CLXIV-Epoca IV. Monumenti del Sec XVII,
XVIII–Tav. CXLV.-CXCIV — Supplemento Tav. CXCV.-CCXVIII-

Secondo Supp. Tav. CCXIX.-CCXLVIII. Rosini, Storia della Pittura Italiana, Second Edition,

with all the 8vo. plates of the first edition, and the 234 large Plates reduced to the same 8vo. size—in all 485 fine outline engravings (pub. £10.) 7 vols. 8vo. Bodoni boards, £1. 4s

Pisa, 1848-54 This edition contains all the octavo-sized plates of the folio edition, and the folio plates reduced to the 8vo. size; the whole forming thus one uniform guide to the knowledge of all the celebrated Paintings executed by the Painters of Italy of all times and all Schools.

Division of this Second Edition. Epoca Prima. Tomo I, p. 1-242 and 36 plates—Tomo II, p. 1-203 and 54 plates

--Epoca Seconda. Tomo III, p. 1-220 and 83 plates — Tomo IV, p. 1-280 and 98 plates-Epoca Terza. Tomo V, p. 1-294 and 102 plates-Epoca Quarto. Tomo VI, p. 1-234 and 75 plates - Tomo VII, Un Supplemento, p. 1-196 and 37 plates and the Index, p. I-LXIV.

Whoever desires to make a study of Italian Painting must have Rosini's great work as a “ Handbook."

The outline engravings are done with a delicacy and spirit; they truly place the original Picture before the mind's eye. Whoever has visited the Art Galleries of Europe or intends to see them, will find Rosini's History a most precious acquisition.

Just Out : De Rossi, Roma Sotteranea Cristiana, Tomo III, folio, with 52 plates, sd. £4. 4s

Roma, 1877



Shaw's (Henry) Handbook of the Art

Salva, Catalogo de su Biblioteca, escrito por su hijo,

y enriquecido con la descripcion de otras muchas obras, 2 vols. thick 8vo, numerous woodcut facsimiles, sd. £3. 38

Valencia, 1872 the same, 2 vols. impl. 8vo. LARGE PAPER, £5. 108

1872 The best Catalogue of Spanish books ever printed ; - the Salva collection now forms part of the Heredia Library in Madrid. This catalogue includes also many rare Spanish books of other Libraries not contained in the Salva collection, as his object had been to produce a CATALOGUE RAISONNÉ of ALL THE RARE AND VALUABLE BOOKS OF THE EARLY SPANISH LITERATURE. Sharpe's Egyptian Inscriptions from the British Museum,

and other sources, the two SERIES COMPLETE, 11 parts in 2 vols. roy. folio, 216 plates, full size, £9.98

1836-55 the same, SECOND SERIES, complete in 4 parts, 96 plates, £2. 1871 Ist Series. Text: Two titles, and descrip- Sir John Soane's, Dr. Lee's, the Louvre

tive list of plates 1-120, 5 leaves ; and a and from casts sent home by A. C. Harris. Translation of the Greek Inscription on Esq., of Alexandria. the Rosetta stone, the Key to the Know- 2nd Series. Text: Title and descriptive ledge of Hieroglyphics.

contents, 3 leaves. PLATES : 1-120, from casts and rubbings of PLATES : 1-96, chiefly from tracings and casts the Monuments in the British Museum, by Samuel Birch, Esq.

Art of Illumination as practised during the

Middle Ages, folio, LARGE PAPER, 16 large separate plates of Miniatures, with Initial Letters and Ornaments, all executed in facsimile after the designs of illuminated MSS. in the very finest style of wood-engraving, (pub. at £5.58) hf. morocco, gilt top, uncut, £4. 4s 1866

The taste with which the examples that adorn this beautiful book were selected, is quite equalled by the rare knowledge displayed in the accompanying text, as well as by the execution of the illustrations, which may be looked upon as the very perfection of the Art of WoodEngraving. Such beauty and delicacy of workmanship have never before been seen ; and the result is perhaps superior to that of the best engravings upon metal, the effect even of colour being produced by it. This is an important matter in a work on the Art of Illumination. Shaw's Alphabets, Numerals, and Devices of the

Middle Ages; selected from the finest existing Specimens, 4to. with 48 plates, 26 of them coloured, (pub. at £2. 2s)

1845 the same, LARGE PAPER, impl. 4to. the coloured plates very highly finished and heightened with gold, (pub. at £4. 48) Shaw's Decorative Arts of the Middle Ages,

exhibiting on 41 plates and numerous beautiful woodcuts choice Specimens of the various kinds of Ancient Enamel, Metal Work, Wood Carvings, Paintings on Stained Glass, Venetian Glass, Initial Glass, Initial Illuminations, Embroidery, Fictile Ware, Bookbinding, etc.; also elegant Initial Letters to the various descriptions, imperial 8vo. (pub, at £2. 28) morocco backs, uncut, £1.88

1851 the same, LARGE PAPER, 4to. some of the plates coloured, (pub. at £4. 48) morocco back, uncut, £3. 10s

1851 the same, LARGEST PAPER, impl. 4to. with the whole of the plates (including the engraved capitals) coloured in the

highest style, (pub. at £8. 88), morocco back, uncut, £6. 6s 1851 Shaw's Dresses and Decorations of the Middle

Ages, from the Seventh to the Seventeenth centuries, with historical Introduction and descriptive Letter-press, 2 vols. impl. 8vo. 94 very fine plates and numerous initial letters, containing curious and singular ornaments, beautifully coloured by hand, and with many woodcuts, elegantly hf. bd. morocco, gilt tops, £5.

1810 43 This splendid book of Medieval Costume, one of the best works on the inner life and customs of our rude but splendour-loving ancestors, includes ecclesiastical costume, portraits of historical celebrities, allegorical representations, masques, tournaments, games, religious ceremonies, artworkmanship, weapons, jewels, etc. the dresses and surroundings of the persons depicted being

ng one.

Shaw's Encyclopædia of Ornaments ; Select Examples

from the purest and best specimens of all kinds and of all ages, 4to. with 59 copper-plate engravings, (pub. at £1. 108) morocco back, uncut, £1. 18

1842 - the same, LARGE PAPER, impl. 4to. all the plates coloured, (pub. at £3.) morocco backs, £2. 128 6d

1842 Shaw's Hand-Book of Mediæval Alphabets and

DEVICES; being a selection of 20 plates of Alphabets, and 17 plates of original specimens of Labels, Monograms, Heraldic Devices, &c. not heretofore figured ; in all 37 plates, printed in colours, impl. 8vo. extra cloth, 158

1856 This popular volume, which is quite essential to artists, differs considerably from the precedShaw's Ornamental Metal Work, 4to. a Series of 50 copper-plates, severa: crlorered, (pub. at £2. 28) morocco back, uncut, 188

1836 Shaw's Ornamental Tile Pavements, drawn from

existing authorities, imperial 4to, with 47 large coloured plates (pub. at £2. 12s 6d) morocco back, uncut, £1 16s

1858 Shaw's Illuminated Ornaments of the Middle

AGES, from the Sixth to the Seventeenth Century. Selected from Missals, Manuscripts, and early printed books, 59 plates, carefully coloured from the originals, with descriptions by SIR FREDERICK MADDEN, keeper of the MSS. in the British Museum, 4to. with 60 plates beautifully coloured, (pub. at £5. 58) morocco backs, Roxburghe style, uncut, £3. 13s 6d


*** The Large Paper “Illuminated Ornaments," and the Large Paper “ Dresses and Decorations," are the grandest books which Mr. Shaw ever produced. Shaw's Illustrations of Domestic Architecture in

England, during the Reign of Queen Elizabeth, as exemplified in the Residence of John Danby Palmer, Esq., Great Yarmouth, impl. 4to. with 43 plates of Vrchitectural Ornament, and Portrait, morocco back, uncut, £1. 168

Privately printed, 1838 the same, INDIA PROOFS (only 25 printed), morocco back, uncut, £3. 3s

Privately printed, 1838 Shaw's Specimens of the Details of Elizabethan

ARCHITECTURE; with descriptive letter-press by T. Moule, Esq. 4to. 60 copper-plate engravings (pub. at £3. 38) morocco back, uncut, £1. 58

1839 - the same, LARGE PAPER, imperial 4to. several of the plates

coloured, (pub. at £6. 6s) morocco backs, uncut, £4. 4s Pickering, 1839 Shaw's and Bridgens' Designs for Furniture,

with Candelabra and Interior Decoration, royal 4to. 60 plates (pub. at £3. 38) morocco backs, uncut, £1. 1s

Pickering, 1838 -- the same, LARGE PAPER, impl. 4to. the plates coloured. (pub. at £6. 68) half bound, uncut, £2. 88

Pickering; 1838

Shaw's Luton Chapel, its Architecture and Orna

MENTS, illustrated in a series of 20 highly-finished line engravings of Gothic Vrchitecture, and Ornaments, impl. folio, (pub. at £3. 38) half bound morocco, uncut, 258

1830 the same, INDIA PROOFS, impl. folio, (pub. at £5. 58) half bound morocco, uncut, £2. 88

1830 “ Luton Chapel was an exquisite specimen of the most florid period of Gothic architectnre. Mr. Shaw's elaborate history is now rendered doubly valuable by the destruction of the magnificent original.”—Morning Post. Shaw's Specimens of Ancient Furniture, drawn from

existing authorities with descriptions by Sir SAMUEL Rush MEYRICK, 4to. with 47 copper-plate engravings, (pub. at £2. 28) morocco back, uncut, £1. 118 6d

1836 the same, with a portion of the plates (eleven) coloured, 4to. (pub. at £4. 48) morocco back, uncut, £3. 38

1836 the same, LARGE PAPER, imperial 4to. with all the plates, extra finished in colours, (pub. at £10. 108) morocco back, uncut, £6. 68

1836 Shirley (Evelyn Philip) Stemmata Shirleiana;

OF DERBY. SECOND EDITION, corrected and enlarged, 4to. Pp

xii. and 436, with 43 fine woodcuts of Views, Monumental Antiquities, Seals, Autographs, etc., as well as numerous engravings of escutcheons, bds. £3 38 1873

Only 250 copies were printed, and of these very few will be for sale ; it may therefore be safely predicted that the present price will soon be doubled. The first edition has been usually sold for 12 guineas. SKEEN (William) EARLY TYPOGRAPHY:

an essay on the Origin of letter-press printing, 8vo. (pub. in Ceylon at 218) hf. Roxburghe style, 128

Colombo, 1872 The deceased author of this really excellent work was the son of Mr. Robert Skeen, who for thirty years has superintended the typographical composition of Bernard Quaritch's Catalogues. He was Government printer of Ceylon up to the period of his death.


Page Chapter I. - Introductory - Letter-press

those of Gutenberg and MentzPrinting the “Divine and Noble"

Claims based upon Tradition - No
Art; why so termed-Printing known

Contemporary Authorities in their
in China from time immemorial-

favour-Abundance of such testimony Method of Chinese Printing-Biblio

in favour of Gutenberg and Mentzgraphy and Palæotypography

11 Block-books — Speculum Humanæ Chapter II.-Date of the Origin of Typo

Salvationis-Evidence of the Types : graphy in Europe--Alleged Early

wood or metal : cut or cast ?-Books Engravings-Playing Cards—Block

“ Jettez en molle"

201 books-German • Brief Malers" 35 Chapter V.- The works of Faust and Chapter III. - John Gutenberg - First

Schæffer-Characteristics of Ancient attempts at Typography in Strass

Printed Books - The “ Composing burg-Invention of the Press-Law

“Stick” and “Setting Rule”- Early snit-Return to Metz-Connection


349 with Faust-Mazarin Bible the first

Book printed from Separable Metal I. - Account of the Origin of Printing by
Types-Forfeiture of Plant to Faust

J. Faust of Aschaffenburg

393 - Peter Schoeffer. Invention of II.-Account of the Origin of Printing by Type-founding-Faust and Schaffer

Hadrian Junius

404 - The Gutenberg.“ Printing-house" III.--Dr. Van der Linde's Haarlem-Gutenberg attached to the Court of

Coster-Legend . the Elector of Mentz-His Death 68 IV.-Cat Wooden, versus Cast Metai Chapter IV.—The claims of Coster and


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Siebold, Bibliotheca Japonica, sive selecta quaedam

opera Sinico-Japonica in usum eorum, qui literis Japonicis vacant, in lapide exarata a Sinensi Ko TSCHING DSCHANG, et edita curantibus Pu. FR. DE SIEBOLD et J. HOFFMANN, Libri VI. folio, (pub. at £20.) bds. the set of 6 works, £10. Lugduni-Batavorum, ex officina lithogr. editoris, 1833-41 Liber I. Sin 200 zi lin gjok ben, novus et auctus literarum ideographi

carum thesaurus, sive collectio omnium literarum Sinensium secundum radices disposita, pronuntiatione Japonica adscripta, 1 vol. cum pag. lithograph. 164, not sold separately

1834 Liber II.“ Wa Kan won seki sjo gen zi ko, thesaurus linguae Japonicae,

sive illustratio omnium, quae libris recepta sunt, verborum ac dictionum loquelae tam Japonicae quam Sinenses, 1 vol. cum pag. lithograph. 227

ac Tab. IV. (pub. at £10. 108) £6. Only 100 copies printed. 1835 Liber III. Tsiän dsü wen, sive mille literae ideographicae ; opus Sini.

cum origine cum interpretatione Kôraïana, in peninsula Kôrai impressum. 1 vol. cum pag. lithogr. 18 et Tab. I. (pub. at 30s) bds. 10s 1838

125 copies printed. Liber IV. Lui ho, sive vocabularium Sinense in Kôraïanum conversum,

opus Sinicum origine in peninsula Kôraï impressum. (Annexa appendice vocabulorum Kôraïanorum, Japonicorum et Sinensium comparativa nec non interpretatione Germanica), 1 vol. cum pag. lithogr. 18, (pub. at 188) sd. 78 od

1838 Only 100 copies printed of this valuable Korean-Chinese German Dictionary. Liber V. Insularum Japonicarum tabulae geographicae secundum opus

Nippon jotsi rootei sentsu. Tab.lithogr. IV. infol.(Grand-Colombier) 10s Liber VI." Wa nen kei, sive succincti Annales Japonici. (Opus originale

cum interpretatione Germanica), 1 vol. cum pag. lithogr. 25 ac Tab. V. (pub. at 30s) bds. 108

1834 The above 6 works form a complete set of the “Bibliotheca Japonica” which comprises all the Philological apparatus necessary for mastering the Japanese Language, and obtaining an , insight into Japanese Literature. The importance of the Japanese Language will constantly increase as commercial enterprise developes inutual relations

☆ Only 125 copies were printed as the maximum nuniber of these 6 works. Siebold's Nippon, or Description of Japan :

NIPPON; Archiv zur Beschreibung von Japan, 7 divisions, bound in 6 vols. impl. 4to. a set as far as published, wanting 3 plates, containing 361 plates and maps, to which are now added Titles and a Collation specially printed, hf. morocco, £32.

Leyden, 1832-52 - the same, LARGE PAPER, the Text bound in 3 vols. impl. 4to. the Plates in 2 vols royal folio, some of the plates coloured, especially those of Japanese Costume, (pub. £52. 108) hf. mor. gilt tops, £36.

1832-52 This extremely valuable and interesting work left unfinished, and of which bnt few copies remained at the death of the author, is now entirely out of print. From the great state of confusion in which the stock was found, variations occur in different copies : the above mentioned large paper cory does not contain plate 28 in Abtheilung II, d Hoffmann, Catalogus librorum Japonicorum,

a Ph. FR. DE SIEBOLD collectorum, annexa enumeratione illorum, qui in Museo Regio Hagano servantur, 1 vol. 4to. cum pag. lithogr. 17, 125 copies printed, sd. 158

1815 Very few copies remain of this valuable Catalogue, the only one giving a critical and bibliographical account of the best works of Japanese Literature, affording thus a Picture of Japanese Civilization and of the state of Literature, the Sciences, Arts, etc.

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