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MISCELLANEOUS BOOKS. Silvestre's Universal Paleography; or a Collection

of Facsimiles of the Writings of every Age; taken from the most authentic Manuscripts existing in the Libraries of France, Italy, Germany and England, containing UPWARDS OF 300 LARGE AND MOST BEAUTIFULLY EXECUTED FACSIMILES, TAKEN FROM MISSALS AND OTHER MSS., RICHLY ILLUMINATED IN THE FINEST STYLE OF ART, new and improved edition, arranged under the direction of Sir FREDERICK MADDEN, Keeper of the MSS. in the British Museum, 2 vols. atlas folio, elegantly half bound morocco extra, gilt edges, £31. 10s

1850 This is, perhaps, the finest book in the world, and the most interesting to the scholar and the man of taste. Three hundred facsimiles, of the choicest Manuscripts in Europe, need no other recommendation than to state the fact. The work cost nearly twenty thousand pounds in getting up, and the expense was chiefly defrayed by His Majesty the late Louis Philippe, who subscribed at the outset for sixty copies, at about £75. each.

THE HISTORICAL AND DESCRIPTIVE LETTERPRESS to the Preceding Work, by CHAMPOLLION FIGEAC and CHAMPOLLION, Jun. translated into English, with considerable additions and corrections, by Sir FREDERICK MADDEN, 2 vols. royal 8vo. half morocco extra, gilt edges, (uniform with the folio work), £2. Es

1850 These Descriptive Volumes, containing a great deal of general information on the subject of ancient manuscripts, may be studied independently of the work to which they are an accessory. Smith's (C. J.) Historical and Literary Curi

OSITIES; containing Facsimiles of interesting Localities, Engravings of Old Houses, Birth-places, Portraits, Illuminated and Missal Ornaments, Antiquities, &c. 4to. with 100 plates, some illuminated (pub. at £4. 48) elegantly half bound olive morocco, uncut, £2.

1847 A singularly amusing and interesting Repertory, of which the contents are too multifarious to describe. We will only note that the Autograph Letters are chiefly of a literary character, and include such important ones as Coverdale, Sir Christopher Wren, Sir Isaac Newton, Cowley, Pope, Addison, Gray, Milton, Prior, Smollett, Sterne, Locke, Burns, Steele, Hume, Dr. Johnson, Benjamin Franklio, William Penn, etc. Smith's Catalogue Raisonné of the Works of the most

eminent DUTCH, FLEMISH, and FRENCH PAINTERS, 9 vols, royal 8vo. Vols. 2, 3, 6, 7, 8 are sold separately at 268 each; Vol. 9, the Supplement x, and 884 pp. for 308

1829-42 Spanish Grammar: ALONSO’S Elementary Grammar and

Guide to Conversation for the Use of Travellers in Spain, 12mo. 176 pp. cloth, ls 6d

1867 "In publishing this Handy Book,' I have endeavoured, as far as it has been in my power, to attend exclusively to the necessities of the traveller who is ignorant of the language and customs of the country, and wishes to make himself understood in the easiest manner possible" Romancero del Cid Romancero é Historia general del muy

valeroso caballero el Cid Ruy Diaz de Vibar, en lenguage antiguo recopilado por JUAN DE ESCOBAR, edicion completa añadida con una version Castellana de la Vida del Cid por el historiador Aleman, Müller, 12mo. frontispiece, pp. aii and 368, FINE PAPER, half morocco, top edge gilt,

Francoforto, 1828 These famous Ballads are so excessively rare in any of the old editions that one is glad to meet with a good reprint like the above, which is besides most complete. The Romancero of the Cad is a combination of the Ballads in which the hero's life used to be told or sung amongst the people of Spain ; and is thus a far more national, valuable, and poetical series of pictures than the old Poema del Cid can claim to be ; it contains the perfect poetic life of a hero, who, whatever he may have been in reality, is one of the most noble and attractive figures in all legendary history,



78 - BERNARD QUARITCH'S CATALOGUE OF Surtees' Society's Publications : a complete

set from the commencement, 64 vols. 8vo. all consecutive, cloth, £60.

1835-75 Many of the volumes are quite out of print, and very scarce.

The Society is still, after thirty-six years, in a highly flourishing condition ; its List of Members (limited to 350, and now full) includes the names of many of the most eminent Antiquaries, Topographers, and Genealogists, and in a recent volume a list is given, which comprises thirty-three works intended for future publication. The volumes described below speak for themselves: to all who take an interest in Northern Antiquities, their importance and value are well known. 1. Reginaldi Libellus de Admirandis Beati | 26. Wills and Inventories from the ArchCuthberti Virtutibus, 108

1835 deaconry of Richmond, out of print, 368 2. Durham Wills and Inventories, pt. I. 403

1853 1835 27. Pontifical of Egbert, Archbishop of York, 3. Towneley Mysteries, or Miracle Plays, 158 723-766, 118

1853 1836 | 28. Lindisfarne and Rushworth Gospels, 148 4. Testamenta Eboracensia, Vol. I. 288 1836

1854 5. Sanctuarium Dunelm. et Beverlac.; or, 29. Inventories of the Benedictine Houses of

Registers of the Sanctuaries of Durham and Jarrow and Monk Wearmouth, 128 1854 Beverley, 158 1837 30. Testamenta Eboracensia, 228

1855 6. The Charters of Finchale Priory, 158 1837 31. Obituary Roll of Ebchester and Burnley, 7. The Catalogues of the Old Monastic 12s

1856 Library at Durham, &c. 103

1838 32. Bishop Hatfield's Survey, 158 8. Miscellaneous Biography, the Lives of 33. Rural Economy in Yorkshire in 1641, 128 King Oswin and SS. Cuthbert and Eata,

1857 108

1838 34. Acts of the High Commission Court of 9. The Three Historians of Durham, Colding Durham, 148

1857 ham, Graystanes, and Chambre, &c. 158 35. Fabric Rolls of York Minster, 258 1858

1839 36. Dugdale's Visitation of Yorke, 1665-66, 10. The Ritual of the Church of Durham, out of print Latin and Saxon, 158 1840 37. Miscellanea, 158

1858 11. Jordan Fantosme's Anglo-Norman Chro 38. Wills and Inventories from the Registry at nicle of War between England and Scot Durham, part 2, £2. 108

1860 land in 1173-4, 158

1840 | 39. The Lindisfarne and Rushworth Gospels, 12. The Correspondence, Inventories, &c. of Anglo-Saxon and English, part 2, 10s 1861

the Priory of Coldingham, 153 . 1841 | 40. Depositions from the Castle of York, 13. The Liber Vitæ of the Monastery of Dur relating to Offences committed in the ham, 10s

1841 Northern Counties in the XVIIth Century, 14. The Correspondence of R. Bowes, Esq. 308

1861 Elizabeth's Ambassador to Scotland, 158 41. Tonge's (Thomas, Norroy King of Arms)

1842 Heraldic Visitation of the Northern Counties 15. A Description of the Monuments, Rites, in 1530, ed. by Longstaffe, with Coats of and Customs of the Church of Durham Arms, scarce, 363

1863 prior to the Dissolution, 10s

1842 42. Walbran's Memorials of Fountains Abbey, 16. The Anglo-Saxon and Early English Vol. I, woodcuts of seals, etc. very scarce, Psalter, Vol. I, 158 1843 £2. 168

1863 17. The Correspondence of Matthew Hutton, 43. The Lindisfarne and Rushworth Gospels, Archbishop of York, 158 1843 part III: S. Luke, 148

1864 18. The Accounts of the Bursar of the Monas Parts I and II of the above (Nos. 28 and 39 of the tery of Durham, from 1530 to 1534, 158

Series) cost 24s. 1844

44. 'The Priory of Hexham, its Chroniclers, 19. The Anglo-Saxon and Early English

Endowments, and Annals, edited by Reine, Psalter, Vol. II, 158


Vol. I, comprising ancient Chronicles and 20. The Life and Miracles of St. Godric, of

other documents, numerous plates and woodFinchale, by Reginald, 158

cuts of Monuments, etc. £2. 123 60 1865

45. Testamenta Eboracensia, a selection of 21. Depositions, &c. from the Ecclesiastical Court of Durham, 158


Wills from the registry at York, Vol. III, 22. Ecclesiastical Pro. of Bp. Barnes, 158 1850 | 8vo. cloth, 258

1864 23. Latin Hymns of Anglo-Saxon Church,

| 46. Priory of Hexham, by Raine, Vol. II, con168


taining Title Derds, Black Book, etc. 168 1865 24. Memoir of Robert Surtees, scarce, 368 1852

47. Remains of Dean Granville, Vol. II, sclec

tions from his correspondence, diaries, etc. 25. Boldon Luke, a Survey of the See of Duro

1865 ham, 10s 6d


Vol. I was contained in No. 37.


18 15


Surtees' Society's Publications -- continued. 48. Lindisfarne and Rushworth Gospels, Vol. 57. Register of the Guild of Corpus Christi in

IV (the last), containing St. John, with York, edited by Skaife, facsimiles of Scals, facsimile, 168 1865 158

1872 49. The Survey of the various Fees and 58. Fodarium Prioratus Dunelmensis, a survey

Manors within the County of York, taken by of the Estates of the Prior and Convent of John de Kirkby in the reign of Edward I, Durham, 158

1872 and usually known as Kirkby's Inquest, 59, 60. Missale ad Usum Insignis Ecclesiæ 25$ 1868 Eboracensis, 2 vols. 278

1874 50. The Diary of Ambrose Barnes, an Alder

61. The York Pontifical. Liber Pontificalis man of Newcastle-on-Tyne in the seven- Chr. Bainbridge Archiepiscopi Eboracensis, teenth Century, 218

1868 edited for the Society by Dr. Henderson, 51. Symeonis Dunelmensis Opera et Collec

8vo. containing the music with square notes tanea, edited, with an English preface of 81

on four lines, cloth, 158

1875 pp. and English notes, by Hodgson Hinde,

62. Thornton (Mrs. Alice, of East Newton, co. 258

York) Autobiography, edited by Jackson,

1875 52. The Correspondence of John Cosin, Bishop

pedigrees, 158

63. Manuale et Processionale ad usum Insignis of Durham, 168


Ecclesiæ Eboracensis, edidit Henderson, 53. Testamenta Eboracensia, Vol. IV. 218 1869

music with square notes on four lines, 258 54. Pryme's Diary, 258 1871

1875 55. Cosin's Correspondence, Vol. II. 158

64. Ripon Charter Acts : Acts of Chapter of 1872

the Collegiate Church of SS. Peter and 56. Gray (Walter, Archbishop of York) Re- Wilfrid, Ripon, 1452 to 1506, edited by the gister or Rolls, facsimile of Seals, 158 Rev. J. T. Fowler, thick 8vo.' fucsimile of 1872 seals, cloth, 158

1875 Strutt's Dresses and Habits of the English,

from the establishment of the Saxons in Britain to the present time, with an historical and critical Inquiry into every branch of Costume, and a General Description of the Ancient Habits in use among Mankind, new and greatly improved Edition, with Critical and Explanatory Notes, by J. Ř. Planché, Esq., F.S.A., 2 vols. royal 4to. with 153 engravings, taken from the most authentic sources, preserved in the British Museum, the Libraries of Oxford and Cambridge, the Archiepiscopal Library at Lambeth, 8c. &c., with the plates coloured, half bound morocco, uncut, top edges gilt, £6. 6s

1842 the same, with the plates splendidly, illuminated in gold, silver, and opaque colours, in the Missal style; faithfully copied from the originals, 2 vols. royal 4to. hf. bound morocco, top edges gilt, in the Roxburghe style, £15. 15$

1842 Strutt's Regal and Ecclesiastical Antiquities

OF ENGLAND, containing the most authentic Representations of all the English Monarchs from Edward the Confessor to Henry the Eighth; together with many of the Great Personages that were eminent under their several Reigns, taken from coeval Authorities preserved in the Public Libraries and Cathedrals of Great Britain, new and greatly improved edition, with critical and explanatory Notes by J. R. Planché, Esq. F.S.A., in 1 vol. roy. 4to. with 72 engravings, carefully copied from ancient Manuscripts, Monuments, fc., with the plates coloured, hf. bound morocco, uncut, top edges gilt, £3. 3s

1842 the same, with the plates splendidly illuminated in gold and colours, exact facsimiles of the Ancient Manuscripts and Missals from which they are copied, half-bound morocco, uncut, top edges gilt, uniform with the Dresses, as described above, £10. 10s 1842

"The amusing pages of Strutt entitle his memory to great respect, and, borrowing the idea of Dr. Johnson, I will boldly affirm that he who wishes to be informed of the curious and interesting details connected with Ancient Manners and Customs, Costume, Regal and Ecclesiastical Antiquities, manst devote his days and his nights' to the volumes of Strutt.”- "--Dibdin's Declincon.


BERNARD QUARITCH'S CATALOGUE OF Stephens (George) the Old Northern Runic

MONUMENTS of SCANDINAVIA and ENGLAND, now first collected and deciphered, Parts, I, II, folio, containing pp. Ixx and 1038, many hundred woodcuts of Sculptured Crosses and Pillars, Weapons, Orna

ments, etc. and numerous large plates of Gold, Silver, and Bronze Art · relics, executed in gold and silver, (pub. at £5.) sewed, £4.

Cheapinghaven [Copenhagen], 1866-68 The best and finest of all existing books It is, indeed, with some degree of pride upon a most interesting subject. The archæ. that we, as Englishmen, can refer to this work ologist will prize it no less highly than the as the modern, as we can to Hickcs's great ethnologist, for it concerns both equally. Cer- Thesaurus as the old standard authority on tain theories of race and language held by the Northern literature.”The Atheneum, London, author will not be acceptable to all students, Aug. 3, 1867. but no one can fail to appreciate the thorough and scholarly manner in which the antiquarian “ The deep erudition displayed in this great and historical features of the work are de- work, and the splendour, variety, and artistic veloped. It is a repository of facts and monu- excellence of its illustrations, were unequalled ments in wich every one who studies the anywhere."-Journ of the Histor. and Arancient history and civilization of Northern chæol. Association of Ireland, April 1869. Europe will be obliged to seek for information. The linguistic portion of the volume, which .... “ Never before have these runes the author calls “Old Northern Word-Row been investigated with a like amount of skiil, and Scandinavian Runic Word-List,” occupies care and judgment.”—The Reader, London, pp. 825-1019 in double columns.

Aug. 4, 1866. Texier and Pullan's Principal Ruins of ASIA MINOR, illus

trated and described, royal folio, map and 51 large plates of the Architecture and Ornaments of the Temples of Apollo Branchidee; the Temple of Jupiter, Aizani; the Augusteum, "Ancyra; the Temple of Venus, Aphrodisias; Details of the Remains at Myra, Patara, Pergamus, etc. (pub. at £4. 4s) cloth extra, gilt edges, £1. 10s

1865 CONTENTS.-Introduction ; Elia ; Towns of Elia: Elaea, Grynium, Myrina, Cyme ; Teos : An historical account of Teos; The Troad, Assos, and Pergamus : Assos, List of Coins of Mysia and the Troad; Priene, Branchide, and Heracleia; Priene, Sabranda, The City of Myus, Colophon and Erythræ.

An indispensable study-book for Architects, as it contains carefully drawn and measured examples of pure Greek and Græco-Roman Architecture selected from M. Texier's large work on Asia Minor: the plates were executed by the best engravers in France, and are therefore of the highest class. Altogether it is a work interesting and useful to the Architect, and attractive to the man of refined taste. Turkish English - Turkish Dictionary.

REDHOUSE'S ENGLISH-TURKISH LEXICON, showing in TURKISII, • the various significations of the ENGLISH TERMS ; royal 8vo. xvi. and 844 pp. printed with small but clear types, hf. bound, 208

1812 Turner Gallery (The); a Series of Sixty Engravings from the

Principal Works of JOSEPH MALLORD WILLIAM TURNER, with a Memoir and Illustrative Text by RALPH NICHOLSON WORNUM, Keeper and Secretary, National Gallery, LARGE PAPER, Artists' India Proofs, elephant folio (pub. at £20.), half morocco, £14. 14s

1875 “To those whose memories are old enough to go back through any considerable portion of Turner's life, or who may have seen the majority of the pictures he painted during so many years of loving labour, it will be at once manifest that no better selection could have been made of paintings which could be got at by any reasonable means. Many of his grandest productions are in this series of engravings, and the ablest landscape engravers of the day have been employed on the plates, among which are some that, we feel assured, Turner himself would have been delighted to see. These proof impressions constitute a volume of exceeding beauty, which deserves to find a place in the library of every man of taste. The number of copies printed is too limited for a wide circulation, but, on that account, the rarity of the publication makes it the more valuable. It is not too much to affirm that a more beautiful and worthy tribute to the genius of the great painter does not exist, and is not likely to exist at any future time."--Art Journal.

Turner's England and Wales : PICTURESQUE Views

in ENGLAND AND WALES, from DRAWINGS by J. M. W. TURNER, R. A. engraved under the superintendence of Mr. CHARLES HEATH, with Descriptive and Historic Illustrations by H. E. LLOYD, Largest Paper, 2 vols. colombier folio, 96 superb engravings, Proofs before Letters, unbound, £90.; or, 2 vols. red mor. extra, by BEDFORD, £120.1827-38 the same, Large Paper, 2, vols

. imperial 4to. 96 plates, Proofs on India paper, brilliant impressions, in parts, £60.; or, hf. morocco extra, by BEDFORD, £63. 1827-38

the same, Large Paper, 2 vols. impl. 4to. 96 plates, Proofs, red morocco, £28.

1827-38 The copper plates are destroyed. The grand and picturesque effects of this great master of the school of English Landscape Painters are truthfully exhibited in this, which, after the Liber Studiorum, may be considered his finest work; the engraving was executed by the best English Artists, and possess all the fidelity to nature of the original drawings. Collectors of really fine works of art should lose no time in securing copies, as they will soon disappear from the market. Interesting and valuable books on America and India, privately printed

at the expense of Baron PORTO SEGURO : Vestiarium Christianum : MARRIOTT'S (Rev. W. B.)

VESTIARIUM, the Origin and gradual development of the Dress and Holy Ministry in the Church, stout royal 8vo. 84 and 254 pp. with 63 plates, (sells 338) cloth, 158

1868 A trustworthy work on the History of Ecclesiastical Costume, free from religious bias, and tased upon careful Archæological researches. Very few copies remain for sale, and no new edition could be produced at the present reduced price. All interested in the Church questions of the day should secure a copy of the “ Vestiarium Christianum.” (Varnhagen, Baron of Porto Seguro) Historia das Lutas com os

HOLLANDEZES NO BRAZIL, 1624-51, 8vo. pp. xxxi, xv, 401, xiii, and iv, sd. 158

Lisboa, 1874 A work of great value and importance for the history of the Portuguese in America, but unfortunately written in a language which is but little known out of the countries of its use. Columbus, Primera Epistola DEL ALMIRANTE DON CRIS.

TOBAL COLON, dando cuenta de su gran Descubrimiento a D. Gabriel Sanchez. Acompana al texto original castellano el de la traduccion latino de Leandro de Cosco segun la primera edicion de 1493, y precede la noticia de una nueva copia del original MS. de las antiguas ediciones en Latin, hecha por G. H. de Volafan (i.e. Varnhagen), sın. 4to. 12s

Valencia, 1859 Garcia de Orta, Colloquios dos Simples e Drogas e Cousans

medicinaes da India, e assi, de algumas fructas achadas nella, sm. 4to. reprinted page for page from the original edition of Goa, 1563, with preface by T'. A. Varnhagen, sd. 158

Lisboa, 1872 The original edition, one of the earliest books printed in India, is of extreme rarity. Trovas e Cantares de um Codice do XIV Seculo ou antes; mui

provavelmente "o livro das Cantigas do Conde de Barcellos,” (com uma introduccão por Varnhagen), 16mo. 2 facsimiles, sd. 78 6d Madrid, 1849

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