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Part I.* Rosewater Sprinkler. Earthenware, with engraved brass mounts.

Water-Bottle, Glazed earthenware. 15th century:
II. Dish for Rice. Glazed earthenware. 16th or 17th century.

Dish. Glazed earthenware. 16th or 17th century.
III.* Silk Fabrics.

Part I.* Embroidered Vestment.

Knife and Fork (inlaid).
II. Bratina. Enamelled and Jewelled.
Conser, Silver parcel-gilt.

PARTS I–X, Twenty Drawings, by Mr. J. L. KIPLING, showing Indian Artizans engaged

in Embroidering, &c.
I. A Shawl Loom.

A Shawl Loom.
II. A Spinning Wheel in the Hills.

A Loom in the Hills.
III. Jeweller Setting Stones.

Muslin Turban Weaving.
IV. Warping Gold Wire.

Winding Gold Wire.
V. Silk Weaving.

Silk Weaving.
VI. A Carpet Loom.

A Carpet Loom.
VII. Embroidering in Gold.

Embroidering in Gold.
VIII. Jewelled Cloth Embroiderer.

Floor Cloth Making:
IX. Flattening Silver Gilt Wire.

Hullabatoon Making.
X. Gold Lace Making.

Gold and Silver Lace Making.
XI. Arch of a Mosque Screen. Ajmere.

Trellis Window. Ahmedabad.
XII. Shield. H.R.H. the Prince of Wales's Collection of

Indian Presents.

Dagger and Sheath.
XIII.* Inlaid Marble. Tombs of Shah Jehán and of the Begum Mumtáz-i-

Mahál. The Taj Mahál, Agra.

Doorway-double plate.



Glass Ware
PART I. Two Bronze Medallions. Hercules.
II.* Altar or Shrine of a Female Saint, by Donaletto.

PART I.* Silk and Gold Damask.

FRENCH ART. PART I. Silk Fabrics. Printed in Colourg.




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Part I. Velvet Fabrics.

Parts I–VIII. Sixteen Chromos of Works of Art from the Special Loan Exhibition of

Spanish Ornamental Art in the South Kensington Museum.
I.“ Point Lace Bed-Quilt. 17th century.

Embroidered Border. 17th century.
JI. Altar Frontal. Crimson Silk. 17th century.

Lace Table Cover. 17th century.
III. Chest in Carved Walnut-Wood. 16th century.

Bronze Fountain Jet. 17th century.
IV. Chest in Carved Walnut-Wood. 16th century.

Arms, Toledo Rapiers. 16th century.
V. Mortuary Cope. Embroidered black velvet.

VI. Embroidered 'orphrey of an Altar Frontal.

Chasuble in raised Velvet.
VII. Chasuble. 17th century.

VIII. Altár Frontal. 17th century.

Altar Frontal. Crimson velvet.
Ray Society.
BOWERBANK (J. S.) Monograph of the British Spongiadæ, edited with

additions by the Rev. A. M. Norman, Vol. I (supplementary), 8vo. 17 plates, cloth, 208

1882 The editor's object has been to give a complete list of all the species described in the four volumes, to supply recent synonyms, to gire additional habitats, to add notes where it seemed desirable, to supply a table of geographical distribution, and to furnish a catalogue of all works and papers on Sponges. See Preface. Reeve's (Lovell) Conchologia Iconica ; Mono

graphs of the Genera of Shells, 20 vols. complete, 4to. with 2727 COLOURED PLATES, representing above 20,000 figures of the natural size, by G. B. Sowerby (pub. at £178.), hf. morocco neat, contents lettered, £125. 1843-78

the same, a Selection of 34 Monographs, as detailed below, containing 428 coloured plates (pub. at £27. 98), chiefly uncut, a bargain, £10.

CONTENTS: Area, 17 plates-Artemis, 10—Buccinum, 14-Cardita, 9-Cassis, 12– Chitonellus, 1-Conus, 56-Corbula, 5–Crassatella, 3-Cypræa, 27—Cypricardia, 2-Delphinola, 5-Eburna, l-Fasciolaria, 7-Ficula, 1- Glauconome, 1- Haliotis, 17-Harpa, 4Isocardia, 1-Mesodesma, 4-Mitra, 39-Murex, 37-Myadora, 1-Pecten, 35—Pectunculus, 9 - Phorus, 3—Pollicipes, 1-Ranella, 8-Strombus, 19 - Triton, 20—Turbinella, 13—Turbo, 13 - Turritella, 11-Voluta, 22. Rietstap, Armorial general : A complete List of all the

great European Families, with an indication of their Coats of Arms—to be issued in about 25 parts, large 8vo. at 38 each

Gouda, 1883 The first edition gave the description of 46,000 Coats of Arms, the second edition will exceed 100,000. Part 1 is out. Russian Grammar. Reiff (Ch. Ph.) English-Russian

Grammar, or Principles of the Russian Language for the use of the English, 12mo. pp. viii and 263, limp cloth, 5s

Paris, 1883


Royal Society of London :

unabridged, complete from the beginning in 1665 to 1874, with GENERAL Index up to 1830,-166 vols. in 145, 4to. containing an immense number of plates, calf, £250.

1665-1874 Complete sets of the unabridged Philosophical Transactions have now become very scarce. The present copy, as far as 1798, is from the old Towneley library. The continuation is similarly bound,

but not quite uniformly. Added to this set are the seven parts of “Philosophical Collections,” by Robert Hooke (Secretary of the Royal Society), published between 1678 and 1682, when the Society had intermitted publishing their Transactions. Bound up with these are also the following rare tracts by Rob. HOOKE and others :Lectiones Cutlerianiæ, Lectures Physical, Mechanical, Geographical, and Astronomical, plates

1679 An Attempt to prove the Motion of the Earth from Observation, with folding plate 1674 Animadversions on the Machina Coelestis of Hevelius, 3 folding plates

1674 A Description of Helioscopes and some other instruments made by Robert Hooke, 2 folding plates, and a table called No. 3

1676 Lampas ; or descriptions of some mechanical improvements of Lamps and Waterpoises,

together with some other Physical and Mechanical Discoveries, folding plates 1677 De Potentia Restitutiva or of Spring, explaining the power of Springing-bodies, to which

are added some Collections on Force Pumps, Fountains, Eruptions, and the Peak of Teneriffe, 3 plates

1678 WALLIS (John) Discourse of Gravity and Gravitation

1675 WOODWARD (Dr.) Instructions for making observations in all parts of the world 1696 Wallis (John) Defence of the Royal Society, in answer to Dr. Holder

1678 Sanders's Examples of Carved Oak in the

Woodwork and Furniture of Ancient Houses, chiefly of the 16th and 17th Centuries, by WILLIAM BLISS SANDERS, Architect, large folio, with 25 plates, photo-lithographed from original sketches by the Author, extra cloth, £1. lls 6d

1883 The above work has for its object not only the illustration of the carving of the period, but is also written with the view of drawing the attention of builders, cabinet-makers, and others to the honesty and soundness of the construction then in use : many of the principles observed in early work being at the present time almost entirely lost sight of.

Only a limited number of copies are printed.

The following gratifying letter has been received by the author from Professor Roskin, who very kindly examined the original drawings :

“ BrantWOOD, Coniston, LANCASHIRE, 18th February, 1881. "MY DEAR SIR,—My respect for your earnestness and admiration of your skill, have hitherto prevented my undertaking the difficult task of qualifiedly praising what, excellent for your immediate purpose, is yet not in harmony with the precepts of the best masters in wood carving. Forgive me my inevitable delay, I am now more at leisure, but may not be able to think of the matter for some time to come. I trust this note may assure your public of my sympathy in your general aims, and my gratitude for the sincerity with which you have represented both the construction and decoration of old English furniture.

“ Believe me, your faithful servant, " To W. B. SANDERS, Esq."


F.S.A.) Memorials of the Family of SCOTT, of SCOT'S HALL, in the County of KENT, with an Appendix of Illustrative Documents, impl. 4to. 85 woodcuts and engravings of Portraits, Brasses, Coats of Arms, Churches, Archeological Monuments, etc. and many tables of Pedigrees, pp. x, 266 and lxxxii

, cloth extra, with the family arms on side (subscription price, £3. 38), cloth, 2. 28

1876 Only fifty copiez remain for sale.

Scott (James Renat,

Renat, F.S.A.)

SCOTT, MEMORIALS-continuerl.

" The historic value of family research will (Edward V, murdereil in the Tower), and in this instance be better appreciated when it Ambassador to the Dukes of Burgundy and is pointed out that this ancient but unennobled Bretagne; Thomas Scotte, Cardinal Archbishop fainily has furnished within historic times to of York and Lord Chancellor; Sir William its country's need, and in erery service of the Scotte, of Scot's Hall, Lord Warden of the state, men of high standing and repute, of Cinque Ports and Governor of Dover Castle, whom we may mention, with becoming pride, temp. Henry VIII; Sir John Scotte, of Scot's the following among others :- Sir Will. Scott, Hall, Knight of the King's Body Guard, of Brabourne, Lord Chief Justice of England Henry VIII; Sir John Scott, a Judge of the in the reigns of Edward II and Edward III; Exchequer, 1530 ; Sir Reg. Scott, of Scot's Sir William Scot, of Scot's Hall, Knight of the Hall, Captain of Calais Castle, &c., temp. Shire of Kent, and Swordbearer of Henry V; Henry VIII; Sir Thomas Scott, CommanderSir Robert Scot, Lieutenant of the Tower of in-Chief of the Kentish Forces at the approach London, 1424; Sir John Scotie, of Scot's Hall, of the Spanish Armada ; as well as others of Knight of the Shire, Comptroller of the House- less distinguished note, who witnessed the decay hold of Edward IV, Lord Warden of the of their family and fortune in more recent but Cinque Ports and Governor of Dover Castle, less troublous times.”—Preface. Chamberlain to Edward, l'rince of Wales


Site of the Fortified Mansion of Mote in Iden, Stained Glass Window.

Sussex. Sword of Chester.

Two Brasses in Ketteringham Church, 1192. Four Illustrations of Balliol College.

Facsimile of Halsham Decd, 1468. Fifteen Illustrations of St. Mary's Church, Rosamund Clifford's Tower, Brabourne.

Oxburgh Hall, Norfolk. Abbey of Dulce Vor, Dumfries.

Twenty-one Engravings of Portraits of Heraldic Bosses.

Members of the Family of Scott. Stained Glass window in Ballicul Church. Facsimile of Deed of Acknowledgments, 138. Effigy of Sir Rob. Gower.

Seal of Sir Thomas Scott, with Quarterings. Heraldic Seal.

Monuments in Mersham, Ashford, Smectlı, Three Brazses in West Grinstead Church.

Nettlested and Birchington Churches. Site of Scot's Hall.

Illustrated Heraldic Pedigree. Second Scot's Hall, 1491.

Archbishop Scott's Tomb, York Minster. Third 1585.

Ancient Banqueting Hall in Nettlested Court. Pulpit of Chapel in Scot's Hall.

Remains of Crypt at Nettlested. Initial Letter, 1281.

Manorial Baru at Nettlested (temp. Edw. III).

Shakspeare Quarto Facsimiles, executed

under the superintendence of F. J. FURNIVALL, Esq., M.A., Camb., founder and director of the New Shakop are Society, of Mr. W. Griggs, 36 vols. small 4to. hf. Roxburghe

1881-3 Price to Subscribers for the set was 6s per volume. A considerable stock of Vols. 1-8 having been destroyed by the fire of Mr. Griggs's Printing Office, the price of these is raised to £4.4s. The continuation will be supplied regularly at 6s per volume.

Every genuine student of Shakspere has always desired to own those Quartos of his Master's Plays and Poems which are the necessary foundations of the Text of so many of his greatest productions in the first three periods of his work. Not only in importance next to the first rolio, but even above it, for some Plays, and for all the Poems, stand the first or second quartos, from which, or completed copies of which, certain Plays in that Folio were printed ; and crery true and faithful worker at Shakspere's'text must want to have in bis own hand, under his own eye, and as his own, trustworthy facsimiles of these truest representations of the poet's own manuscript. Till now this has been practically impossible. Mr. Ashbee's hand-traced facsimiles, issued by Mr. Halliwell at five guineas each, could be afforded by only some thirty subscribers. But what then cost five guineas, without any information as to the Quartos purchased, will SHAKESPEARE QUARTO FACSIMILES - continued. now be buyable, in a new form, for sir shillings, with the addition of a critical Introduction to the text by a competent Shakspere scholar. It is hoped that all students and lovers of our great poet will at once come forward to support this new scheme, and render its success certain and speedy.

The New Shakspere Society at first intended to reprint the best Shakspere Quartos, but has now given up its scheme in favour of its founder Mr. FurnivALL, who has undertaken to superintend the issue of a series of photo-lithographic Facsimiles of all the most important Shakspere Quartos, to be executed by Mr. W. Griggs, of Elm House, Hanover Street, Peckham, whose long experience as working photo-lithographer to the India Office, enables him to guarantee the entire Jaithfulness of his reproductions. The Duke of Devonshire, Mr. Alfred H. Huth, the Trustees of the British Museum, the Master and Senior Fellows of Trinity College, Cambridge, and the Curators of the Bodleian Library, Oxford, have most kindly allowed their book-treasures to be photographed. Already 25 Plays have been photographed, and others are in land. The first nine Quartos, now ready, are the two Hamlets, 1603 & 1604, with Introductions by Mr. Furnivall. The two Mids. Nights' Dreams, 1600 (Fisher & Roberts), with Introductions by the Rev. J. W. Ebsworth. Loves Labors Lost, 1598 (Burby), and Merchant of Venice, 1600 (Roberts), with Forewords by Mr. Furnivall. The first and second Parts of Henry IV, by Mr. Herbert A. Evans; and the Merry Wives, by Mr. P. A. Daniel. Forewords for the following are also being prepared: The first two of Lear, 1608, by Mr. T. Alfred Spalding, and The Merchant of Venice (Heyes), by Mr. Furnivall. List of Shakspere Quarto Facsimiles, already photographeel

by W. Griggs.

Those numbered are ready for delivery. 1 Hamlet. 1603, Photographed from Duke of Devonshire's Copy. 2 Hamlet. 1604 3 Min. Night's DREAM. 1600 (Fisher), D. of Devon. & B. Museum. 4 Min. Night's Dream. 1600 (Roberts), Duke of Devonshire. 5 Loves LABORS Lost. 1598, W. W. for C. Burly. D. of D. 6 Merry WIVES. 1602 (T. C. for Johnson), D. of D. & Mr. A. H. Huth. 7 M. oF VENICE. 1600 (Roberts), Duke of Devonshire. 8 Henry IV, IST Part. 1528 (P. S. for A. Wise), Duke of Devonshire. 9 Henry IV, 2ND PART. 1600 (V. S. for A. Wise & Aspley), D. of D. M. of Venice. 1600 (I. R. for Heyes), Duke of Devonshire. OTHELLO. 1622 (N. O. for T. Walkley), Duke of Devonshire. OTHELLO. 1630. . Richard II. 1597 (V. Simmes for A. Wise), Duke of Devonshire. RICHARD II. 1608 (W. W. for M. Laws), Duke of Devonshire. Richard II, 1634. Richard III. 1597 (Valentine Sims for A. Wise), Duke of Devonshire. King LEAR. 1608 (N. Butter), Duke of Devonshire. King Lear. 1608 (Butter, Pide Bull), Duke of Devonshire. Troilus & CRESSIDA. 1609 (G. Eld for Bonian and Waller), D. of D. PERICLES. 1609 (Henry Gosson) British Museum & Bodleian. Venus & Adonis. 1593 (Richard Field), Bodleian. Lucrece. 1594 (Richard Field for 1. Harrison), Mr. A. H. Hutlı. Romeo & JULIET. 1597. Romeo & Juliet. 1599 (T. Code for C. Burly), D. of Devonshire.


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